İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

high speeds   (yüksek hızlar)

The creature can fly, burrow, and swim at high speeds.

The APT achieved high speeds around curves by tilting.

They hunt by chasing their prey at high speeds in flight.

speeds up   (hızlandırmak)

All these lines are designed for speeds up to .

These stars travel at speeds up to about 3,000 km/second.

It was capable of speeds up to Mach 2 and could fly almost .

wind speeds   (rüzgar hızları)

The station is dimensioned to tolerate temperatures down to and wind speeds of .

Intensity estimates around that time indicated sustained wind speeds of 70 mph (110 km/h).

It is located in an area that enjoys reliably high average wind speeds for much of the year.

higher speeds   (daha yüksek hızlar)

In addition, at higher speeds the hub assembly can overheat.

These higher speeds better serve the longer distances involved.

The IBM 7702 was a similar device that could communicate at higher speeds.

speeds of up

The line should allow for speeds of up to 250 km/h.

In 24 seconds, riders can reach speeds of up to .

The train travels at speeds of up to along of track.

low speeds

Though a sports car the engine is not fussy or hesitant at low speeds.

For flying at low speeds, the flaps had to be set at 15°, speed reduced to , and rpm set to 2,650.

Early flight testing revealed some handling problems, particularly at low speeds in the landing approach.

different speeds

Allowance has to be made for the different speeds of trains.

These occur at different speeds.

The various constituents of the mixture travel at different speeds, causing them to separate.

reach speeds

In 24 seconds, riders can reach speeds of up to .

The Sandeq can reach speeds of up to .

Large penjajap could reach speeds of under sail, and when rowed.

top speeds

Some laws have limits on top speeds, power of the motors, range, etc.

Miss E has a top speeds of 288 to 300km/h (179-186mph) depending on configuration.

The four types of bombers being used had different ranges and different top speeds.

supersonic speeds

SpaceshipTwo reached supersonic speeds in this first powered flight.

In addition there were concerns over maintaining precise control at supersonic speeds.

The F-5 became the first military plane in Venezuela capable of flying at supersonic speeds.

engine speeds

This is because the diesel must operate at lower engine speeds.

Friction is only used to engage the lift fan at low engine speeds.

Which switches to a separate cam profile at high engine speeds to improve peak power.