İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

soldiers were killed   (askerler öldürüldü)

Over 700 soldiers were killed during the Troubles.

Six IPKF soldiers were killed and another 10 injured.

The next day, two soldiers were killed outside the fort.

wounded soldiers   (Yaralı askerler)

Half of the site was used for recuperating wounded soldiers.

The team provides athletic opportunities for wounded soldiers.

Other wounded soldiers lie in the background, below military flags.

soldiers during   (sırasında askerler)

He deployed 15,000 soldiers during the 1958 Lebanon crisis.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire conscripted 7.8 million soldiers during the WW1.

The church served as a spiritual base for British soldiers during World War II.

soldiers killed

On 10 November army soldiers killed at least 6 insurgents.

On 5 November Egyptian soldiers killed at least 11 terrorist.

There were no soldiers killed in action on this 8 month deployment.

foot soldiers

This temple also has a Shiva Pindi and its foot soldiers.

This would kill many of the Dominion's Jem'Hadar foot soldiers.

As the range closed, the guns aimed at the enemy foot soldiers.

other soldiers   (diğer askerler)

3 other soldiers were killed, and many others were injured.

Two other soldiers were wounded.

This leads to mistrust and hostility on the part of the other soldiers.

child soldiers   (çocuk askerler)

There are around 300,000 child soldiers around the world.

The National Resistance Army also made use of child soldiers.

Some, but not all, child soldiers were released from the SPLA.

enemy soldiers

In 1901, he was ambushed and surrounded by enemy soldiers.

Two enemy soldiers near the machinegunner fired wildly at Pvt.

The enemy soldiers were all killed.

many soldiers

Yet many soldiers were still sleeping on the ground.

I had never seen so many soldiers at one time.

Harsh conditions at home encouraged many soldiers to desert.

fellow soldiers   (askerler)

The player has to battle enemy forces and protect his fellow soldiers.

This enraged the fellow soldiers, who rioted and killed Wang's servant.

Despite the discharge, he continued to have the respect of his fellow soldiers.

officers and soldiers

Other officers and soldiers took cover and returned fire.

In addition, some officers and soldiers, follow related courses in France.

The Tournament featured a series of competitions between army officers and soldiers.

group of soldiers

A small group of soldiers were unable to suppress the riot.

A group of soldiers returned to the house and found Ruffner's body in the yard.

Jones retreated, but returned later with a small group of soldiers serving as back-up.

soldiers and civilians   (askerler ve siviller)

Chinese soldiers and civilians fled the city in panic.

The participants consisted of both soldiers and civilians.

Over a thousand people, soldiers and civilians, were saved.

black soldiers

At least 5,000 black soldiers fought for the Revolutionary cause.

The club's fundraising efforts also assisted the orphans of black soldiers.

As a result, black soldiers endured a disproportionate share of labor duty.

soldiers stationed   (konuşlu askerler)

He performed for soldiers stationed in the desert.

from the American soldiers stationed at the nearby base of Torrejón.

At the height of its operation, Cuba had as many as 50,000 soldiers stationed in Angola.

number of soldiers   (asker sayısı)

The number of soldiers in the Armed Forces was reduced by half.

The total number of soldiers under his command was nearly 40,000.

Two army officers were killed and a number of soldiers were wounded.

soldiers died

However, how the soldiers died is still disputed.

A total of 44 American soldiers died, 27 in action.

Fifteen soldiers died from disease or accident.

soldiers who died

This includes field hospitals and soldiers who died on Sword Beach.

It lists the names of the 48 Brooklyn soldiers who died in that war.

Black Union soldiers who died in service were buried in Louisville's Eastern Cemetery.

soldiers and officers

Brandenburg was expanding its army and needed soldiers and officers.

Many of these soldiers and officers were traveling with family members.

Lt. Col. Lembong and 93 other Indonesian soldiers and officers were killed.

soldiers and sailors   (askerler ve denizciler)

He gave encouragement to Jewish soldiers and sailors.

Up to 323 soldiers and sailors were killed.

The rest of the 486 soldiers and sailors on board were killed.

government soldiers   (hükümet askerleri)

Three government soldiers and at least nine Ngāti Toa were killed.

On August 18 an AQAP suicide bomber killed at least three government soldiers in Lawder.

December saw more burning of houses by government soldiers in Romajia, Kikiakom and Ekona.

former soldiers

Macdonnell had been chaplain for many of his parishioners, who were former soldiers who had emigrated from Scotland.

Germany donated waterworks after the war to the village and former soldiers stationed there returned in reconciliation.

The company claimed to have established a "heroes center" to help former soldiers and servicemen who ended up in prison.

fallen soldiers   (düşmüş askerler)

Wayne was assigned to GRO (Graves Registration Office) to retrieve fallen soldiers.

An obelisk was constructed in Andrushivka in honor of fallen soldiers in World War II.

It also appears during repatriation ceremonies for fallen soldiers returning from combat.

more soldiers

As time went on and infrastructure improved, it came to be used by more soldiers.

They were joined on the way by Raghunath's forces, adding several thousand more soldiers, and more artillery.

Switching on the TV the following morning, I was confronted yet again with images of more soldiers killed in Iraq.

professional soldiers

1,500 of these were professional soldiers and 1,500 were armed militiamen.

The standard readiness strength is 34,700 people in uniform, of which 25% are professional soldiers.

Thousands of raw volunteers (as well as many professional soldiers) came to the area to fight for the Union.

soldiers led

Awaiting Stone near his home in Washington were 18 soldiers led by Brig.

On December 17, 1967, he and 60 other soldiers led a military coup and toppled Soglo.

Cavalry and foot soldiers led the procession, and six colonels served as the pallbearers.

regular soldiers

The attacking rebel forces included a number of Russian regular soldiers.

Poland lost a total of about 140,000 regular soldiers killed and missing.

The Basij is a volunteer-based force, with 90,000 regular soldiers and 300,000 reservists.

soldiers returning   (dönen askerler)

program was given to injured Canadian soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Forces Fund, which focuses on helping injured soldiers returning home from abroad.

Many of the early members were Czech-American soldiers returning from World War II.

thousand soldiers

Estimated to have fifty to eighty thousand soldiers, Alexander's army consisted of both Jews and pagans.

On October 12, 67 CE a total of about 60 thousand soldiers under the command of Vespasian began a second siege.

On November 28, the government ordered all four provinces ("aimag") of Khalkha to mobilize a thousand soldiers each.

soldiers began

These 8,000 paroled Union soldiers began to arrive at Camp Douglas on September 28, 1862.

In April 1909 in İstanbul, a group of soldiers began a counter-revolution (see 31 March Incident).

The clash between the Kizilbash and the Iranian soldiers began to be a threat to the Safavid kingdom.

soldiers took

The flag-raising soldiers took cover behind the cairn.

Other officers and soldiers took cover and returned fire.

On the evening of 24 January Malian soldiers took control of Hombori.

soldiers fighting

This was the beginning of her selfless effort to help the soldiers fighting in the war.

Russians soldiers fighting Poles received food supplies, equipment, and intelligence from Prussia.

Of roughly 45,000 Pakistani, Taliban and Al Qaeda soldiers fighting against the forces of Massoud only 14,000 were Afghan (Taliban).

soldiers serving

There are 70 Armenian soldiers serving in Kosovo as peacekeepers.

In 2007, there were an estimated 200 Jewish soldiers serving in the Bundeswehr.

Like many soldiers serving in the Iran-Iraq War, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

several soldiers

36 Several peasants with machetes wounded several soldiers.

To restore order, several soldiers were flogged and four hanged.

On August 2 AQAP attacked Hizam HQ in Mahfad, killing and injuring several soldiers.

all soldiers

almost all soldiers were volunteers.

A course on dealing with helicopters is also taken by all soldiers.

They are all soldiers in the 3rd Shock Army under the command of Commissar Markhov.

injured soldiers   (yaralı askerler)

One of the injured soldiers died later in Şırnak Hospital.

We now request you to hand over our injured soldiers to us."

In 1862, the Lincolns visited injured soldiers at the various hospitals.

thousands of soldiers

He also brought with his thousands of soldiers and settlers from Peru.

Thus, Koreans believed that one Gunungshin had thousands of soldiers and horses along with him.

At the end of World War II thousands of soldiers returning from the war had spent years driving Jeeps, tanks, and half-tracks with few or no roads.

soldiers who fought

He also provided Bibles to French soldiers who fought in the Crimean War.

A plaque was also unveiled by Legacy to commemorate soldiers who fought in WW1.

Pines which are planted as a memorial to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought in Gallipoli are also known as "Lone Pines" or "Gallipoli Pines".

dead soldiers

Copus and the dead soldiers, Shipley, Tedrick, and Warnock, were buried near the cabin.

According to the University of North Carolina, as many as 367 unknown dead soldiers are buried under the mound.

The dead soldiers amounted to about four percent of the 1914 labor force, and the wounded ones to another six percent.

army soldiers

On 10 November army soldiers killed at least 6 insurgents.

Threats of sending in army soldiers to force them back to work were made.

They became famous for fighting fiercer than the regular Filipino army soldiers.

soldiers arrived

(Johnston's wife and children fled into the woods when the soldiers arrived.)

When the soldiers arrived on the following morning, they found two more bodies.

There had been cattle thieves in the camp, but they had left before the soldiers arrived.

hundred soldiers   (yüz asker)

Several companies were raised, and several hundred soldiers left to fight with British troops.

Before d'Hilliers could reimpose the blockade, Eroles left the fortress with several hundred soldiers.

In the New England militia of nearly one hundred soldiers, fifty to sixty were left dead or mortally wounded.

armed soldiers   (silahlı askerler)

On landing, they are surrounded by armed soldiers.

By mid-1979 there were 1,600 armed soldiers in the KPNLAF.

His war was with the armed soldiers and the police of this state.

soldiers came

The soldiers came from the 46th Regiment of Foot and guarded the convicts.

When the soldiers came to Kastamonu, she met them all on the road and fed them all.

In 1943 British and Commonwealth soldiers came from the battles in Italy and North Africa.

enlisted soldiers   (askere alınmış askerler)

The following year, the garrison uniform (M/59) was introduced for enlisted soldiers.

In the case of enlisted soldiers, the new name was given regardless of the wishes of the individual.

Conscripts for the Egyptian Army and other service branches without a university degree serve three years as enlisted soldiers.

own soldiers

Mustafa Bey accompanied them with his own soldiers.

Soon after, Rufinus' own soldiers hacked him to death.

Much later in the series, she and Dan were threatened by her own soldiers.