south side   (南側)

It is located on the south side of the Sims Bayou.

Both the north and the south side have taxi stops.

It is on the south side of the River Coln Valley.

just south   (すぐ南)

The Tystigbreen glacier lies just south of the road.

Inside the park, it passes just south of Unicoi Lake.

This occurs most notably just south of Cadmus.

north and south   (北と南)

The north and south porches are later 14th century.

Ticket gates are located in the north and south.

The chancel has chapels on the north and south side.

south end   (南端)

It is located at the south end of the campus.

Campbell Center arena in the south end of the stadium).

It is contained by the Medina Dam at the lake's south end.

north to south   (北から南)

Water ports of Alabama, listed from north to south:

37 alen (23.23 meters) from north to south, and ca.

Pennsylvania is north to south and east to west.

km south   (南キロ)

They are located about 200 km south of Mexico City.

The club is roughly 20 km south of Limerick City.

It is located on the coast, 5 km south of Monastir.

approximately south   (ほぼ南)

It lies approximately south of the Greek mainland.

Crete lies approximately south of the Greek mainland.

It is approximately south of the city centre.

miles south   (南マイル)

The neighborhood is five miles south of The Loop.

Central London is about 60 miles south of M40 junction 10.

The pass is a few miles south of Grand Teton National Park.

located south

It may be located south of the Connaught Crossing.

The district is located south of Bay City, Texas.

Vaiyappamalai is located south from Alavaimalai.

south east

It is located 39 km to the south east from Imphal.

The village of Dunvegan is 5 miles to the south east.

The parish is on the Bogan River south east of Nyngan.

south west

The rains are the gifts of the south west monsoon.

The site is to the south west of Minchinhampton.

It lies about south west of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

further south   (さらに南)

He also was born further south than anyone in history.

Kožuh lies further south, and Havptmance east of Kožuh.

A little further south is the "Cape Motta".

far south

Another stream rises in the far south of Anning City.

It may extend as far south as the Bass Strait.

It is electrified as far south as Long Branch.

lies approximately south

It lies approximately south of the Greek mainland.

Crete lies approximately south of the Greek mainland.

It lies approximately south of Grójec and south of Warsaw.

south coast   (南海岸)

Only in the south coast is summer as long as winter.

He was born in Portsmouth, on the south coast of England.

The capital, Santo Domingo, is located on the south coast.

south and west

The south and west sides were rebuilt in brick.

There are four varieties: north, east, south and west.

East, south and west are placed accordingly.

south and east

The bay to the south and east is Chaunskaya Guba.

Pennsylvania is north to south and east to west.

It has wide-eaved porches on its south and east sides.

south bank

A footbridge now connects the peninsula to the south bank.

(The N&W main line follows the south bank through this area).

The fort was on the south bank of the Maumee, near the Miami Rapids.

south through

There is high terrain south through east of the airstrip.

The A39 main road runs north to south through the parish.

The Dadu continues south through Luding until it turns east at Shimian.

south along

Trains departed for the south along the L&N railroad.

split south along Crab Orchard Road toward Frog Level.

A second column moved south along the St. Johns River.

along the south

Two towers are still visible along the south front.

There is a ditch along the south side of this feature.

DeWitt is served by the Union Pacific along the south side.

south wall   (南壁)

There are two Hebrew inscriptions on the south wall.

There is a canonical sundial on the south wall.

On the south wall there is a stalactic tiered mihrab.

east and south

Low ridges connect to the exterior rim to the east and south.

To the east and south, it formed the boundary of Johannesburg.

The fault borders the Guaduas Synclinal to the east and south.

south to north

Mileposts progress numerically from south to north.

Route 4 has several local names: From south to north:

(The Beni River flows from south to north).

moved south

A second column moved south along the St. Johns River.

2 Group RAF after the Americans moved south.

The northern boundary was moved south to Eglinton Avenue.

west and south

It is bounded by the Rhine valley to the west and south.

It is triangular in plan, the ridges running north, west and south east.

A suburb of the city, Odd Down is located west and south of the city centre.

flows south

Cocalico Creek flows south for , then southwest .

It flows south past Cloverdale, Asti, and Geyserville.

It flows south and forms part of the border between Zambia and Namibia.

south aisle   (南通路)

In the south aisle is an eighteenth-century font.

The south aisle is also thought to have been refaced.

A south aisle was added in the 15th century.

south shore   (サウスショア)

It is bordered on its south shore by the A89 road.

It lies on the south shore of lake Chiemsee.

There is a reef protecting the south shore of the island.

area south

This attack took place in the area south of Peshawar.

The area south of Crete, known as the Greek Abyss, hosts many of them.

At the time, the name "Ourique" designated a large area south of Beja.

turns south

North of town, M-36 turns south on Gregory Road.

It finally turns south on Maple Street leaving town.

After that it turns south to head towards Alexandria.

continues south

The road continues south into Buescher State Park.

The A404 continues south beyond the M40 towards Maidenhead.

The merge continues south for about before I-80 splits east again.

extended south   (南に拡張)

In 1939, it was extended south to SC 85.

Around 1990, it was extended south, replacing US 15 Bus./US 401 Bus.

The highway was extended south of Park Road 36 to SH 16 on May 6, 1964.

immediately south

It was situated immediately south of the B6346.

The Kirkcaldy railway station was immediately south of Grange Road.

At its north end, it begins immediately south of the Mapocho River.

mile south   (南マイル)

The facility is about one mile south of New York State Thruway exit 44.

Rescuers found the wreckage a quarter mile south of Bird Island in Utah Lake.

The quarry is next to the A4136 road, and about one mile south of Mitcheldean.

kilometres south

The island lies 23 kilometres south of Haparanda.

It is located 9 kilometres south east of Pathanamthitta town.

The Manuel Antonio National Park is located 75 kilometres south of Jacó.

south towards

He then continued south towards the Peloponnese.

One of its corridors extends south towards the Casa Nobre de Jequitaia.

The shrine of Lord Chandikeswarar is facing south towards the sanctum sanctorum.

south central

It is the south central part of the Moldavian Plateau.

Broome County is located in south central New York state.

in south central Florida.

lies south

Timia lies south of Iferouane and north of Agadez.

The Selters water museum lies south of the station.

The crossover lies south of Limburg Süd station.

south eastern   (南東)

The south eastern end is on the "western" bank at York Haven.

Merv) Tajikistan and south eastern Kyrgyzstan (in the Chui Valley).

At the south eastern end of the island is the Illa des Penjats lighthouse.

south porch   (サウスポーチ)

The 19th century south porch is in Neo-Norman style.

The south porch is gabled, with stone benches inside.

The south porch was added in the 19th century.

heading south

"U-392" had departed Brest on 29 February 1944, heading south.

Louisville became a staging ground for Union troops heading south.

Back on Earth, the cybiote made its appearance in Scotland and began heading south.

kilometers south

It is located about 14 kilometers south of Constanţa.

The Wadi is 8 kilometers south of Petra.

It is located 1144 kilometers south of the capital city of Lima.

runs south

It runs south from Metro Manila to northeastern Cavite.

The route runs south with US 371 in a concurrency along Vine Street.

Outside of town, the trunkline runs south of Runkle Lake through hilly, wooded terrain.

heads south

Geralt heads south to Vizima, capital of Temeria and where Foltest reigns.

At this intersection, US 41 heads south on unsigned SR 45 while US 41 Bus.

US 95 heads south to downtown Winnemucca and north to Oregon and western Idaho.)

located just south   (すぐ南に位置)

The community is located just south of PTH 10 on PR 366.

The Boothill Cemetery is located just south of the town.

Storö is located just south of Ljusterö, and north of Värmdö.

then south

Route 321 leads west and then south to Nakhon Pathom.

"U-314"s first patrol took her to the Barents Sea, then south of Bear Island.

It largely parallels Royal Oak and Cary Jay Blvds., flowing southeast and then south.

towards the south

Koyna project is around 30 km towards the south of Kaas Lake.

It has spurred suburban growth towards the south of Birmingham.

There are old silver birch, alder and willow towards the south of the bog.

south sides

There are bell openings on the north and south sides.

The chancel has chapels on the north and south sides.

Palladian windows are set on the building's north and south sides.

south of downtown   (ダウンタウンの南)

It is located approximately south of downtown, on Doug Barnard Parkway.

Tonle Sap is 30 minutes south of downtown Siem Reap at the port of Chong Kneas.

The Texas Health and Science University campus is located a few minutes south of downtown Austin.

south western   (南西部)

It can be found in North Africa and south western Europe.

The south western part is surrounded by the Machagaon Canal.

The bridge spans over the south western arm of Taiping Lake.

headed south

The barons of the north headed south to do battle.

Once across, they headed south toward the Gauls.

Burnside headed south, followed by Wright and Hancock.

farther south   (さらに南)

The thickness decreases farther south.

At Calatrava, farther south on the coast, it sometimes reaches .

A little behind, Sherwood's group carried on, keeping a flight path a little farther south.

south wing

The court rooms are located in the south wing.

Both the south wing and the west wing end in a stepped gable.

The south wing parlour has 17th-century painted grained panels.

situated south

The station is situated south of the river Vecht.

It is situated south of Newmarket and east of Cambridge.

Ottawa is situated south of the southern entrance to Gatineau Park.

south part

The "Book of Qi" locates Baekje in the south part of Korea.

The south part was built in 1983 and the north part in 1988.

The south part of Bosnia has Mediterranean climate and a great deal of agriculture.

line south

In 1919, M-69 started at the state line south of Crystal Falls.

It would later be extended in 1932 to the state line south of Kingsford.

The British line south of Ladysmith ran along a ridge known as the Platrand.

directly south

LaBagh Woods forest preserve is directly south of Sauganash.

It is on Rattanakosin Island, directly south of the Grand Palace.

It is directly south of Bear Peninsula, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica.

due south

Another similar formation is Wright almost due south.

The Simba Plains are located some 10 kilometers due south.

It is most distinct due south of NGC 1788's central region.

south transept   (南トランセプト)

The south transept contains a worn effigy dating from 1788.

The south transept has an ashlar limestone belfry with cross finial.

The south transept is plainer and houses the church's windpipe organ.

located about south

The airport is located about south of Kolwezi.

Kulb is located about south of Wadi Halfa.

The Fort de Dave is located about south of the center of Namur.

south toward   (南に向かって)

It is oriented facing south toward Kendall Street.

Once across, they headed south toward the Gauls.

The Krupá then goes south toward the town of Staré Město.

turned south

It then turned south until it met the lake.

On Little Torch Key, it turned south and rejoined the railroad.

They turned south in the hope of finding a better sealing ground.

turning south

US 75 runs adjacent to I-680 for before turning south at 30th Street.

The highway travels east, intersecting State Highway 32, before turning south.

trains travel way back in point above the Tomorrowland Speedway before turning south.

south and north

The winner can own the right to control the communication between south and north.

There are no major roads that run directly between the south and north of the county (e.g.

It has a large organ balcony to the west and small balconies along the south and north sides.

south and southwest

To the south and southwest it is bordered by Witu settlement areas.

It runs south and southwest, emptying into the eastern side of Engervannet at Blommenholm.

They tended to be built to the south and southwest, the only realistic approaches for an enemy.

near the south   (南の近く)

The ashes of broadcaster Robin Day are interred near the south door of the church.

The original school was located in uptown Kellogg, near the south end of Main Street.

Inside the church are an ancient baptistery, altar, and cemetery near the south wall.

south and southeast

The Sunnis are predominantly in the south and southeast.

The water at this depth is relatively stable and moving slowly towards the south and southeast.

It is bordered by South Africa to the south and southeast, Namibia to the west and north, and Zimbabwe to the northeast.

south across   (南を横切る)

The steamboat would then paddle south across the lake to the portage at Canal Flats.

There is a long chain of mountains running north to south across the central part of Nevada.

As the fronts between the air masses shift north and south across Alberta, the temperature can change rapidly.

moving south

This solitary species wanders alone moving south from Wyoming or east from Utah.

He was born in Yorkshire, and played for the county's Colts side before moving south.

Stephen responded by promptly moving south, besieging Arundel and trapping Matilda inside the castle.

running south

towards a line running south of Les Rues Vertes.

The 20° East meridian, running south from Cape Agulhas to Antarctica defines its border.

A road running south along the route of the old ramparts was named rue des Remparts d'Ainay.

facing south

It is oriented facing south toward Kendall Street.

The school occupies three sites, facing south onto Eastern Road.

The temple is facing south with a beautiful 7 tiered Rajagopuram.

land south   (陸地)

Rabbi Dovid put a down payment on a plot of land south of Ramle.

Chilperic fled with his ducal ally to the land south of the Loire and Ragenfrid fled to Angers.

The remaining portion of land south of Washington Street was used for heavy industry that was rail dependent.

few miles south

The pass is a few miles south of Grand Teton National Park.

The parish is on the Mulwaree River a few miles south of Tarago.

Nine Mile, Jamaica Nine Mile is a district in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, a few miles south of Brown's Town.

south face   (南面)

There are cliffs on the south face of the mountain.

The south face of the fort is almost perpendicular.

The south face had 54 climbing routes in 1992.

south aisles   (南通路)

The north and south aisles were added in 1500.

In the 14th century the nave, north and south aisles were added.

The church consists of a chancel, nave, north and south aisles, and vestry.

continued south

He then continued south towards the Peloponnese.

Both groups of aircraft continued south independently.

Some Acadian refugees continued south into the United States.

distance south   (距離南)

The Platform was situated a short distance south of Shaugh Tunnel, 307 yards.

The second "Spinnerin am Kreuz" is located in the city of Wiener Neustadt (Austria), some distance south of Vienna.

There are no surviving remains of the town of Woodland, a short distance south of the kilns, where the kiln workers lived.

way south

A little way south from the back garden lies the River Tees.

On the way south, Abbasid horsemen again caught up with the trio.

This fault system extends all the way south to the Jambali Graben in the Gulf of Guayaquil in Ecuador.

extreme south

In the extreme south lies the Bay of Baiona.

Route 375 crosses the extreme south end of the range at Hancock Summit.

The cold temperatures and winds of the extreme south preclude heavy forestation.

extends south

The Park extends south to the slopes of Halverson Ridge.

The North American distribution extends south to Mexico, in Chiapas.

One of its corridors extends south towards the Casa Nobre de Jequitaia.

went south

Kublai went south over the grasslands and met up with the first column.

"Marblehead" and the four U.S. destroyers went south through Lombok Strait.

The Great Western Trail went south of and roughly parallel to the Chisholm Trail into Kansas.

marched south

They marched south in three separate axes towards their objective.

Kulottunga is then said to have marched south to the Chola capital.

As Philip marched south, his opponents blocked him near Chaeronea, Boeotia.

south via

Meigle is accessed from the north and south via the B954 road.

Bear Swamp Pond drains south via Oak Creek which is a tributary of Schenevus Creek.

From there, it would run south via aqueducts to the Colorado River and Rio Grande systems.

move south   (南に移動)

Wright's corps was to move south against A.P.

Coaches had been parked south of the river, so many marchers tried to move south.

After a few years in the band, Monroe parted ways to move south for ministry work.

off the south

Taviton Street and Endsleigh Street run off the south side.

The Zanzibar VOR-DME (Ident: ZV) is located off the south end of the runway.

On 28 March 2005 an 8.7 magnitude stuck with its epicenter just off the south end of Simeulue Island.

south of town   (町の南)

Ranong Airport is about south of town.

Highways follows the flank of Clinch Mountain to the south of town.

road south   (道路南)

The airstrip is along the road south of the village

At that stage there was no road south of Guildford.

Phatthalung is 851 km by road south of Bangkok.

south pole

The south pole temperature averages at approximately .

The team detected many crevasses on its way to south pole.

Orbiters from several countries have explored the region around the lunar south pole.

areas south

Most of the Hispanic population growth was concentrated in the areas south of Fullerton during the 1980s.

The canyon is formed by Goat Canyon Creek, which receives water and other runoff from areas south of the border.

The species can be found in the indonesian island of Sulawesi, specifically Lake Matano and areas south of the lake.

south entrance

He lies to the east side of the south entrance path, facing away from the path.

The marina is east of the south entrance to the harbour and south of Coaling Island.

Onanole is located in southwest Manitoba, at the south entrance to Riding Mountain National Park.

through the south

The Seneca River flows west to east through the south end of the lake.

The foothills of the Montes de Toledo dominate the north, and the flatter Sierra Morena runs through the south.

Visitors to Queensway Quay Marina enter Gibraltar Harbour through the south entrance, between the South Mole and the Detached Mole.

sailed south

Col. Laurence who had sailed south from Sandy Hook.

"Wasp" sailed south from New York on 1822.

Union ships sailed south and blocked off one port after another.

blocks south

Built in 1950, it is two blocks south of the Willamette campus, with Salem Hospital in between.

Fred Herring started a chili counter on Joplin's Main Street just 3 blocks south of what would become Route 66.

North Station would be entirely underground and moved several blocks south, to between State and Haymarket Streets.

south onto

In the center of town, SR 49 splits south onto The Falls Road.

The school occupies three sites, facing south onto Eastern Road.

continue straight while US 460 and US 13 turn south onto South Military Highway.

south to join   (参加する南)

The River Warleggan rises near Temple and flows south to join the Fowey.

A small stream originates from Upper Defsko Lake and flows south to join with the Radika river.

Born in Glasgow, Martin started his career with Hamilton Academicals before moving south to join Hull City.

around the south   (南周り)

The R709 forms the "Inner Ring Road" around the south of the inner city.

While traveling eastward they were stopped by rough lava around the south end of Tule Lake.

By 1980 both highways were moved to new alignments around the south and west sides of DeWitt.

extending south

The southern portion forms a cape extending south into the Great Salt Lake.

The airfield lies on Salisbury Plain, mostly in Fittleton parish, extending south into Figheldean.

It impounds Meeks Cabin Reservoir, which is mostly in Wyoming, with a portion extending south over the state line into Utah.

generally south

Chiques Creek flows generally south for its entire course.

It lies generally south of the Braidwood Road between Nowra and Nerriga.

The creek begins in a series of gullies south west of Tibooburra and flows generally south to Cobham Lake.

south edge

Ōe () on the south edge of the city of Kyoto.

A portion of the east branch flows along the south edge of this moraine.

The station's 280-foot tower is located at the south edge of the city of Lamesa.