open source   (オープンソース)

Foundation is open source and available on GitHub.

Both of these implementations are now open source.

This was a community driven open source project.

source code   (ソースコード)

The 6502 assembly language source code for Action!

The source code of YAGO3 is available on GitHub.

The source code was made available in December 2009.

main source   (主な情報源)

This has been the main source of fiscal imbalance.

The village's main source of income is agriculture.

farming is the main source of income of natives.

source of income   (収入源)

Tourism is a major source of income for the tribe.

The village's main source of income is agriculture.

farming is the main source of income of natives.

primary source   (一次情報)

Gulf of Maine shelf waters are the Bank's primary source.

Bee pollen is the primary source of protein for the hive.

Agriculture was the primary source of revenue in the Mamluk economy.

major source   (主な情報源)

Tourism is a major source of income for the tribe.

The taille became a major source of royal income.

For a while, it was Harlan's major source of income.

important source

The Great Lakes are an important source of fishing.

Collaboration is an important source of innovation.

It is an important source for the study of Kemalism.

food source   (食料源)

The Europeans took up the bird as a food source.

The main food source of this fish is plankton.

The stream itself was an important food source for Māori.

source material   (ソース素材)

Primary sources Secondary source material

There is no doubt from the source material that he was a considerable player.

She supplied him with stories and gossip, source material for "Under Milk Wood".

source of information   (情報源)

Radio is the main source of information for many Burundians.

Radio is a key source of information, particularly on the outer islands.

In fact, his plays are the main source of information about him and his life.

light source   (光源)

The CRI is determined by the light source's spectrum.

The scanning light source must be brighter than other incident illumination.

It is the number rates the light source’s color revealing ability towards TCS 09.

water source

He told them the area had a reliable water source.

Their primary water source is the Russian River.

The reservoir is the town's only water source.

power source

The power source would be solar arrays and batteries.

The flower cart he pulls conceals the computer and power source.

The WJ-5A1 turboprop engine was chosen as the Y-7's power source.

source of inspiration   (インスピレーションの源)

Another source of inspiration was her six-year stay in Japan.

The Upanishads was a great source of inspiration to Schopenhauer.

A constant source of inspiration for his music has come from Thailand.

energy source

The main domestic energy source is hydroelectric.

Another type of renewable energy source is biofuel.

Glucose is an energy source in most life forms.

source of water

Rainfall is the chief source of water into the lake.

The river is a source of water for the Sydney region.

It is a great source of water supply for pune.

another source   (別の情報源)

Patent-licensing is another source of revenue.

Tourism provided another source of income for the village.

Phospholipids represent another source.

source software

Most software on CPAN is free and open source software.

Freeciv-web is free and open source software.

Sun Microsystems was a strong proponent of open source software.

only source   (ソースのみ)

It is the only source of secondary education on Barra.

He is her only source of comfort and her only true friend.

The academy is only source of medical officers for the DMS.

open source software   (オープンソースソフトウェア)

Most software on CPAN is free and open source software.

Freeciv-web is free and open source software.

Sun Microsystems was a strong proponent of open source software.

source of revenue   (収入源)

Patent-licensing is another source of revenue.

Local tourism is also a source of revenue for the Bataks.

The island's edible produce was a growing source of revenue.

source of food

The Kalapalo fish for their main source of food.

The Nile also served as a source of food and a pathway for trade.

It is a major source of food to the local villagers of that region.

original source

Heat emanates only from the original source, the fireplace.

An original source is one that is not based on another source.

The original source of supply was the Bokaa Dam, directly to the north.

same source

The staff of Referat Vauck was mainly drawn from the same source.

This episode is also told by Plutarch, probably based on the same source.

The same source also noted that the 8-pounder was hauled by a team of four horses.

source of energy

Glucose is a nearly universal and accessible source of energy.

Carbohydrates may be the most efficient source of energy for ATP.

It was also an important source of energy for early industry in Hobart.

reliable source   (信頼できる情報源)

Its revenue is derived from regular, reliable source of income.

In this way, wind energy is not a particularly reliable source of energy.

There is no reliable source on the number of Cossack and Crimean Tatar troops.

largest source

Business services today represent the largest source of employment.

Currently, Latin America is third largest source of trafficked humans.

The terminal is the largest employer in Djibouti and its largest source of revenue.

significant source   (重要なソース)

Tourism is a significant source of employment.

There was no significant source of stone in the Bengali region.

The trust owns Vic Books, which is a significant source of revenue.

source of all

Magmas and lavas are the original unlithified source of all igneous rocks.

The nomenclature refers to the symbolism of Sun as the soul and the source of all life.

In fact, PrivacyStar is the leading source of all call complaint data reported to the FTC.

source of power

Originally the only source of power came from DC, or direct current, systems.

Hitler claimed to be the sole source of power in Germany, similar to a Roman emperor.

O-Sensei always stressed that "Aikido is budo" and "Budo is Aikido's source of power."

principal source

The Cordon de Puntas Negras is the principal source of water.

It is the principal source of palm oil.

Saint James's chronicle is a principal source for Ferdinand's achievements.

rich source   (豊富なソース)

This area provides a rich source of examples for design theory.

The flowers are a rich source of pollen and nectar for honeybees.

However, Ido has proven to be a rich source of Esperanto vocabulary.

heat source

These radiators rely on hot water as their heat source.

As there are some losses, an external heat source is needed.

For most applications, the radiant heat source will be hot air.

single source

A single source mentions early settlement, the Icelandic Færeyinga saga.

No single source readily or authoritatively defines informal economy as a unit of study.

An acyclic orientation with a single source and a single sink is called a bipolar orientation.

common source

The common emitter (or common source, common cathode, etc.)

Undercooked seafood is a common source.

A common source of data for archaeoastronomy is the study of alignments.

became a source

Her story became a source of pride to her descendants.

1 ranking again became a source of comment.

At the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada the site became a source of conflict.

source states

One source states "Jastrząb" was escorting PQ 15, i.e.

Another source states that "Flying Lark" was attacked on 1 or 2 May.

One source states that a post office was established later that year.

other source   (他のソース)

One other source gives the date of 420 +/-50 Ma.

No other source reports Domnall's death by violence.

The other source of cholesterol is synthesis in the cell's endoplasmic reticulum.

source of controversy   (論争の源)

Environmental law is a continuing source of controversy.

However, oil production is becoming a source of controversy.

The Erfurt Theater has been a source of controversy recently.

source says

(One source says 1527, but this is likely an error.)

(Another source says that she was secretary to Lady Astor.)

Another Akkadian source says she is the daughter of Anu (a.k.a.

good source

Scrublands are a good source of forage and cover.

The Rail Trails Australia website is a good source of local information.

Chocolate is a "good source" (10–19% DV) of calcium, magnesium and iron.

sole source

The sole source on the banners from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania is Jan Długosz.

It can be used as sole source of food for the rearing of "Caenorhabditis elegans".

Hitler claimed to be the sole source of power in Germany, similar to a Roman emperor.

source to mouth   (ソースから口へ)

Tributary streams are listed from source to mouth.

It has a length of 330 km from its source to mouth, 210 km in Zimbabwe and 120 km in Botswana.

From source to mouth, the Thomson is joined by 41 named tributaries over its 350 km (210 miles) course.

new source

Version 2 was redesigned with a new source code base.

The macro expansion is repeated until the new source form does not use a macro.

With the popularity of carnivals beginning to wane, a new source of income had to be found.

source of employment

Tourism is a significant source of employment.

Business services today represent the largest source of employment.

The services sector is by far the main source of employment in the city.

valuable source

She is foremost known for her chronicle, which is a valuable source about 13th-century Rostov.

An observation deck was built to attract tourists, which proved to be a valuable source of revenue.

The region's mines were seen by the French government as a valuable source of future war reparations.

possible source

But Scandinavian works have continued to be studied as a possible source.

As its possible source, both editors used a German broadside printed before 1790.

A possible source for these stones, the Rota Latte Stone Quarry, was discovered in 1925 on Rota.

news source

SUSRIS is routinely cited by major international media as a news source.

Since its founding in 1983, the "Reporter" has become a major news source in town.

Today, "Nguoi Viet" is a trusted news source for Vietnamese, Vietnamese-Americans, and the community-at-large.

source of funding

One source of funding is paid sponsorship of tunnel artwork.

Lycurgus Breckenridge Musgrove was a major source of funding.

An additional source of funding is derived from sales of The Vimy Pin.

point source   (ポイントソース)

They also are a point source of light.

The wavefront of electromagnetic waves emitted from a point source (such as a light bulb) is a sphere.

They determined that the point source was a solitary star being magnified more than 2,000 times by gravitational lensing.

source project

This was a community driven open source project.

An open source project in the area is the E language.

It is now an open source project hosted by

source of much

Samuel is the source of much of his own stress and pain.

This topic was a source of much criticism for the novel (see Reception).

His "De Vita Caesarum" is the source of much of what is known of Domitian.

potential source   (潜在的なソース)

The consumption of the human placenta is a potential source of infection.

Another potential source of error was a Lorentz force arising from power leads.

Sweet sorghum is another potential source of ethanol, and is suitable for growing in dryland conditions.

open source project   (オープンソースプロジェクト)

This was a community driven open source project.

An open source project in the area is the E language.

It is now an open source project hosted by

source of drinking

The river was also the city's main source of drinking water.

Approximately 35,000 people depend on groundwater as a source of drinking water.

This lake is the source of drinking water for much of Summers County and parts of Mercer County.

historical source

Damascius's account of the Christian murder of Hypatia is the sole historical source attributing direct responsibility to Bishop Cyril.

Apart from legendary accounts which connect fall of Vallabi with the Tajjika (Arab) invasions, no historical source mention how the dynasty ended.

This is the earliest positively identified historical source for the assertion that Voss rejected chances for a safe retreat that were open to him.

most important source   (最も重要なソース)

This constitutes the most important source of non-tax revenue.

Fish are the single most important source of animal protein in the DRC.

As stated earlier, the most important source of alkanes is natural gas and crude oil.

source of pride

Her story became a source of pride to her descendants.

Wilson later spoke of the incident as a source of pride: "I believe ...

Her political career has been a source of pride in Israel's Georgian community.

source materials

Published in 1998 using Machiavelli's original source materials, the author recreates his biography.

As a result, the magazine devoted special attention in selecting contributions based on primary source materials.

He was given a large stipend and funds to visit the Southern Netherlands to source materials and recruit weaving professionals.

sound source

The far left side of the crossfader provides only the channel A sound source.

The far right side provides only the channel B sound source (e.g., record player number 2).

The mid-side sees a figure-8 microphone pointed off-axis, perpendicular to the sound source.

no source

In the case where there is no source term (e.g.

He studied at Western Maryland College until World War I, although no source can be supplied.

At 25 years of age, Hume, although of noble ancestry, had no source of income and no learned profession.

data source

Data source A data source may refer to:

The product can be used for data backup from one data source to another.

Main aspect with this paper was to use the ship's VDR as a data source for proactive safety monitoring.

source of livelihood   (生計の源)

Fishing and allied industries is another major source of livelihood.

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the inhabitants of this village.

The County heavily relies on Agriculture as the source of livelihood for its people and also as the main economic activity.

source of many

Their relationship became the source of many of his poems.

He may have been the source of many other slanders of Antony in support of Octavian's side.

Also Latin and Greek are the source of many words, used mostly in international terminology.

fuel source

Maize cobs are also used as a biomass fuel source.

Ethanol is also used as an alternative fuel source.

In India, this kind of fuel source is known as "dung cakes".

current source

The only current source for B5W miniatures is online auction houses and discount bins at local gaming stores.

An active network contains at least one voltage source or current source that can supply energy to the network indefinitely.

Voltage controlled relaxation oscillators can be constructed by charging and discharging the energy storage capacitor with a voltage controlled current source.

near the source   (源の近く)

However, it is also less accurate than MCML near the source and boundaries.

Marta is on the southern shore of Lake Bolsena near the source of the Marta River.

The Boëme flows from south of Angoulême, to Chadurie, near the source of the Né, but diverges west and flows northerly.

source claims

Another source claims Humberto Cané joined in 1929.

One source claims he initially practiced as a lawyer.

A Western source claims that the rebels had before Ohat conquered Ineu and Világosvár.

anonymous source   (匿名のソース)

He had been an anonymous source for an article in 2017 in "The Observer" by Cadwalladr, headlined "The Great British Brexit Robbery".

Per a legitimate anonymous source, fraternity members required pledges to stand in buckets of ice and salt, resulting in severe injuries.

According to an anonymous source, Peters is said to be the person referred to as "Senate Candidate 4" in the Blagojevich criminal complaint.

key source

Radio is a key source of information, particularly on the outer islands.

Anton Vyborg is De Milja's superior in the armed forces and a key source of help.

There are 20,000 Expatriate citizens who are a key source of income in the municipality economy.

source text

The cast of singers was: Smith's libretto takes certain liberties with Poe's source text.

According to her, the Masoretic Text reflects later redactional reworking of this shorter Hebrew source text.

It is also possible to send a translated message, optionally containing the source text as well as the translation.

external source

Mina searches the island, and discovers an external source of pollution.

The molecules within a pure, "perfect crystal", when heated by an external source, will become liquid.

It is found that, if a current pass from an external source through a circuit of two metals, it cools one junction and heats the other.

source of protein

Krill constitute the next biggest source of protein.

Fish is the main source of protein in Bengali cuisine.

Bee pollen is the primary source of protein for the hive.

carbon source

In particular, cAMP is low when glucose is the carbon source.

The most popular carbon source that is used to produce graphene is methane gas.

Researchers have also suggested using biomass as a carbon source for fuel production.

source of great   (偉大な源)

This is a source of great emotional turmoil for Samuel.

His premature death at age 55 from pneumonia was a source of great sadness for his admirers and family.

The failed pregnancies, the last of which she suffered in 1890, were a source of great grief to the couple.

important food source

The stream itself was an important food source for Māori.

Anostracans are an important food source for many birds and fish.

The variety was an important food source for travellers in the Kalahari Desert.

likely source   (可能性のあるソース)

A more likely source is "alliga", "binding, entwining".

Another, more likely source, could have been Siberian businessman Mikhail Sidorov.

The likely source of his weight problems comes from depression due to his wife leaving him.

constant source

A constant source of inspiration for his music has come from Thailand.

The difference between the accents of the two countries is a constant source of amusement.

The discussions surrounding women's issues were a constant source of inspiration and questioning.

voltage source

Typically a lower voltage source, such as a 9–volt battery, is sufficient for the purpose.

One end of the faulted cable is connected through a pair of resistors to the voltage source.

Circuits take in a voltage source, and modify them using resistors, capacitors, inductors, and other components.

source of light   (光源)

They also are a point source of light.

This light is the source of light pollution that burdens astronomers and others.

But Ariane thinks she can make out a faint source of light and gropes towards it.

source is located

Its source is located near Okrúhla in the Little Carpathians Mountains.

Its source is located in the "comune" of Castellina in Chianti, at 620 m of altitude.

Its source is located near Bronte, from the union of several streams of the Nebrodi Mountains.

become a source   (ソースになる)

The tolls have become a source of political dispute in recent years.

Glycerol itself can be converted to glucose by the liver and so become a source of energy.

", the "Anopheles" mosquito), he did correctly predict that "Artemisia annua" (wormwood) would become a source of antimalarial medications.

second source

The second source is from another Old English word 'stigel', a stile.

A second source stated that the caliber was and the barrel's length .

A second source believed that the Yorktown siege guns were Gribeauval pieces.

source of conflict

At the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada the site became a source of conflict.

Conflict over land rights is a prominent source of conflict between ethnic groups.

This has occasionally been a source of conflict with other journalists and writers.

ultimate source

", "What is the ultimate source of human speech?

However, the ultimate source of STX is often still uncertain.

The ultimate source of the story is a myth related by the Greek writer Pausanias in his "Guide to Greece".

contemporary source

A contemporary source describes him as a "small black Man".

The last two kings of its Astur-Leonese dynasty were called emperors in a contemporary source.

One possible influence by a contemporary source was "Scène d'été", painted in 1869 by Frédéric Bazille (1841–70).

source file

The sccs create command uses the text of source file to create a new history file.

For example, a bug in a compiler can make it crash when passing some large source file.

The same WEB source is used to "weave" a TeX file, and to "tangle" a Pascal source file.

least one source

At least one source insists there are no surviving records of Jasta 48.

On account of this, at least one source marks him out as a remarkably vain man.

At least one source, "Picture-Play Weekly", had notes different character names.

source of knowledge

Their father's well-stocked library was a source of knowledge.

News is the leading source of knowledge about global affairs for people around the world.

The main character's only source of knowledge is from the books found in her household library.