Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

chief of staff   (jefe de estado mayor)

Edward Leonard King was a chief of staff there.

Previously, Stutler was Bush's chief of staff.

In August 2012, he became the chief of staff of MOJWA.

staff members   (los miembros del personal)

The institution has 680 teachers and staff members.

Peck soon started writing for her staff members.

relying on the kindness of the staff members .

coaching staff   (cuerpo técnico)

He subsequently joined Sunderland's coaching staff.

After the takeover the school lost its coaching staff.

However, Spencer left the coaching staff a month later.

staff member   (miembro del equipo)

Martyn was the highest-paid staff member at the time.

He was also accused of threatening a program staff member.

Schwalb was a long-time developer and staff member for Green Ronin.

joined the staff   (se unió al personal)

In 2001, he joined the staff of "Neftyanik" (Ufa).

Before ending his career, joined the staff of Ñublense.

In 1977 she joined the staff of the Siempre!

staff officer   (oficial del Estado Mayor)

The staff officer is normally seconded from the Royal Anglians.

One staff officer wrote: 'Physically the brigade was in a terrible state.

He then returned to Europe as a staff officer in NATO, in a series of roles.

teaching staff   (personal docente)

It has over 1200 students, and 150 teaching staff.

There are 6000 students and 125 teaching staff.

The school currently has 89 teaching staff.

staff writer   (escritor personal)

He became a staff writer at "Spin Magazine" in 1989.

In 1983, he joined "Cheers" as a staff writer.

In 1950, Carroll joined "Weekend" magazine as a staff writer.

medical staff   (Personal medico)

The hospital has 546 medical staff and 1,786 employees overall.

It may also be used among medical staff outside of the hospital.

Four medical staff and six journalists were among those wounded.

support staff   (personal de apoyo)

55 of these teachers and 35 members of the support staff.

The department has 850 deputized personnel, and support staff.

It employs about 524 sworn officers and another 200 support staff.

editorial staff   (el personal editorial)

It had 321 employees, including 40 on the editorial staff.

In 1914 Mickevičius became a member of "Vilnis" editorial staff.

The editorial staff then condenses the debates into Atlantic Memos.

general staff   (staff general)

Aaltonen was now moved to the general staff.

Since 1999, he held general staff position.

The next day he made a six-page situation report to the general staff.

students and staff   (estudiantes y personal)

The campus has many canteens for students and staff.

Breakfast is provided for students and staff on the weekends.

Many past students and staff attended the two-day celebration.

faculty and staff   (profesores y personal)

It has over 500 faculty and staff members.

It serves the 20,000 students, faculty and staff of the university.

The camp has facilities for some 200 campers as well as faculty and staff.

senior staff   (personal superior)

Janeway is forced to order all but the senior staff to abandon ship.

The practice was ‘tolerated’ by senior staff, according to the Commission.

Natural Gas Intel reported, " several senior staff at ANGA have recently jumped ship."

staff and students   (personal y estudiantes)

Internet literature searching is available to the staff and students.

Most of the staff and students had fled from Kosovo in early June 1999.

CIT provides Information Technology facilities to the faculty, staff and students of the IOE.

writing staff   (personal de redacción)

Goodman later joined the writing staff of "Star Trek: Enterprise".

After graduating, she joined the writing staff of "Captain Kangaroo".

I will miss the superb cast and writing staff and wish everyone the best."

academic staff   (Personal docente)

He joined the Royal Holloway academic staff in 1998.

Some of the current members of the academic staff are:

The faculty currently consists of some 100 academic staff.

production staff   (staff de producción)

The production staff stated, “We are looking for celebrity homebodies from all walks of life.

Uematsu was allowed to create much of the music with little direction from the production staff.

Until 1963, "Amahl" was nearly always presented with many of the same singers and production staff.

administrative staff   (personal administrativo)

IGAS employs 125 inspectors and 30 administrative staff.

It employed 119 pilots, 41 mechanics and 36 administrative staff.

He joined the administrative staff of the Metropolitan Police in 1909.

other staff   (otro personal)

The other staff members have a white armband.

The other staff had complained about him.

Three other staff members of Ancient also worked on "Shenmue".

pitching staff   (personal de lanzamiento)

Cardinals have youngest pitching staff in baseball.

Essential to the turnaround, however, was the pitching staff.

The Yankees had a pitching staff that led the AL in ERA (3.14).

technical staff   (Personal técnico)

There were also well qualified technical staff.

Its other ships had similar engines, so a single technical staff could be employed year round.

In the 1980s, Stasiak was on the technical staff of the popular pop music "boy band" Papa Dance.

members of staff   (miembros del personal)

Making Music has full and part-time members of staff.

It contains over 1500 pupils and over 90 members of staff.

Three members of staff are also employed by the department.

staff officers   (oficiales de personal)

Antony nearly committed suicide after this news but his staff officers stopped him.

The handful of Macedonian generals officially titled bodyguards he used as senior staff officers.

Committees of veteran staff officers were formed within the "Truppenamt" to evaluate 57 issues of the war.

professional staff   (personal profesional)

He joined the professional staff of the Library of Congress in 1871.

A professional staff operates NSBE's World Headquarters in Virginia.

Families and historians can trace back genealogies and consult with professional staff.

hospital staff   (personal del hospital)

The hospital staff reacted with disbelief.

In 1952 the Chinese communist authorities arrested the entire hospital staff.

Poor hand hygiene by hospital staff has been associated with the spread of resistant organisms.

staff positions   (puestos de personal)

Hugo held several staff positions within the United States House of Representatives.

The DJs are all volunteers, and the staff positions are filled by students of the college.

He has also held staff positions at National Geographic Magazine and The Huffington Post"."

school staff   (personal de la escuela)

Pupils had equal voting rights with school staff.

Many of the faculty and school staff are alumni.

There is also a large school staff body consisting of about 70 members.

member of staff   (miembro del personal)

She also is a member of staff at the Intermission Youth Theatre.

In 1907 the Studio was wrecked by a fire, which killed a member of staff.

All students are required to be members of a house and a member of staff is head of a house.

staff included   (personal incluido)

The staff included 1015 female guards.

The station's library staff included:

This staff included Roy Howard and O. O. McIntyre, among others.

former staff   (ex personal)

Bearman is a former staff writer and editor for the "LA Weekly."

The bar has since reopened and is being operated by much of its former staff.

New Forests purchased the assets and employed former staff of the old company.

staff sergeant   (sargento del Estado Mayor)

He was discharged in 1946 with the rank of staff sergeant.

He was in the United States Army as a staff sergeant from 1945 to 1947.

The ranks of corporal and staff sergeant were not carried over into the new agency.

permanent staff   (personal permanente)

In 2013 first dean from the permanent staff was appointed.

The foundation employs 2 permanent staff and 8 freelancers (status: 2019).

Accommodations reserved for the permanent staff are located near the island's center.

new staff   (personal nuevo)

We hearty welcome to new staff in 2019-2020 Academic Year.

During the 1980s new staff buildings were built close to the castle.

However, once in power, the new staff returned to the prior music policy.

research staff   (personal de investigación)

Portney joined the research staff of RFF in 1972.

In 1982, he joined the research staff at PARC.

A research staff made certain that the stories were accurate.

staff during   (personal durante)

The team had the following staff during the 2014 season:

Certainly, there was friction among Massena's staff during the campaign.

He was a part of the "Simpsons" writing staff during seasons 5, 6, 9 and 10.

paid staff   (personal remunerado)

The positions of paid staff are discretionary.

From 1933 on, Licht en Liefde employed paid staff members.

They had been in danger of closing, having not paid staff in months.

became a staff   (se convirtió en un personal)

He became a staff writer at "Spin Magazine" in 1989.

In 2001, he became a staff coach with the Dallas Texans Soccer Club.

In 1959 Lake became a staff writer at the "New York Herald Tribune".

number of staff   (numero de empleado)

In early 2009, a number of staff at CIGM were laid off, including the news director.

This greatly increased the number of staff needed to administer the new benefits system.

After the war, he was assigned to a number of staff positions with the Imperial Japanese Army General Staff.

office staff   (personal de oficina)

Much of the office staff was laid off in May 2005.

Many of the students have become teachers and other office staff.

There are more than 50 teaching staff, 10 non teaching and five office staff.

all staff   (Todo el personal)

They will be responsible for ensuring that all staff are cleared of the track in advance of an approaching train.

By 2003, it had a membership of 8,970, three-quarters women, which was more than 30% of all staff eligible to join.

In February 2018 Vallex Group published a statement announcing suspension of all operations and laying off nearly all staff.

own staff   (personal propio)

Speer's own staff described the conditions there as "hell".

The magazine's photo spreads have typically featured "Mad"'s own staff.

WRGP also carries extensive live coverage of FIU Golden Panthers athletics with its own staff of announcers and analysts.

staff work   (trabajo del personal)

Improved staff work area and a large reading hall open for 24×7.

Faulty staff work prevented his men from moving forward for over an hour.

The next few years passed, in alternating between staff work and ship commands.

staff working   (personal trabajando)

The staff working on the estate counted some 150 people.

It had 2700 staff working at 90 locations across the state.

C3 employs than 1,400 staff working in 15 ports around Australia and New Zealand.

headquarters staff   (personal de la sede)

The Group is managed by the European headquarters staff.

The classic example would be the cost of headquarters staff.

(ROC headquarters staff at RAF Bentley Priory stood down on 31 March 1996).

military staff   (personal militar)

During the Second World War, a complex of structures was erected to house military staff.

When first formed it consisted of 13,350 personnel, 10,200 civilian staff and 3,150 military staff.

With a core team of over 100 civilian and military staff, the HPRT was one of the largest PRTs in Afghanistan.

staff training   (la formación del personal)

He also appeared as a store manager in a staff training video for Sainsbury's supermarkets.

Massow accepted a transitional loan of £330,000 to enable office relocation and staff training.

In 1993, Moran designed EMILY's List's campaign staff training program and served as its first director.

small staff   (pequeño personal)

These committees have either a small staff or no staff at all.

The park and its small staff are administered by the city's Department of Parks and Recreation.

The OCI has a small staff under a Chief Executive, and is based at Olympic House in Howth, County Dublin.

staff includes   (el personal incluye)

Service staff includes two aquanauts, "human fish".

CEPR's staff includes Ha-Joon Chang and Eileen Appelbaum.

The staff includes about 90 researchers and 30 technicians and administrative officers.

entire staff   (todo el personal)

Fairchild subsequently dismissed the entire staff and overhauled both stations.

Alec returns to his motel when the entire staff and guests have been turned into minions of the Rot.

The show and its entire staff won an Emmy award in 2011 for Outstanding news and discussion analysis.

staff photographer   (fotógrafo personal)

Until the incident, he was a staff photographer at the "Los Angeles Times".

Mosley worked as the staff photographer for the Pyramid Club for a number of years.

Kelly was the first and only staff photographer at a small town newspaper to win the prize for news photography.

staff and faculty   (personal y facultad)

METC officials will also employ an operating staff and faculty of 1,200.

On campus, students, staff and faculty maintain a greenhouse, an arboretum, and a large vegetable garden.

Prior to that, the students, staff and faculty spent 2.5 school years at the closed DeVilbiss High School.

air staff   (personal aéreo)

In the early 1970s, WHER went to a mixed-gender air staff and became talk station WWEE.

On December 8, 2015, the entire air staff and management of WMXJ were told that they were being released.

It has a live air staff almost full-time and focuses on country hits of the 1980s, 1990s and current music.

staff writers   (escritores de personal)

The staff writers at Sesame Street were initially unsure of how to write for her.

Chun was also one of the staff writers for the ABC television series "Cashmere Mafia", starring Lucy Liu.

The staff writers were Scheuring, co-executive producers Nick Santora and Zack Estrin, supervising producer Karyn Usher and Olmstead.

backroom staff   (personal de trastienda)

He is currently a part of the backroom staff at the Scotland national team.

The club has a strong backroom staff with club president David Calder in charge.

Fandi will also be part of national team's coach Tatsuma Yoshida's backroom staff.

security staff   (personal de seguridad)

The security staff works with national and municipal authorities.

There is no room for the station master or any other security staff in the station.

He has several live-in full-time staff members from housekeepers, gardeners, and security staff.

staff and volunteers   (personal y voluntarios)

Kids Help Phone staff and volunteers received word of the crash the day it occurred.

The RA is governed by a volunteer board, and operated by a combination of paid staff and volunteers.

The campus is home to about 70 students and a few staff and volunteers, who live, work and study there.

staff attorney   (abogado del personal)

After entering the California State Bar, Monning first worked as a staff attorney for the United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO (1976 – 1978).

After his tenure at the Norfolk county District Attorney's office, Cantwell took a position as a staff attorney for United States Representative William Delahunt.

From 1983 to 1986, he was a staff attorney in the Securities and Exchange Commission's Enforcement Division, and from 1987 to 2008, he was an analyst and money manager.

campaign staff   (personal de campaña)

The Parks Department volunteer to become her campaign staff, with Ben as Leslie's campaign manager.

In 1993, Moran designed EMILY's List's campaign staff training program and served as its first director.

Sharon became chairman of the campaign staff for that year's elections, which were scheduled for November.

staff person   (persona del personal)

Edward Sixtus was educated at VMI and later served in the Civil War as a staff person for Jeb Stuart.

The policy must identify disciplinary actions for bullying and designate a school staff person to receive complaints of bullying.

staff position   (posicion del personal)

Since 1999, he held general staff position.

On multiple occasions he was fired many times from the team's staff position.

The Provost Marshal leads the Corps and is a staff position that handles investigations within the ranks of Army personnel.

ground staff   (personal de tierra)

Cobbett began as an MCC ground staff bowler who occasionally stood as umpire.

The squadron arrived in Britain soon after Dunkirk with 27 officers and 314 ground staff.

He joined West Ham United as part of the ground staff in 1953 and progressed as a youth team player.

s staff   (s personal)

He was fired along with the rest of Ray Farmer’s staff on January 4, 2016.

In 1992, Steckel joined Gary Pinkel’s staff at Toledo coaching the defensive line.

In 2014, McAdoo joined Tom Coughlin’s staff as the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants.

nursing staff   (personal de enfermería)

This institution supplied nursing staff to both King's College Hospital and Charing Cross Hospitals.

Instead he advocated isolation of cases, and voluntary vaccination of medical and nursing staff and of contacts of cases.

Other information about the patient can be retrieved from medical records, patient referrals from physicians, and the nursing staff.

command staff   (personal de comando)

It requires nothing from the ship other than physical space, electrical power, and hotel services for the command staff.

After returning to Severomorsk, she participated in the Atlantika-84 command staff exercise between 31 March and 8 April 1984.

The command staff is composed of the members who served in the special units, guards brigades and reconnaissance units of the Croatian Armed Forces.

personal staff   (personal personal)

In 1943, Ernst-Robert Grawitz of the "Reich" Physician SS appointed him to lead his personal staff.

The office of the Chief of Staff consists of his personal staff, a strategic planning office and a public relations section.

Having taken five months to recover from the surgery, he joined the personal staff of then Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

staff room   (sala de personal)

There is a staff room for drivers.

On the ground floor we can find kitchens, weapons stock, and the staff room.

The walled-off section of this passage has been partially converted into a staff room and storage area.

chiefs of staff   (jefes de personal)

It is composed of the ministers of the three services, their chiefs of staff, and the EMFA chief.

Churchill made himself Ministry of Defence, And repeatedly interfered and reshaped and argued with his chiefs of staff.

In April 2011, there was an army mutiny; the president named new chiefs of staff, and a curfew was imposed in Ouagadougou.

players and staff   (jugadores y personal)

The team was formed in 2008 with many former players and staff from the New Jersey Titans.

The aeroplane which took the United players and staff home from Zemun Airport needed to stop in Munich to refuel.

In February 1958, many of the players and staff of Manchester United were killed or injured in the Munich air crash.

prison staff   (personal penitenciario)

Correspondence is largely monitored by the prison staff.

He played prison staff member Brawn in the 1990 film "Club Fed", and co-starred in the film "Neon City".

All of the mail that enters or leaves the facility is read and gone through by the prison staff and guards.

join the staff   (únete al personal)

Jules François Archibald was so impressed that he invited Prior to join the staff.

Ultimately, Truitt had hoped to join the staff at Ohio State and conditionally accepted the Otterbein position.

On August 14, 2014, Eckstein left the Angels to join the staff of Gary Henderson at the University of Kentucky.

staff offices   (oficinas del personal)

It itself has also been renovated into a large computer suite and staff offices.

The third floor contains the collections storage and the rest of the staff offices.

The second floor features the Museum's exhibits and Museum Store along with some staff offices.

joining the staff   (unirse al personal)

Pujol returned to coaching in 2016, joining the staff at Wyoming under Allen Edwards.

Before joining the staff at Blandings, he was once employed by the somewhat eccentric Major-General Magnus.

Carryer completed a PhD at Massey University in 1997, before joining the staff and rising to full professor.

staff quarters   (cuarto de servicio)

There is a basement and staff quarters in the building.

The staff quarters are at the northern part of the island.

The clinic closed in 1951 and the site was temporarily used by the adjacent Fairfield Hospital as staff quarters and storerooms.

staff consists   (el personal consiste)

The theatre staff consists of only two directors.

The staff consists of 10 teachers, supervised by the Principal.

The "New University's" editorial staff consists of UCI undergraduates.

library staff   (personal de la biblioteca)

The original library staff only had three trained employees.

The station's library staff included:

All branches still also offer checkout from library staff at circulation desks.

staff moved   (personal movido)

The station staff moved to a CBS-owned studio located at the Palace Hotel.

Construction had begun by January 2013 and staff moved in a year later, in January 2014.

Sando and his staff moved into the compound of the Russian consulate for their own safety.

other staff members   (otros miembros del personal)

The other staff members have a white armband.

Three other staff members of Ancient also worked on "Shenmue".

Apart from Sapir the division had two other staff members, Marius Barbeau and Harlan I. Smith.

s staff   (personal de)

He was fired along with the rest of Ray Farmer’s staff on January 4, 2016.

In 1992, Steckel joined Gary Pinkel’s staff at Toledo coaching the defensive line.

In 2014, McAdoo joined Tom Coughlin’s staff as the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants.

news staff   (personal de noticias)

Downs later drew notoriety among the news staff for an incident covering the inauguration of John F. Kennedy.

"When I went to see [news director] Paul White, he dismissed me with, 'You were never one of our regular news staff.'

Among the notable former members of the station's news staff were Leeza Gibbons, Jane Robelot and former CBS anchor Susan McGinnis.

staff consisted   (el personal consistió)

The staff consisted solely of volunteers.

The regular staff consisted of presenter Jochen Busse and five celebrities.

The first staff consisted of an Inspector of Forests and two Forest Rangers.

scientific staff   (personal cientifico)

Research is undertaken by resident scientific staff.

Other scientific staff included the meteorologist Edmund Dymond on his 1937 research trip to Baffin Bay.

The scientific staff includes three Senior Principal Scientists, four Senior Scientists, and one Nature Education Officer.

staff including   (personal incluido)

In 2012 there is approximately 300 students and 60 staff including teachers.

The secretariat is based in Vientiane, Laos, with over 120 staff including scientists, administrators, and technical staff.

These twenty Officers are each supported by staff including one or more Electoral Registration Officers appointed by the Commission.

staff when   (personal cuando)

In 1985, he was on staff when UCLA won the NCAA men's soccer championship.

He remained on the staff when Hlinka was fired one year later, under replacement Rick Kehoe, then Ed Olczyk.

Mullen coached the team's power play, and was a member of the staff when the team reached the 2010 Stanley Cup Final.

embassy staff   (personal de la embajada)

Belarus also withdrew its ambassador and all of its embassy staff from Sweden.

This was followed by the expulsion of ten other U.S. embassy staff from Minsk in late April.

Two embassy staff members were alleged to have encourage Filipino migrant workers to leave their employers.