official statistics   (公式統計)

There are no official statistics on ethnic groups.

No official statistics are kept on ethnicities.

According to official statistics 447,801 BVI companies were 'active' (i.e.

career statistics   (キャリア統計)

The following table lists Hunter's career statistics.

A list of Anthony's career statistics:

His career statistics rank among the greats in Syracuse's school history.

records and statistics   (記録と統計)

Football records and statistics in Russia This page details football records in Russia.

records and statistics This article lists the records of Newcastle United Football Club.

Football records and statistics in Uruguay This page details football records in Uruguay.

statistics show   (統計ショー)

(The WHO's 2008 statistics show very similar trends.)

The most recent statistics show 70,705 enplanements in 2018.

The state of California's own statistics show a population of 38,292,687 for January 1, 2009.

crime statistics   (犯罪統計)

Credible national crime statistics are not published by the RPNGC.

Since 1992, the Department of Justice and the FBI have jointly published an annual report on hate crime statistics.

That amount represents 20% of the United States population and 16% of the crime statistics data collected by the FBI.

population statistics

National population statistics are usually collected by conducting a census.

The population statistics thus is a complete representation of the mini-batches.

The population statistics for the village area included in those for the whole parish of Ganton.

statistics the population

In the 1945 statistics the population of Julis was 820; 40 Christians and 780 classified as others (i.e.

In the 1945 statistics the population of Al-Khayriyya was 1,420: 1,400 Muslims and 20 Christians, with 13,672 dunams of land.

In the 1944/1945 statistics the population consisted of 90 Muslims, and together with the people of Al-Manara they had 4,185 dunams of land.

mathematical statistics

He also studied vibrational theory, the theory of Brownian movement, and mathematical statistics.

Econometric theory uses statistical theory and mathematical statistics to evaluate and develop econometric methods.