Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

solve the problem   (resolver el problema)

This animation illustrates backtracking to solve the problem.

In this way, the specialists work together to solve the problem.

Both announcements sought to solve the problem at an early stage.

solve problems   (resolver problemas)

Scientific methods enable individuals to solve problems.

Pixel has the innate ability to solve problems and figure things out.

The series demonstrates how to solve problems in real life with science.

solve this problem   (resuelve este problema)

Recent technologies have helped solve this problem.

There are two common ways to solve this problem.

Thus an outer breakwater was constructed to solve this problem in 1892.

solve the mystery   (Resuelve el misterio)

Nancy and the boys must find a connection, and solve the mystery.

Together they set out to solve the mystery of who the real killer is.

The story then describes the detective's attempt to solve the mystery.

used to solve   (solía resolver)

Desalination of sea water is used to solve this.

They can be used to solve for the diffusion coefficient, .

An FPGA can be used to solve any problem which is computable.

not solve

"New technologies cannot solve problems of old technologies or just create new problems."

For him atheism, whether mechanical or material could not solve the "phenomenon of nature."

Terry (Terry Crews) then explains to Rosa that acting rude on him will not solve the problem.

help solve

He believes that as Jess' godfather, he can help solve the situation.

At the end of the play, guests were asked to help solve the premeditated murder.

He became vice president of the Home Insurance Company to help solve a fire insurance scandal.

order to solve   (para resolver)

In order to solve the problem, he handed them little colourful drawings instead.

Meanwhile, Lee faces Nygma off on a riddling contest in order to solve a conflict.

For example, animals evolved Pavlovian conditioning in order to solve problems about causal relationships.

solve the problems

He always has an idea of his own to solve the problems he faces.

Two approaches have been attempted to solve the problems cited above.

The military arrested Ialá on the charge of being "unable to solve the problems".

solve puzzles

Players explore the environment, talk to characters and solve puzzles.

Inside, the player must solve puzzles within the hallways and rooms of the castle.

Sherlock Hemlock guides users as they find the clues to solve puzzles and mysteries.

solve the case   (resolver el caso)

Detective Manacek is called to solve the case.

With time running out the threesome will have to solve the case.

While they solve the case, the rest of the squad work on the dinner.

able to solve   (capaz de resolver)

A cash prize of AU$250,000 was made available to the first player able to solve the crime.

Instead, participants use the solutions generated to actively seek out problems that the solutions may be able to solve.

When he reached Kamikos, King Cocalus, knowing Daedalus would be able to solve the riddle, privately fetched the old man to him.

attempt to solve   (intento de resolver)

The story then describes the detective's attempt to solve the mystery.

His initial interest lay in an attempt to solve Hilbert's fifth problem.

The Regi Lagni were built to attempt to solve the problem and were named after the river.

trying to solve

Noyce himself admitted, "I was trying to solve a production problem.

It felt like creating a jigsaw puzzle and trying to solve it at the same time.

She then starred in "Rakht" as a tarot card reader trying to solve a murder mystery.

way to solve

There is no such thing as a wrong way to solve a cube.

Mishti then tells Shane that she might have found a way to solve their problem.

plants evolved a way to solve this—by spatially separating the light reactions and the Calvin cycle.

how to solve   (Cómo resolver)

Lobanovskyi saw the problems and knew how to solve them.

The series demonstrates how to solve problems in real life with science.

Having clarity or security in how to solve those perceived challenges was another matter.