Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

office space   (espacio de oficina)

The building also houses classroom and office space.

The 300 employees occupy of leased office space.

Small companies lease office space in this area.

open space   (espacio abierto)

A large open space used by sailmakers to make sails.

There are of open space in 48 open-space areas.

Some have been set aside for public open space.

space station   (estación Espacial)

The TARDIS materialises on an aged space station.

He has also been critical of the space station program.

Their mission was to man humanity's first space station.

space between   (espacio entre)

The space between the two embankments was infilled.

Also, there had to be a small space between the houses.

The space between the main arch is 290 metres (303 yards in total).

vector space   (espacio vectorial)

vector space, module) of all maps from into "X".

This vector space is both Z-graded and R-graded.

The annihilator of a subset is itself a vector space.

retail space   (espacio comercial)

It has since been converted back to retail space.

The retail space occupies two floors within the building.

It is the city's biggest mall by retail space and clientele.

outer space   (espacio exterior)

In the end, Gabby is launched into outer space.

However, the background color of outer space is black.

Astronauts have made use of these pens in outer space.

public space   (espacio publico)

It is a pedestrian-only, tree-shaded public space.

It is the principal historic public space of the city.

The fourth floor featured a ballroom and other public space.

exhibition space   (espacio de exibición)

The belfry provides an exhibition space for artists.

The Conference Center has 6000 m² of exhibition space.

She was exactly the right size for the exhibition space.

more space

In 1953 he needed more space, and decided to move.

it has more space and consists of a huge rock pile.

Binary search trees take more space than sorted arrays.

time and space

This suggests they belonged in the same time and space.

Information always moves through time and space in the same form.

Her sculptures and installations focus on the subjectivity of time and space.

floor space

They rented floor space in a building on Michigan Avenue.

The floor space is about 5,000 square feet on each floor.

(=1,100 mu) with a floor space of 460,000㎡.

green space   (espacio verde)

The hills of Athens also provide green space.

The area of the park is mostly green space.

This maximized privacy and shared green space at the same time.

space and time

representations, existing in space and time) and our will.

Here x and t are the space and time coordinates, respectively.

Her work plays with space and time.

storage space   (Espacio de almacenamiento)

ft) of on-site storage space, and 9,400 m (101,000 sq.

In 2006 it was improved and storage space was unlimited.

Lafontaine claims the storage space was for her clothing.

space program

Sagan was associated with the U.S. space program from its inception.

He is most remembered for his coverage of the American space program.

It is dedicated to the advancement of the United States space program.

topological space

Throughout this article, "X" is a topological space.

As a topological space, the real numbers are separable.

The notion of an end of a topological space was introduced by .

space exploration   (exploración espacial)

Bulgaria has made numerous contributions to space exploration.

ASU is also involved with NASA in the field of space exploration.

One major issue of space exploration is the biological need for oxygen.

living space

The CM included living space for four crew members.

Some owners converted the carports to living space.

The center room in a pair-house is the main living space in the house.

address space   (espacio de dirección)

It has 24-bit 16M Byte linear address space.

Its address space is 16-bit 64K Byte.

It has 24-bit 16M Byte address space.

space flight   (vuelo espacial)

STS-93 was Coleman's second space flight in 1999.

Ercoli has considerable experience in space flight dynamics.

The company did not announce the carrier for the supposed space flight.

through space

He has traveled through space, but he is not an astronaut.

Cosmic rays are particles traveling through space with high energies.

However, special relativity does not apply beyond motion through space.

commercial space   (espacio comercial)

A commercial space is located in the basement.

Others were converted into retail and commercial space.

performance space   (espacio de actuación)

The Studio is a black box performance space with 120 seats.

The Elliott Hall is the largest performance space, with 438 seats.

Lt. Rieckhoff attended a few of the performances after the play found an off-campus performance space.

space travel   (viaje espacial)

A way to do this is space travel using constant acceleration.

To the AAA, he said, "space travel represented an ideal of freedom".

Professor Voroljov and his assistant Kokotov begin preparing Laika for space travel.

free space   (espacio libre)

These are attracted to field maxima, which do not exist in free space.

In a vacuum this takes the value formula_32 known as the impedance of free space.

LFS has two schemes for free space management: threaded log and copy-and-compaction.

space shuttle   (transbordador espacial)

The dogs get aboard the space shuttle Vision 1.

On January 28, 1986 the United States launched the space shuttle, The Challenger.

In the video, she wears a metallic gold outfit as she dances in front of a space shuttle.

gallery space   (espacio de la galería)

The new wing houses 18,500 square feet of gallery space over five floors.

The school includes a large gallery space where students exhibit their works.

This exhibition also demonstrated the suitability of the building as a gallery space.

deep space

The traditional convention of deep space is ignored.

During the return trip Worden performed the first spacewalk in deep space.

For two years, a deep space mining vessel has been drifting off Saturn’s moon, Titan.

phase space   (espacio de fase)

All the transitions are shown in the phase space below.

Consider dynamics in phase space.

In most cases the patch cannot be extended to the entire phase space.

meeting space

They called their meeting space a "Parlor" and the founding group was named Ursula.

The SDCWG offers services and programs, and meeting space for university and community groups.

There was a bookshop, café, gig and rehearsal space, printing facility, office and meeting space.

metric space   (espacio métrico)

Consider "E" ⊆ R and a metric space ("M", "d").

The term "metric space" comes from Hausdorff.

Let formula_1 be a separable metric space.

studio space

She also created studio space in one of the attics.

The Union has a reputation for staging musicals in its tiny studio space.

He did a video interview about his plans and leased studio space from Revision3.

empty space   (espacio vacio)

The world has no empty space within it, but forms one united whole.

Blood are sent hurtling through empty space, while Gabe punches Dr.

Images are supposed to form the positive volume that delineates the empty space.

interior space

The interior space is from floor to ceiling.

As of 1997, the structure was reported to have only of interior space.

The carports of several residences have been enclosed to provide more interior space.

projective space

For these reasons, projective space plays a fundamental role in algebraic geometry.

For another example, the complement of any conic in projective space of dimension 2 is affine.

Structures analogous to those found in continuous geometries (Euclidean plane, real projective space, etc.)

parking space

meters of parking space for approximately 5,000 cars.

Al-Balad had insufficient parking space for large cars.

Another problem is that they block scarce parking space.

color space

In coverage of the CIE 1931 color space the Rec.

In HSV color space, "magenta" has a hue of 300°.

2020 color space to their TITAN File video platform.

space available   (espacio disponible)

There is also space available for campers.

By 2009, the congregation had outgrown the space available.

Such artifacts are stored in the of storage space available in the Center.

space within

The world has no empty space within it, but forms one united whole.

The space within the cave extends from to , with the maximum height .

In August 2019 this location re-opened in a larger space within the station.

new space

So every way that I've created now is totally in a new space.

There he won Congresso a new space, which continued to explore for many years.

The studies were important at that time to influence the course of new space flights.

lack of space   (falta de espacio)

Due to the modifications there were also changes in the places of each gear as a result of lack of space.

Due to the lack of space, in 1963, according to Kuusik's project, the building got an extra floor on top.

In the meanwhile, Pey also came to the same place as all the three preferred to stand because of lack of space.

space opera

He is sometimes called the father of space opera.

In 1981, Radio 1 broadcast a radio adaptation of the space opera film, "Star Wars".

One reviewer described it as "space opera meets noir, meets comedy, meets cyberpunk".

enough space

The port has enough space for 100 fishing vessels".

Still, the remaining buildings had enough space for the French army.

There is not enough space at the downtown 7th Avenue stations to accommodate five-car trains.

additional space

sand for dustbathing or additional space for caged mice).

Retailers say the additional space is necessary for them to display goods."

The National Park Service is the largest bureau in the Department and has often required additional space.

limited space

The limited space has led to an overcrowding of the area.

Nevertheless, New York faces growing energy demands and limited space.

With only limited space, this makes the adoption of a standard AHU not feasible.

space missions

Over 90 space missions have been launched since.

An abundance of carbonates has yet to be detected by the Mars space missions.

Honeywell Aerospace has been involved in most major space missions and projects.

space group

When the space group is Fdm then δ=ε and ζ=0.

Under this space group the two A positions are equivalent.

Its space group was correctly identified by Frondel as I4/amd.

air space

Each nacelle contained a oil tank, including a air space.

It might be loose or compact, with more or less air space depending on handling.

The proportion of rubber to air space on the road surface directly affects its traction.

rehearsal space   (espacio de ensayo)

Recording commenced in 2001 at a rehearsal space in Ballard, Washington.

The band recorded most of it themselves on a portable studio in their rehearsal space.

The scenes of the band performing were shot at their old rehearsal space in Los Angeles.

physical space

They can be placed in the same physical space as a staircase.

Nodes are firstly scattered in a constrained physical space randomly.

which simply lacked the physical space to accommodate every new student.

classroom space   (espacio de aula)

Greenlawn was purchased in 1966 and was opened to provide more classroom space.

The building has been expanded over the years to allow for increased office and classroom space.

After removal of the library collections, Memorial Hall was converted to office and classroom space.

available space   (espacio disponible)

The store occupied the entire available space (12 stories).

The amount of available space increases as the break value increases.

By June, it was reported that 65% of the available space had been leased.

small space

SHEFEX III is a small space plane-like vehicle.

There is a small space in between the two gonapophyses.

Also, there had to be a small space between the houses.

state space   (espacio de Estados)

The model has transition rate matrix The state space diagram for this chain is as below.

Each observable is represented by a self-adjoint linear operator acting on the state space.

From this perspective, the natural state space of a boson might seem to be a non-separable space.

space mission

However, no space mission has been identified as the source of 6Q0B44E.

The opera is staged as a space mission, and she was described as dramatic and of emotional intensity.

The group's first target is Petrovsk I - a Russian space mission - scheduled to launch in the next few days.

event space   (evento espacial)

The barn will increase event space in the park.

The six terraces now serve as event space overlooking the river.

The facility also includes a dance studio, coffee shop, and event space.

within the space

One song was written and recorded within the space of a day.

Sets must also be designed to function within the space provided.

It all happened within the space of 20 minutes," Marker later told "Music Radar".

same space

Quadratic forms correspond one-to-one to symmetric bilinear forms over the same space.

Previously, the riding occupied roughly the same space as the current riding of Minto.

If a Hero is in the same space as another Hero, Items may be exchanged between the characters.

amount of space

The amount of space in the yard varied with different stages.

These problems might require large amounts of time or an inordinate amount of space.

These pictures are "designed to offer readers a high-utility message in a minimum amount of space."

tangent space   (espacio tangente)

Let "formula_6" be the tangent space at "formula_1".

More formally, the exponential map at point , is defined on , the entire tangent space at .

A scalar is annihilated by the entire tangent space, and so these structures are of type "0".

space stations

Visiting starships, space stations, outposts, planets, and so on.

Several planets and space stations in the series are made in Earth's image.

Everything is cut short when a Masadan fleet approaches Grayson and begins attacking space stations throughout the system.

make space   (Haz espacio)

In 1995, it was torn down to make space for the Kentucky International Convention Center.

As a result of these two phenomena, there is not enough starlight to make space anything but black.

The article ran in an early edition and was then pulled to make space for news deemed more important.

large space

Like the Agricultural Building, the interior consists only of a single large space.

They note this as featuring a special effect sequence depicting a large space battle for "Star Trek".

Several railroads took advantage of the large space in the rear of their B units to add steam generators.

space above

A band of yellow terra cotta continues across the facade from the lintel of the door to the space above the windows.

Pulse-Doppler radar by itself can be too slow to cover the entire volume of space above the horizon unless fan beam is used.

Likewise, cotangent space is a contravariant functor, essentially the composition of the tangent space with the dual space above.

space agency   (agencia Espacial)

$50 million will be allocated to the creation of a space agency.

Bangladesh's space agency, SPARRSO, was founded in 1983 with assistance from the United States.

This success made China's CNSA the fourth space agency to directly explore asteroids, after NASA, ESA and JAXA.

exhibit space   (espacio de exhibición)

It includes 8,000 square feet of exhibit space.

The largest contiguous exhibit space in the structure is .

The center is over in size and contains over of exhibit space.

provide space   (proporcionar espacio)

Rear lower compartments provide space for generators and propane tanks.

Its capacity was reduced by renovations after the 1975 purchase to 480 to provide space for a stage.

Lookout enabled the community to provide space for the elementary division, known as St. Ursula Villa.

space around   (espacio alrededor)

The space around us is defined by the motor potentialities of our body.

Another solution, also learned from the Soviets, was to ignite fuel in the space around the engine.

In March 2017, the city began clearing space around the planned station to accommodate the construction.

space probe   (sonda espacial)

This event was observed by the STEREO space probe.

The "Planck" space probe was launched in May 2009.

The crater was discovered by NASA's "New Horizons" space probe on its flyby of Pluto.

no space

Use U.S. (no space) only as an adjective."

If there is no space for a lateral support, a stronger pole, e.g.

Generally no space is left empty.

disk space

The MM5 model takes up at least half a gigabyte of memory and a few gigabytes of disk space.

Columnar compression achieves a reduction in disk space at the expense of efficiency of retrieval.

Common criticisms of the original N97 were the relative lack of RAM and free disk space on the C: drive.

space launch

The Titan III was a space launch vehicle based on the Titan II ICBM.

It was the 126th launch to the ISS and the fifteenth Russian space launch in 2012.

Ariane flight VA242 Ariane flight VA242 was an Ariane 5 space launch that occurred from the Guiana Space Centre on at 21:34UTC.

space science

Analytic geometry is widely used in physics and engineering, and also in aviation, rocketry, space science, and spaceflight.

In addition to making suborbital passenger launches, Virgin Galactic will market SpaceShipTwo for suborbital space science missions.

Three years later, she found the opportunity to do a masters in space science with the International Space University (ISU), located in Strasbourg, France.

space suit

Mars suit A Mars suit or Mars space suit is a space suit for EVAs on the planet Mars.

Bill Anders's space suit is on display at the Science Museum in London, United Kingdom.

public open space   (espacio público abierto)

Some have been set aside for public open space.

Finsbury Park, the first public open space, opened in 1869.

Its historic runway will be conserved as a public open space.

rented space

Art exhibitions were held in rented space in private houses.

The school initially rented space from the Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

Noted soccer organizations and players have rented space or lived in Trump Tower.

space telescope   (telescopio espacial)

Robert J. Lang has applied origami to the problem of folding a space telescope.

The other two finalists are SPICA, an infrared space telescope, and "EnVision", a Venus orbiter.

Later analyses of transit data from the Kepler space telescope confirmed the existence of Kepler-47d.

art space

The "356 Mission" art space closed in 2019, due to the lease ending.

The art space was affiliated with Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art.

less space   (menos espacio)

Folding seat A folding seat is a seat that folds away so as to occupy less space.

A lossless compressed format stores data in less space without losing any information.

Unhinted fonts typically occupy significantly less space than their hinted counterparts.

space technology

She works in the robotics and automation division of the space technology company MDA.

The Institute conducts research in astrophysics, Solar System physics, geodesy, and space technology.

Panek works at the space technology company MDA where she works on Canadian space exploration and robotics.

larger space

In August 2019 this location re-opened in a larger space within the station.

In June 2009, the gallery outgrew its old location and moved to a larger space downtown.

His office was at 3 Union Square before moving to larger space at 22 East 17th Street in 1918.

space ship

He traps the winning team in a space ship that was disguised as a blimp.

The series is set in the year 2050 and concentrates on the space ship "Ilea".

The Doctor explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called the TARDIS.

first space

Their mission was to man humanity's first space station.

The first space images pictured parts of Mozambique and Bahrain.

The first space application occurred aboard a Russian spacecraft in 1989.

confined space   (espacio confinado)

The exact definition of a confined space varies depending on the type of industry.

Organization of silos in adjacent rows facilitates their arrangement within a confined space.

Trench rescue Trench rescue is a specialized form of rescue, a subset of confined space rescue.

manned space

The objective is to prepare for manned space flight after 2020, by sending monkeys into space.

At first, Graham proposed a system of manned space fighters, but the idea was quickly dismissed.

Space Power Facility has become a "One Stop Shop" to qualify flight hardware for manned space flight.

space rock

"The Quietus" described the album's musical style as "gothic space rock".

Joie is also a member of space rock band Dream Machine, together with Ozric fontman Champignon.

The Serbian and former Yugoslav space rock band Igra Staklenih Perli covered the song on their eponymous debut album in 1979.

cargo space

Hybrid components won't reduce passenger and cargo space.

The Strada features a maximum loading capacity of and a cargo space of x .

This resulted in more usable cargo space and larger loads than the C-82 could accommodate.

extra space

The school system decided to start busing students out to other neighborhoods that had the extra space.

Substitution of Ile434 for Val434 allows the side-chain of Phe518 to move back and make some extra space.

He decided to take it, however, and plastered the vaults, brightening the space and giving him extra space to paint.

probability space

Let formula_81 be a probability space and X be a metric space.

Let formula_14 be a probability space.

Let (Ω, Σ, P) be a probability space.

up space

Krooz'r must pick up space junk.

The move would free up space in Fitzgeralds that could be redeveloped.

Its defining feature is that it lacks spatial extension: being zero-dimensional, it does not take up space.

use of space

Dostoyevsky's use of space and time were analysed by philologist Vladimir Toporov.

In his research he has combined field studies with the use of space and airborne images.

This type of pram provides a more efficient use of space than does a traditional skiff of the same size.

urban space

Gray spacing is a ceaseless process, born out of multiple struggles for urban space, rights and resources.

These discourses are largely absent in modern-day Kazan where the urban space is interpreted in a more spatially integrated system.

William's work deals with the intersection of race, urban space, and color and is heavily influenced by her background as an architect.

affine space

A Euclidean space is an affine space equipped with a metric.

Let formula_73 be a formula_74-dimensional affine space over a field formula_72.

That is to say, the space "A" of adapted connections is an affine space for Ω(Ad).

interstellar space   (espacio interestelar)

The cyanide radical ·CN has been identified in interstellar space.

Hyperbolic comets may pass once through the inner Solar System before being flung to interstellar space.

Ammonia was first detected in interstellar space in 1968, based on microwave emissions from the direction of the galactic core.

much space

How much space does this algorithm use?

He criticized Murphy for devoting too much space to discussing anti-gay views and arguments.

The show used three versions of the interior set depending on how much space other sets for each episode required.

space of all

The dual space is the space of all continuous linear functions from the space into the base field.

The classical Wiener space "C"("E"; "M") is the space of all continuous functions "f" : "E" → "M".

This is the space of all sequences in two digits which can also be identified with the set of 2-adic integers.

advertising space

At the "Graphic" Harrison worked his way up to advertising space salesman.

Dicker is credited with bringing blockchain technology to the media and advertising space.

Instead of the advertising space, photos were taken showing the surroundings of the station in earlier times.

space research

is ESA's space research programme on the ISS.

After leaving the Office of Naval Research, Malcolm Ross worked in space research at General Motors.

There he quickly established a space research group of international standing to do high-resolution solar spectroscopy.

little space   (pequeño espacio)

Books about Nixon devote little space to the act and those centered on the topic of arms-control, even less.

In the school's earlier days, there was little space for lectures and no provision for clinical dental courses.

Yet, the power dynamic all braceros encountered offered little space or control by them over their living environment or working conditions.