railway station   (火车站)

The nearest railway station to the site is Hospet.

The nearest railway station is Hove, to the north.

The Irinjalakuda railway station is situated here.

radio station   (广播电台)

Then he did an internship at 1LIVE radio station.

Local radio station WANS AM/FM was a major sponsor.

KSCL was Shreveport's first public radio station.

station building   (车站大楼)

The original station building has been demolished.

The main station building is now a private house.

police station   (警察局)

He's currently working at Grenland police station.

This block is served by Kalimpong police station.

Pindrajora police station is located at Pindrajora.

television station   (电视台)

The first private television station in Austria is ATV.

DUTV is Drexel's Philadelphia cable television station.

The only television station, Tele Tchad, is state-owned.

power station   (发电厂)

The power station was designed to burn slack coal.

A power station is located adjacent to the refinery.

The technology is being piloted at a UK power station.

train station   (火车站)

There is an abandoned train station in Belle Mead.

The train station figures prominently in the story.

She then turns and walks back to the train station.

station opened   (站开了)

The station opened, as Rosslare, on 24 June 1882.

The station opened in 1896 as Kissing Point Road.

The station opened in 1854 by the Leven Railway.

station is located   (车站位于)

The city railway station is located in Nashik Road.

Pindrajora police station is located at Pindrajora.

Matia police station is located in Matia village.

sister station   (姐妹站)

It also has its sister station, DZLM/DWOO 1430 kHz.

In 1994, KXRD signed on as a sister station to KLRD.

The deal made WTTA a sister station to WFLA.

station licensed   (站牌)

KWCL started as a daytime only AM station licensed on 1280 kHz.

KOKO-FM KOKO-FM is a radio station licensed to Kerman, California.

CHAS-FM CHAS-FM is a radio station licensed to and serving Sault Ste.

new station

The new station was completed and opened in 2014.

The new station launched on Monday April 2, 2018.

The new station began broadcasting on July 27, 1999.

station was opened

The station was opened in 1863 and closed in 1968.

The metro station was opened on 15 December 1999.

The Ofakim station was opened on December 31, 2015.

station located

18 is a fire station located at 3812 Mt.

Luganville has a police station located in the centre of town.

a CBC or Radio-Canada television station located in that market).

bus station   (公车站)

A new bus station is being built in Accrington too.

The nearest bus station is located from the airport.

The main bus station of Sarajevo has its own website.

radio station licensed   (广播电台持牌)

KOKO-FM KOKO-FM is a radio station licensed to Kerman, California.

CHAS-FM CHAS-FM is a radio station licensed to and serving Sault Ste.

WPBQ WPBQRadio is an online radio station licensed to serve the world.

station is owned

The station is owned by Florida Public Radio, Inc.

The station is owned by the City of Baldwin Park.

The station is owned by Stingray Digital Group Inc.

station broadcasting

WOLL is a Class C2 station broadcasting at 50,000 watts.

WUSC began as an AM station broadcasting at 640 kHz in 1947.

WVPO WVPO (840 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a sports format.

metro station   (地铁站)

The theater is served by the Anvers metro station.

The metro station was opened on 15 December 1999.

This site is served by the Rihour metro station.

station is served

The station is served by the following service(s):

radio station broadcasting

WVPO WVPO (840 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a sports format.

WSKL WSKL 92.9 FM is a radio station broadcasting an oldies format.

KTLV KTLV (1220 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Gospel format.

station serves   (车站服务)

The station serves the neighbourhood of Triplicane.

The station serves the municipality of Cadenazzo.

Jagatballavpur policem station serves this block.

station was built

The station was built by Larson & Toubro Limited.

The cattle station was built between 1890 and 1969.

A new fire station was built in the early 1980s.

station is currently

The station is currently owned by Townsquare Media.

The station is currently owned by Falls Media, LLC.

The station is currently owned by WRD Entertainment.

gas station   (加油站)

They shoot past Delia, Maxine and Gordo at a gas station.

His first job was pumping gas at a York Mills gas station.

1915 Trading Post and gas station built next to tollhouse.

space station   (空间站)

The TARDIS materialises on an aged space station.

He has also been critical of the space station program.

Their mission was to man humanity's first space station.

station began

The station began operation in 18th November 2019.

Service to the station began on December 11, 2006.

The station began broadcasting on April 5, 1954.

fire station

A new fire station was built in the early 1980s.

A fire station, a folk house and 32 farms burned down .

The old fire station was demolished in 1980.

station serving

There is no railway station serving the locality.

KROI KROI is a radio station serving the Greater Houston market.

Gaya Junction railway station is a junction station serving the city.

station closed

The station closed permanently on 7 November 1966.

The station closed with the branch line in 1963.

The station closed to passengers on 7 July 1930.

station consists

The station consists of three cylindrical volumes.

The station consists of three distinct sections.

Mladenovac railway station consists of 6 railway track.

nearest railway station

The nearest railway station to the site is Hospet.

The nearest railway station is Hove, to the north.

Pazhayangadi is the nearest railway station (2 km).

station changed

From 1 January 1998, the station changed name again.

The station changed call letters, this time to KUVR-CA.

The railway station changed hands 14 times in six hours.

station became

This station became wheelchair accessible in 2004.

In & , the flagship station became KRLA (1110AM).

The station became unstaffed from June 1, 1993.

station was used

Initially the station was used for communications with shipping.

The JR East station was used by 5185 passengers (alighting) daily.

In fiscal 2000, the station was used by an average of 68 passengers daily.

rail station

The closest rail station is "Varenna-Esino", away.

The Catete underground rail station is adjacent.

It is served by the Jar rail station on the Kolsås Line.

main station

The main station building is now a private house.

DGG is main station to reach Bambleshwari Temple.

It is located 900m west of the main station.

first station

Trains were to run into a tunnel to the first station.

This railway and the first station were built in 1865.

The first station master was Yosif Karapirov.

subway station   (地铁站)

Starting point was the subway station Seestraße.

The subway station was built in 1974 by R. G. Rümmler.

The subway station is assigned the station number M26.

station was closed

Moriac railway station was closed in October 1981.

The station was closed by British Railways in 1951.

The station was closed until 1 June as a result.

station wagon   (旅行车)

The station wagon had seating for eight passengers.

The station wagon continued with the "Country Squire".

2 doors station wagon and pick-up versions.

railroad station

The railroad station is on the Makat-Beyneu line.

The structure no longer serves as a railroad station.

The area of the railroad station is now part of Gin Road.

station buildings

The station buildings were subsequently demolished.

The station buildings are now private dwellings.

The station buildings are in use as private residence.

railway station located

Elst railway station Elst is a railway station located in Elst, Netherlands.

Echt railway station Echt is a railway station located in Echt, Netherlands.

Best railway station Best is a railway station located in Best, Netherlands.

weather station   (气象站)

The nearest weather station is at Gatwick Airport.

It is also a common weather station instrument.

Sandberg was later the site of a U.S. weather station.

flagship station   (旗舰站)

Radio Juba is the flagship station for the network.

In & , the flagship station became KRLA (1110AM).

Its flagship station is "La Voz de Bogotá" since 2017.

station served

The station served the town of Agdangan, Quezon.

The station served the village and the rural district.

The train station served as a vector of communications and news.

station was assigned

The station was assigned call sign WTKL on 1979-05-16.

This station was assigned the callsign W61BY.

This station was assigned call sign KBZI on January 24, 2017.

original station

The original station building has been demolished.

The original station building burned down in January 1882.

pumping station   (加油站)

Just east of the lake was a water pumping station.

There is water pumping station on the left.

The pumping station was destroyed during the 2006 Lebanon War.

independent station

As an independent station, channel 9's schedule was heavy on sports programming.

That arrangement ended on September 1, 2016 when WGN became an independent station.

KTXC-LP KTXC-LP was an independent station for Amarillo, Texas, licensed to Canyon.

station was originally

The station was originally named Chater Station.

The Woodbridge station was originally built in 1992.

The station was originally owned by Joseph W. Shaffer.

station broadcasts

The station broadcasts at 1240 kHz on the AM dial.

The station broadcasts the national network lineup.

The station broadcasts from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

through the station

The train speeds through the station going back up the lift.

The "San Joaquins" still pass through the station without stopping.

Everyday, suburban trains make around 260 trips through the station.

underground station   (地铁站)

The underground station is only for passenger traffic.

The underground station opened in 1971 was built by R.G.

This two-level, underground station has an island platform.

television station licensed

K41IO-D K41IO-D is a low-power television station licensed to Las Vegas, Nevada.

New Jersey already had a public television station licensed within the state, WNET (channel 13), licensed to Newark.

KBOP-LD KBOP-LD is a low-power television station licensed in Dallas, Texas, serving the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

service station

He would become a farmer and later a service station operator.

He also operated a service station and worked the family farm.

Figard left the service station with the driver at around 4:30 pm.

station near

There is no railway station near to Badiyadka.

(KMXE is now a classic rock station near Billings, Montana.)

There is no railway station near to Ganeor in less than 10 km.

station owned

KPVM-LP KPVM-LP is the sole Pahrump television station owned by Vernon Van Winkle.

KHMP-LD KHMP is an America One-affiliated television station owned by Pahrump Media Group.

LRT televizija LRT televizija is a Lithuanian television station owned and operated by LRT.

local radio station

"—that young Arn had phoned in to a local radio station.

He also worked as a reporter at WSVA, a local radio station.

Cliftonville is the home of local radio station KMFM Thanet.

station was sold

The station was sold again in 1977 to Cox Enterprises.

In 1998, the station was sold to STARadio Corporation.

In 1998, the station was sold to Pride Communications.

station went

The station went on the air as WSNV on 1989-09-29.

On February 19, 2019, the station went silent.

The station went on the air as WHEW on August 17, 1959.

station was renamed

Subsequently, this station was renamed "Dalfsen".

In 1949 Chard station was renamed Chard Central.

The station was renamed to Eygelshoven on 22 May 1966.

when the station

Wilson left WPRO in April 1993 when the station was sold.

Ownership of this was ceded to the local authority when the station was closed.

The inner track existed when the station was built, but only as a storage track.

community radio station

The local community radio station is Phonic FM.

Bush Radio is a community radio station (89.5 MHz FM).

- 106.6 MHz, a community radio station.

station came

This was also where Veitshöchheim station came to be built.

The station came under the control of the Southern Railway (SR) in the 1923 Grouping.

On July 15, 1996, the station came to air with a grupera format known as "La Picosa".

passenger station

It functioned as a passenger station until 1953.

Track 3 of the passenger station had already been dismantled.

In 1924, the two buildings were joined as a passenger station.

railway station serving

There is no railway station serving the locality.

Eastchurch railway station Eastchurch is a disused railway station serving Eastchurch on the Isle of Sheppey.

East Minster railway station East Minster is a disused railway station serving Minster on the Isle of Sheppey.

station is situated

The Irinjalakuda railway station is situated here.

The station is situated south of the river Vecht.

Doncaster railway station is situated on the East Coast Main Line.

commercial radio station

The local commercial radio station is Radio Exe.

In 1981, a commercial radio station, Africa No.

Radio ZET Radio Zet – Polish commercial radio station.

tube station   (地铁站)

Pimlico tube station is a short distance east.

It was demolished in 1905 to make way for Aldwych tube station.

Bones was recorded in a kitchen and above a North London tube station.

music station

Bokradio (98.9 MHz FM) is an Afrikaans music station.

During WEAS's time as a country music station:

By 1981, WCOG was a country music station.

station was located

In 1821 a pilot station was located on the island.

The station was located at Bainbridge, Maryland.

station is unattended

The station is unattended and is managed from Goshogawara Station.

The station is unattended.

station signed

The station signed on from this site in July 2004.

The station signed on the air on August 19, 1990.

On June 25, 1966, the station signed on as KBER-FM.

research station

There is a 1.6 km road that connects the research station to the coast.

The research station was constructed during three summer months in 1957.

A research station conducted by Sydney University is located on the cay.

old station

This was a partial return to their old station from 2007.

The old station master's house also survives as a private dwelling.

The post office at first used the station building of the old station.

station first

Wedding S-Bahn station first opened on 1 May 1872.

Hakodate station first opened on 10 December 1902.

On October 1, 1969, the station first signed on.

former station

Station Road nearby is named for the former station.

An old platform in poor condition remains at the former station.

This station was located slightly north-west to the former station.

station house

The station house was also remodeled and modernized.

The station house is now a private dwelling.

The station house remains, the platforms have been demolished.

station site

A transport mural is located near the station site.

The station site remains largely undeveloped .

The entire station site encompasses over 680,000m of space.

station moved

The station moved there in 1996 from Egton House.

The station moved to 98.5 in 1964 and increased its power.

In December 1937 the station moved from 1160 kHz to 780 kHz.

station manager

A new station manager, Ted Millard, arrived in 1921.

Smith served as the station manager for several decades.

After some time he was promoted to railway station manager.

railway station serves

Shoghi railway station serves the Shoghi town.

Jhamatpur Baharan railway station serves nearby areas.

As of 2016, the railway station serves around 20,000 passengers every day.

elevated station   (高架车站)

The station is an elevated station with 3 levels.

terminal station   (终端站)

Both these lines serve Barcelona Sants terminal station.

The S-Bahn station is a terminal station and the only station on the line.

It was situated near Hof city centre and was thus laid out as a terminal station.

petrol station   (加油站)

Tses houses a general dealer and a petrol station.

The village is served by a nightclub and bar, a petrol station and shop, and a restaurant.

This is Fredriksberg's commercial centre with restaurant, stores, petrol station, library etc.

station along

The city has a railroad station along the Abidjan – Ouagadougou Railway.

Houses which once fronted the station along Yonge Street were demolished.

Metro Camarones Camarones is a station along Line 7 of the Mexico City Metro.

station between

It is a transfer station between the Orange Line and Blue Line.

The station is an interchange station between Line 1 and Line 2.

It is the mid station between Dongargarh and Rajnandgaon junction.

current station

The current station building dates to November 1979.

The current station building was built in 1907.

The current station opened on August 13, 1991.

local station

He started his radio career at local station Radio De Bilt.

State-owned All India Radio has a local station in Ambikapur.

In April a man was arrested in Dixinn and beaten at a local station.

station is now

The site of the station is now covered by housing.

(The station is now known simply as Clifton.)

(That station is now WAYF, owned by the WAY-FM Network.)

station operated

The station operated until the line's closure in 1978.

The station operated at cable 106.7 FM.

The station operated 24 hours a day.

only station

It is the only station of the Lower Bavarian town of Zwiesel.

At the time, CJLH was the only station in the Lethbridge area.

It is the only station open overnight, along with Union station.

main railway station

The main railway station is that at Logroño.

It is the main railway station in Limburg's capital city.

The Ajmer Junction is the main railway station situated in the city.

station based

Kudu FM Kudu FM is a radio station based in Windhoek, Namibia.

KLXR KLXR (1230 AM) is a radio station based in Redding, California.

8HA 8HA is a radio station based in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

sold the station

Debut sold the station to Delta Radio Network in 2010.

Sellers sold the station the following month.

Canwest in turn sold the station to Channel Zero in 2009.

station lies

South of the station lies the well-known Varda Viaduct.

The station lies on an east–west axis along Front Street.

The station lies between the quarters De Huet and Dichteren.

station called

Mesquite ISD operates an FM radio station called KEOM 88.5.

In May 2013, a community radio station called Pulse was launched.

A station called Huanggang Checkpoint opened at Huanggang Port in 2016.

station master

In the 1930s a Walter Tait was the station master.

There was also a house for the station master.

The first station master was Yosif Karapirov.