troops stationed   (駐留軍)

For several decades it was used as a garrison church for troops stationed here.

There are currently large numbers of United Nations troops stationed in the DRC.

Duan immediately took command of the republican troops stationed in nearby Tianjin.

soldiers stationed   (駐屯する兵士)

He performed for soldiers stationed in the desert.

from the American soldiers stationed at the nearby base of Torrejón.

At the height of its operation, Cuba had as many as 50,000 soldiers stationed in Angola.

forces stationed   (駐留する部隊)

The air forces stationed in and near the town comprised No.

The forces stationed at the fort began alternating between a company of infantry and one of dragoons.

Partisan hospitals operated in the village and it came under attack from German forces stationed in Bovec.

then stationed

His father was then stationed at Fort Polk, near Leesville, Louisiana.

He was then stationed in the GPO and the Metropole Hotel for the remainder of the week.

Chinn received basic training at Quantico, Virginia, and was then stationed at Fort Knox and Cherry Point.

stationed near   (近くに駐留)

The Ilkhanate garrison was stationed near Ankara.

99, which was stationed near Strasbourg.

1894 – Served in Indian mountain battery stationed near Darjeeling.

units stationed

Among the units stationed here were the famed Ninth Cavalry of Buffalo Soldiers.

Air force units stationed at CFB Cold Lake have access to the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range.

Scapula first appears in history as a soldier in one of the units stationed in his father's province of Roman Britain.

troops were stationed

Dutch troops were stationed in Emden and Leer.

The remaining Chinese troops were stationed in Asan itself.

During the Thirty Years War, troops were stationed in Coesfeld.

personnel stationed   (駐在員)

He also proposed a ceiling of 275,000 personnel stationed in Europe by the US and Soviet Union.

The first EBC churches were started to minister to United States military personnel stationed in Europe.

The Multi-National Force – Iraq consisted of the nations whose governments had military personnel stationed in Iraq.

stationed here   (ここに駐在)

Army Cavalry were stationed here during World War I.

An An-32 transport squadron is stationed here.

For several decades it was used as a garrison church for troops stationed here.

father was stationed

He was born at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where his father was stationed at the time.

Brown was born in Kassel, West Germany, while his father was stationed there for the Army.

Annie LeBlanc was born to parents Billy and Katie while her father was stationed at Fort Gordon, Georgia.