İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

spring training   (Bahar antremanı)

He also received an invitation to spring training.

The deal included an invitation to spring training.

The Reds invited him to spring training in 2018.

spring and summer   (ilkbahar ve yaz)

Seedlings usually appear in late spring and summer.

He started running even harder last spring and summer.

These usually occur during spring and summer.

early spring   (erken bahar)

The breeding season is autumn, winter and early spring.

The flowering period extends from early spring to autumn.

Eagles can be seen here from late fall through early spring.

late spring   (geç bahar)

Seedlings usually appear in late spring and summer.

Flowering lasts from late spring to early fall.

Tipaldo" in the late spring of 1936.

during the spring   (bahar boyunca)

The Ainu usually hunted bear during the spring thaw.

Rainfall occurs mostly during the spring and autumn.

during spring   (ilkbahar sırasında)

It moults twice a year, during spring and autumn.

"Morchella elata" fruits during spring on soil.

These usually occur during spring and summer.

following spring   (sonraki bahar)

The bulblets can then be planted the following spring.

The following spring, they were sent to Trois-Rivières.

They emerge in the following spring and mate in June and July.

winter and spring   (kış ve bahar)

The terms summer, autumn, winter and spring do not generally apply.

Post-Production was done in Toronto during the winter and spring of 2016.

During the winter and spring runoff, the Hardy is allowed to fluctuate much more.

hot spring   (kaplıca)

The hot spring also prevents the ground from freezing.

Its name is derived from the Ainu language for "hot spring".

The geyser disappeared circa 1966 – 1970, leaving a hot spring.

spring water   (kaynak suyu)

The chips were then placed in clear spring water.

The spring water is rich with sulfur and methane gas.

It provided spring water and was a rest stop for travelers.

spring and fall   (ilkbahar ve sonbahar)

In spring and fall, the Reserve is home to many migratory birds.

This reenactment takes place in the spring and fall of every year.

Home ranges were larger in summer and winter than in spring and fall.

until the spring   (bahara kadar)

This process would go on all winter until the spring thaw.

The modernisation work continued until the spring of 2008.

Deutsche Bahn operated a DB Service Store until the spring of 2008.

each spring   (her bahar)

Cotton, soybeans, rice and corn are planted each spring.

Teams are nominated each spring or summer based on results.

However the family returned each spring to work their farm.

invitation to spring   (bahara davet)

He also received an invitation to spring training.

The deal included an invitation to spring training.

He received a non-roster invitation to spring training on February 5, 2016.

spring semester   (Bahar Dönemi)

It was later reported that Nwosu did not enroll in the following spring semester.

During the 1937 spring semester he taught religion at Tennessee Wesleyan College.

He spent the spring semester studying in Mexico and did not participate in the Vols' fall camp.

spring and autumn   (İlkbahar ve sonbahar)

It moults twice a year, during spring and autumn.

Rainfall occurs mostly during the spring and autumn.

spring and early   (bahar ve erken)

It produces small white flowers in late spring and early summer.

In Florida, "Echinaster echinophorus" spawns in late spring and early summer.

In spring and early summer 529, Liang troops under Chen pushed into Northern Wei territory.

during spring training   (bahar eğitimi sırasında)

He became ill while there, and suffered relapses during spring training.

He tried to earn a spot with the Indians during spring training but was unable to.

In 2008, Reed recalled having pitched to Barry Bonds during spring training in Tucson, Arizona.

spring season   (Bahar sezonu)

Generally people visit this area during the spring season.

In spring season, the temperatures are moderate and temperate.

These seeds must hibernate until their respective spring season.

spring break   (Bahar tatili)

The school was on spring break at the time of collapse.

Yūta assumes it is only for spring break.

In 2008, 22,500 students came to Acapulco for spring break.

until spring   (bahara kadar)

As of now, mining is going to be continued until spring 2021.

In 2009 the duo went back with Blasi and they kept on hosting "Le Iene" until spring 2011.

Interestingly, Pound did not envision an aircraft carrier in the Far East until spring 1942.

every spring   (her bahar)

Recreational scuba diving expeditions are now made every spring.

The Fashion for Fighters Foundation hosts an annual Gala every spring.

From 1845, Colenso undertook lengthy journeys every spring and autumn.

fall and spring   (sonbahar ve ilkbahar)

The library is open seven days a week during the fall and spring semesters.

The library is open 24 hours on weekdays during the fall and spring semesters.

The center offers programs on orienteering for beginners in the fall and spring.

natural spring   (doğal kaynak)

The park is named after a natural spring at the location.

A stream and a cave with a natural spring made the area an ideal overnight spot for travelers.

The building was located over a natural spring, which was used by the brewery to make its beer.

spring up   (yayılmak)

It is common for new piece to spring up overnight quite frequently.

Others went into business in the towns that were beginning to spring up.

The idea caught on quickly and Possum Hunter groups began to spring up throughout the region.

spring practice   (bahar uygulaması)

As a sophomore, he was moved to linebacker during spring practice.

Meyer returned to coach the Gators in spring practice in March 2010.

Kempthorn first played with the Wolverines during 1947 spring practice.

next spring   (gelecek bahar)

The moth flies from August to the next spring.

They pupate in the nest and emerge as adults the next spring.

After the seed ripens in early summer, the plants become dormant until the next spring.

spring when   (ne zaman bahar)

The best time to visit the waterfall is spring when there is a lot of water.

In early spring when the sea ice vanishes, the layer gets thicker (up to 1.5 km).

It starts its life in the spring when it hatches from an egg and pupates in the summer.

leaf spring   (Yaprak yay)

Hydraulic drum brakes were fitted all round and suspension was leaf spring.

It was fitted with a modified Kégresse leaf spring suspension and a 62 hp engine.

The rear suspension is an integral link design, with a transverse composite leaf spring.

water spring   (su kaynağı)

Also, mineral water spring is worth mentioning.

In ancient times, this water spring was believed to be miracolous

At top of the cerro is a “Stone” water spring, called Pinalinchini.

annual spring   (yıllık bahar)

The weekend includes an annual spring concert festival that has featured numerous famous artists.

Harbaugh performed well in the annual spring game in April 1983, completing 10 of 15 passes for 116 yards.

By April 1985, Harbaugh's arm had healed, and he completed 10 of 16 passes for 146 yards in the annual spring game.

spring house   (bahar evi)

Also on the property is a contributing stone spring house.

Also on the property are the contributing guesthouse / spring house, smokehouse, and barn.

Also on the property are a contributing stone bank barn (c. 1810) and stone spring house (c. 1855).

spring months   (bahar ayları)

Strong floods are observed in spring months.

These turtles are only active in the cooler spring months.

Some storms can be severe, especially during the spring months.

through the spring   (ilkbahar boyunca)

The band returned to perform at Carolina Rebellion and Rock on The Range through the spring and summer of 2013.

The 10th Regiment Indiana Cavalry was organized at Columbus and Vincennes, Indiana, in the winter of 1863 through the spring of 1864.

The debate over removal of the cross dominated Ventura County newspaper coverage and editorials through the spring and summer of 2003.

end of spring   (bahar sonu)

By the end of spring training, Linde remained a part of the Indians roster.

House chess is generally held in early spring, and house tennis at the end of spring.

At the end of spring training, a line drive fractured the pisiform bone in his right hand.