İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

started his career   (kariyerine başladı)

Mikaeili started his career with Pegah Gilan F.C..

Jokar started his career with Fajr Sepasi in 2010.

He started his career in AFC Ajax's youth academy.

started working   (çalışmaya başladım)

He then started working with Monowar Hossen Tutul.

Sometime after that, both started working on songs.

Since 1915 he started working as a carpenter too.

started playing   (Oynamaya başladı)

He started playing handball at the age of fifteen.

Stein started playing with the boys' team of F.C.

She started playing in national games since 2010.

started writing   (yazmaya başladı)

Bakul started writing songs professionally in 1991.

As a high school student, he started writing poems.

Peck soon started writing for her staff members.

started off   (başladı)

The Hoyas started off with a ranked opponent – No.

Sivaram started off as a short film maker in 2006.

The Rangers started off the 2015–16 season well.

season started

The season started in 1986 but ended in early 1987.

The 2014–15 season started positively for Warren.

The 2013–14 season started positively for Warren.

started work   (işe başladı)

Shankar consequently started work on "Boys" (2003).

Joss Whedon assisted them before he started work on "".

The government started work on 15 July 1926.

started his professional

Liivik started his professional career with HIFK in 2008.

He started his professional career in 2007.

Quaschner started his professional career at Hansa Rostock.

first started

Clubs first started to pay their players in 1885.

The event first started in 2000 as a small fete.

Simon first started working as a chef in France.

then started

He then started working with Monowar Hossen Tutul.

He then started an international consulting firm.

He then started a relationship with Aishath Rishmy.

started the season

Miller started the season in the Marlins rotation.

The Giants started the season 10–0 and finished 13–3.

Ohio State, which started the season ranked No.

started all

In 2007, Allen started all 16 games at left guard.

In 2016, he started all 13 games at right tackle.

In 2007, he started all 12 games at left tackle.

started his own

In 1986, Sheikh Hassan started his own collection.

Haaland started his own shipping company in 1914.

He started his own team, Ciccarelli Racing, for 2017.

started her career   (kariyerine başladı)

She started her career in the women's singles event.

Chia started her career as a child actress with SBC.

Born in 1921, Lakshmi started her career in dancing.

career started   (kariyer başladı)

Rawlings' career started in 1918 with Southampton.

Rahman's informal career started from college life.

His career started at Newcastle University in 1982.

started to work   (çalışmaya başladı)

She then moved to Munich and started to work for BMW.

After graduation he started to work as a camera operator.

In 1883 he started to work for the Strasbourg Observatory.

company started   (şirket başladı)

In 2002 the company started to make mobile phones.

The company started using this illustration in 1915.

The same year, the company started manufacturing lollipops.

started using

He started using this tool in 1908 at his practice.

The company started using this illustration in 1915.

He started using a new knee prosthesis in 2012.

race started   (yarış başladı)

The race started in Zgierz and finished in Warsaw.

The race started in Nice and finished in Seillans.

when he started   (başladığında)

Vivaldi was only 25 when he started working at the orphanage.

Spalding set a trend when he started wearing a baseball glove.

This is a trend, just the same as he faced when he started years ago."

started a new

In 2010, he started a new project

In 1980 he started a new company, Winston International.

After filming ended, he started a new season of the show.

started when   (ne zaman başladı)

That had just started when the film was finished.

Low-speed runs had just started when the rains came.

Eyo’s love of drama started when she was nine.

band started

In April 1992, the renewed band started to concert.

Later that month, the band started recording an album.

The band started working on the second album.

started operations

The academy started operations on January 1, 2011.

The carrier started operations in January 2019.

The C&A was profitable as soon as it started operations.

started making

He started making robots at about 11 years of age.

He started making films when he was about 12.

Disston also started making files in 1865.

work started   (iş başladı)

The work started in 2008 and is now complete.

In 1874 work started on its construction.

After the earthquake, reconstruction work started in Istanbul.

started to play   (oynamaya başladı)

Yu-chieh started to play tennis at the age of six.

Ingrid Aliaga started to play chess at the age of 9.

He started to play for Surrey as an amateur in 1895.

started the first

Local Jews also started the first bank in Lendava.

He started the first production of it in France in 1955.

In 2002, they started the first Swedish futsal championship.

started broadcasting

Radio One started broadcasting in the late 1980s.

Channel 5 started broadcasting on UHF channel 37.

WVQC-LP started broadcasting on July 2, 2010 at 6P.M.

construction started

The mosque's construction started on 30 August 2008.

The construction started after the war in 1949.

The Grönskär lighthouse construction started in 1769.

started training

He started training with Shaqiri at age eleven.

McPhail started training in shooting in 1996.

Manachai started training and fighting at the age of 8.

started singing

Later she started singing solo accompanied by piano.

Kowalewicz started singing in melody with D'Sa.

Schuur started singing when she was about three years old.

started performing

In 1987, Guns N' Roses started performing the song.

Green started performing stand up comedy in 2003.

He started performing when he was six years old.

started airing   (yayınlanmaya başladı)

The first series started airing on 14 August 2012.

It started airing on 26 March 2018 on STAR Vijay.

Since 2018 Channel 5 started airing the program.

team started   (takım başladı)

In 2007 the team started competing in Chikara.

The national team started to compete at the WCS in 1991.

The design team started with a very simple playable game.

started teaching

After his studies he started teaching.

In 1973, Lucas started teaching Italian and continues to do so.

Since the 1960s he started teaching.

started taking

At 3am her hull sprang a leak and started taking on water.

In late 1909, he started taking flying lessons from Glenn Curtiss.

And it started taking off for me.

started producing   (üretmeye başladı)

In 1947, Getzen started producing trumpets and cornets as well.

CLW started producing these traction motors on 1 November 1999.

In the 1930s the company started producing automotive upholstery.

originally started

The band was originally started by Neeraj Shridhar.

KISS was originally started as a brand of J & H Co., Ltd. in 1998.

Mahendra takes the boy away to Kolkata, where the story originally started.

started operating

The station started operating since January 21, 2012.

On May 23, 2005 Warid commercially started operating.

Eurobank started operating in Serbia in 2003.

already started   (çoktan başladı)

In the meantime, the call for buyers had already started.

By that time the 22nd Virginia had already started to disband.

The state has already started to implement more than 20 such projects.

started recording   (kaydetmeye başladı)

Later that month, the band started recording an album.

The band started recording their fifth studio album in May 2008.

At the end of 1991 she started recording the album "Love" in studio S-4 in Warsaw.

started at odds   (oranlarla başladı)

Ridden by Stephen Craine, she started at odds of 8/1 and won by a length from Danish.

In the Cup, Black Knight carried 50kg started at odds of 10/1 in a field of nineteen runners.

At Newmarket Rockfel started at odds of 8/1 for the 1000 Guineas against nineteen other fillies.

started his first

He started his first game with the Aggies in 2000.

On October 7, Wacha started his first Major League playoff game.

Britt started his first ten games as a freshman at North Carolina.

project started

The project started in May and ended in November 1950.

Work of the project started in August 1934.

The "Sports Academy" pilot project started in the year 2008.

started studying   (çalışmaya başladı)

He started studying music early, as well as composing.

In 1667, he started studying at the University of Jena.

He went to Beirut and started studying at the university.

started up   (başladı)

Some of the Companies started up from this scheme are

She's started up an Innocence Project.

He started up Compaq's first overseas office in Munich in 1984.

started publishing

Students started publishing The Cluster in 1920.

In 1959, Hamling started publishing paperback novels.

Dern and Pitcairn started publishing daily issues in 1873.

started to become   (olmaya başladı)

In his third season, Abueva started to become an "Angry Beast".

It was in this site that the library started to become a bookshop.

The deficiencies of the local mortuaries started to become an issue.

started building   (inşa etmeye başladı)

It started building a second Pleasurewood Hills style park in Cleethorpes.

Hansen started building the second Christiansborg in 1803 in a French Empire style.

In 1983, McDonald started building his own cars and March was left outside F1 once more.

series started

The first series started airing on 14 August 2012.

A third series started on 4 September 2006 on ITV.

The series started with number 500 in December 1989.

having started

It is the Group's oldest platform, having started with the Audi 100 in 1969.

Derani took sixth place, having started thirteenth, ahead of Sainz and Marciello.

The House of LaBeija is often credited as having started house culture for drag queens.

started playing football

Thomas started playing football at the age of 9.

He started playing football at the age of 15.

He started playing football in Dolny Kubín.

fire started   (ateş başladı)

A fire started in the early morning of 25 April 1962.

The fire started as two separate fires on November 15, 2008.

He was on his way back to Washington, DC as the fire started.

started acting

He started acting in Bengali theatre in 1977.

She started acting from the age of nine.

He started acting in repertory theatre.

people started   (insanlar başladı)

In 1912, people started settling around the station.

After 1950, people started moving toward outside the redline.

Soon, like minded people started to settle in the neighbourhood.

started to develop   (gelişmeye başladı)

Then it started to develop plastic model kits in earnest.

After the war ended, local parties started to develop in Chad.

It also started to develop an eye feature, based on satellite imagery.

started construction

The JMSDF started construction of a since FY1977.

The EMG-5 started construction before March 2012.

It started construction in 2005 and opened in 2009.

started well   (iyi başladı)

The team started well, but finished the season in 7th place.

The German offensive started well.

The French team, that had won the last three Tours de France, started well.

started selling

They started selling self-styled chivalric orders.

The brewery started selling beer in December 2004.

From 1998 to 2003, a Slovak version also started selling.

started to write

He soon started to write and record his own songs.

He also started to write music for other artists.

Also, Harold Williams started to write from Russia.

started during

The song had been started during the "Jazz" sessions.

Commercial production started during the first half of 2018.

This started during preparations for the 2016 Summer Paralympics.

school started   (okul başladı)

The school started with 114 students and 10 staff.

The swimming program at the school started in 1974.

In January 1955, the school started in the cowshed..

soon started

He soon started to write and record his own songs.

Peck soon started writing for her staff members.

In Vienna, he soon started to lead a bohemian lifestyle.

later started

Cowan later started farming in the Two Wells area.

She later started working at NHK World as well.

He later started the punk and ska covers band Doghouse.

started his football

Born in Amadora, Duarte started his football career at S.L.

Biševac started his football career when he was at BASK in 2001.

Syahrian started his football career with SSB Jaya Mandiri Bogor.

started favourite   (favori başladı)

Minting started favourite the 60/100 favourite, with Friar's Balsam at 5/2.

She started favourite but finished third behind Shandon Belle and Lovely Gale.

A month later, Chief Singer started favourite for the July Stakes at Newmarket.

started doing

He started doing sports in 1991, at the age of 12.

In the 1950s, Ray Johnson started doing Mail art.

QLOC started doing quality assurance in January 2020.

started to take

Mola started to take part in junior triathlons in 2005.

At the same time, the Romans started to take over parts of Western Seleucia.

As the formula gathered momentum, though, constructors started to take note.

started to use

PCCW also started to use the ticker symbol "8" after the takeover.

Soon capoeiristas started to use their skills in unconventional ways.

Beginning with beatmania IIDX 11 RED, Saito started to use the teranoid name.

started learning

Both adults and children started learning to read.

Shortly thereafter I started learning music by ear.

She started learning music from a very early age.

started to appear

Towns, including Deltaterrasserne, started to appear.

A few bootlegs started to appear in the United States.

Camouflage started to appear in high fashion by the 1990s.

just started   (henüz başladı)

That had just started when the film was finished.

Plus, a lot of the stars just started dying off.

Low-speed runs had just started when the rains came.

started dating   (çikmaya basladik)

She started dating footballer Peter Crouch in 2006.

He started dating Miranda Lambert in February 2018.

King started dating Andrew Ferguson in January 2016.

only started   (sadece başladı)

The planning approval process only started in 2007.

Japanese rugby only started to grow in the 1920s.

But then only started once in the following three games.

officially started

On September 28, 2016, construction officially started.

They officially started playing as Brother Brother in 2013.

This channel officially started broadcasting on November 12, 2008.

started and finished

The race started and finished in Chengqiao, China.

The race started and finished in Sint-Amandsberg.

started developing

McNeill started developing adventure games using The Quill software.

Her start-up company, Technical Illusions, started developing castAR.

Apple started developing the platform in 1987 and shipped the first devices in 1993.

started production

The assembly plant located in Enugu started production in 1980.

Fortuna acquired its Caylloma property in 2004, and started production in 2006.

Similarly, the lead actress Sanghavi was just 16 when the film started production.

competition started   (yarışma başladı)

The competition started on 29 April 2018.

The competition started on 22 April 2018.

The competition started on 8 August and finished on 18 August.

started appearing   (görünmeye başladı)

At that period weapons started appearing in the kurgans.

From 2007, Patrício started appearing for the Portuguese under-21 side.

Cases first started appearing in 2004, primarily in Thailand and Taiwan.

started running

He started running seriously while at high school.

Before she started running she played football.

He started running even harder last spring and summer.

started around   (etrafta başladı)

The show in Philadelphia started around 8:40 p.m.

The current active period started around 900 BC.

Industrialization in Erfurt started around 1850.

games started

He posted a 1.75 ERA in 13 games started.

Additionally, the Chiefs were in games started by Huard in 2006.

For St. Petersburg, he went 1-2 with a 6.97 ERA in three games started.

production started

Principal production started June 2018 in Los Angeles.

Principal production started on May 28, 2018.

Munitions production started in April 1916.

started the race   (yarışa başladı)

Eighteen teams of up to six riders started the race:

Eighteen teams of six riders started the race:

198 riders started the race, only 63 finished.

started the game

Saymak started the game and completed the full 90 minutes.

He started the game as England won 4–0.

The team also started the game cold from the three-point line.

group started

The group started promoting "Love Style" on Mnet's M!

The group started to audition people to replace Galasso.

The group started out as the Downtown Blues Band in 1989.

started competing

Later, she started competing with the Russian Group.

She started competing with the Russian Group in 2008.

In 2007 the team started competing in Chikara.

started his political

She started his political and economic career in 1950.

Yavagal started his political career with Janata Party.

With this started his political journey.

started to make   (yapmaya başladı)

In 2002 the company started to make mobile phones.

In 1950, Çalık started to make abstract sculptures.

They also started to make kits based on their design.

initially started

He initially started in the position of Manager of Artist Development.

Overtime initially started as a different sports-focused project within WME.

They initially started to manufacture buggy neck yokes and other carriage parts.

started to build

and started to build up their fanbase in Finland.

Soon he started to build the great Cathedral of Mainz.

The hall started to build in 2005 and completed in October 2014.

started offering   (teklif etmeye başladı)

The campus started offering classes in Fall 2015.

In 2011, the college started offering an honors level.

In May 2011, AOL started offering limited XMPP support.

started in all

2010 was a breakout season, as he started in all 16 games.

In 2002, McBrien started in all 14 games for the Maryland Terrapins.

He started in all 16 games in 1998 and recorded 73 combined tackles.

tour started

The tour started in San Francisco on January 24.

The tour started on 25 July 2010 in Arena Zagreb, Croatia.

The tour started in Manila, Philippines, on July 29, 2008.

club started

The club started a new kit wear deal with Australian firm BLK.

From 1980, the club started publishing brochures and a club magazine.

In 2008 the club started cooperation with the professional side SC Cambuur.

started her own   (kendi başladığını)

In 1992 Pellinkhof started her own racing team.

Khan started her own Youtube channel in 2019.

That year Wright started her own band.

show started   (gösteri başladı)

The show started 2008 with a 6.3% audience share.

Nick Grimshaw's show started on 3 September 2018.

The concept of the show started with 'Dr.

started operation   (çalışmaya başladı)

It started operation out of La Seyne-sur-Mer in 1975.

The project was completed and started operation in 2016.

The paper mill started operation in 1961.