İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

social media   (sosyal medya)

Highmore lives in London and avoids social media.

The images provoked controversy on social media.

It has since become a popular topic on social media.

social justice   (sosyal adalet)

The new government promised equality and social justice.

He served on the education and social justice committees.

In later years Esther continued her social justice campaigning.

social sciences   (sosyal Bilimler)

This method can be used in health and social sciences.

There was an immediate rush to bring it into the social sciences.

Juan Barreto has received degrees in journalism and social sciences.

social issues   (sosyal konular)

They also did not adequately address social issues.

Its content deals with political and social issues.

Gaullists held divergent views on social issues.

social and political   (sosyal ve politik)

The newspaper was devoted to social and political reform.

His work also evolves around social and political issues.

One native described it as a social and political experiment.

social and economic   (sosyal ve ekonomik)

The reasons were technical, social and economic.

The National Assembly began to enact social and economic reform.

Bank runs can lead to a multitude of social and economic problems.

social services   (sosyal Hizmetler)

There is a day care, social services building and a post office.

They also work in social services and with intercultural projects.

Upgrading social services and infrastructure has become a necessity.

social worker   (sosyal hizmet uzmanı)

Gupta was a Gandhian politician and social worker.

She then began working as a psychiatric social worker.

He started his career as active social worker in 1945.

social networking   (sosyal ağ)

They are also often used on social networking pages. was a social networking service for mobile devices.

He launched a new social networking site, Fan Central, for his fans.

political and social   (politik ve sosyal)

Its content deals with political and social issues.

A series of high-rating political and social shows (e.g.

There's a lot of political and social commentary going on.

social work   (sosyal çalışma)

Stein published extensively in social work literature.

Since his early days he was passionate about social work.

Its online social work degree program has been ranked No.

economic and social   (ekonomik ve sosyal)

The other condition was determined economic and social reform.

Manmatha and Jagadish belong to different economic and social class.

Sánchez de Lozada pursued an aggressive economic and social reform agenda.

social status   (sosyal durum)

Feeding groups may be segregated by social status.

When used of those of higher social status, it is or .

They were used as a sign of social status by the elite.

social life   (sosyal hayat)

The social life of the adult male is very different.

The hotel was an extension of their social life.

It offers a humorous account of social life in Surat.

social change   (sosyal değişim)

At Harvard, Goodman studied the dynamics of social change.

The Atheist Centre is an institute working for social change.

Kashf became the first MFI to use mainstream media for social change.

social welfare   (sosyal refah)

The concept may be understood as social welfare as well.

Welfare capitalism is capitalism that includes social welfare policies.

Goodwin worked in the field of social welfare before entering academia.

social security   (sosyal Güvenlik)

It set in place an entirely new system of social security.

Three quarters of these benefits are paid by social security.

His social security death index lists his name under Rusty Slocum.

other social   (diğer sosyal)

Dr. Seuss also addresses other social issues, such as conformity.

Most of other social and cultural organizations were banned as well.

Like many other social problems, streetism can be effectively handled.

social science   (sosyal bilim)

Fundamentally, finance is a social science discipline.

Kuhn had used the term "pre-paradigmatic" for social science).

They were the first major social science experiments in the world.

social and cultural   (sosyal ve kültürel)

Fashion relates to social and cultural context of an environment.

gender, genetic predisposition), social and cultural factors (e.g.

The mosque provides facilities for social and cultural activities.

social networks   (sosyal ağlar)

Pets launched April 2008 on social networks Facebook, MySpace, and Hi5.

Dice have fans in their gyms, college, in Bogota and in social networks.

Such lists may be used to form social networks with more specific purposes.

social network   (sosyal ağ)

In 2012 she co-founded SAGANet, an astrobiology social network.

In 2006, he co-founded uPlayMe, a music-focused social network.

This work is cited as being the birth of social network analysis.

social events   (sosyal olaylar)

Some organized rides are entirely social events.

Cultural, scientific and social events are also held.

It fundraises through social events including music gigs.

social class   (sosyal sınıf)

Each of them represents a social class of the Middle Ages.

Sometimes tattoos signaled social class.

He believed Dr. Neill was well below his daughter's social class.

social problems   (sosyal problemler)

Concrete social problems and issues are addressed.

They discuss about social problems.

Like many other social problems, streetism can be effectively handled.

social activist   (sosyal aktivist)

politician, social activist, and People's Deputy of Ukraine 8th convocations.

Ashif Shaikh Ashif Shaikh (born 18 October 1982) is an Indian social activist.

A social activist, Coman supported the settlement movement and the labor movement.

social structure   (sosyal yapı)

The Mato Grosso dog-faced bat possibly has a harem social structure.

The political and social structure of Germany had forever been altered.

In this manner, they closely resemble African wild dogs in social structure.

social order   (toplumsal düzen)

This social order was divided into three classes.

It is started by describing a "natural" social order.

Like a servant, a yardman, someone very low in the social order.

social development   (sosyal Gelişim)

Kashf had used theater for social development.

Unusual social development becomes apparent early in childhood.

For Russia, it was important to overcome slow social development as compared to Europe.

social history   (sosyal Tarih)

And there's social history, there's political stuff.

His methods include both social history and comparative studies.

His work principally concerned Norwegian socioeconomic and social history.

social studies   (sosyal çalışmalar)

Due to this they are a subject of social studies.

Payne is a retired social studies middle school teacher.

Mr. Iles returned to Peabody in 1934 to teach social studies.

social groups   (sosyal gruplar)

By the 1960s it was understood that social groups, i.e.

Most exchange occurred within social groups.

Sociolinguists study relations between language and social groups.

social responsibility   (sosyal sorumluluk)

People of Mookkannoor are known for culture and social responsibility.

Warid has been recognised for corporate social responsibility projects.

She raised her daughter with a strong sense of social responsibility and independence.

social workers   (sosyal çalışanlar)

After 1905, most social workers were trained as nurses.

- Public social workers shall have the following rights:""1.)

By 1920s the club's members were mainly teachers and social workers.

social movements   (toplumsal hareketler)

Most major social movements didn't start inside the beltway.

He has been reporting on social movements since January 2006.

UK street choirs typically have their roots in social movements.

social democratic   (sosyal demokrat)

He joined a local social democratic club in Uman in 1913.

In spite of this, his political outlook was social democratic.

His Methodist views influenced his social democratic politics.

social classes   (sosyal sınıflar)

They used similar social classes as HR for comparison.

People were born into specific social classes.

Fatwas were solicited by men and women from all social classes.

social service   (sosyal Hizmet)

Her career is now focused on social service and politics.

He then worked for social service agencies.

Health and social service work accounts for 14% of Southdale's industry.

social interaction   (sosyal etkileşim)

This club provided Moravian social interaction to the newcomers.

This is usually done through social interaction with the native speaker.

It is also influenced by Vygotsky’s concepts of social interaction (1997).

social activities   (sosyal aktiviteler)

Since 1936 he has been doing social activities.

C-Saw provided social activities and services.

Meanwhile, her social activities expanded.

various social   (çeşitli sosyal)

He is an adviser to various social and political groups including the Kurds of Iraq.

Rangamancha: Enactments and plays on various social issues, aired every Sunday at 9 pm 7.

Legal arguments were also frequently used to explore multiple sides of various social issues.

through social   (sosyal yoluyla)

It fundraises through social events including music gigs.

Later, his sister also died, as he reported through social media.

The album was announced by Winter through social media on February 18.

social reformer   (sosyal reformcu)

His sister Edith was a prominent social reformer.

Like Gokhale, Talwalkar was a social reformer and a patriot.

Ramananda was an influential social reformer of Northern India.

social commentary   (sosyal Yorum)

There's a lot of political and social commentary going on.

It's biting, but easy to swallow – social commentary at its best."

He uses the snowman for social commentary, revenge or pure enjoyment.

social housing   (toplu Konut)

These property companies promote, manage and build social housing.

Many of her works were used to decorate public institutions or social housing.

It provided regular reports on each registered social housing agency in England.

social norms   (sosyal normlar)

Radha's love for Krishna is beyond all social norms.

Some people cross-dress to shock others or challenge social norms.

It is a story based on double standards in society and social norms.

social policy   (sosyal Politika)

These programs also advocated changes in social policy.

There she was first youth and social policy spokeswoman for the SPD group.

Strain’s research focuses on labor economics, public finance, and social policy.

social reform   (sosyal reform)

It was a result of social reform movement in India.

His main book on social reform is "Toward Social Renewal".

The other condition was determined economic and social reform.

social club   (sosyal kulüp)

social club and a horseback riding school.

The social club occupied the house until the Second World War.

In 1980 the Harps opened a social club on Loughgall Road, Armagh.

social psychology   (sosyal Psikoloji)

Lester was involved in the study of social psychology.

The specialty graduate programs of social psychology was ranked No.

She received her PhD in social psychology from Ohio State University in 1986.

social organization   (sosyal organizasyon)

The Kalapalo social organization is very flexible.

The second reason has to do with social organization.

Atatürk did not consider gender a factor in social organization.

new social   (yeni sosyal)

It's a whole new social revolution—the sixties came from it."

He launched a new social networking site, Fan Central, for his fans.

They organize their own democratic government to manage their new social system.

social group   (sosyal grup)

The Woman's Club (founded in 1895) was a literary and social group.

A related social group were the Koutsavakides (κουτσαβάκηδες, sing.

At that time, no social group could defend its rights and interests.

social movement   (Sosyal hareket)

By the end of the 1930s these and others had turned American folk music into a social movement.

The book describes the philosophy and social movement of effective altruism and argues in favor of it.

The FFWPU was created as a broad-based social movement to promote healthy families and strong societies.

many social   (çok sosyal)

The book is commonly referred to as a parable on many social topics.

In many social insect communities, sex is determined through haplodiploidy.

Christie attended many social functions and particularly enjoyed watching polo.

cultural and social   (kültürel ve sosyal)

The principles of agroecology are also integrally cultural and social.

It was also used as a meeting place for the cultural and social elite from Kyoto.

He ended by appealing to Americans’ cultural and social instincts to improve their situation.

social conditions   (sosyal durumlar)

These reflect instead on social conditions and norms.

He believed that these would improve social conditions in the country.

The book shows how these adjust dynamically to changing social conditions.

health and social   (sağlık ve sosyal)

This method can be used in health and social sciences.

He chaired its health and social committee.

Promoting respect for dignity and rights in health and social care 3.

social interactions   (sosyal etkileşimler)

Their social interactions are highly complex.

Destination memory is critical for social interactions.

The characters are well-drawn and engaging and their social interactions believable."

different social   (farklı sosyal)

They were of different social positions.

Pagan's society was highly stratified among different social classes.

They are women of different social classes, values and lifestyles opposites.

social media platforms   (sosyal medya platformları)

These accusations were widely shared across various blogs and social media platforms.

Some governments and social media platforms have sought to enforce real name policies.

They occasionally also link to social media platforms such as StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

social standing   (sosyal duruş)

Daily costume depended on social standing.

He became one of Virginia's wealthiest men, which increased his social standing.

This minority had a considerably better social standing and were personally free.

social support   (sosyal Destek)

Other factors linked with dysthymia include stress, social isolation, and lack of social support.

The UNCT said, Survivors of sexual abuse and violence, struggle to secure justice and social support.

Many children with autism lack social support, future employment opportunities or self-determination.

social relations   (sosyal ilişkiler)

In the Caribbean, social relations were more fluid.

Shamans (curanderos) played a pivotal role in social relations in both groups.

This economy is regulated not by a metric of price but by a set of social relations.

social skills   (sosyal beceriler)

They typically do fairly well with social skills.

Jane meanwhile teaches John more English, French, and social skills.

It can also help increase confidence and social skills in a comfortable setting.

all social   (hepsi sosyal)

Radha's love for Krishna is beyond all social norms.

Robin has friends at all social levels."

Fatwas were solicited by men and women from all social classes.

social and environmental   (sosyal ve çevresel)

Impact investments provide capital to address social and environmental issues.

Roper's most recognised works relate to the aspects of social and environmental communication.

Her work focuses on the role of the arts and design in addressing social and environmental concerns.

social mobility   (sosyal hareketlilik)

Thus, the Karma doctrine discouraged actual social mobility.

The most important factor determining social mobility in Finland was education.

Northeastern tribal people have thus enjoyed a certain measure of social mobility.

social system   (sosyal sistem)

Exosystem is a larger social system where the child plays no role.

Giraffes are herd animals with an extremely flexible social system.

It was a closed social system.

social care   (sosyal Güvenlik)

Promoting respect for dignity and rights in health and social care 3.

She had a background in social care and managed a food poverty charity.

Health and social care is a devolved matter of the Scottish Government.

social capital   (Sosyal sermaye)

Building trust has special meaning for social capital.

This social capital benefited guild members, even as it arguably hurt outsiders.

His research interests include the digital economy, social capital and well-being.

social structures   (sosyal yapılar)

His works were critical of corruption and social structures.

This caused a gap in our understanding of past social structures.

Motherhood "Sula" is packed with formal moves against social structures.

social impact   (sosyal etki)

Solve is a marketplace for social impact innovation.

Moreover, it can also have a social impact.

social scientists   (sosyal bilimciler)

The award has been given to three social scientists from 1990 to 1995.

Members: The Academic Council is made up of historians and social scientists.

Following WWII, social scientists examined the effects of desegregation on racial attitudes in the U.S.

social context   (toplumsal bağlam)

That was the first instance of their interaction in a social context.

"Apprenticeship in thinking: Cognitive development in social context."

People changed their in-group identification, depending on the social context.

social changes   (sosyal değişiklikler)

Printing brought profound social changes.

Ruth became an icon of the social changes that marked the early 1920s.

This is believed to be indicative of social changes to a more hierarchical society.

social enterprise   (sosyal girişim)

Run as a social enterprise, many of its members were self-employed.

It runs women’s projects, youth training, a youth centre and a social enterprise hub.

The trip was hosted by Me to We, a social enterprise and partner of Free The Children.

social reforms   (sosyal reformlar)

Bloch suggested that cultural forms can inspire social reforms.

Valencia committed his administration to substantial economic and social reforms.

Atatürk began developing social reforms very early, as was evident in his personal journal.

social media accounts   (sosyal medya hesapları)

This software also allows parents to monitor social media accounts.

Garrix announced the track's release through his social media accounts.

On Jan. 20, 2020, the band reactivated social media accounts and stated they were back.

social programs   (sosyal programlar)

The casualties of balancing a budget are often social programs.

Opponents argue that privatisation harms social programs for the poor.

The Funds of Progress Lippmann addresses the question of how increased social programs can be paid for.

social clubs   (sosyal kulüpler)

They were also active in local social clubs.

Parsi women also face discrimination in community spaces, such as social clubs.

It was also a meeting place for social clubs and political organizations in Harlem.

social networking sites   (Sosyal ağ siteleri)

Zorpia is one of the few social networking sites permitted for use in China.

They started to troll on the main cast of the series on social networking sites.

Once downloaded, users can share mixes through social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

via social   (sosyal yoluyla)

In 2015, Kaká and Celico announced their divorce via social media.

In late 2014 a new project was announced by Blank Banshee via social media.

That allows players to share and compare scores and awards via social networks.

social institutions   (sosyal kurumlar)

Many opinion makers say the situation in all American social institutions is the same.

The 26-year-long civil war has ravaged the country's political and social institutions.

The Italian government helped a number of medical and social institutions in Azerbaijan as well.

social behavior   (sosyal davranış)

The program explored human evolution and social behavior.

Social competence generally refers to skills needed for social behavior.

The social behavior of elephants in captivity mimics that of those in the wild.

social unrest   (sosyal huzursuzluk)

During 1548, England was subject to social unrest.

In the beginning of the 20th century Alfonsine experienced social unrest.

By the 6th century BC, widespread social unrest led to the reforms of Solon.

humanities and social   (beşeri ve sosyal)

It covers Ibero-American studies in the humanities and social sciences.

It has two provincial laboratories, one provincial humanities and social sciences base.

Coursework in the humanities and social sciences increased to 40 percent of a cadet's total workload.

through social media   (sosyal medya aracılığıyla)

Later, his sister also died, as he reported through social media.

The album was announced by Winter through social media on February 18.

IceJJFish gained popularity through social media sites, such as YouTube.

social gatherings   (sosyal toplantılar)

They organized fairs, parties, and social gatherings.

COMCEPT holds monthly social gatherings that are open to the public.

Andersen promoted the tale by reading it aloud at social gatherings.

social position   (sosyal pozisyon)

This is most common when one language has a higher social position (prestige).

The social position of mixed-race or "half-caste" individuals varied over time.

But the behavior of these creations determined the social position of their descendants.

social relationships   (sosyal ilişkiler)

The social relationships could be in various forms.

These social relationships were mirrored in their beliefs.

For most people, the exchange of goods occurred through social relationships.

social democracy   (sosyal demokrasi)

It advocated workers' rights, land reform and social democracy.

In 1896 he taught German social democracy at the London School of Economics.

It is distinguished between the fundamental principle of fascism and social democracy.

social control   (sosyal kontrol)

Amphitheatres also provided a means of social control.

One form of Chamba social control is through the use of cults.

Informal social control is applying pressure to change another person's behavior.

social environment   (sosyal çevre)

Group size is a major aspect of their social environment.

They believed that one's heredity and social environment determine one's character.

According to social learning theory, sexuality is influenced by people's social environment.

social activism   (Sosyal aktivizm)

They can also inspire social activism.

Wrycza's social activism continued during the Second Polish Republic.

The government had filed a lawsuit against Do for his social activism.

important social   (önemli sosyal)

Drinking mate together is an important social ritual.

They played an important social and political role in the region.

Regattas are important social events in many family island settlements.

corporate social   (kurumsal sosyal)

Warid has been recognised for corporate social responsibility projects.

The focus of the Public Eye Awards since 2005 has been on corporate social responsibility.

Sobhan endorsed different development tasks for the group under the coverage of corporate social responsibility.

such as social   (sosyal gibi)

Parsi women also face discrimination in community spaces, such as social clubs.

The Student Life committee focused on things such as social events, and student privileges.

Some people lament that professionals, such as social workers, may discourage autistics from having children.

social action   (sosyal eylem)

Research as social action: The research process in art education.

DJKM founded its social action branch, The Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, in 1996.

It was a revelation for Hays to see how the arts could serve to empower people for social action.

social hierarchy   (Sosyal hiyerarşi)

People expressed their ethnic identity and social hierarchy through textiles.

They are usually below only the monarch of a country or nation in its social hierarchy.

In fact, the Hinin and Eta themselves weren't considered to be in the social hierarchy at all.