Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

sponsored legislation   (legislación patrocinada)

He sponsored legislation to aid the Salton Sea restoration.

Johnson sponsored legislation to allow mothers to breast feed their children in public.

In early 2019, Daniels sponsored legislation to requiring schools to teach courses on the Bible.

government sponsored   (patrocinado por el gobierno)

A vast majority of these students are government sponsored.

Sangaree had been a vocal critic of the government sponsored paramilitary groups.

However, sometimes government sponsored floods causes loss of thousands of lives.

sponsored a bill   (patrocinado un proyecto de ley)

He sponsored a bill to ban liquor and beer advertising in all interstate media.

Pipkin sponsored a bill to return a tax credit to employers who provide daycare for their employees.

In 2005, he sponsored a bill to create the Council on the Social Status of African-American Men and Boys.

currently sponsored

The programme is currently sponsored by Sky Mobile.

The race is currently sponsored by AES Waste Management.

He is currently sponsored by Ritual Hockey.

contest sponsored   (concurso patrocinado)

In 1935 she was on the panel of judges for a literary contest sponsored by the Bronxville Women's Club.

Actor Richard Harris performed the song "My Boy" at a music contest sponsored by Radio Luxembourg in 1971.

In 2008 she was elected "Miss Butt" in a contest sponsored by the brand Sloggi, owned by Triumph International of France.

competition sponsored   (concurso patrocinado)

Solinger started modeling through a Miss Caboodles competition sponsored by Teen Magazine.

She won the "gold record" award in a competition sponsored by a French TV station in 1995.

She studied in Rome for two years after winning a competition sponsored by the French Academy in Rome.

program sponsored

NSS is a community service program sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.

Initial assistance in Mali came from the CMRT (Community Mobilization through Radio Technology) program sponsored by USAID.

In 1968, Karoo Ashevak settled in Taloyoak where his career began through an arts and crafts program sponsored by the government.

not sponsored

This title was not sponsored by the OHSAA until 2017.

The Knights have separate memberships in two sports that are not sponsored by the GLVC.

Upper Arlington has won 116 state titles overall, including sports not sponsored by the OHSAA.

event was sponsored   (evento fue patrocinado)

The event was sponsored by Marlboro from 1991 to 2005.

The event was sponsored by Societe Perrier.

The 2015 event was sponsored by Dafabet.