still stands   (まだ立っている)

The site of this first cocktail party still stands.

The record still stands for a single hull vessel.

The old building at 1200 State Street still stands.

now stands   (今立っている)

A B&Q store now stands on the site of the station.

The gate now stands at Fort Santiago in Intramuros.

The Chaplino dialect alphabet now stands as follows:

stands today   (今日立っている)

A monument stands today at the site of the shootings.

The house still stands today, at 154 chemin Tour du Lac.

The Fort Herkimer Church still stands today.

still stands today   (今日もまだ立っている)

The house still stands today, at 154 chemin Tour du Lac.

The Fort Herkimer Church still stands today.

The coral bedrock house they lived in still stands today.

stands up

It stands up to merely at the shoulder and weighs .

It stands up to high at the shoulder.

Sandra, seeing the fluttering bills, stands up and shouts: "Daddy!

currently stands

The building currently stands in a dilapidated state.

He currently stands at stud in Texas and bred 11 mares in 2009.

The upper section has collapsed and it currently stands at high.

building stands

The high-rise office building stands 16 stories in height.

Today, the roof has collapsed and the building stands vacant.

The building stands on the site of the old Manchester Town Hall.

stands near   (近くに立つ)

The resulting monument still stands near the castle.

It stands near Port'Alba, a city gate opening to the piazza.

A statue of McCook stands near Cincinnati's Washington Park.

church stands

A second church stands on Suša Hill east of the settlement.

Newbrough’s church stands on the site of one of the line of forts along this road.

Outside the church stands a monument to the astronomers David and Johannes Fabricius.

stands in front   (前に立つ)

The communion table stands in front of the pulpit.

The war memorial still stands in front of the Town Hall.

A reconstructed medieval pillory stands in front of the tower.

stands tall

It is here, that the present day campus stands tall.

The latter was created in 1990 and stands tall.

Jackson stands tall, and in 2006 he weighed .

stands above

At its highest point, it stands above Lake Ohrid.

The highest and most impressive tower stands above the Chapel.

Indeed, man stands above all things.

house stands

The house stands in a park through which runs the River Iwerne.

The right side of the house stands on a granite plinth and is built in red brick.

The house stands on what was, until about 1800, the main east-west road through Old Saybrook.

rate stands   (レートスタンド)

Mobile penetration rate stands at just over 100%.

The average literacy rate stands at 69.44 percent, with literates.

The multidimensional poverty rate stands at 17.0 percent of the population.

literacy rate stands   (識字率スタンド)

The average literacy rate stands at 69.44 percent, with literates.

The average literacy rate stands at 85.18% with 8,683 literates, significantly higher than the state average of 67.41%.

According to the United Nations, Costa Rica's literacy rate stands at 95.8%, the fifth highest among American countries.

concession stands   (コンセッションスタンド)

By the 1930s, concession stands were a main fixture in many theaters.

The "pig" theme is used in the majority of concession stands and stores.

At temporary outdoor events such as fairs, food trucks may operate as concession stands.

building still stands   (建物はまだ立っています)

The original 1843 Christ Church church building still stands.

The Westwood building still stands.

The building still stands as a house next to Brass Ball Fruit Stand in Salem Lakes, Wisconsin.

stands next

It stands next to the site of Wilmington Hall.

The soldier stands next to a woman kneeling and holding a garland.

A separate bell tower, the Tour Pey-Berland, stands next to the cathedral.

stands between

Grumese territory stands between 44 and 66 m above sea level.

The Cleveland Bay generally stands between , and is always bay in colour.

The medieval village of Santo Stefano Belbo stands between the Langhe hills.

stands in contrast

It stands in contrast to demand-pull inflation.

This stands in contrast to monogamy, yet may arise from the same psychology.

This stands in contrast to the popular notion that wisdom increases with age.

stands alone

The bell tower stands alone, quite separate from the church.

It stands alone in sending crewed missions beyond low Earth orbit.

"Odetta," he says, "stands alone.

stands behind   (後ろに立つ)

Ambrose is also renowned and criticised for how far back he stands behind the wicket.

A restored carriage body built at the Inverurie works in 1916 stands behind the platform.

Beyond is a canal, on the other side of which a woman stands behind the half-door of a house.

tower stands

Finished in 2008, the tower stands 269 metres tall.

Its tower stands on the west side of the church.

The bell tower stands alone, quite separate from the church.

stands outside   (外に立っている)

A large round tower stands outside the castle walls to the southeast.

A locomotive with NBL plate on stands outside Chumphon Railway station.

The statue now stands outside the front of church, to the south of the porch.

stands high

As a designer of monuments, his work stands high.

The statue stands high and is made of Portland stone.

The dam stands high and long at its crest.

literacy stands

Male literacy stands at 69.85% and female literacy rate was 68.19%.

Male literacy stands at 82.81% while female literacy rate was at 55.59%.

In Kurli Male literacy stands at 88.51% while female literacy rate was 68.02%.

statue stands

The statue stands high and is made of Portland stone.

A statue stands in the Royal Courts of Justice.

The statue stands on a pedestal made of Portland stone.

village stands

The small village stands on the road from Corwen, by the Vale of Edeyrnion.

The village stands in the Stolica Mountains of the Inner Western Carpathians.

The village stands 1¾ mile N W of Chesterfield r. station, and has a post-office under Chesterfield.

stands within

the shell of the original theatre still stands within the 1850s facade of the Royal Victoria Theatre.

The tree stands within one of these dips with the cliff and wall rising dramatically either side of it.

The end of the bleachers form a right angle with the Green Monster and the flagpole stands within that little triangle.