sports teams

East's sports teams were nicknamed the Blue Bombers.

Dalhousie's sports teams are called the Tigers.

The sports teams are known as the Blue Devils.

sports car   (スポーツカー)

It also famously powered the DeLorean sports car.

This was converted into a sports car, however.

She has her sports car parked in front of her building.

sports club

She represented the sports club Molde og Omegn IF.

Gramadeepam library arts&sports club,Thevalakkara

He represents the sports club Bardufoss og Omegn IF.

other sports   (その他のスポーツ)

She loves hiking, rock climbing, and other sports.

In all other sports, the conference is undivided.

Besides football he was practicing other sports.

professional sports

Frankfurt is home to several professional sports teams.

Gräfe, a professional sports scientist, lives in Berlin.

Many WVWC alumni have gone on to play professional sports.

sports shooter   (スポーツシューター)

The sports shooter Michael Buchheim is his father.

Mylie Fletcher Mylie Fletcher was a Canadian sports shooter.

Anna Ilina Anna Ilina (; born 1997) is a Ukrainian sports shooter.

sports facilities

Both sites share the sports facilities and canteen.

There are sports facilities on all campuses.

It has some of the best winter sports facilities in Finland.

sports clubs

There are a number of local sports clubs like JSC.

The following sports clubs are located in Lindome:

The following sports clubs are located in Skarpnäck:

sports such

She enjoys extreme sports such as surfing and snowboarding.

This event includes sports such as basketball, soccer, and wrestling.

From a very young age he had great interest in combat sports such as karate.

sports complex   (スポーツ複合施設)

A field house was recently added to the sports complex.

It was replaced by a sports complex.

Nonetheless, the entire sports complex goes by the name Eiskanal.

sports events

There are many facilities for sports events.

The station also airs club sports events.

After the war, "Het Volk" started organizing sports events.

sports hall

The school has a modern sports hall on Dover Street.

There is also a sports hall and swimming pool.

He was inducted into the Dominican sports hall of fame in 1993.

sports cars   (スポーツカー)

He likely model railways and driving sports cars.

Their sports cars are regarded as a British cultural icon.

In 1963 the company made a series of Mini powered sports cars.

sports include

Men's sports include baseball and sprint football.

Women's sports include volleyball and softball.

Women's sports include softball and volleyball.

all sports

CVU competes in Division 1 brackets for all sports.

Note that not all sports will be available each term.

Breathing techniques are used in all sports.

sports team   (スポーツチーム)

The Kansas City Chiefs are his favorite sports team.

Ghana's sports team won the most medals at the event.

The main handball club and most famous sports team from Bitola is RK Pelister.

sports talk   (スポーツトーク)

Late in 1991, WCNT began airing mostly sports talk.

It switched to a sports talk format known as "Rumble 1460".

WRFX-AM went back to sports talk in the morning early in 1995.

water sports

Her favorite activities are reading and water sports.

Yachting, boating, water sports and beach activities are also possible.

These, along with the river, provide excellent venues for water sports.

following sports

The following sports clubs are located in Lindome:

The Sidney Eagles compete in the following sports:

The Morgan Eagles compete in the following sports:

winter sports

This discourages people from trying winter sports.

Andorra is famous for the practice of winter sports.

They are not good at winter sports like skiing.

school sports   (学校のスポーツ)

All school sports were played at Parker's Piece.

The high school sports teams are named the Golden Bears.

The school sports mascot is the Gator.

local sports

There are a number of local sports clubs like JSC.

The station also broadcasts the local sports games.

The local sports ground is home of the Ebor Campdraft.

various sports

While living in Lithuania he actively promoted various sports.

Over weekends he pursued various sports and was a keen golfer.

Symbols of the various sports are embedded using laser etching.

different sports

Chaminade offers over 60 teams in 18 different sports.

In Garapan there is Carolinian Utt where you can play different sports.

"Nil", "love", and "duck" are used by different sports for scores of zero.

sports journalist   (スポーツジャーナリスト)

She is the mother of sports journalist Oliver Holt.

She is married to sports journalist Paul Gutierrez.

Today she is a sports journalist.

many sports

The Rockdale Tigers participate in many sports.

The local colleges feature many sports teams.

The Hornby area contains many sports clubs.

sports fields

The adjacent Mill Road sports fields were not included in the sale.

The primary and high schools have adjacent campuses and share the same sports fields.

Nairnville park features sports fields that are used for football, rugby and cricket.

varsity sports   (大学スポーツ)

They compete in the Pac-12 Conference in 20 varsity sports.

The following varsity sports are offered:

The school sponsors 20 varsity sports.

sports director

He was the sports director for WBRE-TV until 2006.

In 2013, he became sports director of Herediano.

Also, he was a sports director of KK Student Banja Luka.

sports radio

Owned by Entercom, the station airs a sports radio format.

After his playing career ended, he went into sports radio.

At the time of the sale, the station aired a sports radio format.

sports leagues

Joe Wolfe Field also hosts other youth sports leagues.

American and Canadian sports leagues typically have such playoff systems.

Colorado has five major professional sports leagues, all based in the Denver metropolitan area.

major sports   (メジャースポーツ)

Its major sports are football, lacrosse and swimming.

The major sports are athletics, cricket, netball and rugby.

Hockey is one of Malaysia's major sports.

team sports   (チームスポーツ)

Carson City has never hosted any professional team sports.

It was the largest sponsorship deal in the history of team sports.

The 2006 Lusophone Games included 8 sports, 3 individual sports and 5 team sports.

sports editor

The Oklahoman sports editor, Mike Sherman, stood by the story.

Medworth, who at the time was sports editor of the "Natal Mercury".

In February 1964, he moved to "Newsweek" to become its sports editor.

sports program

Ferré has served at Washburn, a NCAA Division II sports program, since February 1996.

is the ending theme for the Japan-based sports program, "Bowling Revolution P★League".

The district offers a wide variety of clubs, activities and an extensive sports program.

several sports

He also coached several sports at the high school level.

They participated in several sports including powerlifting.

Rayman also appears to like several sports, such as basketball.

sports programs

Santa Ana College sponsors 18 sports programs.

Gate City High School offers a variety of sports programs.

California has long had many respected collegiate sports programs.

sports including

They participated in several sports including powerlifting.

It is used in a variety of sports including sailing, bowls, swimming, and cycling.

The town is also home to sporting clubs which play sports including: Shifnal Town F.C.

new sports

In 2009 the school adopted a new sports uniform.

A new sports centre was one of the last projects to be completed.

However, in 2018 it was announced no new sports would be added for 2022.

indoor sports

The arena used mainly for indoor sports.

The MPC includes an indoor sports arena, canteen and classrooms.

An indoor sports hall is currently under construction in this campus.

popular sports

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the state.

At the time, Fox Sports focused on less popular sports.

They include: Football is one of the most popular sports.

variety of sports

New Covenant Academy has offered a variety of sports.

Gate City High School offers a variety of sports programs.

Elfin produced a variety of sports and Open-wheel race cars.

former sports

Michael was also a former sports scholar at Liverpool John Moores University.

Star Park Star Park is the name applied to several former sports stadiums in Syracuse, New York.

A former sports magazine journalist and photographer, he has written, co-written and edited 38 books, mainly on cricket.

sports car racing

He was more successful in sports car racing.

The premier championship series of sports car racing is the FIA World Endurance Championship.

R-GT was introduced to allow Grand Touring cars that competed in sports car racing to enter rallies.

sports reporter   (スポーツ記者)

As of 2012 he was still working as a sports reporter.

Johnson's first job was as a sports reporter for KTVL in Medford, Oregon in 1999.

His career began at WISH-TV in Indianapolis as a sports reporter while a student at Butler University.

sports centre

The town has a library, a sports centre and swimming pool.

A new sports centre was one of the last projects to be completed.

Bolton St Catherine's Academy has a community leisure and sports centre.

sports anchor   (スポーツアンカー)

He was sports anchor for WNBC-TV and for WTVJ-TV.

Acerbic sports anchor Al Ackerman initiated the phrase "Bless You Boys".

A year later, he became a weekend sports anchor at WDTN in Dayton, Ohio.

high school sports   (高校スポーツ)

The high school sports teams are named the Golden Bears.

Muzzy Field hosts high school sports, primarily baseball and football.

After World War II, it adopted other sports and began standardizing officiating practices for high school sports.

college sports

Two of his other brothers also played junior college sports.

At this time, there was no official regulating body for college sports.

The annual college sports meet is held every year between August and October.

sports writer

Gallagher worked as a sports writer for the "Chicago Herald-American".

In December 2014 sports writer published a biography of Nakanishi titled "Last One" ().

In 1981, sports writer Ritter Collett published a biography of Schlichter, "Straight Arrow".

sports ground

The school has a sports ground and three indoor gyms.

The local sports ground is home of the Ebor Campdraft.

Today, the park has been transformed and laid out as a sports ground.

sports activities

It is used mainly for leisure and sports activities.

Nasarpur is quite healthy for numerous sports activities.

He found that social and sports activities ashore were much improved.

sports medicine   (スポーツ医学)

There are many different types of sports medicine experts.

He specializes in sports medicine.

The practice facility would be , the team offices and the sports medicine clinic .

sports programming

KVLY shares news stories and sports programming with NBC North Dakota.

Sherman recognized its marketing and revenue potential for sports programming.

As an independent station, channel 9's schedule was heavy on sports programming.

sports commentator   (スポーツ解説者)

He also acts as a sports commentator, and TV and radio pundit.

Sato has worked as a sports commentator for Japanese television.

Álvarez Dugan began his career as a sports commentator and announcer.

sports field

Banks DIH operates a sports field, and sponsors various sporting events.

There was a large grass sports field, basketball courts, and 5 tennis courts.

There are about one hundred beds, as well as a campground and a sports field.

sports news

The network focuses entirely on sports news, results, highlights and analysis.

On May 28, 2015, Time Inc. announced the purchase of entertainment and sports news site .

This Just In - Breaking sports news stories are just announced during production of each episode.

regional sports   (地域スポーツ)

In 2004, he was selected for a regional sports hostel in Lucknow.

However, it was ownership in a regional sports network that the two teams wanted.

The initial idea of a team-owned regional sports network was first proposed in 1999.

international sports

Liquid Force is an active international sports and events sponsor.

In 2016 she campaigned on a blanket ban of all Russians from international sports events.

Merdeka Stadium will also be the official national stadium in organizing international sports.

national sports   (国技)

He set a national sports festival record of 20.36 to win the shot put.

It had a mix of local and national sports talk shows during this period.

Further, over 50 national sports organizations (non-Olympic) headquarter in Colorado Springs.

sports network   (スポーツネットワーク)

Overtime is a distributed sports network.

However, it was ownership in a regional sports network that the two teams wanted.

The initial idea of a team-owned regional sports network was first proposed in 1999.

sports betting

Online sports betting is also legal in New Jersey.

Other casinos have followed in offering online sports betting.

This is the most common type of bet in American sports betting.

extreme sports

Disabled people participate in extreme sports.

She enjoys extreme sports such as surfing and snowboarding.

There are, however, several characteristics common to most extreme sports.

sports stadium

It is the only sports stadium located in the Eastern Region.

The Waterfront next to the sports stadium also has entertainment.

Streets, hospitals, schools, and a sports stadium have been named in his honor.

sports coverage   (スポーツ報道)

The fourteen-game package was a historic first for Black college sports coverage.

Rural areas were especially influenced by sports coverage and the propagation of national myths.

Both radio stations consisted of educational programming, news and sports coverage, as well as music.

both sports

Many old clubs still have both sports on their program.

He is the only man to have captained England at both sports.

Spaeth holds multiple records at St. Michael–Albertville in both sports.

sports and entertainment

The council decided to replace it with a larger sports and entertainment centre in 2000.

He also acquired a 45% interest in the new Barclays Center sports and entertainment arena.

One Sports is a sports and entertainment cable/satellite television channel operated by TV5 through Cignal TV.

sports arena   (スポーツアリーナ)

The stands in the sports arena can hold up to 388 people.

The MPC includes an indoor sports arena, canteen and classrooms.

Croydon Sports Arena was first opened in 1953 and is a multiple use sports arena in South Norwood.

including sports

Upper Arlington has won 116 state titles overall, including sports not sponsored by the OHSAA.

Raptor focuses on various industries including sports, consumer, technology, media, entertainment, and financial services.

Hunter Industries products are used in a wide array of locations including sports stadiums, national landmarks, hotels, and city parks.

outdoor sports

Sacred Heart High School has an outdoor sports program with an established cricket team.

The remainder of the North Yard was upgraded to provide better outdoor sports facilities.

It has both indoor and outdoor sports facilities, in addition to a synthetic football field.

sports facility   (スポーツ施設)

The closest sports facility is Rothwell Sports Centre in neighbouring Oulton.

This stadium is a multi-dimensional sports facility with excellent support features.

Birchmount Stadium Birchmount Stadium is a multi-purpose outdoor sports facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

number of sports   (スポーツの数)

Blue Sox Blue Sox may refer to a number of sports teams:

There are a number of sports grounds including the Corben Oval, W.T.

Žaliakalnis contains a number of sports facilities and educational institutions:

sports event   (スポーツイベント)

Judkins organised his first sports event in 1975, the Coca-Cola Freestyle Skiing Contest.

This one-day sports event is meant for amateur cyclists but has also gained worldwide popularity.

His other-stuff talk makes his talk show much more interesting when there is no big sports event.

intramural sports

Dean College also offers intramural sports.

The Center also operates the Cain Sports Complex for intramural sports.

The university's intramural sports programs are organized by the staff of the center.

most sports   (ほとんどのスポーツ)

The UNB Reds and St. Thomas Tommies are rivals in most sports.

In addition, most sports have a junior varsity and freshmen team.

Unlike most sports, men and women compete and are ranked together.

sports equipment

The money was used for airfare, uniforms and sports equipment.

VAUDE VAUDE () is a German producer of mountain sports equipment.

For instance, there is an elementary index for "sports equipment in Seattle".

sports history

It was the worst single air tragedy in NCAA sports history.

Some notable events in sports history occurred in Fort Wayne.

"The Phold" of 1964 is among the most notable collapses in sports history.

sports venue   (スポーツ会場)

This is AT&T's third major sports venue where it holds the naming rights.

Ostragehege Ostragehege is a multi-use sports venue in Dresden, Germany.

The rest of the property was used as a sports venue for the upper classes.

sports management

McPherson has since developed a career in sports management.

After retiring from competition, Quax established a career in sports management.

In 1985, Walters set up a sports management agency with Franzese as a silent partner.

sports drama

"When the Game Stands Tall" is a 2014 sports drama film.

The song can also be heard in the sports drama film "" (2007).

He acted alongside Mark Wahlberg in the biographical sports drama "The Fighter" (2010) as Dicky Eklund.

sports agent

The contest was created by American sports agent J.

He was the first client of sports agent Leigh Steinberg.

After his retirement from the sport he became a sports agent.

professional sports teams

Frankfurt is home to several professional sports teams.

There are currently no major league professional sports teams.

There are many popular professional sports teams in the Gdańsk and Tricity area.

first sports

It became the first sports CD-ROM designed for girls.

At the age of 22, he designed the company’s first sports watch.

Fencing was one of the first sports to be played in the Olympics.

news and sports

KUMV has its own news and sports anchor who fill the remaining 20 minutes.

sports games

The station also broadcasts the local sports games.

List of Mario sports games There have been numerous sports games in the "Mario" franchise.

sports competitions

Regular Inter-House sports competitions are held throughout the year.

Hamilton Park hosted Yale University sports competitions in the 19th century.

The top prize at the Olympic Games and many other sports competitions is the gold medal.

sports broadcaster   (スポーツ放送局)

He moved to Texas in the late 1950s to become a sports broadcaster.

He was also a television sports broadcaster for the NBA's Washington Wizards.

Haslem is married to Faith Rein, a sports broadcaster, whom he dated for 14 years.

youth sports

Joe Wolfe Field also hosts other youth sports leagues.

In May 2001 the TSA approved its first youth sports project.

He covered St. Louis Flyers hockey, boxing, and youth sports.

intercollegiate sports

McMurry fields teams in 19 different intercollegiate sports.

In the same year, the college also ended participation in intercollegiate sports.

At the time, collegiate rules prohibited freshmen from playing intercollegiate sports.

most popular sports   (最も人気のあるスポーツ)

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the state.

They include: Football is one of the most popular sports.

Among the most popular sports in Switzerland is ice hockey.

sports venues

The most significant sports venues are Eden Arena (e.g.

Today, the park is considered to be one of the most well-known sports venues in the world.

It has won eight National AAA Championship in Washington, DC., and has been featured at professional sports venues.

sports media

Peredo was comfortable in all sports media: television, radio and written press.

After his win of the 2008 Tour Down Under, he was nicknamed the "Gorilla" by various sports media.

Following the Grand Prix, Sakuraba was christened the "Gracie Hunter" by the Japanese sports media.

sports writers

He was a unanimous pick by the AP sports writers.

Turner was a unanimous All-Pro pick by the UP sports writers.

One of the sports writers came up with Golden Gales and the name stuck.

sports columnist   (スポーツコラムニスト)

Richard Justice (disambiguation) Richard Justice is an American sports columnist.

"He was to outdoor journalism what Norman Rockwell was to art," wrote longtime "Bangor Daily News" sports columnist Larry Mahoney.

The couple had two sons; Andrew, a sports columnist at "The Daily Telegraph" and James, a television executive at Red Arrow Studios.

combat sports   (格闘技)

Fencing Fencing is a group of three related combat sports.

He practices combat sports and loves to have his body defined.

Zingano began her career in combat sports with wrestling at age 12.

sports channel

NTV Plus Sport NTV Plus Sport is Russia's first dedicated sports channel.

He worked as analyst and color commentator at Sport1, a German sports channel.

The Rajah Cup Finals were aired on ABS-CBN's sports channel, ABS-CBN Sports and Action.

sports science

Abrahams is considered the founder of British sports science.

degree in sports science from Eastern Washington University in 1988.

He studied at Brunel University where he obtained a degree in sports science.

sports fans

Both of them, like their parents, are big sports fans.

The annual contest is aimed at recognizing the most dedicated sports fans.

The first games of Smyrna took place in 1894, organized by the English sports fans of Bornova.

sports include basketball   (スポーツにはバスケットボールが含まれます)

Other sports include basketball, fitness, gymnastics, and tennis.

Summer sports include basketball, cricket, tennis, and touch football.

while women's sports include basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis, and cross country.

sports administrator

After retirement, he has been a sports administrator, and a farmer in Kapsabet.

Mike Hill (athletic director) Mike Hill is an American university sports administrator.

Robin Judkins Robin Austin Judkins (born 10 May 1949) is a New Zealand sports administrator.