Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

starts off

Machu starts off rather humbly but soon gets rich.

The album starts off with two studio recordings.

It starts off with two young male friends in a video store.

then starts

Ash then starts his search for the "Necronomicon".

Miñanco then starts his own ring alongside two friends.

The trail then starts heading through rural north Brooklyn Park.

player starts   (jugador comienza)

The player starts searching for the truth in his house.

The player starts out with three hearts.

The youngest player starts by rolling all of his or her dice.

story starts   (la historia comienza)

The story starts in the 9th century.

The story starts with narration by Madhav aka Maddy (Madhavan) himself.

The story starts when Scrooge McDuck tries to know where was his nephew going.

game starts

The game starts with an empty grid of dots.

This is negotiated before the game starts.

After completing the fourth universe the game starts over.

video starts

The video starts with a music box playing.

The video starts off with Hitomi walking into a recording studio.

The video starts with Swift speaking in a confessional voice-over.

film starts   (comienza la película)

The film starts during Palach's childhood.

The film starts with a warning message, which reads: WARNING.

The film starts in Baikonur.

season starts

Its season starts in March and ends in September.

Rainy season starts by mid-June and lasts till September.

The season starts with the engagement of Charlie and Amita.

starts working

In Season 3, Lynn starts working for the A.S.A.

She starts working as makeup girl.

That time he starts working with Channel I as the sports journalist.

starts dating

Caroline breaks up with Thomas and starts dating Rick.

After this Momo starts dating Kairi.

She meets and starts dating a handsome student and they become engaged.

route starts

The route starts in Mayagüez and ends in Maunabo.

The route starts at MS 25 in the town of Smithville.

The route starts at Route 107 in Gordonsville.

starts when   (comienza cuando)

Time starts when the rider takes his first jump.

Spermatogenesis starts when bulls are about 15 years old.

A starts when a player leads, i.e.

all starts

"For any writer, it all starts at your local library.

In 2007–08 Loizeau made 11 appearances (all starts) for Blšany.

He played 8 times (all starts) in 2007–08 Serie C2, with 2 goals.

false starts

After many false starts, the scheme was begun in 1901 by the London County Council.

In 1964 she finished fifth in the relay and was disqualified in the 200 m heats for false starts.

Among his recommendations for the sport is a new method of recording false starts in sprint races.

road starts   (el camino comienza)

A road starts from Abadeh Ring Road to Soqad and Semirom, Road 55.

The A4064 road starts in the village and heads north towards Llangeinor.

The road starts at Ray Gibbon Drive, in southwest St. Albert named LeClair Way.

song starts

The song starts off slowly, primarily driven by Bruford's drums.

The song starts with a drum fill.

The song starts at No.

usually starts

Forehand usually starts the bidding by announcing "forehand!"

The session usually starts after completion of the second semester.

The players usually starts the game with a castle and a few peasants.

starts a relationship

Dave later starts a relationship with Kathy.

Maxine starts a relationship with Adam.

She starts a relationship with Leo.

race starts   (comienza la carrera)

The race starts in Borgo Valsugana.

The victory took his season tally of wins to 27 from 33 race starts.

The race starts at 12:00 pm on Saturday and concludes 24 hours later.

consecutive starts

He also holds the record for most consecutive starts by a defensive back.

Guthrie set the franchise record at 17 consecutive starts without a loss.

Benson had made over 200 consecutive starts before the move to the bullpen.

career starts

Only Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry had more career starts and wins.

He made the third most career starts in San Francisco Giants history.

He made 100 career starts.

starts between

In 24 starts between the two clubs, he was 6–9 with a 3.69 ERA.

Entry level pricing through specialized resellers starts between $4,000 and $10,000 USD.

The watershed starts between Khao Lae and Khao Yhai, Ban Rai District, Uthai Thani Province.

ten starts

Kalitta came back in 1999, making one final round in ten starts.

He performed far better, going 2-3 with a 3.64 ERA in ten starts.

He made ten starts for the Senators, and notched two complete games.

starts near   (comienza cerca)

It can be accessed from a main road that starts near Benjamin.

It starts near the lake's far end.

It starts near the Bombay point, descends 500 metres and goes near Pratapgad fort.

starts playing

Dangdut music starts playing at that time, until today.

The first thing which a player has to do when he starts playing Lineage II is to create a character.

A discordant piano starts playing, and Joe, shouting for Julia, flings open the door only to see the wall.

starts before

Benson had made over 200 consecutive starts before the move to the bullpen.

Hence most temples observe Kanda Sashti on panchami tithi if Shasti Tithi starts before sunset on panchami Tithi.

McHugh would wind up making a couple more starts before being demoted on August 24 to make room for Jeremy Hefner.

starts during

He made 14 league starts during the season.

The film starts during Palach's childhood.

In 2011, Brummett went 1-0 with a 1.59 ERA in 3 starts during the regular season.

book starts

The first book starts on the topic of Greek philosophy.

The book starts out by talking about how to include special education into the art classrooms.

The book starts when a woman walking in the park with her baby daughter and her rottweiler Carl run into a friend of hers.