İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

aqueous solution   (sulu çözelti)

A saturated aqueous solution has pH of ~9.

In FPLC the mobile phase is an aqueous solution, or "buffer".

Brix Degrees Brix (symbol °Bx) is the sugar content of an aqueous solution.

find a solution   (bir çözüm bul)

In 1892, a contest was held to find a solution.

The pair find a solution and turn the drill "slowly... to punish him".

After one and a half months of deliberation, he managed to find a solution.

only solution   (sadece çözüm)

Thus the only solution is the trivial solution .

The only solution was synthetic rubber (pages 154 - 156).

Jeanne is indignant and intimates that a divorce is the only solution.

best solution   (en iyi çözüm)

Therefore, trust management is the best solution to develop.

He came to the conclusion that solid-propellant rockets were the best solution for shipboard and submarine use.

But if it is the sole opportunity which exists at a particular moment it may be the best solution despite this.

optimal solution   (en uygun çözüm)

The liquid-fuel booster of the Bomarc A was no optimal solution.

It uses an efficient search procedure to move the calculation rapidly toward the optimal solution.)

(The algorithm applies successive feasible solutions to achieve convergence to the optimal solution.

possible solution

One possible solution is to replace particles with strings.

He got a tip to watch young Lynn as a possible solution to his roster woes.

A third possible solution is to use probability proportionate to size sampling.

peaceful solution   (barışçıl çözüm)

He believes decentralization should be part of this peaceful solution.

DeKalb was in favor of preserving the Union and wanted a peaceful solution.

International negotiations for a peaceful solution to the Namibian problem increased.

exact solution

In 1963, Roy Kerr found the exact solution for a rotating black hole.

The latter corresponds to an exact solution (found by Taub) which is allowed by eqs.

When one does not know the exact solution, one may look for the approximation with small residual.

political solution   (politik çözüm)

The interim government will be formed once you have a political solution.

Learning from their experience in America, the British government sought a political solution.

A political solution and compromise might have been possible, with Madero withdrawing his candidacy.

general solution   (genel çözüm)

The general solution of the equation is where and are any integers.

A viable general solution to such predictions remains an open problem.

Using differential equations, formula_5 becomes the general solution.

no solution

There is no moving on, no fix, no solution.

Therefore, the system has no solution.

One has first to find one solution, or to prove that there is no solution.

temporary solution   (geçici çözüm)

The Rector Street Bridge () was seen as a temporary solution.

Some women opt for a temporary solution by wearing eyelid glue.

As a temporary solution, it was decided to extend the Springfield Road service into this area.

unique solution

If , then the equation has a unique solution in , namely .

In particular the equation has a unique solution in for in .

For example, the system has the unique solution "x" = −1, "y" = 1.

solid solution

Alpha bronze consists of the alpha solid solution of tin in copper.

It forms a solid solution series with scheelite (calcium tungstate, CaWO).

The wolframite family represents complete solid solution between Fe and Mn.

permanent solution   (kalıcı çözüm)

In order to revitalize business, a more permanent solution was needed.

They decided to go for Partition as a permanent solution instead of grouping.

Karl Barth was a provisional mayor until the more permanent solution of Karl Schübel.

final solution

Intelligence reports indicate that Clinton was aware a "final solution to eliminate all Tutsis" was planned.

Chile responded by presenting a plan to suspend any Antarctic claim for 5 to 10 years while negotiating a final solution, which did not prosper.

The algorithm uses dynamic programming to progressively build the final solution by incrementally solving progressively larger subsets of the problem.

solution containing

Hydrogen cyanide is produced by adding acid to a solution containing a cyanide salt.

When a solution containing this anion is dehydrated, the precipitate contains mixed oxides.

An aqueous solution containing about 34% tetrasodium iminodisuccinate is obtained with yields of up to 98%.