İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

later stated   (daha sonra belirtildi)

Byers later stated that he may have cut his thumb.

He later stated that she was buried in Jerusalem.

He later stated that his comments were "stupid."

further stated   (daha fazla ifade)

He further stated that he would probably direct it.

She further stated, "The movie is technically excellent in form.

They said, They further stated,

report stated   (rapor belirtildi)

The police report stated that she refused a blood test.

Another report stated 231 out of 417 irregulars were lost.

The report stated the fall was not statistically significant.

stated goal

Vesper's stated goal is "to produce Olympic champions."

The campaign failed to meet its stated goal of $20,000.

The stated goal of the operation was to create a formally independent Ukraine.

publicly stated

Patton had publicly stated that he was planning a run against Republican U.S.

In April 2013, MacKinnon publicly stated his support for new caretaker manager Alex Neil.

He has publicly stated that before his fame he was involved in substance abuse and crime.

stated mission

A stated mission of GRIN is to support the following projects:

The stated mission of the society is "Committed to Lives of Excellence".

IESC's stated mission is to improve living standards by strengthening private enterprise.

stated purpose   (belirtilen amaç)

The stated purpose of the law was to increase the safety of the procedure.

Its stated purpose is to advocate for justice and accountability for international crimes.

The inquiry's stated purpose was to "safeguard the interests of sub-contractors in the sector".

explicitly stated   (açıkça belirtilmiş)

The original plan explicitly stated that illumos would not be a distribution or a fork.

Almost every decree explicitly stated that the sanctions did not apply to antifascists.

However, a similar sentiment is explicitly stated when Alyosha visits Dimitri in prison.

stated above   (belirtilenin üstünde)

As stated above, a portion of M-32 is not on the NHS.

But, as stated above, the techniques used to prove e.g.

As stated above, the team that got at least two votes won.

stated aim   (belirtilen amaç)

The convention's stated aim was to organize the New York Anti-Slavery Society.

His stated aim is the "support of education and culture of peace and tolerance".

Its stated aim was to reflect all aspects of Palestinian life accurately to the world.

otherwise stated

Quantities are "per week" unless otherwise stated.

Readings are unabridged unless otherwise stated.

All songs by Kate Rusby unless otherwise stated.

previously stated   (önceden belirtilmiş)

It also forms the AGC voltage, as previously stated.

Like previously stated, sanitation is the best preventive for CRW.

She previously stated that she would felt proud of winning the award.

not stated

The exact reason for expelling Spinoza is not stated.

In the later episodes of the show, the location is sometimes not stated.

Implied terms are not stated but nevertheless form a provision of the contract.

stated that all

In a press release dated that day, Vela stated that all crewmembers were safe.

Iranian military officials stated that all Iranian Phantoms were undamaged during the attack.

The agreement stated that all participating countries will be represented on an equal footing.

stars and stated

The Times of India also gave the movie two stars and stated "The film does not engage the audience.

Roger Ebert gave it a 1 out of 4 stars and stated that there was "[in 1980] no need for this movie.

The Neue Presse from Hannover gave four out of five stars and stated: "No Raab anymore, no more under his wing.

review stated

The review stated, "...good visuals do not automatically mean "great movie."

One review stated "Good book, but for no precise villain, it still has potential."

"The New York Times" review stated - "Edmund Lowe is capital as the well-tailored Barry.

stated that   (“)

In an interview Jones stated that “I just plain didn’t care to put that much energy into promoting.

He has stated that “we founded GFBiochemicals with the ambition of finding sustainable alternatives to oil-based products”.

Finally, He inquired on how Yi was settling into the United States, and Yi stated that “I don’t enjoy settling down in North America.

officials stated

ISRO officials stated that it remains in good health.

UN officials stated that there had been "15 massacres" between 1996 and 2001.

U.S. officials stated that the location was a "suspected foreign fighter safe house."

stated that no

Alex Ross stated that no composer had ever made a braver stand against totalitarianism.

The Muslim Association of Sweden had already stated that no imams will marry same-sex couples.

After Hamlin told Mullen that he had no right to be there, Mullen stated that no one could put him out.

government stated   (hükümet belirtti)

The Indian government stated it would consider a formal application if offered.

The government stated that the DP World contract violated Djibouti's sovereignty.

The Czech government stated it would ignore the agreement, saying it would invite whoever it wanted.

stated that although   (rağmen belirtti)

The police stated that although they were no longer keeping him in custody, they were not dropping the charges against him.

The Buddha stated that although Jambuka had been austere in his former practices, it was not worth one-sixteenth of his new practices.

Singer Bertrand Poncet has stated that although the band is French, their sound is American, which is why they write lyrics in English.

clearly stated

The Torah and the Prophets clearly stated that this does not imply any innate Jewish superiority.

It is clearly stated that both Anna's husband and brother was executed in the Stockholm Bloodbath of 1520.

Following Gregory X's lead, Pope Benedict XIII clearly stated to the Christian people how to treat the Jews.

reports stated

Initial reports stated that the bombing was a suicide attack.

Media reports stated that some people were locked in the hold.

Contemporary reports stated the "Myola" sunk off Sydney Heads.

company stated   (şirket belirtti)

The company stated that they intended to retain the brand.

The company stated that approximately five percent of its subscribers had been affected.

The All Smiles company stated that Chris Roussos, a non-dentist, became the head of the company.

stated during

Durst stated during the concert, "People are getting hurt.

Member Nicole Jung stated during the album's show case that the group aimed to display their "maturing feminism".

Lead singer Caramarcu stated during interviews that the amount of criticism received from the audience was minor.

unless otherwise stated   (aksi belirtilmedikçe)

Quantities are "per week" unless otherwise stated.

Readings are unabridged unless otherwise stated.

All songs by Kate Rusby unless otherwise stated.

article stated

A "Press" article stated that to their own people they were considered dead.

A 2011 "China Daily" article stated that the film was predicted to make over 150 million yuan ($25 million US).

A 2013 "Sound on Sound" article stated that there are "...few women in record production and sound engineering."

once stated

Fincher once stated, "I think people are perverts.

Sherman once stated, "My mother ate his mother."

Speaking of her work, she once stated, "I sculpt so that I can hold my head up high.

stated goals

The protests achieved two of their stated goals.

One of the stated goals of monetary policy is maximum employment.

The stated goals of the IPAB are:

unless stated   (belirtilmediği sürece)

All systems are third rail unless stated otherwise.

Kickoff times are in unless stated otherwise.

then stated

Stanton paused and then stated, "The rebel is dead.

Lee then stated, "Why, Gracie, you will certainly be killed."

He then stated playing for the Bendigo Pioneers in the TAC Cup.

stated that when   (dedi ki)

He also stated that when he quit, WWE lost their top talent, as he was at the very top of the payroll.

It was further stated that when Herbert ordered his Marines to board "Nicosian", he gave the order "take no prisoners".

They further stated that when they attempted to rouse him from his sleep at 09:30 the following morning, they could not wake him.


Stuart stated “It was an amazing experience.

In an interview in 2017, Popal stated “Suddenly I was losing everything.

Bristow stated “Playing in Europe is a great experience across the whole day.

magazine stated

In 1999, "Men's Health" magazine stated his height was .

"Flight" magazine stated that the number involved was "about four".

JazzTimes magazine stated that "their kinship goes far beyond technical facility or theory.

stated otherwise

All systems are third rail unless stated otherwise.

Kickoff times are in unless stated otherwise.

often stated   (sıklıkla belirtilmiş)

It is often stated that Rickman was Clerk of the House of Commons: this was never the case.

It is often stated that Francis Day and Andrew Cogan did not arrive at the Madras coast until 27 July 1639.

The doctrine is often stated as "those seeking equity must do equity" or "equity must come with clean hands".

court stated   (mahkeme belirtti)

The court stated that Junior School No.

The court stated, "We are left with no option but to award death penalty.

In their ruling, the court stated, "This is an unusually flagrant example of UCI.

stated the following

Andy Trowers, the lead designer of the game, stated the following: The developers first had to prove that the game all worked.

Morricone stated the following during a 2001 interview with "The Guardian": "I definitely felt that I should have won for The Mission.

In February 2012, he signed an open letter that stated the following: Hawes met his partner, Chris Eyden, while training at St Stephen's House, Oxford.

band stated

The band stated that there were "no hard feelings".

The band stated: Sadly as you have probably gathered by now.

The band stated that the song was very uptempo and included wah-wah guitars.

initially stated

This specimen was initially stated to indicate a length of .

Officials initially stated that 4 people were killed by smoke inhalation.

The material base created was that initially stated as the project's goal and indeed of good quality.

stated his intention   (niyetini belirtti)

Following his release, Sonando stated his intention to clear his name of the remaining charges.

He stated his intention to resume studies for his HBO qualification alongside his football career.

The next year, he stated his intention not to separate families as a result of "a change of masters".

repeatedly stated   (tekrar tekrar belirtildi)

Throughout the crisis, Turkey had repeatedly stated that it would be upset if the Jupiter missiles were removed.

She has repeatedly stated that she feels Trump is damaging the economy through acting in an unpredictable manner.

The Church has repeatedly stated that for the sinner there is no other system of redemption from sin but confession.

stated in interviews

Ab-Soul has stated in interviews that he highly influenced the song.

Joubert has stated in interviews that he considers quadruple jumps to be important for the future of figure skating as a sport.

Campbell has stated in interviews that the band's name was a sarcastic riposte to the popularity of mainstream boy band pop at the time.

stated his belief   (inancını ifade etti)

On one occasion he stated his belief that "I will be remembered for nothing.

Gandhi stated his belief that "Ahimsa is in Hinduism, it is in Christianity as well as in Islam."

Carnegie wrote "The Gospel of Wealth", an article in which he stated his belief that the rich should use their wealth to help enrich society.

stated that only   (sadece)

Floyd Allen stated that only then did he draw his own revolver and begin shooting.

In it he stated that only Spalding balls could be used (previously, the quality of the balls used had been subpar).

Maxwell stated that only the "ringleaders" and those proven to have committed "coldblooded murder" would be executed.

stated intention   (belirtilen niyet)

Eiji Tsuburaya had a stated intention to move the Godzilla series in a lighter direction.

Zia's stated intention was to "eradicate the scourge of interest" on loans and securities, and create an "interest-free economy".

Gaitan expressed concern that this would "kill almost every reply channel", despite that being the stated intention of the action.

unless stated otherwise   (Aksi belirtilmedikçe)

All systems are third rail unless stated otherwise.

Kickoff times are in unless stated otherwise.

website stated

These plans were abandoned in February 2011 and at the time the school website stated that the school "remains in abeyance".

While Adult Swim's TV listings on its website stated the movie would be shown, other TV listings reported the same Sunday block.

An interview with Mike Tiner on the Metal Injection website stated that Mike Tiner's position was that Hermida chose to leave by not being able to commit to the band.

when he stated   (söylediğinde)

His personal approach to photography was expressed when he stated, "I believe that the main function of photography is a historical one.

On the track "Soy Lo Que Soy", Daddy Yankee self-proclaimed himself as the leader of reggaeton when he stated that "the Latin people baptized me as the King of Reggaeton".

Army defensive coordinator John Mumford caused some controversy earlier in the season when he stated that "Collin Mooney is probably better than any Navy fullback we've ever faced.

stated that many

Agnes has self stated that many of her lyrics are inspired by real life events.

They also stated that many American Samoans are too poor to afford "high-speed internet".

Marc Epprecht stated that many Zimbabweans believed that homosexuality was un-African, caused by a disease introduced by white settlers from Europe.

whose stated

The National Gallery, whose stated mission is to "bring democracy to art", was also inaugurated in 1994.

In March 2011, Janeček founded the Endowment Fund Against Corruption (NFPK) whose stated objective was exposing prominent cases of corruption.

Clutch (magazine) Clutch was an online magazine and blog network whose stated target audience is "today's young, hip, progressive Black woman".

stated objective

The campaign's current stated objective is to secure support for a UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

In order to receive aid from the foundation, the hospitals apply for devices that achieve the stated objective.

The stated objective of CICIG is to "reinforce the national criminal justice system and to help it with its reforms."

stated before

As stated before, the method by which the battery management system evaluates the SoH of a battery is arbitrary.

In pleading guilty, he stated before the court, "This was an aberration as I betrayed my core values with what I did.

At the time (as stated before), the three-strip process (with blue hues added) was exclusive to Disney for use in cartoons.

stated that both

Hamáček stated that both sides had a lot of support within the party.

He stated that both religions are made "to deceive the people and to constrain the minds of men".

The first contract stated that both cities would defend their freedom and their privileges together.

stated publicly

Eliza has also stated publicly that she is a Christian.

He's a Christian of Roman Catholic denomination and has stated publicly that he sees no conflict between science and religion.

Charles Enderby stated publicly that "he had heard so much of him that he did not think fit to enter into any engagement with him."

spokesperson stated   (sözcüsü belirtti)

The IDF spokesperson stated that "the IDF is not involved in this incident in any way".

A CBS Radio spokesperson stated that their refusal was meant to maintain the station's integrity.

In May 2007, a Toyota spokesperson stated 20 camshaft failures occurred in Toyota's all-new 5.7 L "3UR-FE" V-8 engine.

stated that during

Some Historians stated that during this time, the Burmese deposed Jogeswar Singha and kept him in confinement at Jorhat.

They further stated that during this shutdown period, PonoMusic would be transitioning to a new platform provided by 7digital.

Fanelli also stated that during the 2012-2013 hockey season, new Head Strong product would be sold at the Kitchener Auditorium.

reviewer stated

One reviewer stated that the game was "too far on the easy side".

Writing for the Associated Press, another reviewer stated it "delivers the thrills and excitement that readers expect from a Clive Cussler novel.

In this respect, one reviewer stated that "Any magazine that encourages both new writers and readers to range more widely, deserves encouragement."

originally stated

"Hatchet II" director Adam Green originally stated that two more sequels would follow.

Using Twitter, Lloyd Banks originally stated that the album was called "The Hunger for More 2".

PNC originally stated that 5,800 employees would be laid off corporate-wide across the new organization.

letter stated

The letter stated the Land Board had taken the liberty of refusing bids other than the Jaycee’s.

The letter stated that the appeal was "not arguable" due to the nature of the "deeply unpleasant offence".

The rejection letter stated, "The University of Maryland does not admit Negro students and your application is accordingly rejected."

stated aims

Llafur has several stated aims.

One of her key stated aims is to make Tor more user-friendly in order to bring wider access to anonymous web browsing.

It presents itself as an association of scholars, with supporting and encouraging research and the sharing and exchange of knowledge as its stated aims.