Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

not speak   (No hablar)

He can read English, but cannot speak it fluently.

When he first arrived he did not speak any English.

Upon arrival in the U.S., he did not speak English.

did not speak   (no hablaba)

When he first arrived he did not speak any English.

Upon arrival in the U.S., he did not speak English.

For the first three episodes Krieger did not speak.

people speak   (La gente habla)

Three young people speak in front of a building.

The people speak Malayalam, Tulu, Beary bashe and Konkani.

able to speak   (capaz de hablar)

Jim is also able to speak and appears to know their location.

Neither was able to speak; they returned to her home in silence.

She was able to speak Russian, French and English fluently as an adult.

people who speak   (personas que hablan)

There are 4 people who speak Romansh.

There are 3 people who speak Romansh.

invited to speak   (invitado a hablar)

At another meeting, Douglass was unexpectedly invited to speak.

He has been invited to speak at over fifty international conferences.

He has been invited to speak on panels and in interviews about his work.

ability to speak   (capacidad de hablar)

Traumatised, Doudou loses her ability to speak.

She also briefly lost the ability to speak.

Zacharias is literally dumbfounded and loses his ability to speak.

unable to speak   (incapaz de hablar)

She was unable to speak above a whisper the rest of her life.

He was unable to speak until he was 3 years-old when said "Papa".

This partially paralyzed him, leaving him unable to speak or walk.

learned to speak   (aprendí a hablar)

He came from Saxony and learned to speak Czech.

There she learned to speak English and in 2012 became a US citizen.

Many Choctaw adults learned to speak the language before speaking English.

so to speak   (por así decirlo)

It keeps them ‘in the market’ of ideas, so to speak.

Justification is, so to speak, "turtles all the way down."

They have had the art political power in Norway so to speak.

speak out against   (hablar en contra de)

González continued to speak out against gun violence.

Boas continued to speak out against racism and for intellectual freedom.

Tanbir Siddiky did not speak out against his son's actions until the next day.

does not speak   (no habla)

It was Ebersol's only film and he does not speak.

He speaks Russian, and does not speak Ukrainian.

Senator Buttars does not speak for the church."

learnt to speak   (aprendí a hablar)

During his time in Nyasaland he learnt to speak Chewa.

speak the language   (habla el idioma)

She sang in phonetic Japanese as she did not speak the language.

Linguists estimate that less than 1600 people speak the language.

Many Choctaw adults learned to speak the language before speaking English.

speak up   (hablar alto)

I urge artists around the world to speak up in protest against this travesty.

One of Nixon’s campaign aides was unsure if he should speak up and give his input.

The other animals speak up and tell him how each of them is different in their own way.

still speak   (aun hablo)

About 70 of 400 Naukan people still speak Naukanski.

Most of them can still speak both Spanish and German.

"I wanted my friends at the FBI to still speak to me."

refused to speak   (se negó a hablar)

Foster refused to speak with Thompson.

Vinicianus refused to speak nor prove his innocence to the Emperor and committed suicide in 67.

All six candidates took the stage, but Bush refused to speak in the presence of the other candidates.

allowed to speak   (permitido hablar)

When allowed to speak to the director, he convinces him to forgive Kannan.

He arrived at City Hall by himself and was allowed to speak with Mayor Wood in his private office.

During this time, she was not allowed to speak to Kago and continued to make appearances on television.

speak only   (hablar solo)

The House is not the place to speak only the truth.

They now speak only Turkish with many Homshetsi loanwords.

Tettamanzi was said to speak only Italian.

not to speak   (no hablar)

Ultimately, Trump decided not to speak every night.

From that one man have sprung about 700 of the same name, not to speak of the half-breeds."

On 30 January 1943, the tenth anniversary of his coming to power, Hitler chose not to speak.

continued to speak   (continuó hablando)

González continued to speak out against gun violence.

She continued to speak out for women's rights.

For unofficial use, citizens continued to speak these languages.

population speak   (habla la población)

Two percent of the population speak only Amerindian languages.

Ninety percent of the population speak Ladin as their native language.

how to speak   (como hablar)

The figure teaches Peter how to speak.

In 2010, after almost four years, Arlen began re-learning how to speak, eat, and move.

Indigenous girls often learn how to sew and embroider before they learn how to speak Spanish.

only speak   (solamente hablar)

Some can only speak Greek, with others speaking Bantu languages.

Sometimes it may only speak as a narration for the reader's convenience.

"Ébenher"), which alludes to slaves that only speak a Nilo-Saharan language.

began to speak   (comenzó a hablar)

It was not until after her husband died that she began to speak about her experience.

The apparition began to speak out loud and was asked, "Who are you and what do you want?"

Too late, Peithon began to speak in opposition – Arrhidaeus was mentally disabled – but was shouted down.

speak for themselves   (hablar por si mismos)

We think that these facts speak for themselves".

Let the dead rocks and dying grasses/ speak for themselves, or be dumb."

Simply put, it is time to let the words and writings of Washington's faith speak for themselves.

right to speak   (derecho a hablar)

How can you start peace talks or negotiations if you don't have the right to speak to both parties?"

Amanpour said, "I want people to recognize Moesha's right to speak up and the courage she showed by sharing such intimate details about her personal life.

In November 1906 she was arrested and jailed for ten days; she had been campaigning for the Free Speech Campaign, which defended the right to speak in public places.

asked to speak   (pidió hablar)

Jones then asked to speak to a representative of the town.

A portfolio manager subsequently asked to speak directly to someone at Solow Realty.

On October 29, 1869, Spotted Tail called at the door of Big Mouth's lodge, and asked to speak with him.

speak directly   (hablar directamente)

A portfolio manager subsequently asked to speak directly to someone at Solow Realty.

Noise-canceling microphones require the operator speak directly into the front of the microphone.

God does not speak directly to the faithful but through his prophets because they speak with the spirit.

speak both   (habla ambos)

Most of them can still speak both Spanish and German.

They can fluently speak both Kannada and Marathi languages.

She can speak both French and English.