Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

songs written   (canciones escritas)

All songs written by Tim Finn, except where noted.

All songs written by R. Kelly, except where noted.

All songs written by Pete Yorn except where noted.

new songs   (canciones nuevas)

The album features 11 new songs and a hidden track.

70 new songs are probably written by Leisentritt.

It includes all brand new songs written by The Jets.

original songs   (canciones originales)

Each EP consisted of two original songs and a cover.

These songs are all cover versions of original songs.

In the same year, she composed her first original songs.

folk songs   (Canciones folk)

Many of his poems have become popular folk songs.

Her repertoire included ancient and modern folk songs.

Two of his best known poems were adapted into folk songs.

other songs   (otras canciones)

Several of the other songs on the album are standards.

The other songs of the album were in English.

Most reviewers compared "Panic Station" to other songs.

popular songs

He has also featured in a number of popular songs.

Chaplin's compositions produced three popular songs.

The song was one of the Kennedys' early popular songs.

several songs

In their studios she recorded several songs.

He sang lead vocals on several songs on the Group's LPs.

Bjerre has also written several songs for other artists.

songs such

He had many hit songs such as "Đôi Mắt", "Cho Em", "Vụt Mất".

His songs such as "Par", "Kenta", "Eclipse", “Go" and "Party Voice!"

Williamites mocked such superstition in songs such as "Lillibullero".

writing songs

Bakul started writing songs professionally in 1991.

There he began writing songs for other artists.

Together with Castillo, the two started writing songs.

songs recorded

It consists of songs recorded from 2002 to 2006.

It featured all new songs recorded by The Jets.

All songs recorded and written by kid606.

songs were written

All songs were written and arranged by Jimmy Webb.

The latter two songs were written by Terri Sharp.

Most of the songs were written by Morgan and Venuti.

hit songs

The title is taken from one of her hit songs from the 1950s.

He had many hit songs such as "Đôi Mắt", "Cho Em", "Vụt Mất".

With this album, he produced five hit songs and 3 music videos.

pop songs

(American pop songs figure prominently in the film.)

It's pop songs but the lyrics are a bit deeper.

The album consists of pop songs but mainly of ballads.

many songs

He also composed many songs and much piano music.

He wrote many songs for himself and also for others.

He also wrote the lyrics of many songs (over 1,000).

own songs

He soon started to write and record his own songs.

The "Roo" has its own songs as well as merchandise.

Boucher's own songs have been featured on various TV programs.

cover songs

Instrumental recordings or cover songs are not eligible.

The majority of tracks featured on "Wasp" were cover songs.

The album also features two cover songs.

all the songs

I liked all the songs they picked and everything.

Clara Morgane wrote the lyrics for all the songs.

Almost all the songs of the film were enjoyable.

songs composed

The soundtrack has 8 songs composed by Mani Sharma.

The film has seven songs composed by Harris Jayaraj.

"All songs composed by Dick Campbell / Ken Nordine."

number of songs   (cantidad de canciones)

The number of songs by Arne is in square brackets.

He was also featured in a number of songs on the EP.

theme songs

", Lowe's previous album of television theme songs.

The show had two opening theme songs during its history.

The Bills have several theme songs associated with them.

songs performed

All songs performed by The Allman Brothers Band, unless otherwise noted.

Lynne said of the album: All songs performed and produced by Jeff Lynne.

It contains 34 praise and worship songs performed by top Christian artists.

few songs

I poured my heart into those first few songs.

There are a few songs that men have a tendency not to sing.

", a few songs, a symphonic waltz and two symphonic fantasias.

best songs

The four best songs then go on to the "gold final".

At points the album features some of their best songs to date.

Complex named the song #50 on their list of best songs of 2012.

write songs

Plus, they flat out could write songs and play."

I'll write songs and fly in her voice.

Burdon reunited with Zoot Money to write songs for this album.

love songs   (canciones de amor)

Irina got her success as the singer of love songs.

It is a concept album consisting of twelve love songs.

The song also made number 82 of VH1's top 100 love songs.

versions of songs

It consists of cover versions of songs by other artists.

The album contained many cover versions of songs by other artists.

The band's albums included jazz rock versions of songs by the Grateful Dead.

songs including

It features 13 songs including a cover of Devo's 'Ton O' Love'.

The album contains 12 songs including the first single "Mi Amor".

They backed up DJ Wolfman Jack on ten songs including "The Rapper".

unreleased songs   (canciones inéditas)

The mixtape consisted of previously unreleased songs.

It also featured several previously unreleased songs.

It consists of previously unreleased songs and remixes.

wrote songs

In her leisure, she studied dance and wrote songs.

He also wrote songs about academic subjects.

In this period and later, Elgar wrote songs and partsongs.

collection of songs

The main feature of the DVD is a collection of songs performed at the Sno-Core festival.

It is a plaintive collection of songs which combine country with hints of blues, gospel and folk.

It is a continuation of "The Imposter"—"a more focused collection of songs about the Apocalypse."

rock songs

It also reached the top 40 on the iTunes top rock songs.

Banjo can also be used in some rock songs.

He began writing rock songs and considered country music uncool.

songs were recorded

She explains how songs were recorded and performed.

The songs were recorded live by ABC Radio sound crews.

A total of 32 songs were recorded during these sessions.

more songs

In 2017, he released more songs and collaborations.

The special edition included two more songs.

So we lied and said, 'That's OK, we've got lots more songs.'"

recorded songs

Notable artists who recorded songs at Studio A include:

It was the first time Zita Swoon recorded songs in French.

She recorded songs on texts by Goethe with guitar accompaniment.

all songs

Lyrics for all songs are in the Norwegian language.

Almost all songs are available to buy individually.

all songs written by Susan Werner, except where noted

songs include

McLean's other well-known songs include the following.

These songs include (in order of release)

Favorite pep band songs include "Cuban Coffee", "Holiday", "Hey!

most popular songs   (canciones mas populares)

Dusty's wife Joy McKean penned several of his most popular songs.

In Russia, "Ooh La La in L.A." remains one of the band's most popular songs.

The quartet performed jazz arrangements of some of Elton John's most popular songs.

songs featured

The songs featured during the movie are as follows:

The songs featured OG Maco, Lamont Sincere, A$AP Ant and Macca Wiles.

Seven out of the nine songs featured on the demo were included on the album.

both songs

Music videos were released for both songs.

Peter Jones plays drums on both songs.

The musical direction for both songs was done by Ivor Raymonde.

traditional songs

They have literally re-arranged Cape traditional songs and jazzed them up.

Tarija, Bolivia, has a few traditional songs which are accompanied by dances.

The mixture of traditional songs with hints of erotic humour continues to this day.

ten songs

It was released in 1999, and contains ten songs.

In total, ten songs participated in the national final.

Kohlbrenner wrote ten songs, related to the Order of Mass.

features songs

It features songs in Russian, English and Latvian.

The game features songs from the 1980s only.

It features songs written by Jeff Angell and Benjamin Anderson.

songs included

Famous songs included "The Wind of Love", "The Portrait" and "Disguises".

The songs included are: "But I Love You More" and "Somebody Up There Help Me."

Bowman's repertoire of traditional songs included "Forked Deer" and "Turkey in the Straw."

first songs

At the age of twelve, Straub wrote her first songs.

"Chained" was one of the first songs written for "Coexist".

During this time, the first songs of his own gained popularity.

songs sung

In 1992 he recorded a single consisting of tango songs sung in Latin.

Manbhumi has a rich tradition of folk songs sung in various occasions.

The album features 10 songs sung in the Egyptian and Lebanese dialects.

written songs

She has written songs for Zendaya, Jason Derulo, and Tamar Braxton.

Several musicians have been inspired by Hill and her activism and have written songs about her:

He is also a prolific lyricist and has written songs for most of his produced and directed films.

performed songs

Since 1994 she has performed songs only in English.

It remains one of Harper's most performed songs live.

Lamm went on the road with and performed songs from the album.

songs together   (canciones juntas)

They started writing songs together and doing short concerts.

Joan and Larry married in 1965; they also wrote songs together.

Contestants sang songs together with Bel-Etage Swing Orchestra.

songs were released

The top 30 songs were released on the "Nature's Best" CD.

Both songs were released as free downloads.

The songs were released on a 45 rpm album.

songs during

The show had two opening theme songs during its history.

Misia sang a total of 49 songs during the first leg of the tour.

In total, the band recorded twenty-six songs during the sessions.

began writing songs

There he began writing songs for other artists.

Tsoi began writing songs at the age of 17.

When he was ten, he began writing songs.

additional songs

A Deluxe Edition features three additional songs.

Over one hundred additional songs were submitted by the invited songwriters.

A number of Bond films include one (or more) additional songs in the soundtrack.

songs as well   (canciones también)

The "Roo" has its own songs as well as merchandise.

The DVD includes music videos for some of the venue songs as well as other bonus videos.

She is a Christian and often records many Christian songs as well as performs at the church.

famous songs

Especially notable were some of the treatments of his most famous songs.

As one of their most famous songs, "Sullivan" is a Caroline's Spine concert staple.

He was the lead voice on such famous songs as "My Girl" and "Ain't Too Proud to Beg."

list of songs

Below is the list of songs that Thùy Chi has performed:

The following is a list of songs that appear on-disc in any version of "Lips".

The following is a list of songs that CBS used during their closing montages from 1982–1986:

songs released

The show mainly focused on songs released from "Metal Resistance".

& Bad Afro plus a handful of songs released solely on compilations.

From 1927 through 1931, Greene recorded 28 songs released by 11 different record companies.

featured songs

"I Was a Teenage Serial Killer" featured songs by Heavens to Betsy.

The show also featured songs and poems by John Betjeman and Philip Larkin.

Both albums featured songs co-written by cyberpunk/horror novelist John Shirley.

featuring songs

They have also released a comprehensive compilation featuring songs by Canadian rock band, Triumph.

In 2010, an album featuring songs sung by cast members was released to celebrate 50 years of "Coronation Street".

Each of these four albums was a concept album featuring songs of a similar theme as suggested by each album title.

following songs

The following songs were performed during both sets.

It was the songs from "Swing & Sweet" and following songs:

The soundtrack has the following songs:

different songs

Each track covers several different songs from the original soundtrack.

Britt Nicole performed ten different songs, seven of which are from the album "Gold":

In their period in Lithuania from 1940 - 1944 their repertoire included over 40 different songs.

included songs

The episodes included songs as part of the plot development.

The album also included songs by Jesse Fuller, John Stewart, and Lee Hays.

This included songs from their EP release as well as some future hit singles.

songs of all

"NME" named it one of the filthiest songs of all time.

I think it's one of the top 10 Christmas songs of all time now."

In the following year it was listed in APRA Top 30 Australian songs of all time.

known songs

A series of the most known songs by The Aller Værste!

This album had some of the band's best known songs of Tom's, e.g.

The title track became a big hit and is one of their best known songs.

old songs

The main activity of Persian Rovers was covering old songs.

Some of the old songs and the new songs."

5 old songs remade and re-imagined with our favourite musicians & 5 new songs. "

includes songs

The album includes songs written by Post Regiment's friend band, Tragedia.

It includes songs from "Country Grammar", "Nellyville", and "Brass Knuckles".

It includes songs written by Joe Hill, Ralph Chaplin, T-Bone Slim, and others.

songs were composed

The songs were composed between the years 1810 and 1813.

All songs were composed by Beth Orton except where noted:

The title song and two other songs were composed by Pleis.

released songs

It included two previously released songs, “Awake” and “Wild Child” and ten new songs.

The album included eight previously released songs that were re-recorded for the album.

Also included are acoustic versions of previously released songs and the Andy Partridge co-produced single 'Hands Across the Ocean'.

covers of songs

Most of the tracks on this release are covers of songs written by other artists.

And they recorded covers of songs by Misfits and |Crowbar with producer Mudrock in 2006.

It contains 10 tracks, some of which are covers of songs from the original "Schoolhouse Rock!"

various songs

Synth effects are also utilized in various songs.

The album includes covers of various songs.

Industrial vocal elements are also featured in various songs.

favorite songs   (canciones favoritas)

Matt said it was one of his favorite songs.

According to Jackson, it's one of his favorite songs he's written.

The album consists of Kubota's favorite songs by his favorite artists.

previously unreleased songs   (canciones inéditas anteriormente)

The mixtape consisted of previously unreleased songs.

It also featured several previously unreleased songs.

It consists of previously unreleased songs and remixes.

album of songs

1: Cowboy Man is a compilation album of songs by Lyle Lovett, released in 2001.

Signed to Geffen Records at that time, Stephenson submitted an entire album of songs.

Whiskey Richard spent 7 months in the studio off and on recording a full-length album of songs.

singing songs

Reynolds explained, "we were sittin' on the floor...singing songs to one another.

She earned a reputation singing songs at Dee, so she sent her songs to record companies.

Players would take turns singing songs requested by the audience, written on cocktail napkins.

recording songs

At the age of 15, he began writing and recording songs.

After recording songs with her group "Lyrik", she pursued a solo career.

At the time of his death, Hendrix was recording songs for a 'fourth studio album.

country songs   (canciones country)

There were two country songs and a bouncy pop tune.

The song reached number 5 on the "Billboard" country songs chart.

Truck driving country songs often deal with the profession of trucking and love.

composed songs

She composed songs with piano accompaniment.

He is recognized as having composed songs with character.

He composed songs for Chinese films beginning in the 1930s, some of which remain popular.

contains songs

First album "Iemand" contains songs in Dutch.

As the title suggests it contains songs big in Ibizan DJ sets.

"A Song about a Girls" contains songs in both English and French.

including songs

It has frequently been referred to in many different media, including songs and television programmes.

At the release show, the group performed the new album in its entirety, including songs featuring a 20-member choir.

Apart from Shanxi folk songs, he also learned to sing other folk songs, including songs of Shaanbei from neighbouring Shaanxi.

signature songs   (canciones de firma)

It has become one of Khan's signature songs.

19) and since has become one of O’Bryan's signature songs.

and became one of his signature songs.

patriotic songs

Again we sang patriotic songs as they moved along.

Popular and patriotic songs are often played on amplifiers.

The song is one of the most popular of the many U.S. patriotic songs.

performing songs

In 1989, she appeared in a Target ad campaign, performing songs off the album.

Mostly she sang at corporate events and weddings, performing songs by Adele, Rihanna and Alicia Keys.

In 1967 she started a singing career in the Netherlands, performing songs in the French chanson tradition.

such songs

Once again, the Cretan Mantinada often figures prominently in the words to such songs.

The singing of such songs is often considered as a demonstrative or revolutionary action.

He produced such songs as "Awitin Mo At Isasayaw Ko", "Rock Baby Rock", and "Kung Sakali".

successful songs

His most successful songs are (The Anthem of Kanklės Players) and (A Song about the Past).

Later she recorded many successful songs which were commercial hits as well as some evergreen hits.

This album contains cover versions of various successful songs originally recorded by other artists.

songs are written

Most of their songs are written in Bernese German.

Most of the group's songs are written by Mr. Thug.

All songs are written and produced by Morgan Page.

songs produced

All songs produced by DJ Nelson, except where noted.

All songs produced by Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier.

All songs produced by Juliana Hatfield.

twelve songs

Chesney co-wrote five of the twelve songs on the album.

It also revealed that the album would have twelve songs.

** These twelve songs were newly recorded specifically for this release.

most famous songs   (canciones mas famosas)

Especially notable were some of the treatments of his most famous songs.

As one of their most famous songs, "Sullivan" is a Caroline's Spine concert staple.

Despite this lack of chart success, it has become one of O'Sullivan's most famous songs.

between songs

These patterns, however, are shared between songs.

It also shows random clips between songs and interviews.

Deliberate segregation is in evidence between songs nos.

songs played

It consists of fifteen songs played in a modernized Chinese form.

Encore Other songs played include "Strutter" and "Flaming Youth".

Dancers may tie their state of undress to the number of songs played.

set of songs

An initial set of songs was written, then dropped and a second set of songs written.

6thMix also provides Internet Ranking codes based on the user's performance in a given set of songs.

older songs

The band re-recorded several of their older songs for this album.

The album consisted of older songs produced with an added string section.

Costello turned to older songs to reflect the national malaise at the time.

film songs   (canciones de cine)

He also had a lot of popular film songs in Telugu.

Here are some film songs based on Bhairav:

Bhairav is a popular raga for film songs.

numerous songs

All that touring produced numerous songs.

Horn sections featured on numerous songs, such as "Uncle Harry" and "Killing The Right".

Besides numerous songs, poems and narrations he has also published texts for the stage, essays and one novel.

songs originally

The album features songs originally written and sung by Bob Dylan.

This album contains cover versions of various successful songs originally recorded by other artists.

The album comprises four covers of songs originally by Pink Floyd, the Who, King Crimson and Flower Travellin' Band.

songs used

This album included two songs used in the "Slaughterhouse Rock" soundtrack.

Alphabet song An alphabet song is any of various songs used to teach children the alphabet.

The language of the songs used for Kathakali is Manipravalam, a mixture of Malayalam and Sanskrit.

well as songs   (bien como canciones)

Il Divo performed three songs between acts, as well as songs with Streisand.

Aali started composing poetry at an early age and wrote many books as well as songs.

As well as songs from the new album, the tour featured material from Bowie's "Low" era.

sing songs

This is when she started to write and sing songs while teaching herself guitar.

Children will hear stories, sing songs and view short videos in both languages.

But God rebuked them: "The work of my hands is being drowned in the sea, and you want to sing songs?"

songs were performed

All songs were performed with acoustic instruments.

A total of 29 songs were performed during the show.

The following songs were performed during both sets.

classic songs

All the classic songs have been re-imagined in a new modern style.

The film has 5 chartbuster classic songs composed by Harris Jayaraj.

These titles are: Reid recorded many cover versions of classic songs.

most songs   (la mayoría de las canciones)

The horn section backed both bands for most songs.

He has sung his most songs for them (293 songs).

He has sung the most songs for music director Alex Paul.