İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

specific epithet   (spesifik epithet)

The specific epithet refers to the type locality.

The specific epithet ("huntianus") honours "Robt.

The specific epithet "verrucosum" means "warted".

specific name   (özel isim)

The specific name is in honor of Neil Marchington.

The specific name "episcopus" is Latin for "bishop".

The specific name ("cyanea") means "dark blue".

more specific   (daha özel)

Here is a more specific statement to this effect.

The role both expanded and became more specific.

Their collection then takes on a more specific focus.

no specific   (özel değil)

There is no specific antidote for overdose of MGA.

The word has no specific Portuguese translation.

However, no specific time-frame has been set so far.

very specific   (çok özel)

This may indicate a preference for very specific prey.

Raitt's sand eel have very specific habitat requirements.

It is very specific, but not very robust.

specific type

Signs and symptoms depend on the specific type of problem.

One specific type of mask is called a buffalo or bushcow mask.

A specific type of locusts were eaten.

specific areas   (özel alanlar)

All of the specific areas of design customization are separated.

There are also some inter-municipal centres serving specific areas.

Some aspects of the remodeling targeted specific areas of the mall.

specific gravity   (spesifik yer çekimi)

The more silver, the lower the specific gravity.

Its specific gravity varies from 1.05 to 1.10.

The resin has a specific gravity varying from 1.054 to 1.057.

specific area

Of these, 23 are focused on a specific area of law.

To view the population data for each specific area prior to 1890 see:

Each bi-monthly print issue aims to focus on a specific area of the sport.

specific name honours

The specific name honours paleontologist Yang Daihuan.

The specific name honours Gordon Hector (b.

The specific name honours Otto Staudinger.

specific needs

They are customised for the specific needs of the skier.

The math curriculum is designed to address the specific needs of the student.

specific types

In mammals, there are four specific types of ligase.

To do so they developed specific types to print Greek.

Other specific types of Heritage like e.g.

specific purpose   (özel amaç)

Previously each room had a specific purpose.

They are generally unique and exist for a specific purpose.

This right has a very specific purpose.

specific time

The book is divided into nine chapters according to a specific time period.

A meal is made up of food which is prepared to be eaten at a specific time and place.

A given country over a specific time series may have been successful conducting indexation.

not specific

However they are not specific to Marsh Farm.

It's not specific if these three are variations of one deity r or indeed three different characters.

Cisco had announced its own "framework" called CloudVerse in late 2011 that was not specific to VMware.

specific location

A temple was built on the specific location where she set foot.

The monument's specific location on the Rostra has been debated.

The specific location of a DNA sequence within a chromosome is known as a locus.

specific information   (belirli bilgiler)

zone, which it will contact for more specific information.

Questions requesting specific information use question words.

See List of trolleybus systems#Africa for specific information.

specific learning

Of the identified students 35% had specific learning disability.

Of the identified students, 52% had specific learning disabilities.

The system has to provide possibilities for children to practice emerging skills not only in specific learning situations but in the many inter-connecting, in-between situations of which life consists.

specific requirements   (belirli gereksinimler)

The site also engages trade experts who match companies according to their specific requirements.

There are no specific requirements for the types of fly ash that may be used in flowable fill mixtures.

Some slots have specific requirements, such as an odd or even number, or dice values less or greater than some number.

specific locations

They also have the option to ride horses at specific locations throughout the game world.

Scientists use this to match materials and people to specific locations at a crime scene.

In a cell, DNA replication begins at specific locations, or origins of replication, in the genome.

specific details   (özel ayrıntılar)

See the candidates page for specific details on the candidates.

At the same time, she averred that she could not furnish any specific details.

No specific details of the workings of the claimed technology were made public.

specific issues

Digital records, however, raise specific issues.

Community organizing can focus on more than just resolving specific issues.

The Global Fund for Women also publishes "Impact Reports" which focus on specific issues impacting women and girls.

specific heat

The high surface-to-volume ratio increases specific heat loss.

This is the result of the water's mass and specific heat capacity.

However, its specific heat capacity is very low because it is not very dense, with .

specific conditions

Genetic screening is now available within a useful time frame for some of the specific conditions.

A number of studies have examined how and why they provide poor predictions under specific conditions.

Dairy goats must be housed in specific conditions so that their milk production is not alarmed by changes.

specific programs

Information on specific programs comes from the half-hour special "This is the Mtn.

The Bash command-line completion system is very flexible and customizable, and is often packaged with functions that complete arguments and filenames for specific programs and tasks.

The district received an extra $3,755,026 in ARRA - Federal Stimulus money to be used in specific programs like special education and meeting the academic needs of low-income students.

specific projects

It also receives grants for specific projects and activities.

B1G1 Worthy Causes are the NGOs that provide specific projects to B1G1.

Projects: Currently, the Hague Justice Portal has two specific projects.

having a specific

The practice of having a specific entry-point into a new version allows the programmer to transform state to what is needed in the newer version.

Their representation of real-life situations can range from having no inherent theme, like checkers, to having a specific theme and narrative, like "Cluedo".

This lack of representation was not entirely uncommon, and could have been due to the emphasis on women's rights as a whole instead of having a specific focus on Mizrahi women's rights.

specific set   (özel set)

It is a list naming every object that is a member of a specific set.

Chapin Magnet offers a specific set of classes that specialize in Engineering.

Passive margins above a weak layer develop a specific set of extensional structures.

specific case   (özel durum)

Since 2007, the "plan rouge" is a specific case of the "plan Orsec".

Forest genetic resources represent a specific case of plant genetic resources.

Each use of an ambiguous term should be preceded by the definition, suitable for a specific case.

highly specific   (oldukça spesifik)

This fluke is highly specific at the first intermediate host level.

Noh theatre also feature taiko where performance consists of highly specific rhythmic patterns.

Thousands of experimentally developed drugs affect the nervous system, some in highly specific ways.

specific impulse   (özel dürtü)

Engines using this system are mechanically simple, but have poor specific impulse.

Theoretically, this should result in a better specific impulse than for rocket engines.

Gas-generator cycles tend to have lower specific impulse than staged combustion cycles.

specific tasks

There can be different types of hybrid clouds for specific tasks.

An IDE can make it easier to do specific tasks, such as searching in files in a particular project.

Not all of them are open for the player at the start, requiring specific tasks to be completed first.

specific number   (belirli sayı)

The lady rotates a specific number of times in the air.

The race begins from a standing start, and runs a specific number of laps.

These are usually vehicles where the production run is restricted to a specific number of vehicles.

focused on specific

Each piece is focused on specific intervals.

UC Berkeley hosts a number of research units that are focused on specific areas of the world.

The members of each "Fraktion" are distributed among working groups focused on specific policy-related topics such as social policy, economics, and foreign policy.

specific learning disability   (özgül öğrenme güçlüğü)

Of the identified students 35% had specific learning disability.

In December 2009, the district administration reported that 493 pupils or 14.6% of the district's pupils received Special Education services, with 48.3% of the identified students having a specific learning disability.

5th Grade Reading: In December 2013, Mid Valley School District administration reported that 275 pupils, or 15.5% of the district's pupils, received special education services, with 41.8% of the identified students having a specific learning disability.

specific form

The specific form of this relation is not important.

It is a specific form of human source intelligence (HUMINT).

It requires instead a specific form like "remains," "becomes," "lies," or "equals."

other specific   (diğer spesifik)

Certain GCCC programs have also obtained other specific individual accreditation.

No other specific software would be set up to every computer to obtain the result.

Court decisions set out interpretive guidelines; however, they are seldom binding on other specific cases.

specific focus

Their collection then takes on a more specific focus.

Paul's Christology has a specific focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Its specific focus is on the place of objects, images, spaces, and buildings in religious communities.

own specific

Some fields have their own specific placeholder terminology.

Hebrew has several words for sin, each with its own specific meaning.

Each service has its own specific program governed by the following references:

specific rules

Aside from informal play, a game with specific rules is published.

Microsoft has specific rules concerning hate speech for a variety of its applications.

To prevent this some markets have implemented specific rules to prevent this sort of gaming.

specific events

It can also be used for detecting certain task specific events, "e.g.

Other organizations work with CicLAvia for specific events, like the LA Phil and UCLA.

A number of specific events have attracted the help and attention of Weiquan activists.

specific circumstances   (özel durumlar)

Rather "it is triggered by specific circumstances."

In specific circumstances, they may exhibit low-dimensional behaviour.

Use of this software is reserved for specific circumstances and these submissions must adhere to several additional rules.

within a specific   (belirli bir)

novels) do "a certain kind of cultural work within a specific historical situation."

Stored data is often dropped after N scans have expired with fewer than M detections within a specific volume.

The Victorian Drug Court is located in Dandenong and services defendants within a specific geographical catchment area.

specific characters

There are a number of "Dark Reign" limited series looking at the impact of the story-line on specific characters and groups.

In his original compositions for the film, Breil wrote numerous leitmotifs to accompany the appearance of specific characters.

These adopt a style of storytelling rather than specific characters from their sources, usually with a knowing or ironic twist.

specific regions

Most are formed from specific regions of membranes.

The site is divided into sections on specific regions – Anatolia, Persia, Greece, etc.

The records explore obscuro psychedelic rock music from specific regions around the world.

site specific   (bölgeye özgü)

Panca created a large scale site specific mural at Bread and Salt in May 2017.

Part of The Arts Club of Chicago Garden Projects, "Uppity Negress" is a site specific, exterior installation.

Important influences on the life span are site specific (wind speed, storms, icing conditions) and the quality of the maintenance of the turbines.

specific reference

Bush gave a standard stump speech making no specific reference to the university.

In his 1966 edition of the same book, the specific reference to the Catholic Church was removed.

It is a general-purpose insult term for anyone the speaker dislikes without specific reference to their sexual behaviour.

specific cases   (özel durumlar)

The tasks of the unit was to investigate specific cases of local experiences.

Rather, rights in specific cases were to be decided by the judicial system of courts.

Furthermore, the study shows that those specific cases were never formally documented.

specific topics

Research in APSI is not restricted to specific topics.

The Creativity Prize is not restricted to specific topics.

Contests are dedicated to specific topics.

specific group

There was no intent to benefit any individual or specific group.

Boer is the specific group within the larger Afrikaans-speaking population.

Generic doses are the dose level used for a specific group of pests and/or products.

specific purposes

Such lists may be used to form social networks with more specific purposes.

Males and females were allowed to interact for specific purposes such as breeding.

User-programmable WCS allowed the user to optimize the machine for specific purposes.

specific task

Sometimes, the animated object won't be able to perform the specific task it needs to.

There are several vice rectors who are each assigned to specific task areas and who assist the Rector.

So a Sakthiavesha avatar means a Spiritual person who is empowered (temporarily) by the God to do a specific task.

specific groups

It is much easier then to list the specific groups along with the corresponding number from the table.

Two specific groups that Rand controversially accused of being primitive "savages" were Native Americans and Arabs.

Compared to counterfeit products, legal fakes exploit brands that are well-known only to specific groups of people.

used in specific

Pashofa is also used in specific healing ceremonies.

Government regulations have been implemented that ban some chemicals from being used in specific plastic products.

Software Arts also released a series of ""Solverpacks"" - "ready-made versions of some of the formulas most commonly used in specific areas of application."

specific meaning

The band's name doesn't have a specific meaning.

That term now has a more specific meaning.

"Samsen" has no specific meaning in Thai.

specific function

They are larger than vesicles and their specific function varies.

The number of these stacks varies with the specific function of the cell.

It was believed that each region of the brain had a set and specific function.

specific features

A refined approach also incorporates specific features of the computing devices.

It is a very rare condition and has not much specific features to arouse clinical suspicion.

The latter allows, for instance, to find definitions of polysomnography or specific features.

specific date   (belirli tarih)

There is no specific date but they have been living at Khanar for a long time.

The Astrolabe works by adjusting the moveable components (labels) to a specific date and time.

The observation required finding a place where on a specific date the Sun set into a notch on the horizon.

specific functions

The 20th Fighter Wing is composed of four groups each with specific functions.

Proteins perform extremely specific functions which are dependent on their structure.

The layers build upon each other, allowing for abstraction of specific functions in each one.

specific region   (belirli bölge)

These atlases were composed by wealthy people who collected maps concerning a specific region or topic.

The site-directed spin labeling (SDSL) technique allows one to monitor a specific region within a protein.

Each corporation was associated with a specific region of Alaska and the Natives who had traditionally lived there.

specific aspects

He also wrote several shorter letters and essays discussing specific aspects of computus.

These users specialize in flaming and target specific aspects of a controversial conversation.

This work elucidated which specific aspects of spatial representations seemed to be most impaired.

specific target   (belirli hedef)

These communications are aimed at a specific target market.

The hijackers' specific target was the United States Capitol.

They asked participants to avoid thinking of a specific target (e.g.

specific name refers

The specific name refers to the provenance from China.

The specific name refers to the French botanist Auguste Chevalier.

The specific name refers to the camp site, Bompu, in the vicinity of the type locality.

specific characteristics

However, the specific characteristics of the game matter.

The specific characteristics of this model is the reduced ground clearance.

In this case previous approaches for desktop applications cannot be simply reproposed, given the specific characteristics of mobile devices.

number of specific   (spesifik sayısı)

APP has traditionally been used for a number of specific typesetting tasks.

He also has responsibility for a number of specific posts (like the aldermen).

A number of specific events have attracted the help and attention of Weiquan activists.

specific physical

Cultivation techniques specific to the type of banana produced may dictate the specific physical plant makeup.

Each Paralympic sport then has its own classifications, dependent upon the specific physical demands of competition.

specific names

Dr. Kluge is honored in the specific names of three species of lizards.

The different sections of the road have specific names in relation to the cardinal directions.

List of Latin place names used as specific names List of Latin place names used as specific names

specific parts

Balance types may be strong or weak to any of the others depending on specific parts.

In that case, they are assisted by junior Ministers who focus on specific parts of the portfolio.

They can be localized to specific parts of the body or be generalized to many different muscle groups.

specific applications

Some specific applications of fractals to technology are listed elsewhere.

Bruinier's compositions were of "made-to-measure music" for specific applications / events.

Cladistics, either generally or in specific applications, has been criticized from its beginnings.

specific performance   (özel performans)

At equity, it can be specific performance or an injunction, among other things.

The empirical linking of personality factors to specific performance levels still eludes researchers.

NIJ Standard-0101.06 has specific performance standards for bullet resistant vests used by law enforcement.

specific goals

To advance this mission, the NhRP's specific goals are: 1.

By understanding plants and animals on the molecular level, scientists are able to engineer them with specific goals in mind.

They also promote psychological traits such as decisiveness, willpower, perseverance and confidence to achieve specific goals.

specific example

As a specific example, every real valued function on the set of integers is continuous.

To give one specific example, he calls the equation 'absurd' because it would lead to a negative value for .

In the sense of providing a highly controlled environment, sandboxes may be seen as a specific example of virtualization.

specific actions

If the body is cremated, there are no specific actions to perform.

It is only through these specific actions that civil action may be taken against an offender.

They are not directly related to the specific actions required by the sports, or football skill.

specific training

The witness must be qualified as an expert witness, which may require academic qualifications or specific training.

The undergraduate courses of study at DNUE are divided between general education and specific training in teaching.

The entry requirements for diver training depend on the specific training involved, but generally include medical fitness to dive.

certain specific   (belirli spesifik)

Nanotori are predicted to have many unique properties, such as magnetic moments 1000 times larger than that previously expected for certain specific radii.

Evolution itself is taken to result from a certain specific process – and this process can be described, or explained [or 're-presented' ] via a bifurcation of time.

Examples include child euthanasia, which is illegal worldwide but decriminalised under certain specific circumstances in the Netherlands under the Groningen Protocol.

specific point   (belirli nokta)

The specific point at 18° S where the coastline bends is known as the "Arica Elbow".

Check Point boxes allow the player to return to a specific point in the stage upon losing a life.

When this watch is charged to a specific point, Jefferson gains a new costume through nano-technology.

specific instructions   (özel talimatlar)

He had left very specific instructions in the event of a death in the royal family.

After their initial meeting they adjourned for about a week, as Parliament had not yet given specific instructions.

It is believed that the Lord Ayyapan had specific instructions that he wanted "Malikappurath Amma", on his left side.

specific role   (özel rol)

Each LOB has a specific role within the FAA.

"Kumi-daiko" groups consist primarily of percussive instruments where each of the drums plays a specific role.

The only specific role allocated to the VF was for the 52 battalions already assigned to the defence of London.

specific to each

Activating Beatlemania is specific to each "instrument".

emblem replaced by comic cover shot artwork specific to each figure.

In the structure shown at the top of the page, R represents a side chain specific to each amino acid.

specific person   (Belirli kişi)

A specific devise, is a specific gift in a will to a specific person other than an amount of money.

A general devise, is a monetary gift to a specific person to be satisfied out of the overall estate.

The focus of criminal evidence is to connect physical evidence and reports of witnesses to a specific person.

specific treatment   (özel tedavi)

No specific treatment for CADASIL is available.

At the time, the was neither a cure nor specific treatment.

There is no specific treatment for CJD.

specific points   (belirli noktalar)

Transcription starts at specific points of origin.

Each card holds specific points.

Our main job was to print a magical and fanciful character at specific points in the film.

each specific

To view the population data for each specific area prior to 1890 see:

Over time, religious cults emerged for the worship of each specific deity.

Fine sandpaper and a mix of charcoal powder and human hair is used to carefully reach the correct layer of each specific colour.

specific interventions   (özel müdahaleler)

The Accountability Block Grant program requires that its taxpayer dollars are focused on specific interventions that are most likely to increase student academic achievement.

specific topic   (belirli konu)

They cover a specific topic related to management or career development.

They mobilize Esperanto-speakers which share the same will about a specific topic.

The APF is divided in a number of sections, with each pertaining to a specific topic.

specific language

In Wisconsin, the specific language of the oath has been repealed.

Although maps are often made in one specific language, place names often differ between languages.

Tingo addresses viewers directly in the region specific language, but all other dialogue is in English.

specific criteria

In order to be effective, costly signals must fulfill specific criteria.

Secondly, some other researchers questions the need for specific criteria itself.

Four judges independently allocated a score to the performers they saw on specific criteria.

specific problems

Some rider requirements are attempts to avoid specific problems from previous shows.

In 1994 Nowotny helped coin the term “Mode 2” for a new mode of applied research focused on solving specific problems.

It involved multidisciplinary teams that worked together for short periods of time on specific problems in the real world.

specific theme

These first 15 episodes were also not dedicated to any specific theme.

Each episode had a specific theme, usually a social or environmental one.

Each year has a specific theme; scholars apply if their current research fits the annual theme.

without specific

The area is residential, without specific borders with Višnjica itself.

Flats and houses without specific registration numbers had been illegally listed.

Sub-symbolic methods manage to approach intelligence without specific representations of knowledge.

specific way

Every CPU represents numerical values in a specific way.

It is unclear since when or why the pambazo is prepared and filled in a very specific way.

Other types of conditionality that often occur are aid which is tied to be used in a specific way.

specific order   (özel sipariş)

The contestants' first mission was to arrange barrels in a specific order.

Several enzymes can work together in a specific order, creating metabolic pathways.

Therefore, an affidavit cannot ordinarily be used as evidence in absence of a specific order of the court.

specific timeline   (belirli zaman çizelgesi)

A specific timeline for these decisions is publisher each year by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

A specific timeline for these decisions is published annually, by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

specific application

A custom encoding can be used for a specific application with no loss of data.

Sometimes applications need a non-primary-key based paths to support specific application requirements.

The challenge for the engineer becomes finding enough data related to adhesives and their specific application.

specific energy

To facilitate comparison, specific energy or energy density figures are often quoted as "calories per serving" or "kcal per 100 g".

In the European Union, the specific energy consumption for the production of cement clinker has been reduced by approximately 30% since the 1970s.

The energy of an emitted photon is proportional to its frequency, so these specific energy levels appear as distinct bands in the electromagnetic spectrum.

specific individuals

Researchers use photo identification to identify specific individuals and pods.

specific individuals carrying out the activity), but should clearly specify the entity.

Healing in the Bible is often associated with the ministry of specific individuals including Elijah, Jesus and Paul.

specific species

Cycads have very specialized pollinators, usually a specific species of beetle.

They are especially fond of one specific species of Fabaceae, "Trifolium pratense".

The resulting information from plant research can be used to develop better strains of specific species.

specific times   (belirli zamanlar)

His parents set aside specific times at breakfast and at dinner for daily family Bible reading.

Competitive groups are held to specific times and judged on criteria that change every season as technology and creativity blossom.

Timing methods aim to affect the sex ratio of the resultant children by having sexual intercourse at specific times as related to ovulation.

specific examples

Some specific examples are identified below.

All three types of asymptotes can be present at the same time in specific examples.

Some specific examples that are close, in some sense, from Fibonacci sequence include: Footnotes Citations

specific genes

At each stage specific genes and promoters are expressed.

There has also been speculation about the inheritance of specific genes from Neanderthals.

It is an important tool in research that allows the function of specific genes to be studied.