more specialized   (より専門的な)

Phocids are more specialized for aquatic life than otariids.

Another more specialized form sean-nós dancing is the brush dance.

Many more specialized disciplines have emerged in recent years, e.g.

highly specialized   (高度に専門化された)

Other beetles are highly specialized in their diet.

Areoles are highly specialized and very condensed shoots or branches.

The AIS is highly specialized for the fast conduction of nerve impulses.

specialized training   (専門トレーニング)

An enlisted sailors rating refers to their specialized training.

Those who excelled were provided specialized training in the courses they did well in.

The specialized training it allowed was a milestone in the state normal school system.

company specialized   (専門会社)

The company specialized in the production of faucets.

The company specialized in Macintosh peripherals and accessory equipment.

The company specialized in the design and manufacture of ultralight aircraft.

other specialized   (他の専門家)

There are over 100 other specialized forms that may need to be completed along with Schedules and the Form 1040.

This is acceptable for devices such as desk calculators, digital signal processors, and other specialized devices.

The ministry also includes seven other specialized organizations devoted to research and development, production, and administration.

specialized equipment

Also, the success of the business justifies large investment in specialized equipment.

Later on, specialized equipment and techniques were developed specifically for the unique needs of BASE jumping.

Xenon is odourless and rapid in onset, but is expensive and requires specialized equipment to administer and monitor.

sprinter who specialized   (特化したスプリンター)

Ma Yuqin Ma Yuqin (born 11 September 1972 in Xingtai) is a Chinese sprinter who specialized in the 400 metres.

Anja Rücker Anja Rücker (born December 20, 1972) is a retired German sprinter who specialized in the 400 metres.

Dantago Gurirab Dantago Gurirab (born 9 March 1990) is a Namibian sprinter who specialized in the 100 and 200 metres.

runner who specialized

Sammy Koskei Sammy Koskei (born 14 May 1961) is a former Kenyan middle distance runner who specialized in the 800 metres.

Stine Larsen Stine Larsen (born 5 November 1975) is a retired Norwegian long-distance runner who specialized in the marathon.

Branko Zorko Branko Zorko (born 1 July 1967) is a Croatian retired middle distance runner who specialized in the 1500 metres.

specialized units

However, these setups are generally not as sensitive as specialized units.

The WVCPD contains many specialized units, including a SWAT Team, and a K9 Unit.

The TRC organized its work into specialized units to conduct research in specific areas.