Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

sought refuge   (refugio buscado)

All three sought refuge at the Russian legation.

Across the island, 259 people sought refuge in shelters.

A total of 34000 watercraft sought refuge ahead of the storm.

highly sought   (altamente buscado)

They are rare and highly sought after.

His bows are highly sought after.

Vegetative cover is highly sought after in selection of larval habitats.

sought to create   (buscó crear)

It sought to create a vendor-neutral online reference of Web platform standards.

As the folk music craze died out, Bonniwell sought to create music with "fuzz and fangs."

The ambitious project sought to create a versatile common fighter for many roles and services.

sought to establish   (buscó establecer)

He instead sought to establish a self-sufficient community upon socialist principles.

After resigning from the EPA, Pruitt has sought to establish an energy consulting business.

Huntsman sought to establish himself as an anti-negative candidate and take the "high road".

unsuccessfully sought

One of these brothers is said to have unsuccessfully sought the throne.

For years, Gerry unsuccessfully sought the governorship of Massachusetts.

At an 1855 by-election, he unsuccessfully sought election for Cardigan Boroughs.

most sought   (más buscado)

It is one of the most sought after schools in the country.

Voter registration was considered the most sought after job.

The South Pacific Championships is the most sought after of the titles.

sought to make   (buscó hacer)

In illustrating, Mazzucchelli sought to make "Year One" look grimy, dark, and muted.

He also said that he sought to make the album accessible to broad audiences by incorporating many genres.

During the Fascist regime Marinetti sought to make Futurism the official state art of Italy but failed to do so.

sought election   (elección buscada)

Patten first sought election in the 1992 ACT general election.

At an 1855 by-election, he unsuccessfully sought election for Cardigan Boroughs.

Undeterred, Land sought election to the position, in 1952, but lost to the incumbent.

sought help

She escaped and sought help from authorities, to no avail.

Later in 1761, the Cochin king sought help from Travancore.

Popal sought help from psychiatrists and began taking antidepressants.

then sought

He then sought large sums of U.S. aid from Congress.

Arnebeck then sought to act as a legal watchdog during elections.

Kanda then sought judicial intervention to prevent media from reporting the case.

government sought   (el gobierno buscó)

The new government sought to completely restructure Cambodian society.

The judge dismissed the case after the government sought a continuance.

The government sought to retain exemptions from U.S. immigration and minimum wage laws.

sought to bring   (trató de traer)

She also sought to bring the Arts and Crafts movement to Chicago.

Mendik has sought to bring together academic interest and fandom through Cine-Excess, a film festival.

They sought to bring attention to artists, art, poetry and writing that had been largely neglected or forgotten.

sought an exception

Approval was granted to 133 of them and 128 sought an exception for pension costs increases.

sought to expand

It sought to expand the ways in which it can bring pleasure to readers.

Over time, the clan sought to expand its influence beyond this backwater.

In 1861, French Emperor Napoleon III sought to expand his empire and invaded Mexico.

sought to improve   (buscó mejorar)

The reforms sought to improve labor productivity.

The opposition sought to improve relations with India.

At this library, Leibniz sought to improve the catalog.

sought permission   (permiso solicitado)

The ProLife Alliance sought permission for judicial review of their decision, which was refused.

Several applicants sought permission to put a new station on the air using CKGM's old frequency.

Before he died, Sleyne had sought permission to return to Ireland, however his petition was refused by Queen Anne.

much sought

The stamps issued by the companies are much sought after by philatelists.

The guests are very keen to meet Henry and invitations are much sought after.

His counsel and leadership were much sought after by the Congressmen of the early days.

actively sought

These competent works are actively sought out by collectors.

He actively sought the removal of its president, Carleton Stanley in the 1940s.

Plaster casts of antique sculptures, designed to inspire students, were actively sought.

sought to use

The interventionists sought to use the Triple Entente to contain German expansion.

In response, Genan sought to use Akaboshi, his prodigy, in an attempt to embarrass Jowa into retirement.

In many cases, it was impossible to license the material because the filmmaker sought to use it in a critical way.

sought shelter

Leto sought shelter in many lands, only to be rejected by them.

At the fall of Troy, Cassandra sought shelter in the temple of Athena.

The people now lived in the ruins or sought shelter in the outlying villages.

sought to develop   (buscó desarrollar)

President Alexander Lukashenko sought to develop a closer relationship with Russia.

More recently Bertrand Russell sought to develop a formal language based on logical atoms.

In mid-1967, New York City mayor John Lindsay sought to develop closer ties with leaders of impoverished neighborhoods.

sought to build

Shelden introduced new information that sought to build on Crick's work.

In addition, the Government of Ghana has sought to build the second nuclear power plant in Africa.

PQCC research into code generation process sought to build a truly automatic compiler-writing system.

sought to prevent   (buscó prevenir)

The U.S. sought to prevent off-loading of the arms to Huerta.

Some governments have sought to prevent certain ethnic or social groups from reproduction.

Souter was a prominent leader of the Keep the Clause campaign, which sought to prevent its abolition.

sought asylum

Ordo Amoris Cabinet ceased in 2003 and Francis Acea sought asylum in the US.

Arundell refused de Vere's offer, and he and Howard initially sought asylum with Mendoza.

Valdés spent a month in Tejas Verdes, and when he was released, he sought asylum at the Swedish embassy.

sought to increase

Ray also sought to increase the speed of play.

Marinetti also sought to increase creativity.

He sought to increase employment opportunities with a famous four-point strategy.

initially sought

Franco initially sought support from various groups.

He initially sought out William deMille.

Hall initially sought to appeal to the State Council of the LCL.

often sought   (a menudo buscado)

As a result, pre-1982 five cent pieces are often sought by collectors.

Sayur sop or sup ayam is Indonesian chicken soup that often sought during flu.

He was often sought out by journalists and others for his views on a variety of topics.

sought to take

With Eutropius' fall from power, Gainas sought to take advantage of Aracdius’s current predicament.

The occupation displeased Russia because the tsar sought to take over the Swedish Baltic provinces.

When her successor in Congress, Bob Ehrlich, gave up his seat, Bentley sought to take the seat back in 2002.

sought to avoid   (buscó evitar)

They sought to avoid conflict with the neighboring Navajo and Apache peoples.

Initially he sought to avoid the kind of sectarianism he had seen in England.

Tao sought to avoid escalating the quarrel by hiding in a hospital but Chiang discovered him there.

sought to promote   (buscó promover)

The French State sought to promote patrimony following its defeat in Franco-Prussian War.

These relationships have sought to promote economic, cultural, educational, and other ties.

Through the BWF Nthaile sought to promote the interests of labourers and his own Bakgalagadi ethnic group.

sought to provide   (trató de proporcionar)

Biomarkers of depression have been sought to provide an objective method of diagnosis.

While he labored to establish the necessary financing for his young diocese, he also sought to provide pastoral leadership for his diocese.

During the arraignment, John Millman sought to provide an alibi for his son, unable to believe he could be involved in anything so terrible.

sought the help

Kulothunga III sought the help of the Hoysalas.

He therefore sought the help of aviation entrepreneurs.

He sought the help of Nambi Andar Nambi.

sought to protect

At first, the three members sought to protect the writing of Albanian with the use of an Ottoman Turkish alphabet.

NMHM was opposed to the increasing foreign Christian evangelistic aggression, and sought to protect the interests of Hindus in the state.

The Waldensians had about 3,000 rebel soldiers at their disposal, which sought to protect around 12,000 non-combatants (mainly women and children).

not sought

He has not sought a return to politics since this time.

The LDS Church had not sought to purchase the manuscript.

He has not sought a return to political office since this time.

sought to find   (buscó encontrar)

It sought to find the grounds for claims in the forms (logic) and materials (factual laws) of a universal system of knowledge.

The Yamakasi eventually split apart, though, because some members sought to find more individual expressions of the discipline.

In 1955, D’Amico sought to find a permanent location for the art classes that were initially offered by the MoMA at Ashawagh Hall in Springs, New York.

again sought

In 2018, Monserrate again sought a district leader post in Queens.

Later that year, Le Claire again sought an island-wide mandate as senator.

A strike was announced for May 2010, British Airways again sought an injunction.

sought advice   (consejo buscado)

He sought advice from a Seanagal first.

Realising she needed to protect her boundaries, she sought advice from W.H.

Those at the second level usually had their horoscopes cast and sought advice and predictions.

never sought

Carl faced his death with unflagging courage and never sought refuge in illusions.

Timely use of Salvarsan probably could have cured the infection, but he apparently never sought treatment.

While their relationship was never explicitly romantic, Ginter reportedly "never sought the company of women."

sought to reduce   (buscó reducir)

It sought to reduce government influence on the economy and taxation.

Thus, in the mid-1990s the army sought to reduce the number of active-duty generals.

In recent years, geographers have sought to reduce the use of exonyms to avoid this kind of problem.

sought support   (buscó apoyo)

Franco initially sought support from various groups.

He also sought support from the American Association for Ethiopian Jews.

The United Provinces, under attack by France, sought support from Denmark–Norway.

sought revenge   (busca venganza)

Wichama sought revenge and drove Pacha Kamaq into the ocean.

After Sneed was released from prison, he sought revenge for his daughter.

The release of the outlaws infuriated the people of Texas, who then sought revenge.

sought a new

As a consequence, the CFL sought a new venue for the contest.

Her elder brother left the family and sought a new life in America.

The Toa Metru, with six stasis pods, sought a new home for the Matoran.

sought and received

Saudi Arabia sought and received U.S.

Kawika Crowley, a handyman, sought and received the Republican nomination.

Former Governor Linda Lingle sought and received the Republican nomination.

sought to replace

Britain deliberately sought to replace the Spanish in economic and cultural affairs.

Because of this, the men sought to replace these weapons whenever an opportunity arose.

Kwan was nominated on March 22, and sought to replace Libby Davies as the Member of Parliament for the riding.

sought to maintain   (buscó mantener)

These assigned duties sought to maintain structure in the kingdom.

Despite the considerable rises in the costs of many basic items, the government sought to maintain wages largely as they were.

While New Brunswick asserted that it sought to maintain its right to generate liquor revenues, other provinces were more equivocal on the issue.

first sought

She had first sought treatment for cancer in Vienna in 1914.

Ruffin first sought treatment for his drug addiction in 1967.

Patten first sought election in the 1992 ACT general election.

sought assistance

Scott and Chalmers sought assistance from Bragg's main army.

Captain Jewett sought assistance from the British explorer James Weddell.

Unable to stabilise the economy, the government sought assistance from the International Monetary Fund.

sought to gain

With the invasion in 1062, he sought to gain a decisive victory over Sweyn.

English Dominicans sought to gain a full knowledge of Christ through an imitation of His life.

Wiser investigators sought to gain some rational understanding through the study of bird flight.

district sought

Only 1 school district sought an exemption for Nonacademic School Construction Project, while 1 sought an exception for Electoral debt for school construction.

sought to end

It sought to end private ownership in general and combat the ruling class.

The Chinese sought to end to tensions to avoid giving the Russians a pretext to invade.

After World War Two, Europe sought to end conflict permanently between France and Germany.

sought aid

Zhuge Liang had sought aid from a Xianbei tribal chief, Kebineng, who went to Beidi Commandery (北地郡; around present-day central Shaanxi) to rally the locals to support the Shu forces.