special education   (特殊教育)

The school includes a special education program.

Homewood has three special education programs.

special election   (特别选举)

St. Paul's special election day was April 25, 1978.

The special election was held on April 21, 2009.

There was also a special election in 1921.

special effects   (特殊效果)

Viewers chalk up the two Lolas to special effects.

On-set live special effects were created by MXFX.

Its special effects was made by Stephen Ma (馬文現).

special teams   (特别队)

Each team found success on special teams as well.

As a freshman, he played mostly on special teams.

As a freshman, he played mainly on special teams.

special edition   (特别版本)

The special edition features two DVDs and one CD.

A further CLX special edition was launched in 1980.

"Utopía²" is the special edition of this album.

special events

NCMNS hosts many special events through the year.

The manor house is open for tours and special events.

It is a place for special events, especially weddings.

special interest   (特别兴趣)

She had a special interest in speaking disorders.

Of special interest are lactic acid bacteria (LAB).

In high school she had a special interest in mathematics.

special case   (特例)

An earlier version, for the special case of i.i.d.

A special case, "$0", refers to the entire record.

It is a special case of the Bing–Borsuk conjecture.

special forces   (特种部队)

It includes all of Army's special forces assets.

Raids are favored by guerrilla, irregular, or special forces.

A separate tank brigade and special forces brigade were also reported.

special guest   (特别嘉宾)

The band's special guest was honoree Alan Parsons.

Mrs Simpson was the King's special guest at Balmoral.

Saxophonist Steve Cole is a special guest on this song.

special needs

For many years, he taught special needs children.

Katz continues to work in the special needs profession.

This concept is rooted partly in the special needs doctrine.

special association   (特殊协会)

No special association has been found between déjà vu and schizophrenia.

It has a special association with the Jardine family, early settlers of Cape York Peninsula.

The Pialba Memorial Cenotaph, funded by public subscription, has a strong and special association with the people of Hervey Bay.

special education services

It serves students grades 6 to 12, along with special education services.

Lebanon School District provides a wide spectrum of special education services.

5% receive special education services and 9% qualify for free/reduced price meals.

special operations

He also volunteered for training for special operations.

It is a special operations unit, handling activities abroad.

The was adapted to be a support base for special operations helicopters.

television special

is the second "Monster High" television special.

Costello appeared in Stephen Colbert's television special "".

This television special was filmed in Kyoto and Tokyo in 1988.

special occasions   (特殊的场合)

On special occasions a paper version is printed.

It has been used on special occasions since.

It is staged at any time of year and on special occasions.

other special

It also organizes conferences and other special events.

The 1960–1963 uniform may also be used on other special occasion.

Some versions included theatrical trailers and other special features.

special attention

He paid special attention to transportation.

He gave special attention to the liturgy of the synagogue.

Cadets requiring special attention are shown to the specialists.

special features

Each had special features that the others did not.

The serial was released with no special features.

There are some special features on the southern branch.

special guests

The show featured special guests as support.

The special guests in this round include Galen Hooks and Rie Hata.

The Vals were special guests of Paul Weller on his 2015 European Tour.

special assistant

He had hired her as his "special assistant" that year.

Paul Ware will be appointed as a special assistant attorney general.

He was later appointed as the special assistant of Raymond Njoku, MP.

strong or special

The place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

no special

The serial was released with no special features.

There is no special format for a request.

There are no special braille letters for dotted consonants.

very special

Donnacha O'Brien commented "It’s very special.

Womack told "The Early Show", "I thought it was very special.

She's also a very special girl, which I think shows in the film."

special issue

"The New York Times" deemed the special issue "trailblazing."

It is published four times a year, including one special issue annually.

It's the first special issue celebrating the magazine's 65th anniversary.

special session

Johnson returned home after the special session concluded.

Congress returned and assembled in special session on September 19.

In July 2019, Cox shut down a special session on gun control after only 90 minutes.

special cases

It's just that there are special cases for Surabaya.

Here are the three most important special cases.

There are two special cases of the Bass diffusion model.

received special

The Devdas retrospective received special mention.

Ringsted once again received special treatment.

The Blue Angels also received special colored flight suits.

special status

Trieste was to receive a special status.

As a result, the city enjoyed a special status under the Ottomans.

In 1802, Tsar Alexander I granted the city special status, which lasted until 1887.

special relativity   (狭义相对论)

(For more information, see History of special relativity.)

Neither is true for special relativity.

The phenomenon does not contradict the theory of special relativity.

special emphasis

A special emphasis was given to the apocryphal gospels.

They both tried to give special emphasis to the rights of peasants and workers.

The general area of application is fusion engineering with special emphasis on.

special event

The special event was hosted by the American Cinematheque.

Trains only stop on special event days.

The summit venue Capella Singapore sits on the "special event area".

special education costs

For special education costs, 129 districts received approval to exceed the tax limit.

special episode

A Comic Relief special episode was also broadcast.

A special episode, dubbed as "You Got It!

A special episode, Burnistoun Goes To Work was televised in 2016.

special type

Wieferich sequence is a special type of Barker sequence.

Block designs are combinatorial designs of a special type.

It operated over a special type of telephone exchange system.

special place

Talwalkar's family has a special place in Maharashtra.

Alida Pott took a special place in 'De Ploeg'.

This part takes a special place in her work.

special feature

The special feature of Patiala is its rendering of taans.

The cartoon "Fur of Flying" is the second special feature.

The DVD includes the theatrical trailer as a special feature.

made a special

Kinman's eyes made a special impression on Fitzgerald.

He made a special examination of internal medicine in 1985.

He made a special study of the minute anatomy of the pancreas.

special purpose   (特殊目的)

A third type of map is known as an "orienteering," or special purpose map.

In constitutional law, appropriation is the assignment of money for a special purpose.

In 2015 HUBOZ was liquidated with some other militsiya detachments of special purpose.

special focus

Its special focus is on programs in biological technology.

In this spectrum, a special focus was the general topology.

It preserves the history of the town of George with a special focus on the timber industry.

special appearance

Karisma Kapoor is featured in a special appearance.

Anupam Kher makes a special appearance in the film.

Snake Shyam makes a special appearance in a song sequence.

received a special

He received a special award and was proposed as a member.

"The Rising Tide" received a special citation at the Canadian Film Awards.

In 2011 “Ole!” received a special award from the Koblenz Festival in Germany.

special committee

A special committee had been planning the festivities for months.

Johnson in 1996 chaired a special committee examining tort reform.

But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee.

special mention

The Devdas retrospective received special mention.

Of these dedicated monks, special mention must be made of Ven.

As such they deserve special mention.

special award

This was a special award with no secondary nominee.

He received a special award and was proposed as a member.

Tom Cowan won a special award for creativity" at the 1977 AFI awards.

special agent

Lindsay was appointed special agent for the Modoc Indians in 1861.

So he had to follow an international special agent Bruce to Budapest.

Later he was for many years a special agent of the U.S. Treasury Department.

special school

It had 1 special school for the disabled.

This would require a special school to teach advanced air combat techniques.

The Christopher's School, a special school, is found north the building yard.

special circumstances

As its officers have full police power it will assist police districts is special circumstances.

There are also exclusive cards given out in special circumstances for the original tournament games.

Strategic approval voting can guarantee electing the Condorcet winner in some special circumstances.

receive special

5% receive special education services and 9% qualify for free/reduced price meals.

5% receive special education services, and 4% are eligible for free/reduced price meals.

Additionally, 14% of the pupils receive special education services, while 1.7% are identified as gifted.

special permission

For many years, Cubans could only acquire new cars with special permission.

In U.S. National Parks, BASE jumping is generally prohibited, unless special permission is given.

By special permission of the emperor in 1866 he played at the Odéon in Emile Augier's "Contagion".

special abilities

Crystals can be used to give units special abilities.

They give Reploids special abilities.

Daffy Duck has the special abilities of fluttering and swimming.

special relationship

And I have a special relationship with Toba, Cée and with a Costa da Morte."

Kruse has a special relationship to the Schleswig-Holstein festival "Jazz Baltica".

According to Filiu, Husayn's elimination was a result of this "special relationship".

special editions

It is sold on single disc and two-disc special editions.

Several special editions of "The Black Parade" were released.

The album has been offered in several special editions and bundles.

special envoy   (特使)

He was dispatched as a special envoy during Chungnyeol of Goryeo’s reign in Goryeo.

In 1980, he began to serve as a special envoy of the Lebanese National Movement (LNM).

In January 1947 a special envoy meeting on affairs concerning occupied Austria was hosted here.

special teams tackles

He finished third on team with 15 special teams tackles.

The next year, he led the team with 14 special teams tackles.

In 1992, he was fourth on the team with 13 special teams tackles.

special powers

(Saruman did acquire another staff, but it had no special powers.)

TRIDY has special powers that he uses to help BONZZO when he is in trouble.

Twins were considered divinities, having special powers over rain and crops.

won a special

At the latter festival the film won a special "Teddy".

He won a special silver medal in a consolation competition.

special collections

The library holds many special collections, including audio and print collections.

Critical scientific holdings can be found in both the general and special collections.

The materials on women are located throughout the University archives and special collections.

special projects

He also serves as vice president of special projects for Koch Industries.

Governor Jennifer Granholm appointed Berman as director of special projects in 2003.

Independent studies, special projects and hands-on-learning form much of the curriculum.

something special

compiler recognizes as something special.

He perceives something special in Jakob.

Charlie Jane Anders stated that the story was "something special".

special train

His body was then transported to Berlin on a special train.

The Prince of Wales travelled to Windsor on a special train from Halifax.

If choosing Glacier, a special train transported racers to that location.

special treatment

Ringsted once again received special treatment.

You 'got it' by being there and doing the business – not by special treatment.

King revealed that Kim would often try to give him special treatment at his work place.

special services

It is used for special services and programs.

High church Anglicans held special services on the anniversary of his death.

These engines were however used commercially for special services with great success.

given special

Luftwaffe pilots were soon given special instructions for engaging these aircraft.

Geylang was given special dispensation to pay Fandi thrice the S.League salary cap.

Safety is given special importance and safety training is imparted to line staff on regular basis.

special counsel

He was special counsel for the Federal Communications Commission from 1937 to 1938.

In April 1994, she was appointed special counsel to the Governor for Child Welfare Services.

He lost the senate race and was appointed special counsel to the State Division of Veterans' Affairs.

special kind

Sales processes are simply a special kind of service.

A special kind of a dead-end tower is a termination pylon.

Misfeasance in public office is considered to be a special kind of public law tort.

special issues

It also publishes reviews and special issues dedicated to relevant topics.

He also published special issues of his magazine "Tadarthya" in book form.

"Osomatsu-kun" has appeared in numerous special issues of "Shōnen Sunday".

special training

Tina also received special training from ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan.

In 2009, Vusal Huseynov became participant of two special training programs.

The members of the MiTaKp can participate in numerous special training courses beyond that.

special police

Soviet and Russian OMON special police and Russian naval infantry wear a black beret.

A special police division at Luxembourg – Findel Airport is directly responsible for border control.

Led by police vice president Václav Kučera, a special police team called Metyl coordinated the investigations.

special education students

The Intermediate Unit provides support services and therapy to special education students.

In June 2009, the charter was renewed without a plan to increase the numbers of special education students.

Maximum scholarship award is $8,500, with special education students receiving up to $15,000 for a year's tuition.

special significance

Some carry special significance.

Another topic that has had a special significance for Boynes is landscape.

She said that the "cornrow" style has a special significance for black women.

received special education

Additionally, 17% of pupils received special education services, while 1% of pupils were identified as gifted.

Additionally, 15% of pupils received special education services, while 6% of pupils were identified as gifted.

Additionally, 15% of pupils received special education services, while 2% of pupils were identified as gifted.

special privileges

Both institutions held special privileges ("fueros").

The codice_1 instruction does not require any special privileges.

Salmerón solicited special privileges for the new settlement of Puebla.

special interests

Among the most powerful special interests in Macau are casinos.

Dr. Polmann's special interests include volunteer work in public schools.

Neither foresaw that in the First World War, all special interests would be expendable".

special service

All fixed routes and special service routes are fare free.

In 1995, a new "special service library" was opened in Farmington.

Three Georgian special service personnel were killed and five injured.

several special

The album has been offered in several special editions and bundles.

The crew also took some time off to participate in several special events.

In addition to this, there are several special forces support units (FM SOF).

number of special

There were, however, a number of special missions and other activities.

At the start of 2006, Daft Punk announced plans for a number of special summer shows.

Outside Europe, a number of special territories of EU members also use the euro as their currency.

own special

Each year, the ball was given its own special title.

Has the federal government become its own special interest group?

Each had its own special law, in which custom still played an important part.

special elections

Both Republican holds were in special elections.

Twelve special elections were held, sorted by election date.

Their congressional seats are then filled by special elections.

special prize

He has one special prize for Fighting Spirit.

He was awarded his first special prize, for Fighting Spirit.

He has one special prize, for Technique.

special version

Ladislav Klíma has developed a special version of Nietzschean philosophy.

RBD also recorded a special version of the album for their fanbase in Brazil.

A special version of the standard Lewis Machine Gun was manufactured as a Camera Gun.

through special

All farm crossings were put below grade through special cattle passes.

State governments could and did also incorporate corporations through special legislation.

In some jurisdictions, hookah businesses can be exempted from the policies through special permits.

special care

We should, therefore, cultivate the mind with special care.

Pauline stresses that Paula needs special care and facilities.

This raises special care considerations for owners of affected cats.

special commission

Another special commission was created in December 1994.

In fall 1936, the council formed a special commission to draft a new constitution of Lithuania.

He was also named chairman of the special commission to modernize state government under Sargent.

special meeting

Shareholders approved the plan on Friday 31 July 2015 in a special meeting.

A special meeting of the Board of Aldermen was held on March 15 to address Mullen's request.

Finally, at Bolton's behest, a special meeting was held in The Hague on Sunday, April 21, 2002.

special advisor

The group was led by Dr David Cabot, special advisor on environmental affairs.

In 2017, Bonds officially rejoined the Giants organization as a special advisor to the CEO.

He is a special advisor mentoring rookies for both the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers.

special unit

It is a special unit within Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO).

Galápagos, despite being included within Region 5, is also under a special unit.

This special unit of 16 isolation cells was sealed off in a basement from the other prisoners.

held a special

The airline held a special press conference in a hangar at its Milan–Malpensa hub.

The diocese held a special convention to elect his successor on September 23, 2006.

The Oregon Legislative Assembly held a special session and the OLCC was created days after the repeal of national prohibition.

special adviser   (特别顾问)

In January 2019, Ontario Premier Doug Ford appointed McCallion as a special adviser.

Since 2012 he serves as special adviser to EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn.

In January 2012, he was appointed as a senior special adviser of the Bangladesh Mission to the United Nations.

special programs

TV and radio stations broadcast special programs and patriotic songs.

Some schools have a selection process for entry into their special programs.

The museum is open from Wednesday through Sunday, and also offers special programs.

receive special education

5% receive special education services and 9% qualify for free/reduced price meals.

5% receive special education services, and 4% are eligible for free/reduced price meals.

Additionally, 14% of the pupils receive special education services, while 1.7% are identified as gifted.

special education programs

Homewood has three special education programs.

Adapted examinations are given to children in the special education programs.

require special

Some of these houses require special upgrades.

Some robots may require special parts in order to be used.

The boranes are also highly flammable and require special care when handling.

special prosecutor   (特别检察官)

They called for a special prosecutor investigation for scrutiny.

He later served as the special prosecutor overseeing the Whitewater investigation.

Gardner's office remains under investigation by the special prosecutor and grand jury.

using special

They are handled only indirectly, using special tools.

Eating certain products and using special routines may help recovery.

There, they can fight enemies, and dodge traps using special abilities.

special measures

None have yet been placed in special measures.

In November 2013 the Trust was placed in special measures by Monitor.

In January 2015 the school's rating was improved and it was taken out of special measures.

special remainder   (特殊余数)

However, he was succeeded in the barony of 1851 according to the special remainder by his younger brother, John.

In 1717 he was elevated to an Irish Peerage as Viscount Chetwynd, with special remainder to his father's descendants.

On his death in 1846 his title passed by the same special remainder to his brother James O'Brien, 3rd Marquess of Thomond.

special equipment

Their special equipment is the tyres.

It is not cleaned chemically, but with special equipment using air.

They used no special equipment.

special trains

8 vehicles are reserved for the use of special trains.

Its last-ever services were special trains on 1 April 1995 and 2 May 1999.

Although special trains ran during busy times, branch traffic was always sparse.

special moves

IGN criticized that learning the characters' special moves was difficult.

There are six robot models available, each with different stats and special moves.

As a result, the inputs for special moves and combos requires more precise timing.