İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

radio stations   (Radyo istasyonları)

It is the youngest of Ramako group radio stations.

and Baháʼí radio stations of which Liberia has one.

Xi'an's radio stations are controlled by Jin Hao.

television stations   (televizyon istasyonları)

It was sold to independent television stations.

It also operated local radio and television stations.

Lottery drawings are syndicated to television stations.

railway stations   (tren istasyonları)

There are railway stations in the state of Haryana.

The industry is served by several railway stations.

Niederweningen is served by two railway stations.

power stations   (güç istasyonları)

There are three grid-ready thermal power stations.

It is also one of the power stations for the trolleys.

These include both hydroelectric and thermal power stations.

other stations   (diğer istasyonlar)

Many of its channels are rented to other stations.

"J&K Saturdays" was syndicated to other stations.

There are other stations in the district viz.

police stations

142 FIRs were recorded in various police stations.

Bally & Liluah police stations serve this block.

Jaigaon and Kalchini police stations serve this block.

stations across   (genelinde istasyonlar)

Other stations across the country did much the same.

Several stations across Japan reported record-high wind gusts.

His songs can often be heard on popular radio stations across Yorubaland.

train stations   (tren istasyonları)

in stadiums or train stations) or atrium walls.

Existing train stations, if any, are linked.

In Mols and Murg there are train stations too, served by the S4.

all stations

All trains are local services and stop at all stations.

Free wi-fi is available at all stations and some trains.

The Green Line was built with three-car platforms at all stations.

sister stations

KMBR and its sister stations are all located at 750 Dewey Blvd.

In 2002, 105.7 FM and AM 1570 once again became sister stations.

It is owned by iHeartMedia, Inc.. WCOD's sister stations include WEII, WCIB, and WXTK.

new stations

It opened two new stations - Rumyantsevo and Salaryevo.

The new stations opened in July 26, 2013.

The route length was designated at , with nine new stations.

gas stations   (benzin istasyonları)

There are no stores or gas stations inside the park.

In Lithuania Statoil operates a chain of gas stations.

, Iran has 3,200 gas stations for 15 million automobiles.

both stations

At the time both stations were owned by Kerry Rich.

In 2002, Freedom Communications purchased both stations.

However, at the time both stations were only available through digital cable.

polling stations   (oy verme istasyonları)

Exit polls outside polling stations are banned.

28 polling stations were open from 9am to 9pm.

Votes had to be retaken in one of the polling stations.

stations along

There are three weight stations along the road.

The group has also requested more stations along the route.

Early photographs of stations along the NJ&NY line include:

local stations

ET, with any remaining time going to the local stations.

Some local stations in England however are broadcast on Channel 8 for other reasons.

Tourism, including farmstay programs on local stations, is the other major local industry.

fire stations   (itfaiye istasyonları)

The Oberföhring department owns two fire stations.

The department has seven fire stations and 208 firefighters.

The city itself has 20 fire stations spread across the city.

stations around   (çevresindeki istasyonlar)

It aired on radio stations around the world in the spring of 2010.

An experimental network of radio stations around the country was organized.

The Nash FM moniker is used on numerous Cumulus country stations around the U.S.

stations such

Airplay on German radio stations such as Norddeutscher Rundfunk was well received by listeners.

The band have achieved considerable airplay on other radio stations such as RTÉ 2fm and Today FM.

The songs "Vacation" and "Something Fierce" received airplay on New England rock radio stations such as WFNX.

intermediate stations   (ara istasyonlar)

Construction of 5 intermediate stations was completed in April 1990.

The light rail line has 18 stations: two terminals and 16 intermediate stations.

Where intermediate stations are not given, these are replaced by three dots "...".

stations throughout

Many stations throughout New England and beyond carry the broadcasts.

Radio France Internationale (RFI) has relay stations throughout Gabon.

There are several affiliate stations throughout Michigan and Southwestern Ontario.

local radio stations

The city has three local radio stations.

There are 16 local radio stations and 1 local free to air television channel, ZBC TV.

Some local radio stations in Balakan and Khachmaz organize broadcasts in Avar and Tat.

stations broadcast   (yayın istasyonları)

Smaller regional stations broadcast anime on UHF.

TV and radio stations broadcast special programs and patriotic songs.

585 AM The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 585 kHz:

broadcast stations

radio broadcast stations were captured and removed from service.

WKRP (disambiguation) WKRP is a call sign that has been used by several broadcast stations.

Most of the broadcast stations that aired MTV Tres served communities with large Hispanic populations.

stations share   (istasyon paylaşımı)

The three stations share studios on Market Street (official address is One Television Plaza) in downtown Parkersburg.

The two stations share studios on East Market Street in Downtown Corning; WJKP-LD's transmitter is located on Higman Hill.

The two stations share studios on Lower Meadow Drive in Bend; KOHD's transmitter is located in the city on Awbrey Butte west of US 97.

weather stations   (hava istasyonları)

Only 1% of the weather stations record lower seasonal .

At 50% of the weather stations, lower seasonal are recorded.

At 74% of the German Weather Service's weather stations lower figures are recorded.

stations between

Unlike Inter-city, it stops at most or all stations between cities.

This is one of the two original stations between Taunton and Chard.

Since December 2007, the S3 has served stations between Neugraben and Stade.

stations owned

The program was broadcast on television stations owned and operated by ABC.

Several other stations owned by the Beasley Broadcast Group use the HD Radio system.

WSYR's programming is characteristic of most talk radio stations owned by iHeartMedia.

service stations

In Poland Statoil operates 200 service stations.

In Estonia Statoil operates a number of service stations.

Statoil also has six service stations in the Murmansk region.

stations located

The Department operates from six stations located in Costa Mesa.

It has two fire stations located at Danes Castle and Middlemoor.

There are also numerous public grilling stations located near the hiking trails.

pumping stations   (pompa istasyonları)

The diameter of the main pipeline is and it consists of 12 pumping stations.

The pipeline was to have pumping stations at Letsibogo, Moralane, Palapye and Serorome Valley.

It also operated 113 km of stormwater drains and 7 stormwater pumping stations in Dakar and 4 towns.

subway stations   (metro istasyonları)

Tactile paving is widely used in subway stations and sidewalks.

Many tactile tiles have been installed at subway stations and on sidewalks in Seoul, Korea.

The configuration of the blocks, with the exception of some subway stations in Seoul, is the same.

metro stations   (metro istasyonları)

There are a total of 21 metro stations.

Copies are distributed at metro stations and ticket agencies.

They are also located around ferry buildings and metro stations.

stations including

Palmer has broadcast for Memphis stations including WREC, WOWW and WGNS.

In addition, the song started playing on radio stations including KIIS-FM.

Rio Grande Station Rio Grande Station is the name of several railroad stations including:

stations share studios   (istasyonlar stüdyoları paylaşır)

The three stations share studios on Market Street (official address is One Television Plaza) in downtown Parkersburg.

The two stations share studios on East Market Street in Downtown Corning; WJKP-LD's transmitter is located on Higman Hill.

The two stations share studios on Lower Meadow Drive in Bend; KOHD's transmitter is located in the city on Awbrey Butte west of US 97.

charging stations   (şarj istasyonları)

Battery electric buses are charged at charging stations.

The DC rapid charging socket can be used at CHAdeMO charging stations.

The target is to eventually have charging stations at all of its stores.

radar stations

Subsumed under it are a number of radar stations, with two, Gabala and Balkhash, located outside Russia.

A network of picket boats, radar stations and lookout posts was responsible for detecting incoming raids.

Many of the German radar stations on the French coast were destroyed by the RAF in preparation for the landings.

radio stations across   (radyo istasyonları)

His songs can often be heard on popular radio stations across Yorubaland.

After that, his name got around and Stormin was able to circuit various radio stations across London.

"Songs from the album were well-received and got significant air time on radio stations across Canada.

stations serving

The French network extended over 5,000 km with 534 stations serving 29 towns.

It is one of three Radio One-owned stations serving Houston, alongside KBXX and KMJQ.

There are six television stations serving the Okayama area and part of Kagawa Prefecture.

following stations

Its route included the following stations: -

In 2015, the following stations and options were proposed.

University station University station may refer to any of the following stations:

independent stations

During the transition, KTPN and KLPN became independent stations.

The program was usually broadcast by independent stations — often at odd hours.

In 1993, BHC aligned its independent stations with the Prime Time Entertainment Network.

stations within

There are four railway stations within Kota and in its vicinity.

Kota is surrounded by five power stations within its 50 km radius.

There are five railway stations within the municipality of Zollikon.

ground stations

These are the only two ground stations able to communicate with all orbits of LEO satellites.

The converted signal was sent by satellite from the three receiving ground stations to Houston.

ESOC is responsible for developing, operating and maintaining ESA's ESTRACK network of ground stations.

several stations

Between 2005 and 2007 several stations were restored.

The RAF has several stations in the Huntingdon and St Ives area.

The signals were received by several stations, including the Jodrell Bank Observatory.

bus stations

The line will have 22 bus stations when completed.

There are two regional bus stations in Heraklion.

It is one of the largest bus stations in Asia.

rail stations   (tren istasyonları)

This station is among the busiest rail stations in the Bronx.

Targets included "rail stations, barges, docks, and bridges."

Blocks are not, however, in- stalled at rail stations or rail platforms.

base stations

It has set-up more than 5000 base stations.

ATM cells are transmitted from base stations to mobile terminals.

The company invested $25 Million in 30 CDMA base stations during 2007

many stations

Some lines were cut in half; many stations were shut down.

While many stations do not offer full services (ticketing, baggage, etc.

Even in Honshū, it is sold at many stations where squid are caught nearby.

number of stations   (istasyon sayısı)

Townsquare acquired a number of stations from Double O Radio in August 2011.

At the same time, it was also planned to increase the number of stations to 32.

By the late 1880s, the railroad was replacing depots at a number of stations along its lines.

stations are located

Two Guangzhou Metro stations are located on the island.

NOTE: All existing stations are located in the City of Philadelphia.

The nearest stations are located in Lauffen (Neckar) and Kirchheim (Neckar).

broadcasting stations

Louisville's radio broadcasting stations cater to a wide variety of musical and other interests.

Armstrong worked to convince the FCC that a band of FM broadcasting stations would be a superior approach.

The distributor announced plans to roll out the show to other American public broadcasting stations in 2014.

space stations

Visiting starships, space stations, outposts, planets, and so on.

Several planets and space stations in the series are made in Earth's image.

Everything is cut short when a Masadan fleet approaches Grayson and begins attacking space stations throughout the system.

underground stations

There is a tunnel downtown with three underground stations.

There will be 15 stations on the line, including 11 underground stations.

Initial plans are for six underground stations and seven above-ground stations.

stations include

Other main stations include Baneasa, Obor and Basarab.

Other stations include Radio Wau, Radio Malakal and Radio Rumbek.

Its television stations include:

commercial stations   (ticari istasyonlar)

Other major commercial stations include WPXA-TV 14 (Ion), WPCH-TV 17 (Ind.

There are also numerous commercial stations broadcasting from nearby Sacramento.

These commercial stations account for over three quarters of radio stations in Canada.

commercial radio stations   (ticari radyo istasyonları)

Larsa owns no commercial radio stations in Guaymas.

Of these, 711 are private commercial radio stations.

It was one of the first commercial radio stations in Wisconsin.

filling stations   (benzin istasyonları)

Statoil has now sold its filling stations to Topaz Energy.

The retail network consists of more than 2,000 filling stations in 10 countries with a strong brand portfolio.

These were complemented by filling stations, gift shops, restaurants and attractions, all with convenient auto parking.

nearest railway stations

The nearest railway stations are Schlieren and Dietikon.

Lottegollahalli and Hebbal are the nearest railway stations.

The nearest railway stations are Kannur (56 km) and Thalassery (45 km).

member stations

Other member stations are drawn from several nations in the Caribbean area.

The Atlanta metropolitan area is served by two public television stations (both PBS member stations), and two public radio stations.

Its mission is to identify, design and build a facility suitable for the long-term requirements of its member stations to meet their over-the-air digital broadcast requirements.

petrol stations   (Benzin istasyonları)

The company began by operating 29 petrol stations.

The nearest petrol stations are dozens of kilometres away.

By 2009 the network of petrol stations had expanded to 84.

stations began

Two privately owned radio stations began operations in 1999.

Both the AM and FM stations began using the WNMX call letters in 1996.

In the summer of 2008, both stations began broadcasting digitally over-the-air.

community radio stations   (topluluk radyo istasyonları)

Several rural community radio stations function with foreign funding.

Local radio stations include 3BA, Power FM and several community radio stations.

The years 2005 and 2006 saw community radio stations gaining licences and going live across the UK.

several radio stations

Shenzhen Radio Station controls four of several radio stations in Shenzhen.

Commercial Radio MC and Announcer for several radio stations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He started in several radio stations as a presenter: Ser, 40 Principales or Cadena Dial.

between the stations

Commuter rail also runs between the stations of Sincan and Kayaş.

Construction began in 1992 between the stations Tupolevskaya () and Rabochaya ().

Expected to open in 2021, it will be located between the stations of Napier and Orchard.

other radio stations   (diğer radyo istasyonları)

For other radio stations formerly named Mercury FM, see:

Guangdong is home to Radio Guangdong and many other radio stations.

The studios and offices are on Columbus Boulevard in Hartford with other radio stations.

stations were built

Most of the stations were built in the 1970s.

Converter stations were built by ABB, as for Skagerrak 1–3.

Dozens of new stations were built.

stations nationwide   (ülke çapında istasyonlar)

The largest Mexican network is the Televisa-owned Canal de las Estrellas, which feeds its programming to more than 100 stations nationwide.

Airing on 16 Pop and Adult Contemporary radio stations nationwide, the hosts also made it a point to include the "straight" listener every week.

Radio stations nationwide began to play hits by artists like TKA, Sweet Sensation, Connie, Exposé, and Sa-Fire on the same playlists as Michael Jackson and Madonna.

most stations   (çoğu istasyon)

On most stations, he used no background music.

On most stations, The Florida Channel was seen when FKN is not broadcast.

It was replaced on an interim basis by most stations extending their overnight DJ's shift by two hours.

nuclear power stations

It is at present the second largest of the five nuclear power stations in the country.

Sabotage can damage electrical sources for the power grid, including civilian nuclear power stations.

Measurement towers are also used in other contexts, for instance near nuclear power stations, and by ASOS stations.

generating stations

This equipment is still used in conjunction with steam turbines in electrical power generating stations throughout the world.

Accordingly, the Indian Electricity Rule was amended to make training mandatory for the personnel employed in the generating stations and associated sub stations.

In 2016, 98.1 per cent of the country's electricity came from green sources: hydro generating stations, geothermal plants, wind turbines, solar panels and biomass plants.

radio stations broadcast   (radyo istasyonları yayını)

TV and radio stations broadcast special programs and patriotic songs.

585 AM The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 585 kHz:

558 AM The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 558 kHz:

more stations

The group has also requested more stations along the route.

A higher train frequency is planned, as is the introduction of more stations (see table).

From 1848 until 1872, Congress provided the money to build more stations along the eastern seaboard and the Great Lakes.

busiest stations   (en yoğun istasyonlar)

Operated by the BVG, it is one of the busiest stations on the Berlin U-Bahn system.

Nagpur railway station is one of the oldest and busiest stations in Maharashtra, India.

It has consistently been one of the network's busiest stations, ranking 5th in 2000, 2001, 4th from 2002 to 2007, and 3rd since 2008.

between stations

This rail runs on the ground between stations.

The distances between stations however, are usually short.

The distances between stations were around 35 to 40 kilometers (22 to 25 miles).

local television stations

There are thirty seven local television stations and sixty six repeaters.

It has partnerships with eight local television stations and twelve local radio stations.

Two major local television stations, NBC affiliate KNDU and ABC affiliate KVEW have their towers atop the butte.

stations built

It is one of the three stations built on a viaduct on the just mentioned extension.

The existing Berlin railroad termini were to be dismantled, and two large new stations built.

The staggered platforms are typical of stations built for the SER where no footbridge was provided.

stations during

The company invested $25 Million in 30 CDMA base stations during 2007

The song was banned on many radio stations during the time of its release because of its drug references.

A very illustrative use case is the automatic switch-off of a percent of base stations during the night hours.

following television stations

NBC 8 NBC 8 may refer to one of the following television stations in the United States:

NBC 2 NBC 2 may refer to one of the following television stations in the United States:

CBS 5 CBS 5 may refer to one of the following television stations in the United States:

research stations

This is unlike most other Antarctic research stations, which are located on snow.

Since then the islands are the site of U.S. military bases and research stations.

Subsequent laws required states to match federal funds for agricultural research stations and cooperative extension.

rock stations

Is it going to be played all over Christian rock stations?

Those games are now heard on Classic rock stations WTKW and WTKV, both on FM.

Unlike most rock stations of the era, WBCN still allowed a degree of individual DJ control of the music.

stations were sold

The stations were sold to Delta Radio Network in 2011.

All of Selkirk's television stations were sold to Western International Communications by Maclean-Hunter.

In 1966, the "Tribune" and its three stations were sold to Richmond Newspapers, which became Media General in 1969.

railroad stations

Rio Grande Station Rio Grande Station is the name of several railroad stations including:

METRA's SouthWest Service provides Monday–Saturday rail service at the Ashburn and Wrightwood railroad stations.

It is the southernmost of the three commuter railroad stations serving Winnetka, an affluent suburb north of Chicago.

stations broadcasting

There are also numerous commercial stations broadcasting from nearby Sacramento.

Owned-and-operated stations broadcasting on digital subchannels are "italicized".

In 2011, prolonged the stations broadcasting license for another 10 years (until 2021).

mission stations

From 1880, Rautanen worked in Olukonda at one of the first mission stations to the Ovambo people.

At one point or another he served in 5 different mission stations and himself founded another nine.

He was elected President of the South African Baptist Union in 1949 and spent a year visiting churches and mission stations.

music stations

AM music stations also desired to transition to the increasingly popular FM dial.

WCCC-AM was one of the few commercial classical music stations in the United States.

Meanwhile, 63 KDWB faded quickly in the ratings, as AM music stations were slowly becoming a thing of the past.

following radio stations

585 AM The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 585 kHz:

558 AM The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 558 kHz:

1332 AM The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1332 kHz:

hydroelectric power stations

This was altered during the construction of seven hydroelectric power stations.

Nowadays power canals are built almost exclusively as parts of hydroelectric power stations.

Gangtok has a nearly uninterrupted electricity supply due to Sikkim's numerous hydroelectric power stations.

stations as well   (istasyonları da)

This record caught a bit of attention among the college radio stations as well.

Her songs got good airplay on English radio stations as well as pirate Radio 270.

The Old TV Tower broadcasts private radio stations as well as DVB-T terrestrial television.

major stations   (büyük istasyonlar)

In the route tables, the major stations are shown in bold text.

In Alipurduar district there are two major stations, Alipurduar junction(APDJ) and New Alipurduar(NOQ).

The nearest major stations where all trains stop are: The following services currently call at Boxtel:


At that time Cumulus owned or was committed to buy 176 stations – 124 FM stations and 52 am stations in 34 U.S. markets.

In Japan, there are seven nationwide television networks – two owned by the national public broadcaster NHK, and five private key stations – as follows.

Except at Old Saybrook and New Haven, which were already served by Amtrak, the state constructed new stations – consisting of little more than bare wooden decks – for minimal cost.

affiliate stations

The Rockies Radio Network is composed of 38 affiliate stations in eight states.

There are several affiliate stations throughout Michigan and Southwestern Ontario.

Some affiliate stations have alternate schedules and may air programs at different times.

rock radio stations

The song remains in the rotation of classic rock radio stations.

The first single, "Think Twice", was a hit on alternative rock radio stations.

The songs "Vacation" and "Something Fierce" received airplay on New England rock radio stations such as WFNX.

few stations

A few stations have a basic wharf facility.

KMRC is one of the few stations currently programming swamp pop.

The HSR is expected to run from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Jurong East in Singapore, with a few stations in between.

first stations

It was also one of the first stations on the route to be closed.

WHOO-FM was one of the first stations in Central Florida to be heard in stereo full-time.

The first stations, found on the section between Atwater and Papineau, opened on October 14, 1966.

main stations   (ana istasyonlar)

Other main stations include Baneasa, Obor and Basarab.

East Croydon and West Croydon are the main stations in the borough.

The main stations are characterized by monorail sites designed in several levels.

public radio stations   (kamu radyo istasyonları)

The program airs nationally on many public radio stations, and on other outlets.

Funding for Air1 and K-Love comes from listener donations in a manner similar to public radio stations.

passenger stations

Within the city, its passenger stations were demolished, while outside the city, in the GDR, the rails were taken up but the station buildings remained.

However, it did note that "the result promises to be the provision for Nottingham of one of the most commodious and most convenient passenger stations in the country".

Although it was constructed primarily for goods traffic to and from the new dock and the South Yorkshire coalfields, fine villa-style passenger stations were provided, although passenger traffic was sparse.

various stations

After occupying various stations in the south of the country, the 13th sailed for Ireland in May 1807.

For six years after the Civil War, the regiment served at various stations in Georgia and South Carolina.

Wake Up with Whoopi Wake Up with Whoopi was a morning radio show that aired on various stations in the United States from July 31, 2006 until March 28, 2008.

additional stations

It also operates out of 4 additional stations which are contracted out to the city of Sacramento.

There were additional stations in the plan; however, funding ran out as the project reached Norwood.

The board convened in late June to approve the two additional stations, Kirby GO station for the Barrie line, and Lawrence East station as part of the SmartTrack project.

stations opened

The heavy rail and bus and coach stations opened in 1990.

The new stations opened in July 26, 2013.

On that date, an extension towards Schiedam Centrum and Tussenwater stations opened.