İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

more specifically   (daha spesifik olarak)

Palatine may also (or more specifically) refer to:

Under Tyndall's leadership, it was more specifically regarded as neo-Nazi.

The MOT studies the history of techniques, more specifically natural power.

specifically designed   (özel olarak tasarlanmış)

are specifically designed by the creators to be canonical.

This drug was specifically designed to treat brain tumors.

The team was specifically designed to be media superstars.

not specifically   (tam olarak değil)

At the time, peeping was not specifically prohibited.

He did not specifically mention Kpatcha in that address.

Her political focus was not specifically on women or their liberation.

designed specifically   (özel olarak tasarlanmış)

The aircraft was designed specifically for touring in Africa.

buzzer is a special controller designed specifically for the "Buzz!"

The system has been designed specifically for Baltic Sea conditions.

written specifically   (özel olarak yazılmış)

"Wheels Rollin'" was written specifically for Aldean.

The role was written specifically for her by David E. Kelley.

Its title song was written specifically for the film by Adam Franklin.

created specifically   (özel olarak yaratıldı)

Many assets are wasted and in some few cases created specifically to fight a war.

The movie has a script created specifically for the cinema and an original plotline.

According to Hillier, the band was created specifically with "big festivals" in mind.

built specifically

The first ship built specifically for the role was the "Medway" of 1928.

The coffin is built specifically designed by three to four relatives, mainly men.

The first snow plow ever built specifically for use with motor equipment was in 1913.

specifically targeted   (özellikle hedeflenen)

Vultures are sometimes specifically targeted for bushmeat consumption or traditional belief use.

Described as the genius of the team, Marv is constantly specifically targeted by the Painted Doll.

These hate crimes, however, were specifically targeted to niqab wearing women and Muslim men with long beards.

specifically mentioned   (özellikle bahsedilen)

although the actual site of the Treaty was never specifically mentioned.

However Johann Gottlieb Tielke specifically mentioned this regiment as counting 600 men.

Health care, catering and the strong leadership of the school were specifically mentioned.

made specifically

Mami said it was a rock song made specifically to play live.

There were programs being made specifically for overweight people.

Electric razors are made specifically for providing a clean shave.

developed specifically

Growth charts have been developed specifically for children with Down syndrome.

Her albums during this period were developed specifically for pop-crossover success.

Some methods have been developed specifically for the purpose of implementation research.

refers specifically

It also refers specifically to a family of standards.

The song refers specifically to the Zoological Gardens at Regent's Park, London.

Adaptive technology often refers specifically to electronic and information technology access.

specifically   (- özellikle)

Hebrews contains many references to the Old Testament – specifically to its Septuagint text.

There is even a competition series in Scotland – the Plastic-and-Foam Fencing FunLeague – specifically for Primary and early Secondary school-age children using this equipment.

Nelson Harcliffe receives a letter from an old client in Brazil, Dom Miguel de Pintra, a wealthy man who has retired from business to devote himself to politics – specifically to the republican cause that struggles to replace the Brazilian Empire.

specifically refers

The prefix "ba-" specifically refers to people.

Lucia specifically refers to the "military mentality" in this film.

When used in Russia the word is almost always specifically refers to Ukrainian-Russian languages mix.

did not specifically

He did not specifically mention Kpatcha in that address.

It did not specifically address an alternative claim under the First Amendment.

When the Kesslers and Zelman devised the series, they did not specifically intend for Patty and Ellen to be lawyers.

refer specifically   (özellikle referans ver)

It may refer specifically to: Billion may also refer to:

It may refer specifically to:

specifically aimed

The core was specifically aimed at 10–125 W TDP computing products.

Once a season, the theater also puts on a production specifically aimed at students learning English.

The Roman Catholic Church formerly operated religious congregations which specifically aimed to convert Jews.

specifically identified

Kinman has not been specifically identified as one of the murderers.

Here, she specifically identified herself as Bangalore Nagarathnamma.

The years of Kōken's reign are more specifically identified by more than one era name.

specifically created

His handsome and youthful appearance was specifically created at the sponsors' request.

"South Energyx Nigeria Ltd.," a subsidiary of the Chagoury group, was specifically created to undertake the development.

Established during the reign of the Yongle Emperor (1360–1424), the Divine Engine Division was specifically created to specialize in firearm warfare.

used specifically

Eora is used specifically of the people around the first area of white settlement in Sydney.

"Europe" as used specifically in British English may also refer to Continental Europe exclusively.

They may also be used specifically to support or to help rule out a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder.

specifically named

Ifop specifically named the PS, UMP, and FN.

Ifop specifically named the PS and UMP.

Thereafter, Ipsos specifically named the PS, PCF, and LV, and the UMP and UDF.

specifically intended

It is specifically intended as a format for novella-length nonfiction literature or long-form journalism.

"Smoke" is unique in that it is Smith’s only large-scale work specifically intended for an interior space.

While many of the pastes listed below may be made particularly spicy or aromatic or not, some pastes are specifically intended to deliver intense flavor rather than bulk.

specifically for use

The first snow plow ever built specifically for use with motor equipment was in 1913.

Paramotor wings have evolved specifically for use with power propulsion, as compared with free flight 'paraglider' wings.

This led to increasing interest in a system using time-sharing and a new language specifically for use by non-STEM students.

specifically excluded   (özellikle hariç tutuldu)

The tunnel to Bowen House is specifically excluded from the heritage registration.

Disease of the central nervous system is specifically excluded from this classification.

Also specifically excluded (by name) were some regions already controlled by the Union army.

specifically used

It is specifically used during tests looking at the gallbladder and biliary tract.

The term was specifically used in reference to motile microorganisms, and the name of the genus "Vibrio" derives from this term.

The term Ryūsen-zu refers to maps composed by , but it is usually specifically used to mean Japanese provincial maps made by him.

specifically written

The part of Nic was specifically written with Winternitz in mind.

The film was specifically written as a vehicle for actor Sam Rockwell.

List of radio operas This is a list of operas specifically written for radio performance.