Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

more sophisticated   (más sofisticado)

Safety equipment become more sophisticated.

Proni frequently introduced new, more sophisticated designs.

The book is somewhat more sophisticated in content than "CDB!

most sophisticated   (más sofisticado)

These cars are considered to be the most sophisticated cars in dirt racing.

This formidable complex of defences was one of the most sophisticated of Antiquity.

The most sophisticated alternative is when subscribers can be added or removed at runtime.

highly sophisticated   (altamente sofisticado)

Even with its limitations, this approach supported highly sophisticated applications.

This was a highly sophisticated spatial arrangement maximizing the sense of space in a restricted area.

The new Najdi rulers, nomadic Arabs largely found themselves at the reins of a highly sophisticated society.

increasingly sophisticated   (cada vez más sofisticado)

The equipment for such sports has become increasingly sophisticated.

Home theatre systems became increasingly sophisticated, as did some of the special edition DVDs designed to be shown on them.

Critics generally agreed that Presley had acquired a "deeper, harder voice quality", and said his interpretations were "increasingly sophisticated".

very sophisticated   (muy sofisticado)

The Burt retractable Binding was a very sophisticated item, but not enough reliable and solid.

During the mid-1920s, the gallery scene in Barcelona was very sophisticated, organized and complex.

The Smith, especially, used a very sophisticated interpretation of the Chicago School, in the manner of Holabird & Roche.