southern part   (南部)

Its large campus is in the southern part of Malatya.

On them the southern part of the east wing was built.

Low plains stretch across the southern part of Ghana.

southern end   (南端)

It is located on the southern end of Lake Winnebago.

It opens into the McClure Strait at its southern end.

At the southern end of the beach is a small harbour .

southern terminus   (南端)

At the southern terminus is a Diamond interchange.

The station is Line 1's southern terminus right now.

It is became the southern terminus of the line.

southern side   (南側)

The main gate is at the southern side of the courtyard.

The entrance to the castle was only from the southern side.

The southern side of Ramanthali village is called Ettikkulam.

southern portion   (南部)

Most of the southern portion of the state voted Democratic.

The southern portion of Highway 35 is also a RIRO expressway.

There is a small wading pool in the southern portion of the park.

southern edge   (南端)

Rudky Arboretum is on the southern edge of the town.

EastLink Trail skirts the southern edge of the park.

Linton Zoo is on the southern edge of Linton village.

southern border   (南国境)

It bounds the southern border of the Aegean sea.

Ribeira da Trindade forms its southern border.

The Mogral River flows on the southern border of Mogral.

along the southern

I-384 continues along the southern part of Manchester.

A public footpath runs along the southern end of the site.

They live along the southern coastal line of their country.

southern boundary   (南境)

The southern boundary is the M2 east-west freeway.

The southern boundary of Sydenham is Tennyson Street.

Its southern boundary varied with each edition.

northern and southern

It is found in northern and southern Tanzania.

Species are found in northern and southern temperate regions.

There are steps to the mosque from northern and southern directions.

southern tip   (南端)

Mount Ernest Ross lies at the southern tip of the lake.

The southern tip of the county reaches the Kunlun Mountains.

It is located on the southern tip of the island of Tromsøya.

southern half

It is found in the southern half of Australia.

the southern half became part of a newly designated M-20.

In the southern half of the floor are the craters Diderot and Babakin.

southern coast

Chinese cratons collided with Siberia's southern coast.

Aladin was from Jacmel, a city on the southern coast of Haiti.

The modern major road runs along the eastern and southern coast.

southern parts

It comprises the southern parts of the municipality Asker.

There a slightly less Muslims in the southern parts of Ghana.

The southern parts of the country have a Mediterranean climate.

central and southern

They can be found in central and southern India.

It is found in central and southern Europe and Russia.

It is found in mountains of central and southern Europe.

southern section

There M-94 intersects the southern section of H-01.

The southern section of Line 1 (11.1 km) opened on 28 June 2019.

The southern section is rainy and cool, the central section is dry.

southern hemisphere   (南半球)

Easter falls in autumn in the southern hemisphere.

The area includes southern hemisphere's largest sound stage.

It flowers mainly March to May (in the southern hemisphere).

southern shore   (南岸)

It is situated on the southern shore of Loch Etive.

The enemies met on the southern shore of Durbe Lake.

The canal extended the southern shore into the Red Sea.

found in southern

It is found in southern Somalia and eastern Kenya.

It is found in southern Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia.

It is found in southern Nigeria and western Cameroon.

southern and eastern   (南部および東部)

It is confined to the southern and eastern Altai.

It is found in the southern and eastern Philippines.

It is found in southern and eastern Nigeria and Cameroon.

southern states

In some southern states, the militia and army served as slave patrols.

The town is a major transport nexus between the southern states and Queensland.

Subsequent thaws accompanied by heavy rain over the southern states led to flooding.

southern slopes   (南斜面)

The southern slopes are steeper than the northern.

The steep southern slopes remain largely undeveloped.

On the southern slopes of the moor lies Dozmary Pool.

eastern and southern   (東部および南部)

The more exposed eastern and southern sides featured no towers.

The modern major road runs along the eastern and southern coast.

Cultivation also spread throughout eastern and southern parts of Africa.

located in southern

Portage la Prairie is located in southern Manitoba.

The district is located in southern San Saba County.

It was located in southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

near the southern   (南の近く)

The family tomb is located near the southern end of the property.

It is located near the southern border of Guernsey and Noble counties.

On October 3, a tropical storm developed near the southern coast of Cuba.

southern bank

The town stands on the southern bank of the Mat River.

The village of Altikon is located on the southern bank of the Thur river.

Gravel left the armor behind on the southern bank to provide direct fire support.

department in southern   (南部の部門)

Aspiran Aspiran is a commune in the Hérault department in southern France.

Lévézou The Lévézou is a geographical region in the Aveyron department in southern France.

Rennes-les-Bains Rennes-les-Bains () is a commune in the Aude department in southern France.

southern region   (南部地域)

Carman was located in the southern region of Manitoba.

Today the southern region of the Black Forest is named Breisgau.

This was an early attempt to open the southern region to mass tourism.

southern and western   (南と西)

The southern and western flanks consist of large boulder fields.

Minimal rainfall occurred on the southern and western coasts of Kauaʻi.

On the southern and western edges of this district were five British Army barracks.

southern regions

"B. kewense" is commonly found across the southern regions of the US.

Sumi Nagas mostly inhabit the central and southern regions of Nagaland.

Adherents of traditional faiths are primarily concentrated in the southern regions.

through the southern

The Tone River flows through the southern part of the town.

State Highway 73 runs through the southern part of Sydenham.

Interstate 8 passes through the southern part of the Cuyamaca Mountains.

southern suburbs

187 Brigade then cleared the southern suburbs of Maubeuge.

The club was founded in 1946 in the southern suburbs of Dublin.

SH 29 now follows this route through Tauranga's southern suburbs.

western and southern   (西部および南部)

It is found in western and southern Europe, as well as North America.

It consists of the western and southern districts of the former province.

The western and southern margins of the CDP are within Acadia National Park.

region of southern   (南部の地域)

The town is a centre for the largely agricultural region of southern Oldenburg.

Both the Huwala and the Achomi lived in the subtropical region of southern Iran.

Lídia Jorge was born in the village of Boliqueime in the Algarve region of southern Portugal in 1946.

southern flank   (サザンフランク)

There is also a large glacier on its southern flank.

On its southern flank is the rock formation of "Habichtstein" ().

A counter-attack by the 149th Brigade restored the southern flank.

southern state   (南部州)

Dodawad Dodawad is a southern state of Karnataka, India.

Sampagaon is a village in the southern state of Karnataka, India.

Shedbal Shedbal is a town in the southern state of Karnataka, India.

native to southern

It is a tree up to tall native to southern and eastern China.

The genus contains only two known species native to southern Brazil and Uruguay.

"Lithops" are native to southern Africa and known for their stone-like appearance.

southern and central

It is found in most of southern and central Europe.

It is native to the southern and central Alps.

across southern   (南部全体)

Several schools were closed across southern Florida.

It operates principally across southern England.

Mackenzie helped construct many courthouses and jails across southern Ontario.

southern area

The southern area is always threatened by flood.

It located in the southern area of the parish.

The seat lost a broad southern area for an eastern gain in 1918.

southern wall

The gravestone lies on the southern wall of the church.

"The southern wall of the stadium."

The ARVN 3rd Regiment launched a night attack along the southern wall of the Citadel.

parts of southern

It also runs through parts of southern Quebec.

M. macrophyllum has also been located in parts of southern Mexico.

Summers are, however, not as warm as in other parts of southern England.

southern areas

Finally the Catholic southern areas showed religious declines.

The forts protected the border between ancient Egypt and the southern areas.

The southern areas became part of German offices for the United Nations in 2008.

forms the southern

The Júcar forms the southern boundary of Tarazona de la Mancha.

It sits on a spit of land that forms the southern entrance to the Étang de Diane.

Today, most of the old 5th District's territory forms the southern third of the 3rd District.

southern provinces   (南部の州)

Damage was confined to the six southern provinces facing the Andaman Sea.

The southern provinces of Moldavia and Wallachia were infested with plague.

Taiga covers most of Finland from northern regions of southern provinces to the north of Lapland.

across the southern   (南を渡って)

Low plains stretch across the southern part of Ghana.

State Highway 1 cuts across the southern end of the runway.

The smaller crater Xenophon is centered across the southern rim.

off the southern

The Persians finally arrived off the southern tip of Euboea, at Karystos.

By her wish, a large park was established off the southern side of the palace.

Glover Island, Grenada Glover Island is a small islet off the southern peninsula of Grenada.

southern entrance

Until 2003 this station only had a southern entrance.

The southern entrance is located in a bus loop.

Next to the southern entrance was a well and an oven.

southern slope   (南斜面)

The city itself was located on a more gentle southern slope.

Below it, on the southern slope of the hill, is the Ljubljana Zoo.

Ambrož pod Krvavcem is a scattered settlement on the southern slope of Mount Krvavec ().

other southern   (他の南部)

The ICTY called upon other southern European states to follow Croatia's good example.

Its fruits are edible and are grazed by tortoises and other southern African animals.

through southern

It was created to advance north-westward through southern Bosnia.

It runs through southern Benguet, from the City of Baguio to Itogon.

It ranges from the Pyrenees through southern Europe to the Balkan Peninsula.

southern extension   (南の延長)

The southern extension ran to the Limmen Bight River.

was redesignated as a southern extension of US 441 Bus.

Their southern extension ran to the vicinity of present day Dubbo.

southern constellation   (南方の星座)

HD 57821 HD 57821 is a single star in the southern constellation of Canis Major.

HD 56618 HD 56618 is a single star in the southern constellation of Canis Major.

HD 56577 HD 56577 is a single star in the southern constellation of Canis Major.

region in southern   (南部の地域)

Wititi is a native Peruvian folk dance Tapay district, Province of Caylloma, Arequipa region in southern Peru.

Minerve, Hérault Minerve () is a commune in the Hérault department in the Occitanie region in southern France.

The resulting mural was a gift to the people of that region in southern Chile who had suffered a major earthquake in 1960.

southern portions   (南部)

The central and southern portions of the country had Chibcha influences.

The southern portions, south of Conshohocken State Road, are relatively flat.

southern city

Four towns near the southern city of Ras Kamboni were targeted by an AC-130 gunship.

In 1975 she spent a year of social work in the southern city of Mitzpe Ramon in Israel.

He was born in the southern city of Ibusuki, in the southern-most prefecture of Kyushu.

southern outskirts   (南部郊外)

It is located on the southern outskirts of the town centre.

It lies in the southern outskirts of the city, south of the Al Sabeen Maternal Hospital.

It is situated within the Rudding Park estate at Follifoot on the southern outskirts of Harrogate.

southern and northern

The fort itself has two parts: a medieval southern and northern Ottoman part.

The southern and northern parts of the rim in particular are all but destroyed.

In 1937, SR 310 underwent extensions at both the southern and northern ends of the route.

around the southern   (南周り)

The Northcote electorate is based around the southern and western suburbs of Auckland's North Shore.

Initially, it headed just north of due west around the southern periphery of a large subtropical ridge.

On December 11, Madi's LLCC became clearly exposed after dry air wrapped around the southern part of the system.

extreme southern

It is located in the southwestern and extreme southern part of the island.

Alabama has coastline at the Gulf of Mexico, in the extreme southern edge of the state.

The dhole might still be present in the Tunkinsky National Park in extreme southern Siberia near Lake Baikal.

southern limit   (南限)

1935–1939: Goole to some French Ports with southern limit at Bordeaux.

The islands used to be a low sandy peninsula forming the southern limit of the bay.

The southern limit of the phenomenon runs through Uppland, Västmanland, and Värmland.

endemic to southern

The species is endemic to southern Pakistan.

The species is endemic to southern Vietnam.

The species is endemic to southern Iran.

town in southern   (南部の町)

Njombe Njombe is a town in southern Tanzania.

Šeštokai Šeštokai is a small town in southern Lithuania.

Jordan was born in Ellwangen, a small town in southern Germany.

southern route

In the morning of 24 August, Ross made a feint on the southern route, before suddenly swerving northwards towards Bladensburg.

One southern route of the Silk Road ran along part of the Amu Darya northwestward from Termez before going westwards to the Caspian Sea.

Taking a southern route, it passes the hamlet of Le Tot then flows through the commune of Anceaumeville, meeting the Cailly River at Montville.

southern suburb   (南部郊外)

Thorpe Lea can be considered the southern suburb of Egham.

Schuur grew up in Auburn, Washington, a southern suburb of Seattle.

It is crossed by the Plisa river and has a little lake in its southern suburb.

throughout southern

It is found throughout southern Africa.

During his travels throughout southern Africa, he collected photographs and data on the major vegetation types of the region.

The owners and trainers of the gym take young boxers to amateur fights throughout southern California to compete against similar gyms.

now southern

As of 1958, Floyd had recently moved from "south Peel" (now southern Mississauga) to Oakville.

Count of Foix The Count of Foix ruled the independent County of Foix, in what is now southern France, during the Middle Ages.

In 1937, Benjamin Mazar revealed at Beit She'arim a system of tombs belonging to the Jews of Ḥimyar (now southern Yemen) dating back to the 3rd century CE.

most southern   (最南端)

Of great beauty, these are considered the most southern of Spain.

Small Vraca is one of the most southern peaks of the Šar Mountains.

"E. d. couesi" is the most southern ranging from northern Mexico to Colorado.

southern branch

There are some special features on the southern branch.

The leader of the southern branch is 孔祥楷 Kong Xiangkai.

Simalungun is an early offspring of the southern branch.

coast of southern

She sank three ships in the vicinity of East London and a fourth off the coast of southern Namibia.

Chemainus Chemainus is a community in the Chemainus Valley on the east coast of southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

The Canary Islands form an archipelago in the Atlantic, at closest off the coast of southern Morocco, and flight distance from Madrid.

southern coastal   (南海岸)

They live along the southern coastal line of their country.

The southern coastal plains and the Cibao Valley are the most densely populated areas of the country.

He landed with 120 ships and occupied the southern coastal plain, but was defeated by Pisan and Genoese forces from Italy.

southern shores

Iloilo City is located in the southern shores of Panay Island.

The route can be used to access the southern shores of Carters Lake.

Extensive exposed mudflats fringe the western and southern shores at low tide.

invasion of southern

There, the ship joined the forces gathering for the invasion of southern France named Operation Dragoon.

It knocked out coastal defenses to clear the way for Operation Dragoon, the invasion of southern France in September.

As a result, she was scuttled on 19 August 1944 following the Allied invasion of southern France (Operation Dragoon).

far southern

It is indigenous to the coastal rocks, dunes and plains along the far southern coast of South Africa.

The Chinese astronomer Yi Xing had journeyed south to chart Canopus and other far southern stars in 724 AD.

Waiōhinu is at the far southern tip of the island of Hawaii, on Hawaii Route 11, which is part of the Hawaii Belt Road.

southern wing

They set fire to the southern wing first.

The southern wing building became the Sydney Mint, among other functions.

Arlington House rose on the site—the location of the southern wing of today's palace—the next year.

southern rock

Motortrain Motortrain is an American southern rock band, formed in 2010 in Westville, Oklahoma.

It shows Upchurch focusing on hard rock and southern rock rather than the country or rap songs he is normally known for.

"Got No Shame" features a mixture of hard rock and southern rock with harmonica throughout the song, which was played by Topper Price.

between the southern

It operates between the southern Bergen and northeastern Kirkenes.

The town is a major transport nexus between the southern states and Queensland.

The Huerta de la Alcurnia was on the river bank between the southern city walls and the Tagus River.

southern borders

Its southern borders were as far as Botany Bay and the Georges River.

On 5 November 1918, the Serbian army, with the help of the French army, crossed southern borders.

The Hammer Creek is mapped from the southern borders of Dauphin and Lebanon Counties to the northeast to the Schuylkill River.

much of southern

The event was visible in much of southern Asia and the Middle East.

Cromwell's army then took Edinburgh, and by the end of the year his army had occupied much of southern Scotland.

Tropical rainforests stretch across much of southern Asia and coniferous and deciduous forests lie farther north.

southern division

Only the second league was split into a northern and a southern division, of 10 teams each.

From 1951 to 1964 it served as the headquarters of the southern division of United States Steel.

Imbrie was next posted to Crimea, where the southern division of the White Army was active; however, when he arrived in December, 1920, he found it, too, had collapsed.

southern sector   (南部)

The coals of the southern sector, i.e.

The canal construction in the southern sector was completed by 1656.

The southern sector was assaulted by the 1st and 8th Bavarian Reserve divisions.

areas of southern

The people of Tsepelovo used to emigrate within Greece to Macedonia, Thrace and to areas of southern Greece.

It is found in the coastal areas of southern Western Australia, southern Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

It is one of the Greek-Bovesian speaking villages of Bovesia, one of the two Griko-speaking areas of southern Italy.

southern province   (南部州)

In 2000 he became mayor of the city of Heerlen, in the southern province of Limburg.

The 400 kilometer railway would pass through Armenia's mountainous southern province of Syunik, which borders Iran.

Twin Bracelets takes place in Hui An, a remote coastal village of Fujian (a southern province of the People's Republic of China).

village in southern

Son of C. Hlunthuama, Silvera was born in Muallianpui village in southern Mizoram.

Brist Brist is a village in southern Dalmatia, Croatia, population 400 (census 2011).

Rogotin Rogotin is a village in southern Dalmatia, Croatia, located between Ploče and Metković.

southern front   (南前線)

The southern front is in Yanina, which is in a bad position.

Unkerlanters push into Algarve, first on the southern front then the northern.

Algarvians develop the superstick, first using it on Unkerlanters on the southern front.

southern corner

Sequoia Hall is located on the southern corner of the campus.

On October 9, 2015, Sports Authority opened a anchor store on the southern corner.

The arcades connect the main building with a single minaret in the southern corner.

off southern

This marine species occurs off southern California, USA.

The northernmost capture of the barcheek trevally was reported off southern Japan.

An unusual male with eight ocellae was caught off Tunisia, and another with nine off southern France.

area of southern

This contributes to the diversity and richness of this area of southern Britain.

In November 1879, he emigrated to the Turtle Mountain area of southern Manitoba.

The former Franklin School is set on the east side of Stedman Road, a short road in a residential area of southern Lexington.

southern segment

Its southern segment is relatively low in elevation (up to about ).

Around 150 Ma sea-floor spreading propagated northward into the southern segment.

The mountain is on the southern segment of the Wasatch Range, though it is not connected to the main range.

southern rim

Along the crest of the southern rim is a linear ridge.

Nearly attached to the southern rim is the crater Back.

The southern rim is overlaid by the smaller crater Perkin.

southern stretch

The southern stretch connects to Cochin and Trivandrum.

community in southern   (南部のコミュニティ)

Sejita, Texas Sejita is an unincorporated community in southern Duval County, Texas, United States.

Ramirez, Texas Ramirez is an unincorporated community in southern Duval County, Texas, United States.

Bluff Springs, Texas Bluff Springs is a small unincorporated community in southern Travis County, Texas, United States.

more southern

It is similar to the species "Umbilicaria americana", which has a more southern distribution.

The more southern of the two is almost totally ruined, probably as a result of Ibrahim Pasha's destruction.

Coastal Connecticut is the broad transition zone where more southern and subtropical plants are cultivated.

southern sides

The more exposed eastern and southern sides featured no towers.

On the eastern and southern sides of the lake, native plants have been planted.

On its northern and southern sides it is flanked by pavilions for the theatre and restaurant.

found from southern   (南部から発見)

It is found from southern Canada to southern Texas.

It is found from southern Mexico to Brazil.

It is found from southern Mexico through Brazil and Peru.

current southern

It serves as the current southern terminus of the line.

By 1999, the road was extended to its current southern terminus.

From Roaring Spring to the current southern terminus, it was designated as PA 426.

southern extremity   (南端)

It is one of the highland towns forming the southern extremity of Laguna.

It comes to a point at its southern extremity, near Newton Abbot Racecourse.

Mikhaylov Point is a small promontory marking the island's southern extremity.

southern group

FC Nürnberg, the second of the southern group of the second division.

The "Hervey Islands" later came to be applied to the entire southern group.

Tibetan red deer, along with Sichuan deer and Kansu red deer, forms the southern group of wapiti.

southern third

In the southern third of the plateau are underlying Triassic sediments of the Lorne basin.

Today, most of the old 5th District's territory forms the southern third of the 3rd District.

Most of US 460 is a four-lane divided highway and is a major artery in the southern third of the state.

part of southern

Meanwhile, in the unoccupied part of southern Bukovina, an armed resistance group was formed under the command of Colonel Eduard Fischer.

Diuris callitrophila Diuris callitrophila, commonly known as the Oaklands doubletail or Oaklands diuris, is a species of orchid which is endemic to a small part of southern New South Wales.

Khlong Saen Saep was dug during the reign of King Rama III as the main supply route for troops fighting in what is now Cambodia and part of southern Vietnam in the 14 year-long Siamese-Vietnamese wars.