İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

somewhat more   (biraz daha)

The concept of "folk" proves somewhat more elusive.

In the games, Takuto is somewhat more reasonable.

What caused these changes is somewhat more open to debate.

somewhat similar   (biraz benzer)

The pageboy is somewhat similar to a long bob cut.

Neighbouring countries show somewhat similar results.

It is somewhat similar to yogurt or sour cream.

somewhat different   (biraz farklı)

The tale of Cassius Dio is also somewhat different.

It can be characterized in two somewhat different ways.

The arrangement of the teeth was also somewhat different.

somewhat less   (biraz daha az)

His work on Frederick Rolfe had a somewhat less happy ending.

A white that is somewhat less thick or viscous than a firm white.

Control of wholesale distribution is somewhat less stringent than Schedule II drugs.

somewhat larger   (biraz daha büyük)

Next the somewhat larger lakes freeze and become skateable.

Females tend to be somewhat larger than their male counterparts.

The keys are somewhat larger and spaced farther apart when in landscape mode.

somewhat controversial   (biraz tartışmalı)

Use of a metal bat is somewhat controversial.

Hence its inclusion in fourteener lists has been somewhat controversial.

The placement of "P. auricoma" within "Parasola" is somewhat controversial.

somewhat unusual   (biraz alışılmadık)

Bing's playing style was somewhat unusual for the time.

The narrative elements of the book are somewhat unusual as well.

The standard route of access to Chicago Basin is somewhat unusual.

somewhat smaller

The somewhat smaller crater Tisserand lies just to the east.

Females reach up to in total length and males are somewhat smaller.

The sandbox in front of the radiator is somewhat smaller on the SW1.

became somewhat

He moved to Los Angeles, where he became somewhat of a celebrity due to his exploits.

By this edict the state's authority and that of the Church became somewhat overlapping.

The VMSZ ultimately became somewhat reconciled with the government and supported its budget for 2011.

somewhat higher   (biraz daha yüksek)

The slits were situated somewhat higher than the front-facing windows.

United States prevalence rates tend to be somewhat higher than rates in other countries.

Precipitation is very low, but is somewhat higher in the summer than at other times of the year.

somewhat later

Also, somewhat later, it released an animation of sand moving in a nearby area.

Originally built as a school, somewhat later the chapel of Holy Rood was established.

It is possible that the pope also excommunicated him for the first time somewhat later.

become somewhat   (biraz ol)

Today the caption ("ī protévousa"), "the capital", has become somewhat common.

By 2009 the neighborhood had become somewhat safer, with residents returning to their daily routines.

Many businesses have closed in the area, many residents have left and Lakehills has become somewhat of a ghost town.

somewhat lower

The temperature maxima are somewhat lower than in Bioko.

In the west the zone of high land is broader but somewhat lower.

During summer the lag is somewhat lower, with August being the warmest month.

somewhat limited

Because the number of complex exponentials must be known "a priori", it is somewhat limited in its usefulness.

Although her color palette was somewhat limited, her fellow impressionists regarded her as a "virtuoso colorist".

"Shadow Knight" does address this inconsistency somewhat, by presenting the "living trump" abilities as somewhat limited.

still somewhat   (hala biraz)

The cause of IA is still somewhat of a mystery to most researchers.

The matter of when and why Finland prepared for war is still somewhat opaque.

There is still somewhat of a bias against natural ears in the North American show ring.

somewhat better

In February 1849, Anne seemed somewhat better.

While traffic moved somewhat better, the other problems remained.

Hungary, with its heavy agricultural base, was somewhat better fed.

somewhat difficult

There are several trails located within the recreation area ranging from very easy to somewhat difficult.

It has often been noted for its complex lightcurves, which made determination of its shape and rotation somewhat difficult.

Director Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman found filming somewhat difficult because they were simultaneously working on "Corpse Bride".

somewhat longer

In captivity, they often live somewhat longer.

This is a five-door version based on the Saba, and is somewhat longer than the Nasim.

These lakes lie at the base of a gorge that is somewhat longer than a mile in length.

somewhat resembles

Mr. Natural also somewhat resembles an E. C. Segar character, Dr. O.G.

The rosette of some 18-22 leaves somewhat resembles a small green rose.

It is most likely to be confused with "Limax flavus", which it somewhat resembles.