early stages   (初期段階)

In the early stages people used to build dingies.

He was responsible for recruitment in the early stages.

final stages

Top four teams qualified for the final stages.

Toward the end, the evacuation plan is in the final stages.

The top two teams in each group qualified for the final stages.

closing stages   (ステージを閉じる)

100) at night during the closing stages of the battle.

Orbit ran on well in the closing stages to finish in third place.

Shamshir stayed on to take second place from Shadayid in the closing stages.

various stages

The making of a mask goes through various stages.

The various stages of the cathode process visually unfold."

Another of highways are under various stages of construction.

group stages

League and group stages are considered equivalent.

in the 2008 AFC Champions League group stages.

They did not progress beyond the group stages.

later stages

Findings indicated that larger prey was hunted in later stages.

In later stages, tumors can develop a resistance to cancer treatment.

Geller reached the later stages of the World Championship several times.

different stages

The tournament was played in two different stages.

He wore four jumpers at different stages during the show.

Some songs went through different stages during recording.

stages of development   (開発の段階)

As of now, it is only in the planning stages of development.

The firm has partnered with enterprises in various stages of development.

C19orf44 is expressed in all stages of development, except for in infants.

all stages

Customer privacy laws must be obeyed at all stages.

Points were awarded on a 6–4–2 scale for all stages.

The geophysical adviser should be involved at all stages.

latter stages

Only the latter stages, from the last-16, were played in Antwerp.

The latter stages of the upper bracket and lower bracket can be seen below.

She saw service during the latter stages of World War II and during the Cold War.

initial stages   (初期段階)

During the initial stages of World War II, No.

Embu City is in its initial stages of design and construction.

In its initial stages of training, it closely resembles the FSA method.

several stages

Each of the local series is divided into several stages.

It was built in several stages during the 1970s and 1980s.

The development was built in several stages in 2006 to 2012.

planning stages

A shopping centre is also in the planning stages.

Smaller upstream dams are still in the planning stages.

It was originally called Hönow-West in planning stages.

knockout stages

The tournament itself was played in two-legged knockout stages.

In the knockout stages they passed by Romania, winning 1–0 from a penalty kick.

The top four teams of each group advanced to the quarter-finals of the knockout stages.

stages between

The Beehive was built in stages between 1969 and 1979.

The Cudgewa line opened in stages between 1889 and 1921.

The building was built in two stages between 1903 and 1913.

first stages

This period also saw the first stages of the uplift of the Atlas Mountains.

The Mesozoic saw the first stages of break-up of the supercontinent of Pangaea.

In the first stages of the uprising, various areas elected their own regional governing councils.

late stages

She was in the late stages of pregnancy at the time.

During the late stages of the event, two wealthy citizens were shot.

Mississippi Power’s Kemper Project is in late stages of construction.

developmental stages   (発達段階)

All beetle larvae go through several instars, which are the developmental stages between each moult.

In the snail the parasite undergoes several developmental stages (sporocysts, rediae, and cercariae).

They become planktonic and pass through several developmental stages over the course of about 25 days.

stages before

Males follow a pattern of behavioral stages before fighting.

This consists of three distinct stages before becoming an adult— egg, then larva, then pupa.

Fallon restrained the filly in the early stages before moving forward in the last quarter mile.

earlier stages

There was no related activation in V1 or V2, the earlier stages of the visual pathway.

I really wanted to do a two-parter on that location, to see Stratos in its earlier stages."

Locative inversion in modern English is a vestige of the V2 order associated with earlier stages of the language.

last stages   (最終段階)

Kazukuru was last recorded in the early twentieth century when its speakers were in the last stages of language shift.

On the eight edition, the competition last stages changed from championship playoff to a Final Four, similar to other sports.

Some confirmation of this is provided by the posting of practically all the Kommandos to the Russian theatre in the last stages of the war.

life stages   (ライフステージ)

Its diet also varies with the life stages of the bird.

"C. stygia" has three life stages; 3 larval instars, pupa, and adult.

All life stages are known, but the sole record of this species is the type material.

sound stages

18 sound stages were used, almost the entirety of Pinewood's 95-acre backlot.

The "Ben-Hur" production utilized 300 sets scattered over and nine sound stages.

They continued filming in 1955 in Paris and Hollywood on 30 different sound stages.

main stages   (主な段階)

Elliptical galaxies have two main stages of evolution.

Two main stages of the Iranians' out-migration are described in the book.

To grow and flourish in the mouth, biofilms go through four main stages of growth.

opened in stages

The Cudgewa line opened in stages between 1889 and 1921.

The Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway was opened in stages.

It opened in stages in 1916.

earliest stages

Within it are stars at the earliest stages of their lifespan.

The earliest stages within the renal organ are 10 µm in diameter.

The earliest stages may appear in the kidney any time between March and June.

opening stages

Frankel pulled away in the opening stages of the race and was never caught.

He showed good form in the opening stages, but later slipped back to finish eleventh overall.

Four Mystères were lost on the ground to the PAF air raid at Pathankot in the opening stages of the war.

larval stages   (幼虫の段階)

The larval stages build angular turrets.

The sawflies have been found to sequester glucosinolates like many insects in larval stages.

The larva passes through four larval stages that will form tunnels through the carrot to feed.

stages to win

She was pushed out by Doyle in the closing stages to win by half a length from the favourite Bahri.

Cork came from behind in the closing stages to win by a single point scored from long range by Kevin Hennessy.

The following year, Soler captured three mountainous stages to win the climbers classification at the 1962 Giro d'Italia.

multiple stages

Some clubs have multiple stages on the premises.

Amplifiers often have multiple stages in cascade to increase gain.

A single journey can include multiple stages across the different modes of transport.

built in stages

The Beehive was built in stages between 1969 and 1979.

It is a two-story Federal style house built in stages.

The house was built in stages, from 1838 to the early 1840s.

upper stages

Some launcher upper stages also use pressure-fed engines.

The four-stage west tower is octagonal in its upper stages.

The tower was begun in the late 13th century, although the upper stages are of the late 14th or early 15th century.

stages of life   (人生の段階)

"Lymantria dispar asiatica" has four stages of life: egg, larvae, pupae and moth.

The four stages of life complete the four human strivings in life, according to Hinduism.

The foundation runs a variety of programs to assist those in need through all stages of life.

stages during

He had two second places on stages during the race.

He wore four jumpers at different stages during the show.

Some songs went through different stages during recording.

qualifying stages

Evans competed for Wales in the qualifying stages of the UEFA Women's Euro 2016.

In total, Jennings participated in the qualifying stages of six World Cups between 1966 and 1986.

The first season took place in the calendar year of 1959, instead of 1958-59, because the qualifying stages took place in 1958.

advanced stages

The young are born in advanced stages compared to most carnivores.

Nonspecific symptoms: Specific symptoms: Specific symptoms usually develop in the advanced stages of temporal arteritis.

There are, however, some novel oral anticoagulant drugs that are currently in early and advanced stages of clinical development.

number of stages   (ステージ数)

The number of stages decreased from 24 to 21.

The game has a number of stages hosted over six hub worlds.

The gain register is split up into a large number of stages.

stages of production

In May 2009 it was announced that a live-action movie of "Bubblegum Crisis" was in the early stages of production.

Dohan co-wrote a movie script, "Orgy by Heart", along with Maayan Keret, which is in its early stages of production.

In order to keep the film in line with Hironobu Sakaguchi's vision as director, several script rewrites took place, most in the initial stages of production.

stages and finished

She led for most of the way, but weakened in the closing stages and finished fourth to Crystal Music.

Camaree took the lead three furlongs out but faded in the closing stages and finished unplaced behind Asmena.

After travelling well for much of the race she failed to quicken in the closing stages and finished third to the 25/1 outsider Rebecca Sharp.

stages of construction

Another of highways are under various stages of construction.

Mississippi Power’s Kemper Project is in late stages of construction.

The building was completed in 1931 after three stages of construction.

development stages   (開発段階)

Baby-led weaning takes advantage of the natural development stages of the child.

This treatment is still in very early development stages for many types of cancer.

These development stages of secondary sex characteristics (breasts, pubic hair, etc.)

many stages

Headlining many stages including the Radio 1 stage at Ozzfest, Donnington.

The game has an increased difficulty on many stages and includes a new boss character.

The work went through many stages and mediums and was produced for the Blockhead Project.