Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

more stable   (mas estable)

In this period, settlement became more stable.

Rhombic sulfur is the more stable of the two allotropes.

Clearly, the mean is more stable and there is less overfit.

relatively stable   (relativamente estable)

Holocene climate has been relatively stable.

The angle of Earth's axial tilt is relatively stable over long periods of time.

Generally, work engagement is conceptualized as a relatively stable phenomenon.

most stable   (más estable)

For a given there is one that is most stable.

The most stable chlorine radioisotope is Cl.

Gray arsenic is also the most stable form.

remained stable   (permaneció estable)

ESPN's announcing teams remained stable in the 2005-06 NBA season.

After 1726 the final "écu" remained stable at six "livres tournois]".

The consumption of caffeine has remained stable between 1997 and 2015.

less stable   (menos estable)

This product is less stable than crème fraîche when heated.

GPS receivers have clocks as well, but they are less stable and less precise.

The latter is less stable and transforms to the former phase upon heating to about 350 °C.

very stable   (muy estable)

It was very stable but extremely expensive.

In general, DPP-4 inhibitors are not very stable compounds.

They found the Agena to be very stable and in good condition.

stable block   (bloque estable)

The grounds and the stable block are separately Grade II listed.

The stable block attached at the rear of the house is in a similar style.

A stable block with bell-tower and clock is located to the west of the house.

stable isotopes   (isótopos estables)

Oxygen has three stable isotopes, and 14 unstable ones.

Chlorine has two stable isotopes, Cl and Cl.

Bromine has two stable isotopes, Br and Br.

stable isotope   (isótopo estable)

It has only one stable isotope, caesium-133.

For 80 of the chemical elements, at least one stable isotope exists.

Also a study involving stable isotope ratios might include the molecule OO.

not stable   (no es estable)

These states are not stable.

Robins realised her income from acting was not stable enough to carry her.

Keshav warns his wife that Bobby is not stable but his wife does not believe him.

stable population   (población estable)

This is a common species, with an apparently stable population.

This mouse has a very wide range and is assumed to have a stable population.

Today it is rare but has a quite stable population; 280 pairs were counted in 1993.

livery stable   (librea estable)

He drags her into the livery stable and rapes her.

Carson owned a hardware store and livery stable business on Commercial Street in Los Angeles, in partnership with William T.B.

By the late 1890s, the store had grown to encompass five different businesses including a dry goods store, feed and seed, blacksmith, livery stable, and grocery store.

remain stable   (permanecer estable)

Station usage at some stations remain stable.

Those with masses up to the limit remain stable as white dwarfs.

The platinum detecting wire needs to be kept free of contamination to remain stable.

population is stable   (la población es estable)

They are habitat restricted, so the population is stable but not large.

The population is stable.

stable condition   (condición estable)

Copeland was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition.

This change in value does not imply that the value has reached a stable condition.

Luckily, the operation went good and Turković has been in a stable condition ever since.

stable companion   (compañero estable)

She finished fourth behind her stable companion Busted.

Jannette raced in second place behind her stable companion Pulsatilla, before taking the lead early in the straight.

At Newmarket in October Jannette ran against her stable companion Silvio, the 1877 Epsom Derby winner in the Champion Stakes.

stable enough   (suficientemente estable)

Robins realised her income from acting was not stable enough to carry her.

The U.S. did not feel that conditions were stable enough to withdraw until 1979.

The economy was stagnating, but stable enough for the Soviet Union to continue into the 21st century.

first stable   (primer establo)

The first stable release was announced on February 20, 2018.

In 2016 the first stable semisynthetic organism was created.

It was the start of the first stable Labor government in the world.