İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

eldest son   (büyük oğul)

Robert Rolle, MP, eldest son and heir (died 1660).

He was the eldest son of John Bonham of Hazelbury.

He was the eldest son of Hugh Vaughan of Kidwelly.

second son   (ikinci oğlu)

Ramaswami was the second son of Muttaiya Chettiar.

Their second son, Adrian, was born two years later.

Mills, Herbert's second son, was born in July 1898.

only son   (tek oğul)

They had an only son before his wife died in 1788.

He has his only son with his first wife Lyudmila.

Although a music lover, Mann was the only son of C.C.

youngest son   (en genç oğul)

Limerick, 1 October 1763, the youngest son of Rev.

Vamsi is the youngest son and studies in college.

Kanit is youngest son of Pao and Thawika Sarasin.

younger son   (küçük oğul)

He was a younger son of Stephen Báthory of Somlyó.

He was the younger son of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.

As the younger son, he was called the "Master of Mar."

third son   (üçüncü oğul)

The third son, Clem, played 49 Tests for Australia.

Some writers ascribe to him a third son, Abimi.

He was the third son of Wu Ying-hua and Ma Yueh-liang.

son named

By one of those marriages he left a son named James.

They have a son named Max who was born in 2012.

In 2010, Doss gave birth to her son named Landon Blu.

son and heir   (oğul ve varis)

Robert Rolle, MP, eldest son and heir (died 1660).

His eldest son and heir George was also MP for Lewes.

Octavian was Caesar's adopted son and heir.

oldest son   (en büyük oğul)

Their oldest son Ernst became a government minister.

Pipkin's oldest son, Carter Pipkin, plays golf.

He was the sixth of nine children and the oldest son.

first son

The couple welcomed their first son in March 2019.

They had their first son, August, in March 2014.

The couple's first son, Dylan, was born in 2007.

son of former

He is the son of former NFL receiver Ricky Proehl.

Arber is the son of former footballer Bobby Arber.

He is the son of former footballer Horace Stoute.

illegitimate son   (Gayrimeşru oğlu)

He was an illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI.

In the films, they have an illegitimate son, Vincent.

per year for his illegitimate son William (b.

elder son   (büyük oğul)

He is the elder son of famous manager Tommy Docherty.

He was succeeded by his elder son, the second Baronet.

young son

He now lives in York with his wife and young son, Owen.

That is all he wanted to tell his young son at the time.

Queen Medea and her young son arrive to welcome Theseus.

surviving son   (hayatta kalan oğul)

Together they had one surviving son, "Pe-y-mo".

He was the eldest surviving son of Isaac Taylor of Ongar.

His only surviving son, Hugh, became King of Cyprus in 1205.

own son

In 1995, Cruz named his own son Lincoln Bixby Cruz.

The model for the piece was her own son Hector.

The film was produced by his own son, Luke Fairbrass.

father and son

Another major theme is between father and son.

This new species was then named after the father and son duo.

The estrangement between father and son was never reconciled.

fourth son

The fourth son, Robert, a Lieutenant in the 5th Bn.

F E Fremantle was the fourth son of the Very Rev.

The fourth son, Paul, was born in Blois in 1569.

son and successor   (oğul ve halef)

Jalhana was the son and successor of Lakshmideva.

He was the son and successor of Arikesari Maravarman.

He was the son and successor of Parantaka Viranarayana.

adopted son   (Evlatlık oğul)

He was succeeded by his adopted son Vijaya Raghunatha.

He had an adopted son named Federico Moreno.

Greg Dickering is the adopted son of the original Comet.

another son   (başka bir oğul)

Cohn had another son, Victor, who died at age 19).

Walsh had another son, Steve, who died in 2002.

The couple had another son, James, during their marriage.

wife and son

There is no other mention of Vratsian's wife and son.

He was survived by his second wife and son.

Andrew now lives with his wife and son in London, Ontario.

whose son   (kimin oğlu)

Mrs. Maberley is an elderly woman whose son has recently died in Rome.

Olds (whose son, Brig.

Burgh Quay is named after Elizabeth Burgh, wife of Anthony Foster whose son was Rt.

s son

It was given to the city by J.P. Getty’s son, George.

Gerber’s son, Daniel, joined the company at this time.

Then, who was a No Jeung ()’s son began Yeonil No clan.

s son

It was given to the city by J.P. Getty’s son, George.

Gerber’s son, Daniel, joined the company at this time.

Then, who was a No Jeung ()’s son began Yeonil No clan.

infant son   (bebek oğlu)

Ruby Rogers was home with her infant son.

In the end, he was a father to an infant son that he never met.

His infant son Artyom Fyodorovich was adopted by Joseph Stalin.

son and daughter

They had a son and daughter, but divorced in 1993.

He and his wife are parents of a son and daughter.

Smith brought up her son and daughter on her own.

other son   (diğer oğul)

The other son, Ebissa, is more difficult to identify.

Kelly's other son is a Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel.

His other son, Johannes, had died aged 3.

son was born

A son was born to her in 1916 who died in infancy.

In Kuala Lumpur, a son was born to the couple.

On April 19, 2016, the couple's son was born.

eldest surviving son

He was the eldest surviving son of Isaac Taylor of Ongar.

He is the eldest surviving son of Chung Ju-yung's eight sons.

His eldest surviving son was Frederick II (Fritz), born in 1712.

fifth son

Michael Augustine Healy (1838–1904) was the fifth son.

All but the fifth son graduated from college.

He was the fifth son of Radu cel Mare.

son died

They had five daughters; their son died as an infant.

Esther reveals that her husband and son died in a car accident.

His youngest son died in 1992.

when his son   (oğlu)

He was dead by 1695, when his son was petitioning for the return of the seized lands.

In 1973 he contracted polio when his son was vaccinated for the disease with live virus vaccine.

His father, Robert L. Williams, worked as a millwright and died when his son was just five years old.

only surviving son   (sadece hayatta kalan oğul)

His only surviving son, Hugh, became King of Cyprus in 1205.

He was succeeded by his only surviving son, the second Earl.

His third and only surviving son, George Robert, was a noted soldier and chaplain.

teenage son   (genç oğul)

The former couple have a teenage son together, Leo.

Bóris' teenage son and also a vampire.

They are proud of their teenage son.

born the son

Thoresen was born the son of a cooper in Tønsberg.

George Henry Cameron was born the son of the Rev.

He was born the son of Sir Giles Capell of Rayne, Essex.

older son

Gary "Wayne" Brewer Jr. is Gary Brewer's older son.

The older son goes to get the other 2 boys out of the tub.

His older son Vsevolod Solovyov was a historical novelist.

son born

Sthanu Ravi had a son born to him in or about 870 AD.

Vasilije has one son born in 2018 named Nelson Vincent.

She and her husband have a son born in 2014.

sent his son

Claiming Hormizd sent his son to Heraclius' court.

Umayya sent his son Abdullah as head of the expedition in Sistan.

The Raja of Pagar Ruyung at that time sent his son, Raja Lenggang.

biological son

Harry, known as Jerry, was the biological son of stuntman Harry Woolman.

He finds Light's biological son Hikari Yagami and gives him a death note.

If so, Zerubbabel would be the legal son of Shealtiel but the biological son of Pedaiah.

adoptive son   (evlat edinen oğul)

Cook has an adoptive son who lives in New Orleans.

An adoptive son of Prince Yeonryung and sure he was no issue.

He asks her where her adoptive son Aaron is, but she refuses to answer.

father to son

A letter from father to son is delivered to the son shortly after the father's death.

It was constitutional but many people view it as a handing over of power from father to son.

This form of Iranian reverse glass and mirror mosaics is a craft traditionally passed on from father to son.

son called

Strabo had a wife, Sigilda, and a son called Recitach.

Zhana has one son called Leon born in 2010.

Michael Sprott has a son called Darnell born around 2001.

natural son

He had a natural son, Roberto, whom he later legitimized.

He was a natural son of A.K.

The last abbot was James Stewart, "natural son" of James V, who died in 1559.

sixth son

Paget was the sixth son of the 1st Marquess of Anglesey.

His sons died one by one but his sixth son, Yang Yanzhao.

He gave Matthew, the sixth son, his early musical training.

son together

The former couple have a teenage son together, Leo.

They had one son together who was born in 1984.

They had a son together called Charles Fforde.

newborn son   (yeni doğan oğlu)

In New York, Joseph is married with a newborn son.

In January 2016 he named his newborn son after Mesut Özil.

He also named his newborn son "Boston".

son in law

At Bermuda, Elfrith's son in law Philip Bell was governor.

He was a son in law of the Chasam Sofer 1763-1839 (Rabbi Moshe Sofer).

Sheik Subhan Sahib is the son in law and also disciple of Sheik Chinna Moulana.

mother and son

The mother and son ended their life in fire.

The mother and son team started at opposite ends of the wire.

After her divorce, Evanti continued to travel with her mother and son.

son became

In 1701 his eldest son became the 6th Earl of Abercorn.

After him, his son became the ruler and assumed the dynastic name of Dadiani.

Their son became Emperor John VII Palaiologos, reigning for five months in 1390.

seventh son

I am a descendant of Khazar, the seventh son.

He was a seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son.

legitimate son   (meşru oğul)

His successor was his only legitimate son.

He was the only legitimate son of King Denis of Portugal by his wife Elizabeth of Aragon.

His only legitimate son by Bona of Savoy, Gian Galeazzo Sforza, succeeded him as Duke of Milan.

son and grandson   (oğlu ve torunu)

Brandt's son and grandson also worked in the film industry.

His son and grandson completed the castle and the surrounding "jōkamachi".

Laurent Ferrier, born December 19, 1946, is a son and grandson of watchmakers.

husband and son

Cash lives with her husband and son in Chelsea, Manhattan.

She was survived by her husband and son.

Esther reveals that her husband and son died in a car accident.

baby son   (bebek erkek evlat)

In the first episode Lorna gives birth to their baby son Sidney.

Tina is rushed to hospital and has a baby son that she names Max.

He left the series in a storyline that saw him kidnap his baby son Max and leave for France.

son of actor

He is the son of actor and fine-art dealer Lennart Lundh.

He is a son of actor Colin Bennett.

He is the son of actor Carey Fox.

son   (oğul ')

He [son’s name] brings a different perspective on the world.

They have twins, Jayden and Michael, and the third son’s name is Mason.

He remained in this position until 1677 when he resigned in his son’s favour.

favorite son

Raghuram (Raghuvaran), his elder brother is their father's favorite son.

His oldest and favorite son Akira died in a car accident in 1966 at age twenty.

Arizona was McCain's home state and gave its 10 electoral votes to its favorite son.

no son

Lord Paisley died before his father and had no son.

As Kharagraha II had no son, he assumed the throne.

However, the club's first skipper was no son of the soil.

son s   (oğlunun)

He [son’s name] brings a different perspective on the world.

They have twins, Jayden and Michael, and the third son’s name is Mason.

He remained in this position until 1677 when he resigned in his son’s favour.

daughter and son

A daughter and son were born from this marriage:

The couple have a daughter and son – Kashvi and Sohail.

They had a daughter and son born after they migrated west.

least one son

They had at least one son, Thomas.

It is generally held that Claudius Tiberianus had at least one son, Claudius Terentianus.

In 1799 he married Louise Andrea Stephansen (1779-1825), with whom he had at least one son.

through his son

Bach's influence extended forward through his son C.P.E.

Know that we are descended from Japheth, through his son Togarmah.

The kings of Epirus claimed to be descended from Achilles through his son, Neoptolemus.

bastard son   (piç oğlu)

Afonso de Albuquerque had a bastard son with an unrecorded woman.

Aonghas was born the bastard son of John MacDonald, Earl of Ross a.k.a.

Olegario Pérez, the bastard son of Diego's father, will manage the holding.

firstborn son   (ilk doğan oğul)

Their firstborn son, Menachem Mendel, was born a year later, afflicted with Tay–Sachs disease.

His Excellency was married to Farida Hanem Shawki Shenouda and had his firstborn son, Farid, with her.

Álvaro Núñez was Juan Núñez I's firstborn son although some of the chronicles of Alfonso X and Sancho IV refer to him as Juan's brother.

son of another   (başkasının oğlu)

Ievgen Streltsov is a son of another Ukrainian law researcher Lev Streltsov.

He was the sixth son of another condottiero, Rodolfo Gonzaga and his wife Caterina Pico.

His daughter is married to the son of another well known Sri Lankan civil servant, Bradman Weerakoon.

son who died

Margaret and Francis has a son who died at a young age.

He had a son who died at eight and a half in 1907 and two daughters.

Later she married Abdul Majid Khan, and they had a son who died at birth.

named his son

Ganz then named his son Paul H. Ganz president of the company.

Prior to his execution, Mara Kapaiwai named his son Madraiwiwi, meaning "sour bread".

In honor of his former friend and childhood idol he named his son Gerard, after Pappa.

estranged son   (yabancı oğlu)

Michael Austin is the estranged son of Steve.

Livilla returned to her husband, while Agrippina was reunited with her estranged son.

In 1900, Count Nikolai Tolstoy died, having left his estranged son with an inheritance of 30,000 rubles and an ancient name.

native son

Its native son Imp Y Celyn changes the course of the Disworld's musical history in "Soul Music".

On Election Day, McCain won the state, although his margin was less than native son George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004.

In 1913, ex-Governor Ormsbee presided over the dedication of a monument to Stephen A. Douglas, Brandon's most famous native son.

son was killed

In 1982 her 18-year-old son was killed in an automobile accident.

Their son was killed at the Battle of Bakenlaagte in the Boer War.

One day, his sons and the king's fought, and the king's big son was killed.

middle son

Thomas' middle son, James, also plays for Norton.

The Charonites are descendants of Urbeth's middle son of an unknown father.

His middle son, Casey Thompson, committed to play at the University of Texas on April 13, 2017.

old son

They had a 4 yr old son Babai, who was the apple of his father's eyes.

Sheikh Salah, two years old son of the Shirvanshah was buried in the fourth tomb.

He was buried in Brooklyn's Montefiore Cemetery, leaving his wife and two year old son.

born son

He was named Jamael Oronde which means "first born son".

Prince Leonel (Leo): First born son of Brennus and Iselda.

He abandoned his new born son in the sea.

see his son

Russ comes to see his son, Max, after Jacqui tries to stop him seeing him.

Clorivière intends to leave France forever and comes to see his son for the last time.

This week, his father announces that he will finally come to see his son fight on the boxing ring.

son of king

According to Jain tradition, Dridhaprahara was a son of king Vajrakumara of Dvaraka.

He was a son of king Alaric II and his first wife Theodegotha, daughter of Theoderic the Great.

The temple was constructed in 1655 A.D. by Rautra Vishwanath Babu, a son of king Sidhhi Narsinga Malla.

adult son   (yetişkin oğlu)

Hogan is separated with one adult son.

Shortly thereafter, he repudiated his wife and also his adult son Vratislav.

She has one adult son.

appointed his son

Milner appointed his son Henry Ernest as his principal assistant.

Bloet was a married bishop, and he appointed his son Simon as Dean of Lincoln.

King Wen of Zhou in Zhou dynasty appointed his son as Sunhu () and began Sun clan.

including his son

He had a number of children, several of whom followed him into the navy, including his son Richard.

Other roles went to family and close friends of Wayne, including his son Patrick Wayne and daughter Aissa.

While there, she meets Ari's children, including his son Jonah, who asks her, "Are you the Dana our mom hates?"

when her son   (oğlu)

Wood continued as its editor until her death in 1887, when her son Charles Wood took over.

Zuzanna Altenberg led the company until 1897, when her son Alfred took over the family business.

She was present at the state assembly of 6 January 1322, when her son Dušan was crowned Young king.