İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

sound effects   (ses efektleri)

It contained background music but no sound effects.

Musician Gep Blake provides music and sound effects.

A high effort was put into the music and sound effects.

sound system   (ses sistemi)

The Vitaphone sound system was used for recording.

He is a member of the Black Chiney sound system.

It utilized the Vitaphone sound-on-disc sound system.

sound engineer   (ses mühendisi)

One of his children is sound engineer, Phil Dudderidge.

Also joining the team was sound engineer Yasuhiro Yamanaka.

Mobin returns as sound engineer supreme.

rock sound   (kaya sesi)

His Texas rock sound was well received by the critics.

A radio-friendly rock sound with funk and reggae undercurrents."

"Liverpool" therefore features a heavier rock sound than its predecessor.

sound design   (ses tasarımı)

With the sound design and the atmospherics, it is beautiful.

Original music and sound design are by Allison Leyton-Brown.

He praised the sound design, background score and cinematography.

sound quality

The headlining act by Megadeth was criticised for poor sound quality.

Mixed by Paul Dakeyne for DMC, the sound quality of it was somewhat poor.

It allowed rock enthusiasts to enjoy the event with an improved sound quality.

new sound   (yeni ses)

This new sound led to the popular epithet "crooner".

New label, new image, incredible new sound."

Slogans of the station were "The new sound of your radio" and "The No.

surround sound   (surround ses)

7.1 as opposed to 5.1 surround sound) or subtitles.

The 780 features optional Dolby 7.1 virtual surround sound.

In May 2018 Hulu introduced 5.1 surround sound for their original content.

sound film   (ses filmi)

It was remade as a sound film "Loose Ankles" in 1930.

and Gance's 1938 eponymously titled sound film remake.

In 1949 it was remade as a sound film of the same title.

sound waves   (ses dalgaları)

Beamforming can be used for radio or sound waves.

The hypothesis was tested for sound waves by Buys Ballot in 1845.

It has been seen that this process can reduce sound waves by up to 50 decibels.

sound recording

The sound recording and design was by Gloria Aller.

Terrill produces his own camerawork and sound recording without a film crew.

Gobo (recording) Gobo is a sound recording term for a movable acoustic isolation panel.

speed of sound

total temperature, total enthalpy, total speed of sound).

For small disturbances where formula_9 is the speed of sound in the medium.

These missiles travel faster than the speed of sound, usually using ramjet engines.

sound designer

She was married to Broadway sound designer Garth Helm.

As of 2001, he worked as a supervising sound designer.

Mohammad Reza Delpak He is the first sound designer of Iranian cinema.

sound recordings

Copyright law had been expanded to include sound recordings in 1974.

In addition, he has published many Irish texts based on sound recordings.

Later he was influenced by the singing bowl sound recordings of Klaus Wiese.

unique sound

Danny had a very precise, piercing vibrato – a unique sound ...

Tina and Her Pony is contributing a unique sound to the American folk tradition.

Each type of drum head serves its own musical purpose and has its own unique sound.

music and sound

Musician Gep Blake provides music and sound effects.

A high effort was put into the music and sound effects.

Original music and sound design are by Allison Leyton-Brown.

sound systems

The records they cut would then be played on their sound systems.

The janzi is amplified and can be connected on any sound systems.

The sound systems were also updated and digital projection equipment Digital 3D Installed.

sound more   (daha fazla ses)

These words also sound more polite as they don't sound like curt when saying "No!"

For example, / "sofa" and / "motor" in Shanghainese sound more like their English counterparts.

He took this name to sound more Spanish, but the Spanish called him "El Inglés", "The Englishman".

live sound

Snoop Dogg hired Aron to be his exclusive live sound engineer.

Breaking Benjamin's live sound has corresponded with lineup arrangements.

They were then edited and remixed with their producer and live sound mixer Eddy Offord.

pop sound

The song has a pop sound and was written by Jamie Houston.

Her music mixes world pop sound with traditional Turkish sounds.

The song has a pop sound and was written by Ray Cham and Rawnna M. Barnes.

sound effect

There is also no shouting sound effect when ninjutsu are activated.

These reverse recorded words were only used because of the sound effect.

The resulting sound effect was 'SIZZZA - FITZZ' or something like that."

sound films

Her debut in sound films came in "Show Boat" (1929).

Two sound films with this title were produced, in 1930 and 1937.

His first three sound films were produced at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

guitar sound

This becomes clearer with an over-driven guitar sound.

Shields' guitar sound was recorded using a unique set-up.

Baggs X-Bridge that allows him to make his guitar sound like an acoustic guitar.

different sound

Version files (VF) may have a different sound format (e.g.

Different types of guitars have different sound aesthetics, e.g.

Strings had a different sound and brought in a different bag of producers.

sound stage

The area includes southern hemisphere's largest sound stage.

The majority of the film was shot on sets built on a sound stage at Village Roadshow Studios.

The film is entirely musical and dancing vignettes, composed and photographed on a sound stage.

metal sound

It is their final album to feature a straightforward black metal sound.

Revenge's chaotic black metal sound represents a direct continuation of Read's previous band's direction.

The album has some tracks which have a melodic metalcore sound and some with a standard metal sound which have only singing.

graphics and sound   (grafikler ve ses)

"Meristation" praised the graphics and sound as "novel".

They also praised "Underwurlde" detailed graphics and sound.

"MegaTech" magazine praised the "smart gameplay, graphics and sound".

first sound

It is now hailed as one of the screen's first sound action films.

Mohammad Reza Delpak He is the first sound designer of Iranian cinema.

Two years later he directed "Blackmail" (1929) which was his first sound film.

distinctive sound

As Dixon and Robert matured as songwriters, the band's distinctive sound flourished.

His distinctive sound and style has influenced numerous artists of various music genres.

Some courses feature tone targets that are designed to make a distinctive sound when hit with a disc.

sound track   (film müziği)

The film's official sound track contains six tracks.

Matthews in the projection of moving films with a sound track.

The exposition is clumsy, the sound track corny, the denouement silly.

original sound

위, 왜, 워 and 와 are closer to an original sound of 야, 여, 요 and 유.

A music video on the original sound track 'Khawnglung Run' was released on 27 May 2012.

The original sound wave is suppressed and replaced by a "ring" of inharmonic higher and lower pitches or "sidebands".

signature sound

The album consists of Jahméne's signature sound, including soul, R&B and gospel.

The signature sound could be used for tuning to the signal on an old analogue receiver.

Hamilton would spend countless hours in the studio, developing his craft and his own signature sound.

sound changes   (ses değişiklikleri)

However, unusual sound changes occur.

Vowel shifts are systematic sound changes in the pronunciation of vowel sounds.

As well, since a "ь" followed there was the potential for further sound changes.

electronic sound

Bootsy Collins also began to incorporate a more electronic sound on later solo albums.

West had been looking for an electronic sound with the album, which is included throughout the song.

Knowles also confirmed that she had been experimenting with a moody, electronic sound for her next project.

sound when   (ne zaman ses çıkarır)

They also made the most frightening sound when discharged.

Loanwords that entered Greek before the loss of lost that sound when Greek did.

Some courses feature tone targets that are designed to make a distinctive sound when hit with a disc.

overall sound   (genel ses)

The RATF is capable of an overall sound pressure level of 163 dB within a chamber.

The body of the instrument is a major determinant of the overall sound variety for acoustic guitars.

In an acoustic instrument, the body of the guitar is a major determinant of the overall sound quality.

not sound   (ses değil)

Kaufmann's own engineers argued that the design was not sound.

"It did not sound like real American rock 'n' roll to us" said Richard.

The name "Dear X" was chosen so it would not sound like "Dear Ex," as if addressed to an ex-girlfriend.

early sound

Their early sound was a blend of Lookout!

Their early sound was often described as pop rock and Pop punk.

She also starred in a handful of films during the early sound era.

sound similar   (benzer ses)

Bixargô ( ঃ ) represents a sound similar to /h /.

Spears specifically asked Suib to make the show sound similar to a dance club.

The double-reed gives the instrument a sound similar to that of the modern oboe.

sound pressure   (ses basıncı)

The "dB" means decibels of sound pressure level (SPL).

This effectively provides a boost in sound pressure levels.

They were touted to deliver up to 126 decibels of sound pressure.

sound stages

18 sound stages were used, almost the entirety of Pinewood's 95-acre backlot.

The "Ben-Hur" production utilized 300 sets scattered over and nine sound stages.

They continued filming in 1955 in Paris and Hollywood on 30 different sound stages.

sound change

The sound change gradually spreads in a process known as lexical diffusion.

The concept of sound change covers both phonetic and phonological developments.

The initial "*Ver-" changed to "Vir-" as a regular sound change in the local dialect.

sound card

It requires a 1 GHz CPU, 512 MB of RAM and a two-channel sound card.

It was first used on the Sound Blaster AWE32 sound card for its General MIDI support.

This requires a specialized DJ sound card with at least 4 channels (2 stereo pairs) of inputs and outputs.

sound production

Cetacean sound production differs markedly from this mechanism.

Barra directed the voice actors separately from a sound production booth.

Students acquire skills in directing, producing, sound production, editing, and script writing.

sound editor

Rio Mangini is the son of Academy Award-winning sound editor Mark Mangini.

David Heilbroner David Heilbroner is an American director, producer and sound editor.

The sound editor was Rick Dior, who won an Oscar for Best Sound for the film "Apollo 13".

sound source

The far left side of the crossfader provides only the channel A sound source.

The far right side provides only the channel B sound source (e.g., record player number 2).

The mid-side sees a figure-8 microphone pointed off-axis, perpendicular to the sound source.

sound art

It has been part of the sound art world since the 1930s with the early works of John Cage (, ; ). ""

He composes and performs in a variety of styles including contemporary, experimental, acousmatic, sound art, and live electronics.

Art music covers activity across contemporary classical music, contemporary jazz and improvised music, experimental music and sound art."

sound cards

But it dropped the production later and focused on sound cards.

An example of this are the codecs used in the sound cards of personal computers.

The first PC sound cards, such as AdLib's Music Synthesizer Card, soon appeared in 1987.

own sound

from Dream Theater, while starting to develop their own sound.

""The young Romanian band MAGICA have already found their own sound and know exactly what they do.

However, occurs in many common digraphs, all with their own sound or sounds, particularly , , , , and .

no sound

The game contained background music but no sound.

It contained background music but no sound effects.

He blows three times into his trumpet, but no sound comes out.

sound equipment

Two buildings were destroyed, along with the park's offices, costumes, sound equipment, and props.

Sunn Sound Equipment based in Meridian Mississippi sponsored the band in the late 1960s by furnishing all sound equipment.

Power for lighting, radios, mobile phones, sound equipment and laptop computers was supplied by solar panels and a wind turbine.

sound reinforcement   (ses güçlendirme)

TAPCO Tapco is a brand name for sound reinforcement products including audio mixers, speakers, and amplifiers.

Renkus-Heinz Renkus-Heinz is a manufacturer of loudspeakers and related professional sound reinforcement equipment.

In time, the company produced a line of audio mixers and power amplifiers for sound reinforcement and (later) recording.

sound barrier

He flew the X-1 a total of 26 times, pushing it near the sound barrier.

Subsequently, the sound barrier was broken by Captain Chuck Yeager in 1947.

He was the pilot of the project's second plane, and nearly broke the sound barrier.

sound wave

These devices convert a sound wave to or from an electric signal.

The transmission of these variations through air is via a sound wave.

He is able to clash his arms together to send a destructive sound wave.

same sound

Since the Chinese word "盒" (He) has the same sound with "合" (He).

For example, () and () are of the same sound but different tones.

Generally composed of four verses of poetry, the first three end with the same sound.

stereo sound   (stereo ses)

The advent of NICAM stereo sound with TV rendered this unnecessary.

It was not until its 1956 re-release that stereo sound was restored to the film.

The additional cost of stereo sound must be weighed against the economy of the time.

vowel sound   (ünlü ses)

In some other languages, such as Finnish, "y" only represents a vowel sound.

The basic consonantal symbol was considered to have an inherent "a" vowel sound.

Like in English, "n" is pronounced only if the next word begins with a vowel sound.

sound engineering

He studied percussion, sound engineering, and conducting at the Berlin University of the Arts.

A 2013 "Sound on Sound" article stated that there are "...few women in record production and sound engineering."

It was a widespread critical success, receiving praise for its complex music and the producer's sound engineering.

structurally sound   (yapısal olarak sağlam)

While unused, the walls of the former warehouse were deemed to be structurally sound.

After the walls of the warehouse were deemed structurally sound, the building was gutted, and given a new floor and roof.

Some of the 1835 muskets also had their barrels rifled during this same period, if the barrel was deemed to be thick enough to be structurally sound after rifling.

sound level

or "plus or minus 1dB" (roughly the sound level difference people usually can detect).

By way of comparison, take-off of aircraft may lead to a sound level of 106 decibels at the ground.

The exhaust system backpressure was reduced by 43 percent, and the interior sound level in the passenger cabin was virtually unchanged.

make it sound   (ses çıkar)

One must feel this pain in the soul to make it sound right".

For the B-section the aim was to make it sound open and bright.

A reverb is meant to make it sound like it's in a cathedral or something.

sound artist

Joe McKee (musician) Joe McKee is a London-born composer and sound artist.

In 2007 Puma began a collaboration with sound artist Lasse Marhaug, for the celebration of Grieg anniversary 07.

She is a multi-talented sound artist, sound activist and composer, raising environmental awareness through sound.

sound engineers

There it ended up at the wish of one of the sound engineers of the film, Miguel López Cabrera, whose sister was a nun in the convent.

In 1992 he recorded his first tracks on a Studio “Tandem”, which recorded mainly pop musicians, but had very enthusiastic sound engineers.

A review in the February, 24 issue "Billboard" for Quadrasonic albums mentioned the spectrum being opened up by the Columbia sound engineers.

sound produced

This and a mute allowed the volume of sound produced to be varied.

Whisper (disambiguation) A whisper is a sound produced by whispering.

This means that the sound produced propagates in all directions with approximately equal volume.

similar sound

He bought everything that had a similar sound.

Sanat Yılı Disko Manço" (1980), all following a similar sound with "2023".

CBS News stated, "The tracks have a similar sound, and share similar themes in the lyrics."

use of sound

Nevertheless, several directors made innovative use of sound once the technology became available.

Gradually, the use of sound operators eliminated the need for telegraph receivers to include register and tape.

Research work now also has a focus on the positive use of sound in urban environments: soundscapes and tranquility.

sound mixing   (ses karıştırma)

Resul Pookutty was in charge of the sound mixing and Brinda was in charge of the choreography.

However, decisions regarding sound mixing, scoring and color-correction would have necessarily been made without Kubrick's input.

The editing process began on September 11, 2018 with sound mixing commencing on March 15, 2019, and completed by the end of April.

punk sound

Their sound became more of a hardcore punk sound.

have gained a real punk sound adding measured doses of reggae and ska like Rancid does overseas.

The album combines the pop punk sound the band is known for, plus elements of synthwave and synthpop.