İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

still standing   (hala ayakta)

Some of these houses are still standing today.

Again, the ruins are still standing within the estate.

The Froling spite house is still standing and occupied.

standing ovation   (ayakta alkışlama)

He received a standing ovation for both performances.

The team received a standing ovation farewell.

With the statuette came a standing ovation.

standing up   (dikilmek)

He was standing up in the bed, facing the wall.

Most supporters watched football standing up.

Today Victoria parliament is standing up and saying sorry."

standing committee   (daimi komite)

He was assigned to the standing committee on ways and means.

Each standing committee has a Chair.

The House created its first standing committee, on April 13, 1789.

long standing   (uzun süredir ayakta)

One of the many long standing residents was the Revd.

It is a woodland plantation of long standing.

Lincoln inherited an established government of long standing.

social standing   (sosyal duruş)

Daily costume depended on social standing.

He became one of Virginia's wealthiest men, which increased his social standing.

This minority had a considerably better social standing and were personally free.

good standing

The success put Shostakovich in good standing once again.

They returned him to good standing sometime after the big game.

On some services, account verification is synonymous with good standing.

standing army

The first Ottoman standing army were Janissaries.

A standing army of 1 million troops was created.

Carthage did not maintain a large, permanent, standing army.

standing committees   (daimi komiteler)

During the Congress two new standing committees were created.

Most of the NAR’s services are delivered through standing committees.

He was assigned to the same standing committees as in his prior term.

left standing   (sol ayakta)

Chromium metal left standing in air is passivated, i.e.

After World War II few historic buildings were left standing.

Removal proceeded and the 1903 lights were left standing alone.

standing in front   (önde durmak)

It depicts President Barack Obama standing in front of the White House.

The painting shows a young, beautiful woman standing in front of a mirror.

This design included a soldier standing in front of the flames of the rising phoenix.

received a standing

He received a standing ovation for both performances.

The team received a standing ovation farewell.

She received a standing ovation from an audience of over 4,000.

standing water   (durgun su)

Several roads were temporarily closed due to standing water.

The first step in assessing damp is to check for standing water.

U.S. Route 79 was closed between Magnolia and Stephens because of standing water.

standing stones   (Ayakta duran taşlar)

The cairn is surrounded by a circle of 11 standing stones.

Dating from the Bronze Age, the circle consists of six standing stones.

He found over 600 standing stones which are spread out in several locations.

standing room   (bekleme odası)

The maximum capacity of the stadium with standing room is 105,000.

It can seat 8,000 people with standing room for an additional 2,000.

It seats about 1,750 for hockey with a standing room capacity of over 2,000.

standing next   (yanındaki)

The feeling is that of standing next to a large speaker with pumped bass.

The main tower consists of four vertical cylinders standing next to and across from each other.

Many of Orlando's historic buildings are located within the CBD standing next to modern skyscrapers.

standing position

The movement begins from a standing position.

He is classified as LW9-1 and competes in a standing position.

There, they fired an additional 10 shots in the standing position.

standing down   (geri çekil)

He served for one term, before standing down in 1892.

He was elected to the Brandon City Council in 1977 and served for three terms before standing down in 1985.

On 14 July it was announced that Baroness Butler-Sloss was standing down, and that a new chair would be appointed.

remained standing   (ayakta kaldı)

Only the walls of the facade remained standing.

Only the blackened walls remained standing.

Portions of the fort remained standing until 1840, when they were blown down during a windstorm.

standing behind   (arkada durmak)

François' patron saint, standing behind him is Francis of Assisi.

When standing behind an animal, there are a few things the judge looks for.

The first round had ten players, each standing behind a mock dynamite plunger.

free standing   (ayaklı)

A free standing "@" is used to denote the current origin.

By comparison, the width of a normal, free standing Roman bridge did not exceed .

It was the first structure in Belgrade with free standing pillars and a transparent glass facade.

standing today

Some of these houses are still standing today.

And the statue can be seen there, still standing today.

Many of which are still standing today.

legal standing

In the 1977 reform, all municipalities were given fully equal legal standing.

In this act, he also had some legal standing to claim a superior ownership to anyone else.

One interesting view into the legal standing of women is the practice of crime and punishment.

standing outside   (dışarıda durmak)

Bill sees the bar with his friends standing outside looking for him.

People standing outside the museum made up the backdrop behind the anchor desk.

The show sold out for every performance with crowds standing outside the theatre unable to get tickets.

standing stone

Kintraw is a site notable for its four-meter high standing stone.

It is the largest and heaviest prehistoric standing stone in Cornwall.

The Crois Chnoca Breaca standing stone is situated to the west of the village.

remain standing   (Ayakta kal)

Today only the walls and the tower remain standing.

Parts of the defensive walls remain standing.

They were not left to remain standing.

man standing   (ayakta adam)

, "the man standing over there's hat").

Rocca, the last man standing, directs the Italians' anger to the Germans.

Shortly thereafter, he was the final man standing out of the original 90 recruits.

standing orders

Naval operations were governed by standing orders issued to all the ships.

On his eventual arrival, he set about drafting standing orders regarding how the squadron was to operate.

When he spots Abbott's parachute, Saville deliberately crash-lands his aircraft nearby, disobeying standing orders.

oldest standing

It is the oldest standing structure in Jacksonville.

It is currently the oldest standing building in Saskatchewan.

The Castel dell'Ovo is the oldest standing fortification in Naples.

standing world

Both runners surpassed the standing world record by Ingrid Kristiansen.

These were the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1928 Summer Olympics.

no standing

I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing .

Without a recognised chief the clan has no standing under Scots Law.

Military of Dominica There is no standing army in Dominica since 1981.

standing near   (yakın durmak)

She is later unseen by the tree she was standing near.

who was standing near.

Dr. Washington Dodge says he saw John Jacob Astor and Butt standing near the bridge as the ship went down.

standing wave

For each there are two standing wave solutions and .

The basis of the drive is that space is a standing wave pattern.

In general, thermoacoustic engines can be divided into standing wave and travelling wave devices.

still standing today   (bugün hala ayakta)

Some of these houses are still standing today.

And the statue can be seen there, still standing today.

Many of which are still standing today.

standing between

Moonyean comes to him, but his hate is standing between them.

He also seen standing between two walls and dancing to the music.

The cover features Truman Capote standing between Wilson and Blake on an empty highway in Kansas.

standing ovations

Hundreds of skinheads gave standing ovations to elderly Nazis.

Boitano's new programs were received with standing ovations by the audience.

She played Carmen in the original cast of the musical "Fame", which opened to standing ovations at the Prince of Wales and Cambridge Theatres.

standing before

When he woke up, the horse was standing before him.

In 1936 she painted a life-sized portrait of herself, standing before an easel.

Ankhesenpaaten is shown standing before Neferneferuaten Tasherit and Neferneferure.

standing still   (hareketsiz durmak)

He consumed excrement by night and by day, standing still on one leg with his mouth open.

Their pair of large frontal claws are for attacking, and as additional support when standing still.

The deer seem to appreciate the help, often standing still and holding up their ears to give the jays access.

remains standing

The Golden Gate Bridge remains standing initially.

If it remains standing, that signifies that the omens were favorable.

Only the northern wall remains standing with pilasters in the northeast corner.

longer standing

The two keepers' dwellings are no longer standing.

The parish church, which was dedicated to St Mary, is no longer standing.

It is no longer standing.

high standing   (yüksek ayakta)

Kintraw is a site notable for its four-meter high standing stone.

The Greeks held these twins in high standing and they were seen not just as warriors but as gods.

The commentary retained high standing and was used in court to answer disputed questions of "Dāyabhāga".

standing against   (karşı durmak)

It is composed of five people standing against a blank background.

Curran pledged her support to Iain Gray who was standing against Cathy Jamieson and Andy Kerr.

Reporters without Borders awarded the "Media of the Year" 2011 for its long standing against the military government.

standing alone

They are also sentence words, when standing alone.

"Non Oblitus" standing alone expounds "Not Forgotten".

Go to a party, see five girls standing alone.

international standing

The archbishop was a theologian of international standing.

Copenhagen has a wide array of museums of international standing.

He also engaged in ciphers, where he became an expert of international standing.

standing waves

Waves travel in opposite directions around the ring, setting up standing waves.

This swift current can lead to standing waves, large whirlpools, and roiling eddies.

Resonance occurs due to electromagnetic waves reflected back and forth from the cavity walls setting up standing waves.

standing start

The race begins from a standing start, and runs a specific number of laps.

The event is a 30.48 m (100 ft) or 45.72 m (150 ft) straight run from a standing start.

Each car had to drive sixteen laps () at an average speed of at least from a standing start.

no longer standing

The two keepers' dwellings are no longer standing.

The parish church, which was dedicated to St Mary, is no longer standing.

It is no longer standing.

seen standing

He also seen standing between two walls and dancing to the music.

VK is seen standing in the middle, among the audience, mimicking the dance for her.

She is last seen standing over a young sleeping girl, saying "Sleep well, dear one.

when standing   (dururken)

They are also sentence words, when standing alone.

when standing alone, or when followed by suffixes like - or -).

(Unlike horses, cows generally do not cooperate with a farrier when standing.)