İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

bronze statue   (bronz heykel)

A large bronze statue of Dr. Babler greets park visitors.

Only the bronze statue of Rocana survived.

Another bronze statue was installed in Los Angeles in 1934.

equestrian statue   (atlı heykeli)

The monument is an allegorical equestrian statue.

The equestrian statue was created in gilded lead.

The equestrian statue of Joseph II in its center.

marble statue   (Mermer heykel)

The marble statue is one of the three Amazon statue types.

The chapel contains a marble statue of Monseigneur Augustin David.

It was decided to erect a marble statue in commemoration and to place it in Albert Square, Manchester.

large statue   (büyük heykel)

A large statue of Mar Elias stands in the central square.

Inside the Pagoda there is a large statue of Quan Am Nam Hai.

A large statue of Our Lady of Lourdes stands on the grounds facing Gratiot.

wooden statue   (ahşap heykel)

The most interesting among them is the old wooden statue of St. Rocco.

He donated a wooden statue of the Madonna which is still revered today.

The theater was rebuilt and currently houses a wooden statue of Tagliacozzi.

statue was erected

The statue was erected to commemorate Deng's 100th birthday.

A memorial statue was erected in her honor in Florence in 2002.

In 2009, a bronze statue was erected near Magarikari in his honor.

statue was unveiled

In January 2015 a new Rodrigo statue was unveiled.

The statue was unveiled in Burma in 1955.

The statue was unveiled by David Lloyd George on 27 October 1916.

statue stands

The statue stands high and is made of Portland stone.

A statue stands in the Royal Courts of Justice.

The statue stands on a pedestal made of Portland stone.

stone statue

Nina is transformed into a stone statue in exchange for her power of love as a source of his magic.

At the focal point of the basilica, a stone statue was erected of Constantine holding the Christian "labarum" in its hand.

The most interesting monument in the Astara region is the stone statue which is kept in the History and Ethnography Museum.

memorial statue

A memorial statue can be seen in his hometown Anopolis.

A memorial statue was erected in her honor in Florence in 2002.

A memorial statue of Dr. Hudson was erected near the hospital in 2004.