Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

practice squad   (escuadrón de práctica)

On November 1, he was added to the practice squad.

He spent part of the season on the practice squad.

He was signed to the practice squad on September 2.

firing squad   (pelotón de fusilamiento)

Executions were generally by hanging or firing squad.

17-20+ of them were executed by firing squad.

He faces death by firing squad if convicted.

team squad   (equipo de equipo)

The following is the list of the Basel first team squad.

Remmer joined the first team squad at F.C.

He was promoted to Beijing Guoan's first team squad in 2013.

senior squad   (escuadrón senior)

He currently has five caps with the senior squad.

They played together for both junior and senior squad.

His career with Patronato's senior squad started in 2012.

main squad   (escuadrón principal)

He was promoted to the main squad for the 2011–12 campaign.

The main squad consisted almost exclusively of Dynamo Kyiv's players.

On 9 August of the following year, he was definitely promoted to the main squad.

first team squad   (equipo de primer equipo)

The following is the list of the Basel first team squad.

Remmer joined the first team squad at F.C.

He was promoted to Beijing Guoan's first team squad in 2013.

final squad   (escuadrón final)

However he did not travel with the final squad.

However he was dropped from the final squad.

He figured in the final squad later on.

squad that won   (escuadrón que ganó)

He was in the squad that won promotion to Pro D2 in 2010.

He was part of the squad that won the 2008 Copa Libertadores.

He was part of the squad that won the 2004 African Cup of Nations.

squad was announced   (se anunció el escuadrón)

The squad was announced on 24 March 2018.

Head coach: Alen Stajcic The squad was announced on 9 March.

Head coach: Yoon Deok-yeo The squad was announced on 22 March.

national squad   (escuadrón nacional)

Selected to the national squad in 1995.

Players marked (c) were named as captain for their national squad.

Pérez finished in ninth and eleventh place with the national squad.

squad number   (número de escuadrón)

He was given squad number 7 for the 2011–12 season.

For the 2010–11 season, he was given squad number 41.

He was given squad number 15 for the season.

training squad   (escuadrón de entrenamiento)

He was named in the Fiji training squad for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup.

Piutau joined the All Blacks training squad during the 2013 Super Rugby season.

He was named in the Ireland training squad for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup.

squad the next   (escuadrón el siguiente)

He was released on October 23 and re-signed to the practice squad the next day.

He was waived on August 31, 2019 and was signed to the practice squad the next day.

squad during   (escuadrón durante)

Several more players were added to the squad during the season.

Gajić was called in Serbia U17 national team squad during the 2015.

It was his only involvement in the first team squad during the 2011–12 season.

squad member   (miembro del escuadrón)

He was a squad member for Sweden at Euro 2012.

He was a non-playing squad member at the 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

He was a non-playing squad member at the 1996 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

squad leader   (Líder de escuadrón)

He served as a soldier and a squad leader.

Their squad leader goes inside the fort to recon and is captured.

During the Agrarian Revolutionary War (1927), he was a squad leader in the 28th Army.

preliminary squad   (escuadrón preliminar)

A preliminary squad of 18–50 players was submitted earlier.

Díaz was on the preliminary squad for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

A preliminary squad with 26 names was announced on 26 April 2018.

first squad   (primer escuadrón)

In the 2006 he was promoted to the first squad.

On 8 May, Townsend named his first squad for Scotland's 2017 June tests.

In 2007, he joined Grêmio youth side and was promoted to the first squad in 2008.

youth squad   (escuadrón juvenil)

He was a member of the Inter U17 youth squad.

He plays for the youth squad of SPAL.

HFC Haarlem saw his potential, and signed him for their youth squad.

man squad   (escuadrón de hombres)

In May 2018 he was named in Iceland’s 23 man squad for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In May 2018 he was named in Tite’s final 23 man squad for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In May 2018 he was named in Sweden's 23 man squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

development squad   (escuadrón de desarrollo)

II to ensure the youth development squad; Selangor F.C.

Upon joining the club, he was immediately assigned to the development squad.

As a result, he appeared in a number of matches for the club's development squad.

reserve squad   (escuadrón de reserva)

"For the reserve squad of Ajax see: Jong Ajax."

Cocu began in the AZ reserve squad but was soon added to the first team.

However, Horn only made appearances for the reserve squad in those two seasons.

death squad   (Escuadrón de la muerte)

His wife was assassinated by a death squad sent by Assad.

This was followed by more protests and death squad killings throughout the later part of the year.

Named in honor of Karl Liebknecht, the KPD leader who was assassinated by a military death squad in January 1919.

squad members   (miembros del escuadrón)

All squad members play rugby in New Zealand.

However, pressure from the football coach and squad members changed his mind.

They set up camp and Dom and Marcus tell war stories to the other squad members.

provisional squad   (escuadrón provisional)

He was also selected in Iran's 30-man provisional squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

He was selected by Nigeria for their 35-man provisional squad for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The following year, Oshaniwa was named in the provisional squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

squad due   (escuadrón debido)

Matthew Bingley was released from the squad due to salary cap restrictions.

Ahead of the series, Mustafizur Rahman was ruled out of Bangladesh's squad due to injury.

Butler was recalled on 8 January 2013, and was included on first-team squad due to player shortage.

winning squad   (escuadrón ganador)

He was in the winning squad for the 1974 FIFA World Cup.

Thonglao was also a member of the victorious T&T Cup 2008 winning squad.

Mongkol was part of Thailand's winning squad at the 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup.

squad to play   (equipo para jugar)

Emil was in the original Port Moresby Vipers squad to play in the Inter-City competition.

Later that month, he was included in the squad to play a tri-nation ODI series in Zimbabwe against the hosts and Sri Lanka.

January 2019 On 8 November 2012, Potts was called up to the England under-19 squad to play Finland in a friendly on 13 November in Telford.

cheerleading squad   (escuadrón de porristas)

The Chiefs have employed a cheerleading squad since the team's inception in 1960.

It marked the first time in over 40 years the team had an official cheerleading squad.

She is a member of the Boosters, the school's cheerleading squad, and often gets into trouble.

matchday squad   (equipo de la jornada)

He was left out the matchday squad for the game against Italy, but was an unused substitute in the match verses Serbia.

He was not in Arsenal's matchday squad when they won the 2015 FA Cup Final 4–0 against Aston Villa at Wembley Stadium on 30 May.

On 29 March 2018, following several matchday squad appearances, Schuurman agreed a new deal with Vitesse, running until June 2019.

squad ahead   (escuadrón por delante)

He moved to the U23s squad ahead of the 2017–18 season.

On 6 August 2018, Hansen named a 33-man squad ahead of the Championship.

He was named as the player to watch in the squad ahead of the tournament.

football squad   (equipo de fútbol)

It was the region's first entirely professional football squad.

The football squad was completely sponsored by the Kiev Military District headquarters.

Instead, he made it to the football squad where his brilliance in the field became much apparent.

squad to face   (escuadrón para enfrentar)

In June 2011, he was called up to the squad to face Benin on 5 June 2011.

Bannan was then called up to the Scotland squad to face Brazil in March 2011.

On 4 August, it was revealed Gradel had been called up to the Ivory Coast squad to face Israel.

squad won   (escuadrón ganó)

The squad won 79 of the 100 games during those four years.

His squad won 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans in the LMGTE Am category.

playing squad   (equipo de juego)

It was turned down however as he was described as a "top asset" in the playing squad.

The change in a club's image and appearance was followed by radical changes in the playing squad.

To achieve their success, the Manchester United playing squad had been altered substantially during the close season.

full squad   (escuadrón completo)

The full squad listings are below.

Todorić represented Yugoslavia at the cadet, junior, and senior (full squad) level.

He made his full squad debut on 14 November 2012, starting in a 0–1 friendly loss against Togo.

squad before   (escuadrón antes)

Financial issues befell the squad before they even made the grid.

Captain Arthur Francis left the squad before the final game against New South Wales.

Brallier remained with Latrobe for a second game against an Altoona squad before leaving for college.

squad finished   (escuadrón terminado)

The squad finished the season 21–12 overall (9–7 SEC), and finished in 5th place.

The 2007 squad also won the championships, while the 2008 squad finished high in the playoffs.

The Alabama freshmen squad finished the 1965 season with a record of three wins and one loss (3–1).