Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

free speech   (libertad de expresión)

Freenet's focus lies on free speech and anonymity.

And you need free speech to fight for equality."

Sorry, provocative speech is not an abuse of free speech.

freedom of speech   (libertad de expresión)

It's thought control and freedom of speech control.

They believe in education and freedom of speech.

freedom of speech, or freedom of association.

gave a speech   (dio un discurso)

In 2010, gave a speech at the Global Marijuana March.

Ilham Aliyev attended the reception and gave a speech.

In December he attended Nekrasov's funeral and gave a speech.

acceptance speech   (discurso de aceptación)

Valvano's ESPY acceptance speech became legendary.

She dedicated her award to Glatzer in her acceptance speech.

She then called Swift from backstage to complete her acceptance speech.

hate speech   (El discurso del odio)

Was it an act of, kind of, hate speech in a sense?

Dealing with intolerance and hate speech online is an emerging issue.

Facebook's hate speech policies are enforced by 7,500 content reviewers.

speech recognition

At Google, Microsoft and Baidu this approach has revolutionized speech recognition.

Applications include speech recognition, facial recognition, and object recognition.

It also includes a predictive text system, handwriting and speech recognition support.

made a speech

Colonel Birger Eriksen was present on the occasion and made a speech.

On 19 August 2012, Assange made a speech from a low balcony of the embassy.

His son made a speech about Wilkins' struggles with depression and alcoholism.

delivered a speech   (pronunció un discurso)

He delivered a speech to a large gathering of protesters.

He was elected unanimously and delivered a speech on 22 March.

She delivered a speech during the Opening Ceremony of the conference.

maiden speech   (discurso inaugural)

He made his maiden speech on 6 May 1992.

On 13 August 1974 he delivered his maiden speech to the Senate.

Disraeli made his maiden speech in Parliament on 7 December 1837.

speech given

The name was borrowed from a Victory Loans speech given by Billy Bishop.

"The Origin of Love" is taken from the speech given by the playwright Aristophanes.

The work is based on a speech given at DEF CON 13 by Ian Clarke and Swedish mathematician Oskar Sandberg.

speech before

A full stop is replaced by a comma in direct speech before the accompanying sentence.

In a speech before the Bulgarian National Assembly in 1917, Blagoev called himself "Macedonian Slav".

During the 2010 service a rendition of Catherine of Aragon's speech before the Legatine court was read by Jane Lapotaire.

keynote speech   (discurso de apertura)

The video of his keynote speech is archived on Channel 9.

Gabe Zichermann, a gamification expert, gave the keynote speech.

On March 8, 2007, Miyamoto delivered the GDC 2007 keynote speech.

first speech

Lord Kenyon CJ gave the first speech.

He also notes that according to Genesis, the first speech act is due to Eve, addressing the serpent, and not to Adam.

He made his first speech on 26 July 1880 during the third reading of the Compensation for Disturbances (Ireland) bill.

during a speech

Rahman announced a struggle for independence from Pakistan during a speech on 7 March 1971.

Stephen Decatur Miller may have originated the concept during a speech at Stateburg, South Carolina in September 1830.

He launched his campaign during a speech given at a Fabian Society conference and was nominated by 62 fellow Labour MPs.

public speech   (discurso público)

The next day, Yogaswami attended Vivekananda's public speech.

The hospital was also the site of Aung San Suu Kyi's first public speech, on 24 August 1988.

I personally regret this vile murder," Santos said at the start of a public speech in Bogotá.

speech and language

She is the child speech and language development consultant for the Bing TV series.

The language must be taught as a part of the education and speech and language pathology curricula.

Efforts to develop motor skills include physical therapy, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy.

speech therapy

In 2011, he did vocal training and speech therapy.

Prior to her career, Smith taught speech therapy to kindergartens.

There is a speech therapy department which assists autistic children.

giving a speech

At the end, Willie is giving a speech to a crowd.

Senator Frank Carlson giving a speech.

The reception was held on 9 June 2018, about 450 guests attended with Hakuhō giving a speech.

speech delivered

It was a speech delivered by president Mauricio Macri at the National Congress of Argentina.

In a speech delivered on 15 November 1867, Douglass said "A man's rights rest in three boxes.

In a speech delivered on November 15, 1867, Douglass said: "A man's rights rest in three boxes.

give a speech

Most was in Cincinnati, Ohio to give a speech when he fell ill.

Just before Psy appeared on-stage, it was the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak's turn to give a speech.

The following year, he was invited to give a speech at Gaucho Gym and the crowd's response inspired him to return.

speech patterns

The particular speech patterns used by an individual are termed an idiolect.

Emotional speech processing recognizes the user's emotional state by analyzing speech patterns.

Gosden and Correll were white, but played the black lead characters using racially stereotypical speech patterns.

parts of speech

Noun (disambiguation) Noun is one of the parts of speech.

It has long been known that there are different parts of speech.

Other parts of speech occur as bare roots, without special suffixes.

human speech

", "What is the ultimate source of human speech?

Most, however, are capable of intelligence and human speech.

Leachim could synthesize human speech using Diphone synthesis.

speech during

She delivered a speech during the Opening Ceremony of the conference.

Barack Obama in a speech during a 2009 visit to Ghana said "An independent press.

Switalski said he hopes it will be possible to minimize hate speech during the election campaign.

political speech

Frasier Crane helps Woody Boyd write Woody's political speech.

He delivered his first political speech at the age of 17, in 1993, while a senior in high school.

The episode begins with Frasier writing a political speech for Woody, who has trouble doing it himself.

speech made

The new ideology expressed in the speech made Galerius and Maximian irrelevant to Constantine's right to rule.

Pro Caecina The Pro Caecina is a public speech made by Marcus Tullius Cicero on behalf of his friend Aulus Caecina sometime between 71 BC and 69 BC.

Be ye men of valour Be Ye Men of Valour was a wartime speech made in a BBC broadcast on 19 May 1940 by Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill.

speech synthesis   (síntesis de voz)

Also, they may be read aloud using speech synthesis.

Unable to speak, she is forced to use a speech synthesis program.

Audio synthesis is also used to generate human speech using speech synthesis.

famous speech

Erbakan's image was damaged by his famous speech making fun of the nightly demonstrations against the Susurluk scandal.

The Park celebrates the famous speech, and text from the speech is inscribed on a granite wall in the final design of the Park.

In 1958, Nasution made a famous speech that would become the basis for the "Dwifungsi" Doctrine which the Suharto regime would adopt.

opening speech

The Minister of Industry, Germán Gamazo, gave an opening speech.

The opening speech was given by noted art historian Klaus Honnef.

Perales was honored at the 2012 Fiestas del Pilar and gave the festival's opening speech.

speech sounds

At that time “Voice and Diction” focused entirely on the mouth and nasal cavity to produce speech sounds.

This suggests a strong role played by subvocalization in the encoding of speech sounds into short-term memory.

These terms use speech sounds that are among the easiest to produce: bilabials like , , and , and the open vowel .

speech production

Spatial planning and movement, speech production, and complex motor movements are all aspects of action.

His research relates to relationships among speech perception, speech production, and vocabulary growth in children.

Chistovich pioneered experimental methods for understanding the relationship between speech production and speech perception.

speech impediment   (impedimento en el habla)

Moen was deaf and had a severe speech impediment.

She had a speech impediment when she was young.

His speech impediment has been often confused with an affected German accent.

speech against   (discurso en contra)

Rosa Luxemburg also delivered a speech against Bernstein's revisionism.

In 1874, Ferry gave a speech against the future Civil Rights Act of 1875.

González gave a viral speech against gun violence, proclaiming "We call B.S."

victory speech

What a victory speech.

During his post victory speech, Lawlor had dedicated his fight to his late sister; Katie.

In his victory speech, Low declared his win as a "political landmark in modern Singapore".

inaugural speech

In his inaugural speech, he acknowledged the "multiversity" concept of Gonzalez who established the system.

The Patriarch wished the President good health and strength to fulfil all the promises made in his inaugural speech.

Bala promised in his inaugural speech that his administration will take decisions that are in the best interest of the University.

short speech

All students had to give a short speech in front of their class.

Nico de Jong gave a short speech following the death of Louis Bouwmeester.

At 9 am on the morning of 21 May, Suharto made a short speech of resignation.

commencement speech   (discurso de graduacion)

On May 16, 2004, Venter gave the commencement speech at Boston University.

President Obama delivered the commencement speech for the Spring 2009 Commencement Ceremony.

She delivered the commencement speech to the graduating class of 2017 as part of the award ceremony.

everyday speech

In everyday speech, mistakes are often made.

The term "alloy" is sometimes used in everyday speech as a synonym for a particular alloy.

The only subjunctive form widely used in everyday speech is , the past subjunctive of ("to be").

speech rights

The ACLU had previously defended the free speech rights of the KKK and Nazis.

In 1993, the European Union condemned Austria for forbidding commercial radio stations and thus violating free speech rights.

For example, they can hold title to property, sue and be sued and are subject to taxation, although their free speech rights are limited.

part of speech

The BNC corpus has been tagged for grammatical information (part of speech).

Each root word has an inherent part of speech: nominal, adjectival, verbal, or adverbial.

They are sometimes classified as a part of speech in their own right: sentence words or word sentences.