Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

public speaking   (hablar en público)

In addition to public speaking, Spaid was an avid writer.

The LDS Church has a long and rich tradition of public speaking.

She participated in public speaking and debates while in school.

strictly speaking   (estrictamente hablando)

However, Plato and the Greek philosophers, strictly speaking, were dichotomists.

This latter form is called "meter" and it is recited rather than sung, strictly speaking.

So strictly speaking, the "first" overtone is the "second" partial (and usually the "second" harmonic).

when speaking   (al hablar)

He claimed there are two basic styles a teacher uses when speaking to the students.

Keys are hashes: there is no notion of semantic closeness when speaking of key closeness.

It is often the main structure referred to when speaking of the nervous system in general.

speaking engagements

Mamie did speaking engagements as late as 2000.

Mamie began holding speaking engagements soon after Emmett died.

He also travels for various speaking engagements, such as seminars and retreats.

speaking countries

The majority of the actors come from English speaking countries.

This German tagline is used in German speaking countries in Europe.

In German speaking countries they are only moderately more developed.

speaking out against   (hablar en contra)

Leaders of the order began speaking out against the Mexican government.

In return Christ gives him the power of speaking out against the rich and powerful.

started speaking

The Walha started speaking Vulgar Latin instead of their Celtic dialects.

They told "Dawn Images" in an interview that before they "started speaking to Coca-Cola", they "talked generally, about life and people and Pakistan".

After surviving both non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and acute leukemia, Marelle started speaking publicly about his experience in Georgia and the national high school and college basketball communities.

speaking people

Gwanda was a place for Jahunda (Kalanga dialect) speaking people.

Damascus itself was predominantly Aramaic with Arab speaking people.

During this time, the mission targeted the German speaking people in Brazil.

speaking tour

Kim continues his book and public speaking tour, while working on the book-to-movie project.

She held her first motivational speaking tour giving talks at over twenty universities across Malaysia.

This speaking tour ended after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the America First Committee was dissolved.

generally speaking

But, generally speaking, one horse cannot be guaranteed to "throw black" with all mates.

North American river otters do not dramatically reduce prey populations in the wild, generally speaking.

The album “Dziecko” is thought to be the most honest album of Polish rock and, generally speaking, Polish entertainment music.

not speaking

And that is not speaking."

Harper asks about Ralph Sampson, which alerts Betty that she is not speaking to Troy, so she hangs up.

At age 14, Angola moved alone to the United States to continue his basketball career, despite not speaking any English.

speaking world

In 2014, the school had 100,000 students in the Spanish speaking world.

used (primarily in the English speaking world) to indicate the concept "yes" (e.g.

In fact, this room has attracted many popular performers from all the Spanish speaking world.

speaking role   (papel de hablar)

This was Bela Lugosi's last speaking role in a feature film.

Throughout the story, the concubine never has a speaking role.

In addition to being in the band, he had a small speaking role.

speaking voice

That made his natural speaking voice almost as loud as his on-air voice."

This book has been described as the “Dress For Success” equivalent for the speaking voice.

Sara Berner did the speaking voice of Lou, while her singing was provided by Imogene Lynn.

began speaking

Leaders of the order began speaking out against the Mexican government.

Goldman began speaking to crowds of frustrated men and women in New York City.

speaking in tongues

References to speaking in tongues by the Church fathers are rare.

Holt was a follower of Charismatic Christianity and believed in traditional Pentecostal gifts, such as speaking in tongues.

It is likely that the majority of Pentecostals and charismatics still consider speaking in tongues to primarily be human languages.

up speaking

She grew up speaking French as her primary language.

He grew up speaking Polish, English, and French.

He grew up speaking both English and Spanish.

speaking population

The town's German speaking population was expelled.

It now caters to a large section of Urdu speaking population in India.

The Patagonia region of Argentina has a sizeable Welsh speaking population.

broadly speaking   (hablando en general)

There are, broadly speaking, two types of centromeres.

There are, broadly speaking, two views.

There are broadly speaking two different types of cell wall in bacteria, called gram-positive and gram-negative.

people speaking

It has a sizeable population of people speaking either Marathi or Kannada.

There have also been people speaking out in opposition of the protests and boycott of the hotel.

Of the 589 labourers from South India in 1903, the number of people speaking each language is shown below.