Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

least squares   (mínimos cuadrados)

Therefore, a near intersection gets computed, typically via least squares.

least squares linear regression) were developed for low dimensional data (i.e.

Chin is widely considered a leading authority on SEM, especially partial least squares (PLS).

magic squares   (cuadrados mágicos)

ALL 3"m" planar arrays must be pandiagonal magic squares.

In addition, all 6 oblique squares are pandiagonal magic squares.

These two conditions combine to provide a total of 9m pandiagonal magic squares.

public squares   (plazas públicas)

A river in Paraná is named after him, as well as many public squares and streets all over Brazil.

The "agora" was also an area of public squares and plazas, where the people might formally assemble, or gather for festivals.

He wrote of Albert, Today many plaques commemorate Albert and many public squares and municipal buildings are named after him.

sum of squares   (suma de cuadrados)

See also Lack-of-fit sum of squares.

Laplace knew how to estimate a variance from a residual (rather than a total) sum of squares.

A "Pythagorean field" is a field with Pythagoras number 1: that is, every sum of squares is already a square.