İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

specially designed   (özel dizayn edildi)

These are specially designed to bind with specific molecules.

The Van Hool trolleybuses were specially designed for the VMCV.

Obstacles are specially designed to simulate firefighting reality.

specially trained   (özel eğitilmiş)

This would normally be permitted only to a very experienced and specially trained surveyor.

These volunteers are specially trained to help others without putting themselves in harm’s way.

54th (DLI) was one of six S/L regiments specially trained for this work under 31 and 50 AA Bdes.

specially built   (özel yapılmış)

Parkour is not usually specially built in urban areas.

Two specially built separated busways (HOV1 & HOV2) are used by lines 401 to 406.

Nearby is a canoe rental and a fishing pier specially built to be handicap-accessible.

specially made   (özel yapılmış)

One was a specially made convertible.

The mountain bike track was specially made for this championship.

The Showa fork specially made for MV Agusta has fast-detach axle clamps.

specially constructed   (özel inşa edilmiş)

Other trikes include ATVs that are specially constructed for off-road use.

The tester strains are specially constructed to detect either frameshift (e.g.

Most of the circuits currently in use are specially constructed for competition.

specially adapted

Some police cars are specially adapted for certain locations (e.g.

The pieces move in ways specially adapted to the Alquerque-gridded board.

Its limbs are well-developed, though its four five-toed feet are not specially adapted for digging.

specially commissioned

A specially commissioned anniversary book was produced to mark the occasion.

The victor was also awarded a specially commissioned "Sugar" Ray Robinson trophy.

In June 1802 Napoleon Bonaparte awarded the Ninth three specially commissioned flags.

specially modified

CN7 was powered by a specially modified Bristol-Siddeley Proteus free-turbine engine of driving all four wheels.

Developed under the supervision of Major-General Percy Hobart, these were specially modified M4 Sherman and Churchill tanks.

He was also project pilot on the Laminar Flow Control Leading Edge research program using a specially modified C-140 JetStar.

specially created

Ssewa Ssewa wanted to create something which was new and specially created by himself.

Operated by a specially created authority, S4C would air programmes in Welsh made by HTV, the BBC and independent companies.

The thesauri used are either specially created for the task, or a pre-existing language model, usually related to Princeton's WordNet.

specially prepared

Such traditional ornaments are got specially prepared.

Performances were held in the palace, in a specially prepared hall.

U-KISS performed a Spanish version of "Dear My Friend", specially prepared for their Latin American fans.

specially written

The B-side was specially written for the band by David Scott-Morgan.

Sometimes the lyrics themselves are synthesized using specially written software.

Arditti has been responsible for having given the world premières of a number of large scale works specially written for him.

specially developed

The Bridgestone Expedia S.01 asymmetric uni-directional tyres were specially developed for the XJ220.

The Golf GTE uses a six-speed DSG gearbox with a triple-clutch system specially developed for hybrid vehicles.

The progeny feed on a skin layer that is specially developed by the adult in a phenomenon known as maternal dermatophagy.

specially selected

The locale was specially selected for the low density of its Muslim population (20.7%), as an additional security measure.

The battery and its escort in the comparatively open country south of China was specially selected by the enemy for attack.

Also on disc one are 10 specially selected, previously unreleased original mono reference mixes, with Ross’s original live vocals.