Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

soon became   (sớm trở thành)

He soon became widely known as a popular preacher.

They soon became close friends and tennis partners.

This book soon became known to all Canadian mothers.

soon afterwards   (ngay sau đó)

He returned to his home, and died soon afterwards.

The group parted ways with de Clerck soon afterwards.

The Marian Persecutions began soon afterwards.

soon followed   (theo dõi sớm)

The 747-200 soon followed, with its launch in 1968.

Massacres of local Aboriginal people soon followed.

Massacres of Jews at London and York soon followed.

soon began   (sớm bắt đầu)

They soon began receiving invitations to perform abroad.

However, McNally soon began to struggle with his command.

The SAL station, built in 1930, soon began to show its age.

soon as possible   (sớm nhất có thể)

Interest was to be eliminated "as soon as possible".

He urges Harvey to return as soon as possible.

I will be in Washington as soon as possible."

soon thereafter   (ngay sau đó)

He soon thereafter left Kansas Territory altogether.

Dino soon thereafter became a tutor to Jak Ihmalyan.

It was approved by the board soon thereafter.

soon found

King Boabdil soon found his position intolerable.

who soon found themselves indicted by a federal grand jury.

It is soon found, and Hope rejoices that it was only a mistake.

soon joined

This initial team was soon joined by two Korean monks.

They were soon joined by Burroughs and others.

He soon joined his company back at Camp Douglas, Utah.

died soon

He returned to his home, and died soon afterwards.

Stube died soon after the recording of the album.

He died soon after, in Dublin, on 4 October 1878.

soon moved

Jak Ihmalyan soon moved to Beijing, China in 1959.

Obering began in sculpture, but soon moved into painting.

Prescott soon moved back to Florida, helping to sell houses.

soon afterward   (sẽ sớm thôi sau đó)

NY 267 crossed into Genesee County soon afterward.

Mitzi formally divorced him soon afterward, in 1998.

The first wooden bridge was demolished soon afterward.

soon returned

In 1951, pranks soon returned to the two campuses.

McGinnis soon returned home, claiming he was homesick.

I said certainly, ran away and soon returned.

very soon

Could be very soon or not so soon at all!"

Two horses alone would very soon tire.

His wife died also very soon in 1821.

soon left

Copperhead soon left after a conflict with the Cobra.

Neither did Albornoz, who soon left to return to Spain.

Rio did little to market it and soon left it to languish.

soon become   (sớm trở thành)

The two women would soon become lifelong friends and lovers.

One day, Duff met Andre Recke, who would soon become her manager.

The girls soon become friends with the young ranch hands who help them.

soon came

shortages of other goods soon came about.

Birch soon came up with a name for the formative band: The Records.

The Moros soon came to make peace and do homage to the king of Spain.

soon becomes

The attraction soon becomes an obsession.

It soon becomes a torrid love affair.

Shruthi soon becomes pregnant but dies of childbirth complications.

soon replaced

Andrew was soon replaced by another Andrew - A.J.

Gruber was soon replaced by Geoff Nicholls of Quartz.

Electric streetcars soon replaced the horsecar.

soon discovered

It is soon discovered Kimberly is watching them.

He was accepted and soon discovered his passion for acting.

Kimmarie soon discovered that she also had a passion for dancing.

too soon

The bill he thought could not be rejected too soon."

But it is too soon to forget the past entirely.

When Napoleon saw the charge he said it was an hour too soon.

soon made

He soon made a career change to costume and wardrobe.

He soon made his league debut in a 0–0 draw against Raith Rovers.

A further change was soon made, so the ball merely passed through.

soon finds   (sớm tìm thấy)

Sartor soon finds Arabian allies on a far continent.

He ignores it, and soon finds the lost city of B'hala.

He soon finds that all roads now have police blockades.

soon developed

It soon developed quickness of eye and wrist."

New Zealand soon developed a more complex party system.

He soon developed a strong dislike for Hogg.

soon established

1862, and soon established the Poe Mining Company.

His art soon established the publisher's house style.

A Civic Guard was soon established to defend the city.

soon changed

Unilever soon changed the name to HB Chocolates.

The name was soon changed to Kappa Sigma Tau.

He soon changed his order to a high-wing Vega seaplane.

soon started

He soon started to write and record his own songs.

Peck soon started writing for her staff members.

In Vienna, he soon started to lead a bohemian lifestyle.

soon realized   (sớm nhận ra)

The Symphony soon realized that it had no accommodations for its female musicians.

It was soon realized that without the city of Tangier, possession of Ceuta was worthless.

But he soon realized that singing was his passion and started working on his first album.

soon took

Tea soon took over, and coffee growing was given up.

Susan Sawitzky soon took to this subject with relish.

Kremer soon took over complete ownership of the store.

soon fell

Trelawny soon fell in love with Claire Clairmont.

The light infantry skirmished but soon fell back.

However, the pair soon fell passionately in love.

soon turned

They soon turned to open piracy and coastal plunder.

The strike started peacefully but soon turned violent.

The conditions soon turned bad for the team.

soon discovers

He soon discovers that the murders are connected to an old curse.

Sydney soon discovers this and eventually blackmails Michael into marriage.

Frank soon discovers that Jenny, whom Tae-jun had rescued, is his biological sister.

followed soon

Figures for White Wolf, Inc.'s "" followed soon after.

Walter's father dies, followed soon after by his mother.

Navarre followed soon after in 1512, and Portugal in 1580.

soon spread   (sớm lan rộng)

Word of his voyages soon spread throughout Europe.

It soon spread across Lika and Bosanska Krajina.

Printed copies soon spread throughout Europe.

soon gained

Bilotti soon gained a reputation for violence.

The Black and Tans soon gained a reputation for brutality.

Many successful concerts soon gained him fame and numerous students.

soon abandoned

The interurban was not rebuilt and soon abandoned.

VF-12 soon abandoned its aircraft to the Marines.

In any case this project was soon abandoned.

soon expanded

It soon expanded to its current eight-member lineup.

The project soon expanded with Ragnar and Arnar joining.

The company soon expanded its operations into Detroit by 1967.

soon released

Keith was soon released after an 0–2 start.

He was soon released after the confirmation of his alibis.

The BAID-IMS prototype was soon released.

so soon

The war ended so soon that the single was never released.

Could be very soon or not so soon at all!"

I didn’t know my dream would come true so soon in my career but I feel blessed.

soon became known

This book soon became known to all Canadian mothers.

These soon became known as "blimps".

The marriage was held in a secret ceremony but soon became known.

soon learns

However, she soon learns that the culprit is Alistair's father, Brian.

While looking for Beth, Mason soon learns that she is actually a patient.

Holden is attracted to her, but soon learns that she is attracted to women.

soon grew

Brody soon grew to love the boy as his own son.

The wattle grass soon grew into bushes and then into full size trees.

Fatico soon grew to admire Gotti's ability to force debtors to make payment.

soon lost

Mamlock soon lost his enthusiasm for aviation and seized the plane.

However, he soon lost control of Saxony to the rival House of Guelph.

soon went

He soon went to Milan to study and practice his craft.

Some used liquid transmitters which soon went out of use.

The band soon went on a tour of the USA, Europe and Japan.

soon realizes   (sớm nhận ra)

However, she soon realizes the truth about Sugunakar Rao.

Harker soon realizes that Dracula himself is also a vampire.

2) is initially unaware of Elmer but soon realizes the danger.

soon died

Tian Ji'an soon died and was given posthumous honors.

Depressed, he soon died on September 17, 1941.

However, Zhu's wife soon died which was a terrible blow to Zhu.

soon proved

However, this church soon proved to be too small.

Dübs' new company, Dübs and Company, soon proved successful.

This site soon proved unsuitable and another site was sought.

soon led

Living beyond their means soon led to grave financial and legal difficulties.

Pendergast is soon led to believe that the murderer must be a member of the community.

Commodore's tactics soon led to a price war with the major home computer manufacturers.

soon find   (sớm tìm thấy)

They soon find themselves out on the balcony.

They soon find him, but realise he is in a serious condition.

They soon find the women, who tell them the professor is dead.

soon renamed

Unveiled in the summer of 1961, the "MRD" was soon renamed.

They were soon renamed the "Rifle Corps".

It was soon renamed as the West Virginia Preparatory School.

soon revealed

It is soon revealed Marion is responsible for all this.

But that promise of freedom is soon revealed as an illusion.

Robot soon revealed himself as a living creature to the Guardians of the Globe.

band soon

The band soon went on a tour of the USA, Europe and Japan.

The band soon became associated with S.L.

The band soon relocated from Denmark to Los Angeles, California.

soon became apparent

It soon became apparent that the ship was in poor condition.

However, a disadvantage of this historical nationalism soon became apparent.

Her condition was not known to Connecticut at the time of her recruitment, but soon became apparent.

released soon

Two Muslim Malaysians were released soon after.

Other versions released soon after included demo-it!.

The film was released soon after the centennial of the Alamo.

soon dropped

Either way another similar prop was soon dropped.

He briefly attended law school but soon dropped out.

Counts 1 and 4 were soon dropped due to lack of evidence.

soon got

They soon got an apartment at Torshov and had a son.

I soon got stalled by Lin Carter's agent on Thongor .

He soon got the rights to work as a manager.

soon decided

Vrumona soon decided to extend the Royal Club product line.

The Ragin' Cajuns softball team soon decided to dedicate their season to Glasco.

She also set up a trading-store, but the family soon decided to return to England.

soon attracted

Their work soon attracted attention from the Grand Ole Opry.

Breathing soon attracted his attention.

The dry land soon attracted the first settlers to present-day Schierstein.

soon became clear   (sớm trở nên rõ ràng)

It soon became clear this land was part of an archipelago.

It soon became clear that it was not.

As soon as he came out into that arena it soon became clear that he had something that would set the sport a light.

began soon

The Marian Persecutions began soon afterwards.

A Federal investigation into election began soon afterwards.

Construction began soon after, and it was complete by June 1650.

soon forced

He was soon forced into exile by Naaba Wobgo.

Rommel soon forced them to withdraw.

He was soon forced to leave Peć because the Turks tried to assassinate him.

soon promoted

He was soon promoted to the rank of corporal.

He was soon promoted to the rank of Colonel.

He was soon promoted to head the rice-trading department.

soon learned

He soon learned to play the electric guitar.

I soon learned, no clubs would book a band that played original songs.

Nansen soon learned no ship was likely to call at Godthaab until the following spring.

soon transferred

Her library grew quickly, and the books were soon transferred to a larger room.

He was soon transferred to the Western Theater to command the District of Western Kentucky.

Barbaro was soon transferred from the Olean City Jail to the Cattaraugus County Jail in Little Valley.

family soon   (gia đình sớm)

The family soon settled in Houston.

Born in Steilacoom, Washington, his family soon moved to Tacoma, Washington.

From Kristiania his family soon moved to Stavanger via Trondhjem and Ålesund.

soon to become   (sớm trở thành)

This melody was soon to become one of the maximum pieces of the new fusion ensemble.

The house featured an oval salon, soon to become "de rigueur" in Parisian house planning.

Edward's son, soon to become Edward V (Paul Huson), is met by Richard whilst en route to London.

coming soon

It said that new products would be "coming soon".

A version for Apple Macs is coming soon.

A further set, "Baker Street Irregulars", with new cases is coming soon.

soon gave

The cavalry pursued the Indians, but soon gave up the chase.

Nantes citizens soon gave the nickname "omnibus" to the vehicle.

At first, he tried to make a Fortran compiler, but soon gave up the idea.

soon enough

He regains consciousness soon enough but with some marked differences.

But soon enough, Man's warlike nature got the better of Humanity, again.

These relatives will die if not rescued soon enough so the player has to hurry.

soon adopted

The project soon adopted the name "Manhattan" as well.

Prevented from marrying into Kotys' family, Amyntas soon adopted Iphicrates as his son.

Two years later Bunsen published a description, and many of his colleagues soon adopted the design.

soon added

Jam and mincemeat were soon added to the range.

Kublai soon added the Shanxi scholar Zhao Bi to his entourage.

He soon added the role of Selworthy in the curtain raiser "After All!

soon realised   (sớm nhận ra)

However, it was soon realised that burimamide was not an appropriate oral medicine.

Working on some friend’s biographical material, he soon realised this would become his next film.

It was soon realised that narrow locks were too limiting, and later locks were doubled in width to .

soon broke

Rough seas soon broke "Aurania" up and she was declared a total loss.

Much of it soon broke away from them and became part of the Indo-Greek Kingdom.

A bloody feud soon broke out between the groups in Belfast which killed six men.

soon discover   (sớm khám phá)

But Ella, Frank, and Neil soon discover that J.W.

They soon discover they are not above the influence of evil.

Elsie and Rachel soon discover that they can pass through the Bind.

soon signed

The club soon signed Stefan Wessels as his replacement.

Detroit soon signed free agent defenseman Ian White to take his place.

They soon signed to the German label Crypt Records and released "Outta Here."

soon begins

However, Francine's life soon begins to change.

He soon begins to realize that he is not a child anymore.

The others hesitate, and D'Anna soon begins executing hostages.

soon caught

Arm troubles soon caught up with Perkowski, though.

He soon caught wind of the Baroness and fell deeply in love with her.

But she is soon caught unprepared when she learns that her mother has grown ill.

soon brought

This soon brought Makary under Rabih's control.

This attack started some fires, which were soon brought under control by firefighters.

With this key provision, the treaty system soon brought a degree of peace to the frontier.

soon formed

He soon formed his Royal Comic Opera Company.

The two soon formed a gang called the Bugs and Meyer mob.

They soon formed the core of his army, and were known as Mamluks.

soon acquired

The name soon acquired a suffix and was called Santa Fe de Bogotá.

Nevertheless, Hobbs soon acquired a love of cricket from his father.

This emblem soon acquired the nickname of the "Ferret and Dartboard".

soon reached

The record soon reached number one on the U.S. "Billboard" R&B chart.

Indian products soon reached trading networks and foreign crops were introduced.

Garner was soon joined by oyster boat captain John Tawes Tyler; together, the two men soon reached the lighthouse.

soon appointed

He was soon appointed President and CEO of RJR Nabisco.

Alex Totten was soon appointed as manager.

Rothmaler was soon appointed to a position as head of department.

soon becoming

The emerging young leaves are white tomentose, soon becoming glabrous.

Kotane joined SACP a year later in 1929, soon becoming a member of the party's politburo.

The album was released in limited numbers and sold out quickly, soon becoming a collectors' item.

soon received

She soon received an offer from WRMA (106.7) in Miami, which she accepted.

By September, he soon received a handful of playing time, mostly coming from the substitute bench.

The settlement soon received additional protection by the construction of a partial city wall and moat.

up soon

The pair broke up soon after "The Tribe" ceased production.

However, Xiao Feng wakes up soon after.

Yet I am sure to bob up soon and am waiting for the next turn.

company soon   (công ty sớm)

The band and Morosin parted company soon after high school.

The company soon expanded its operations into Detroit by 1967.

The company soon got into licensed characters, which by the 1950s, became the bulk of their output.

group soon

Messina joined the group soon after.

The group soon became an overnight success throughout much of Europe.

Willie Fowler's research group soon found this resonance, and its measured energy was close to Hoyle's prediction.

died soon afterwards

He returned to his home, and died soon afterwards.

He was found and brought home, but died soon afterwards.

He died soon afterwards, on 18 January 1949.

soon emerged

Popular demands for a Constituent Assembly soon emerged.

A local resistance movement soon emerged.

A resistance movement soon emerged.

soon arrived

Guinean troops soon arrived in Daru to support the SLA.

The 41st soon arrived on the scene to reinforce this attack.

An artillery duel ensued and more cavalry on both sides soon arrived.

almost as soon

The state was called for Obama almost as soon as the polls closed.

Academics began analyzing the film almost as soon as it was released.

The codex began to replace the scroll almost as soon as it was invented.

soon captured

Burr was soon captured, and the men were sent home.

Unfortunately, Barnabas was soon captured by the Leviathans.

Two managed to return home, while the others were soon captured.

soon ran

The firm soon ran into financial difficulties.

But money soon ran out and Amtmann took a teaching job.

Keating's troops soon ran out of ammunition.

soon appeared

Other Tuka organisations, however, soon appeared.

These woodcuts soon appeared in proofs with titles in German.

He gave himself up to intense production, and a succession of works soon appeared.

soon begin   (sớm bắt đầu)

They soon begin what would be a very rocky relationship.

Kathy and Buffy soon begin to have serious disagreements.

Hampton toured with the band and soon begin recording other artists.

soon put

Xiao Yan, however, won victory after victory, and soon put Jiankang under siege.

Caesar's forces launched a fierce counterattack, and soon put the Belgae to flight.

As the tests went on with full success, the weapon was soon put into active service.

soon met

They soon met with twelve club-wielding police officers.

C.L Sonnichsen relates that Oliver and Perry soon met Cherokee Bill.

The Polish-Ukrainian military thrust soon met the Red Army counterattack.

soon married

Meighan and Ring became inseparable and soon married.

David soon married his third wife, Gvantsa Kakhaberidze.

After dealing with Jeff's death, Penny soon married Neil.

soon built

The colonists soon built a wooden church.

Curtis left school in the sixth grade and soon built his own camera.

It was soon built and the family moved in, settling permanently here in 1953.

soon sold

Jia soon sold all the shares he held in January 2018.

It was originally released in a limited edition of 3000 copies that soon sold out.

"Fervent Dream" got an overwhelming reception all over the world and was soon sold out.

soon sent

Constantius soon sent Julian off to Gaul.

He was soon sent to Moscow to study at the Moscow Conservatory.

The group auditioned for NBC and was soon sent off to work in Cleveland.