spiritual leader   (精神的なリーダー)

These clans, based on the spiritual leader, are known as a matangali.

His son, Mufti Asjad Raza Khan now succeeds him as the spiritual leader.

2013 also marked the death of Ovadia Yosef, the party's spiritual leader.

spiritual reasons   (精神的な理由)

The place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

cultural or spiritual   (文化的または精神的な)

The place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

spiritual life   (霊的生活)

Certainly, Marx did not object to a spiritual life.

They experience no emotions, love, beauty or spiritual life.

The Hajj represents the culmination of the Muslim's spiritual life.

spiritual successor   (精神的な後継者)

J.FC Miyazaki is considered a spiritual successor.

It is considered a spiritual successor to "Hydro Thunder".

In 1999, "Hopla" was released as a spiritual successor of Tik Tak.

spiritual director

The resident spiritual director, Fr.

From 1829 until 1838 he served as the spiritual director of seminarians at Klagenfurt.

They were also inspired by O'Connor, who served as Drexel's spiritual director until his death.

spiritual needs

The spiritual needs of the Eindhoven population are tended to by a steadily shrinking number of churches, two mosques and one synagogue.

At the time, there was no place of worship in Treforest, and spiritual needs were catered for by clergy travelling in from Merthyr Tydfil and Aberdare.

But in 1919, as the number of Muslims in the capital city steadily grew, "Anjuman-e-Islam" was formed to serve the spiritual needs of Suva's Muslim community.

spiritual development   (精神的な発達)

in spiritual development).

The term can also be applied to human women with a certain amount of spiritual development.

Buddhism's belief of understanding the truth of reality through practicing spiritual development.

spiritual practice   (精神的な練習)

To attain "moksha", "sādhana" or spiritual practice is necessary.

Ayahuasca is used largely as a treasured aid to spiritual practice.

"Tapovan" then translates as "forest of austerities or spiritual practice".

spiritual leaders

Some of these feminized men worked as spiritual leaders or shamans.

Effeminate men in Ndebele society would often become healers and spiritual leaders.

Her vital role as a teacher contributed to the Cathar belief that women could serve as spiritual leaders.

spiritual teacher

He began working as a counsellor and spiritual teacher.

As a result, his image of a spiritual teacher is ruined.

In 1931 Matchabelli met spiritual teacher Meher Baba and became a devotee.

spiritual power

In France, the Church resumed its status as the official spiritual power.

The spiritual power of the Masamune later allows him to lift Kid from her coma.

The key to the drama, in Bénichou's view, is the weakening of the West's traditional "spiritual power."

spiritual journey

He described his spiritual journey in one of his poems.

Van Lear spent all of 2004 in the Cameroon on a spiritual journey.

Before working on her second studio album, she went on a spiritual journey.

spiritual growth

Serving them humbly became an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Westmont emphasizes the intellectual, social, and spiritual growth of students.

In the religion's view, faith and knowledge are both required for spiritual growth.

spiritual practices

MDMA has been used as an adjunct to New Age spiritual practices.

Shuddhananda suffered from ill health owing to the spiritual practices and hard work.

Here he continued his spiritual practices and also worked on the biography of Vivekananda.

spiritual guidance   (霊的指導)

He is best known for his teachings on Jainism and his spiritual guidance to Mahatma Gandhi.

The Sikh should revert to the Guru Granth Sahib for the all spiritual guidance in one's life.

Joe provided spiritual guidance to Sam's disciples, and many others, until his death in 1992.

spiritual guide   (スピリチュアルガイド)

He is well known as a spiritual guide of Mahatma Gandhi.

Initiates are expected to maintain a relationship with a spiritual guide.

Such a link between his functions as communal leader and spiritual guide legitimized the political power he wielded.

spiritual leadership   (精神的なリーダーシップ)

All these graves are for spiritual leadership.

God, through Pastor Blondin's spiritual leadership and guidance are doing amazing things.

Its roots in the country date to the Middle Ages and are part of the worldwide Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope in Rome.

spiritual experience

We're trying to evoke a spiritual experience."

He had a spiritual experience that changed the course of his life.

AA's Big Book calls alcoholism "an illness which only a spiritual experience will conquer."

spiritual world

It is the threshold between the material and spiritual world.

"With his truths Schopenhauer gave me a spiritual world and an awareness of happiness."

The shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which in turn affects the human world.

physical and spiritual

The Mystery is given for healing (both physical and spiritual) and for the forgiveness of sin.

The Egyptians believed that every human being was composed of physical and spiritual parts or "aspects".

Mitchell's conception of the physical and spiritual worlds was strongly influenced by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.

religious and spiritual

The Columba Press, a religious and spiritual book company based in Dublin, is named after Colmcille.

He wanted to become a researcher and a professor but his father wanted him to become a religious and spiritual scholar like him.

This global ethic was endorsed by many of the attending religious and spiritual leaders who were part of the parliament assembly.

spiritual beliefs

SL was heavily influenced by his spiritual beliefs, namely Satanism.

This was especially the case concerning traditional Fijian spiritual beliefs.

He saw all that he did and each position he took as an expression of his spiritual beliefs.

spiritual home   (精神的な家)

Giles’ spiritual home was Italy, where he spent three years from 1823 to 1826.

Politically, Aro Valley has become a stronghold or "spiritual home" of the Green Party.

Kangaba, the spiritual home of the Mandinka people, is located at the foot of the mountains.

spiritual father

Severinus was the childhood guardian and spiritual father of St. Anthony the Hermit.

Cædwalla vowed that if Wilfrid would be his spiritual father then he would be his obedient son.

In 1941 Fr Sophrony was ordained to the priesthood, and became a spiritual father to many Athonite monks.

spiritual significance

Differences occur firstly on whether the act has any spiritual significance.

Austronesian buildings have spiritual significance, often containing what is coined by anthropologist James J.

Owing to the belief of spirits residing in the plants, the garden is regarded as a place of great spiritual significance.

spiritual values

Olson's approach is interdisciplinary, focused on fundamentals, and inclusive of physical, mental, and spiritual values.

The form factor along with the spiritual values associated with space exploration makes ASIMO an embodiment of techno-animism.

The schools under the group aim to impart modern education to upcoming generations through a system that is based on the ancient Indian moral, cultural and spiritual values.

spiritual matters

The second half of the book is dominated by spiritual matters.

He spoke occasionally with people, and when he spoke it was generally of spiritual matters.

In 1841, the seven were deposed for acknowledging the superiority of the secular court in spiritual matters.

moral and spiritual

"Roxana" narrates the moral and spiritual decline of a high society courtesan.

The association's stated purpose was to educate theology students about the moral and spiritual requirements of monastic life.

The GIT has dedicated itself to the process of bringing about intellectual, moral and spiritual improvement to individuals, families and communities in Guyana.

spiritual path

Tapas is an element of spiritual path, state Indian texts.

Buddhism is not a spiritual path of protector-worship, or even Buddha-worship.

He taught a spiritual path that included ethical training and meditative practices such as "jhana" and mindfulness.