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theme song   (nhạc nền)

The theme song was performed by Tatsuro Yamashita.

The closing theme song was "Two Gun Tex of Texas."

It is the theme song for the CG-animated movie "".

song written   (bài hát được viết)

is a song written and performed by Harry Chapin.

Bihar State prayer song written by M.R.

"So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" is a song written by Paul Simon.

song was released   (bài hát đã được phát hành)

The song was released in 1971 and this reached No.

The song was released on iTunes on 5 November 2013.

The song was released in the UK on July 22, 2013.

performed the song   (biểu diễn bài hát)

At the event, Electric Fields performed the song.

Ciara has performed the song on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go performed the song.

song was written   (bài hát đã được viết)

The song was written by Mehmet Ali Tevfik in 1933.

The song was written and produced by Scott Yahney.

The song was written on the back of a match book.

first song

The first song played was Blink 182's "Rock Show".

Y101's first song was "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.

In 1996 he wrote his first song "Nerealniy son".

song reached

The song reached #27 in the Mainstream Rock Chart.

The song reached #1 in the charts in 28 countries.

The song reached the top of the charts in Israel.

song peaked

In its fifth week, the song peaked at number five.

The song peaked at number 40 on the UK Indie chart.

The song peaked at 38 on the Irish Singles Chart.

song recorded   (bài hát được ghi lại)

is a song recorded by South Korean girl group Twice.

This was the last song recorded by the band.

", a popular Christmas song recorded by multiple artists.

new song

The band debuted their new song "Day for the Dead".

In November, she released her new song "Sleep Away".

A new song "Belong To" was featured as a bonus track.

recorded the song

They recorded the song at their studio in London.

Many singers have recorded the song, including:<br>

Nesmith's band, The Monkees, also recorded the song.

title song   (Tựa đề bài hát)

The album's first radio single, the title song "Oh!

The title song was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

song called

He also recorded a novelty song called "Fat Is In".

The single's b-side was a song called Gotta Find Out.

The album features a protest song called "Sem Terra".

song became

The song became a popular Irish nationalist anthem.

This song became her second album's title track.

The song became known outside the United States.

hit song   (ca khúc hit)

The music is based upon the Usher hit song "Yeah".

1 hit song, "You Always Come Back to Hurting Me."

In 2017 TAMI released the hit song "The Sugar Shack".

song debuted

The song debuted at number 63 on the UK Singles Chart.

The song debuted at number two on the UK Singles Chart.

On the UK Singles Chart, the song debuted at number 20.

song features

The song features Ming-Xia formally of The Spooks.

The song features Billy Preston on electric piano.

The song features the R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn.

wrote the song

Rory Gallagher, who wrote the song, is a bit mental.

Paul Jabara and Paul Shaffer wrote the song in 1979.

He also wrote the song "Wow Oh Wow" for Jedward.

described the song

McIlrath described the song as "more ballad-esque".

"NME" described the song as "elegant and dreamy".

Music" described the song as "booty-shaking electro".

covered the song

Petra Haden covered the song on her 2005 album "".

Mock Orange has covered the song on the album "".

Diana Ross covered the song in 1984 on "Swept Away".

popular song

Whispering (song) "Whispering" is a popular song.

It takes its title from a popular song of the same name.

", a popular song from the Great Depression.

folk song   (bài hát dân gian)

It's a folk song and the words are very hard hitting."

He walks to the ring to Geordie folk song Blaydon Races.

The film is based on Russian folk song «Vanka the Steward».

original song

where they released the original song, "Addicted".

The original song had been written by Paul Cunniffe.

"The Thrill Is Gone" samples the original song by B.B.

song titled

The song titled "Ghoomar" was filmed by November 2016.

On April 19, Kun released a song titled "Hard To Get".

In 2003, Ford released a song titled "A Toast to Men."

song was performed

The theme song was performed by Tatsuro Yamashita.

The song was performed in all dates of her tour, .

The song was performed live from 1980 to 1982.

song was recorded

The song was recorded as a single on 19 May 2016.

The song was recorded with the choir "V'là l'bon vent".

The song was recorded in mid-2012 at the S.M.

song reached number   (bài hát đạt số)

In Europe, the song reached number 19 in Germany.

The song reached number 7 on the New Zealand charts.

The song reached number 4 on the New Zealand charts.

pop song

Newton wanted a swingy pop song like "Hello, Dolly!

"100 Grados" is a Latin, urban pop song with EDM beats.

This pop song has dance sonorities and joyful percussion.

song received

The song received mixed reviews from music critics.

performing the song

In 1987, Guns N' Roses started performing the song.

The effort of performing the song causes her to faint.

The video features concert footage of Rob performing the song.

song was used

The song was used in the 1981 film "American Pop".

The second theme song was used from 1991 to 1994.

The third theme song was used from 1995 to 1998.

called the song

magazine called the song 'excruciatingly operatic'.

Herald Sun had called the song a "romantic ballad".

"The Guardian" called the song a "disco charmer".

gave the song

Thom Jurek of Allmusic gave the song a favorable review.

Pitchfork Media gave the song its "Best New Music" accolade.

"Smash Hits" gave the song 5 out of 5.

each song

tap "L" silhouette to play insane mode each song.

With this, he able to explore dichotomy of each song.

It’s a fun little jigsaw puzzle for each song!

song performed

The song performed by Nakash Aziz & Antara Mitra.

() is a song performed by Slovenian singer Lea Sirk.

Carnes also wrote the song performed by Big Mama Thornton.

song live

Dickey Betts also continues to play the song live.

Jake Bugg covered the song live on BBC Radio 1.

She then performed the song live on The Edge.

song was featured

The song was featured on their album "Warrior".

The song was featured on his 1959 album, "Buddy Knox".

The song was featured on his 1958 album, "Jack Scott".

love song   (bài hát tình yêu)

CDJournal critics called "Suki" a gospel-tinged love song.

If it was a mellow love song, he would ask for Gordon Jenkins.

It is a "bright, bass-thumping" love song, with elements of funk.

released the song

That same month, he released the song "What It Is".

He released the song "Preach" on September 23, 2016.

LSD released the song "Mountains" on 1 November 2018.

song was produced

The song was produced by S-X and written by Dappy.

The song was produced by Key Wane and Young Chop.

This song was produced by Stock Aitken Waterman.

song during

Dion performed this song during her Unison Tour.

Darts player Peter Wright dances to the song during his walk-on.

They also performed the song during their visits at radio stations.

rock song

Mami said it was a rock song made specifically to play live.

"Rock Me" is a mid-tempo pop rock song.

won a grammy for best hard rock song.


& Best local song “Jane” in the Music Awards 1994).

Her song “Pretty” was featured on MTV’s Laguna Beach.

The album’s lead single was the song “Very Best Years”.

song was originally

The song was originally recorded by Shirley Bassey.

The song was originally released on January 1, 2014.

The song was originally titled "What a Woman!

another song   (một ca khúc khác)

King; and "Blues Deluxe" similar to another song by B.B.

She invites another song about the women of her [his] land.

In 1987 Izhar produced another song for Haza, "Im Nin'Alu".

song was included

The song was included as a bonus track on the album.

The song was included on their debut album "Uncle B".

This song was included and showed an unreleased version.

last song   (bài hát cuối)

"Kikku Yerudhey" was the last song sequence to be shot.

This was the last song recorded by the band.

The last song played on WHTQ was "Sad But True" by Metallica.

song was later

The song was later released on 20 February 2018.

This song was later made on Rishi's son Ranbir Kapoor.

The song was later released in the UK in 1976.

best song

"Paste" ranked it as the 15th best song of 2018.

"Complex" named "Ride" the eighth best song of 2012.

"Complex" named "A.D.H.D" the 13th best song of 2011.

song entitled

A new song entitled "Kuroi Ledge" was released on October 4.

The song entitled "Nasa Puso" is composed by Jeremy Sarmiento.

At the end of "Ommadawn" is a short song entitled "On Horseback".

every song

Each and every song is as solid as stone."

Davis co-wrote every song on the album.

He co-wrote every song released except a bonus track in Japan.

song was covered

The song was covered in French by Johnny Hallyday.

In 2007 the song was covered by Persephone's Bees.

The song was covered by the following artists:

singing the song

He is also seen singing the song with his band at a club.

The music video features Kubota in a room singing the song.

For the beginning of "Speechless" she sits on a chair singing the song.

song lyrics

The show's music and song lyrics were composed by Barry Gray.

The book included the song lyrics from the album and other poetry.

The song lyrics where changed and it was added in the radio playlist.

only song   (bài hát duy nhất)

That's the only song we've ever written like that."

It is the band's only song to peak inside the UK Top 5.

This is the only song of Marillion to feature a balalaika.

song was first

The song was first released on the album "Ephorize".

The song was first performed at Miss World 2006.

The song was first introduced to Fenway Park in 1997.

sang the song

Puzić sang the song in a duet with his wife Hanka.

Knox sang the song in the 1957 film "Jamboree".

Judy Garland sang the song in "Presenting Lily Mars" (1943).

signature song   (bài hát chữ ký)

Glen's signature song was "We Shall See Jesus".

is also known as the signature song of Regine Velasquez.

It is the band's signature song.

second song

His second song was created in 1946 under the title .

The second song "Daryaa" was released on 11 August 2018.

With her second song, she also showed her rapping skills.

praised the song

He, however praised the song "Koi Umeed (Western)".

Music Canada praised the song, stating that Ciara was "back."

She further praised the song, calling it "rousing and effective".

same song

After she leaves, Ben enters humming the same song.

Music Core also gave the top award for the same song on May 4.

The band starts over and plays the same song, but Sorn is skilled.

included the song

The book included the song lyrics from the album and other poetry.

That year she included the song on her album "Listen to My Heart."

It included the song "No Tattoos" and an accompanying music video.

wrote a song

He wrote a song "Sanctuary," dedicated to Robin.

Merrill wrote a song for the production, "Who Done It?"

They wrote a song for each of the venues in about a day.

song appeared

The song appeared in the popular "Archie Comics".

The song appeared in the hit movie "Something Wild".

The song appeared in Voisine's album "Coup de tête".

recorded a song

Merle Kilgore recorded a song titled "The Bell Witch" in 1964.

The band Japan also recorded a song with the title "European Son".

Madeline recorded a song titled "The Legend of the Bell Witch" in 2014.

song composed

is an indie-pop song composed by sequenced synths, strings, and ambient textures.

The Lost Chord (disambiguation) "The Lost Chord" is an 1877 song composed by Arthur Sullivan.

She sang a song composed for this campaign, which was heard frequently over the airwaves and T.V.

final song

The final song on the tour's setlist was "Soul Mate".

Uematsu liked the result and included it in the final song.

The final song on the album, "Unstoppable," is about faith.

opening song

The opening song is "Jura", by Zeca Pagodinho.

"I Wanna Dance" is the opening song of her new style era.

The opening song is titled "DA・BI・DA・GO!"

song was not

The song was not released on any physical formats.

However, the song was not part of the original film.

The song was not released as a single in the United States.

song featured

The song featured Evelyn "Champagne" King on vocals.

The song featured Grammy Award nominee Koryn Hawthorne.

"Creme Magazine" had said the song featured "Bursting beats".

song entered

The song entered the UK Singles Chart at number 70.

The song entered the UK Singles Chart at number 36.

The song entered the Irish Singles Chart at number 26.

song cycle   (chu kỳ bài hát)

1 and the song cycle "From Jewish Folk Poetry".

"Discoteca Batalla" was Perla's follow-up album to the Mestiza song cycle.

In 1987, Lauris Elms commissioned a song cycle from composer Derek Strachan.

fight song   (bài hát chiến đấu)

The fight song was written by Captain Ralph Ostrom.

The school's fight song is the Iowa Fight Song.

The school fight song is "Across the Field."

write a song

So we wanted to write a song that professed that truth."

I was trying to write a song about dead things coming to life.

Chesney liked that line and decided to write a song based on it.

song appears   (bài hát xuất hiện)

The song appears on his third studio album "Lasers".

The song appears on Brown's sixth studio album, "X".

This song appears in the video game "Tap Tap Revenge 2".

song charted

The song charted in different European countries.

The song charted twice in the nineteen-sixties.

The song charted on South Korean Gaon Chart at position 57.

perform the song

joined him on stage to perform the song.

Oleander surrounds him as they loudly perform the song, forcing him to weep.

Lil Wayne joined her to perform the song with "Energy" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

song won

The song won the Grammy for Best Song in 1973.

The song won Best British Single at the 1985 Brit Awards.

This song won the 1992 CMA award for Vocal Event of the Year.

song released

It was the first song released as a single from the LP.

"Sleigh Ride" was the second song released from the album.

He co-wrote every song released except a bonus track in Japan.

released a song

On April 19, Kun released a song titled "Hard To Get".

In 2003, Ford released a song titled "A Toast to Men."

On March 20, 2018, Lophiile released a song, titled "when".

opening theme song

The opening theme song is , and the closing theme is .

The opening theme song is "Happy Go Ducky!"

The show's opening theme song was "Proud" by Heather Small.

song was nominated   (bài hát đã được đề cử)

The song was nominated for the Kerrang!

The song was nominated for Best Latin Tropical Performance Grammy Award.

The song was nominated as Best Tropical Song in the Latin Grammy Awards of 2012.

song and dance

She developed an early interest in song and dance.

He had studied song and dance by correspondence course.

A series of other short song and dance numbers presume.

song contains

The song contains replayed elements of "Be Alright" by Zapp.

The song contains a sample of "Mama Tried" by Merle Haggard.

Furthermore, the song contains horn and Mambo horn sections.

song originally

Paper Plane (song) "Paper Plane" is a rock song originally by Status Quo.

The recording would feature "Know Your Rights", a song originally performed by The Clash.

The song originally belonged to rapper YG, and featured female rappers, Kash Doll and Dreezy.

song did

However the song did not make the final track list.

The song did not at first appeal to Rucker.

The song did not reach the singles chart.

song spent

The song spent a total of three weeks on the chart.

The song spent a total of eight weeks on the chart.

The song spent its first eight weeks in the top ten.

song is featured

The song is featured in the "NBA 2K19" soundtrack.

The song is featured in the game "Just Dance 2019".

The song is featured in the NBA 2K12 soundtrack.

song made

The song made its world premiere on August 21, 2012.

The song made a repeat appearance in "Fallout 4" in 2015.

Mami said it was a rock song made specifically to play live.

song writing

This album showcases Polvere's song writing ability and voice.

It received no song writing credit.

Miller has experience in song writing, production, and artist development.

record the song   (thu âm bài hát)

Morgan was the first to record the song.

Grohl would later record the song for the "Pocketwatch" cassette.

Tiffany returned the next day to record the song in around four takes.

song titles

"Stuff" said that the song titles were predictably poker-faced.

The song titles and songwriters were revealed on 13 February 2009.

Some of the song titles were "The Final Spin" and "Peace And Love".

song was composed

The theme song was composed by musician Oliver Ryan.

A reggae-style theme song was composed for this version.

The song was composed by Los Angeles electronica group E.S.

song title   (tên bài hát)

The song title would be censored as "F*** Your Enemy".

The category must be based on a song title.

Another song title was confirmed as "Spinning Over the Island".

song itself

The song itself was played frequently on the station.

The song itself is used in some Sanrio Puroland events.

The song itself features yodelling and Zydeco accordion.

song was directed

The music video for the song was directed by Leal.

The music video for the song was directed by Nigel Dick.

The music video for the song was directed by Paolo Monico.

played the song

Prince played the song throughout his career.

The band also played the song on the January 21 episode of "Conan".

On November 16 and 17, 1993, he played the song twice in New York City.

song was certified

In December 2013, the song was certified platinum.

The song was certified Gold on May 30, 2019.

On January 11, 2013, the song was certified Gold in the US.

song begins

A butterfly lands on the cup, and the song begins.

The image fades to black as the song begins.

The song begins in 1841, during the time of the Irish diaspora.

song played

The first song played was Blink 182's "Rock Show".

The first song played was The Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up".

The last song played on WHTQ was "Sad But True" by Metallica.