İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first staged   (ilk sahneleme)

The play, a comedy-drama, was first staged in 1963.

The play was first staged in the Spring of 1686.

It was here that it first staged its celebrated exhibitions (2009/2010).

staged a coup   (darbe sahneledi)

The Soviet troops staged a coup and assassinated Amin.

On 1 April 1941, members of the "Golden Square" and Rashid Ali staged a coup in Baghdad.

The government started to disarm the Russian forces in Pohjanmaa, and the Social Democratic Party staged a coup.

fully staged   (tamamen sahnelendi)

It will be fully staged in New York and Amsterdam in future seasons.

The Ades Performance Space presents everything from fully staged operas to contemporary chamber music.

The first fully staged UK production was given in August 2005 at the Edinburgh Festival by Scottish Opera.

staged reading

A staged reading of this work was produced at The Workhouse Theatre in New York City.

Tom Miller's UMMU was presented at the Acrosstown Theatre in Gainesville, Florida as a staged reading in July 2015.

She also starred as Kitty in the staged reading of "Otherwise" by Vincent Crapelli, with Karen Ziemba and Beth Leavel.