stay away   (近寄らない)

Phil threatens Bob, and tells him to stay away.

Her dad then warns her to stay away from him.

Darren tried to stay away from him as much as possible.

decided to stay   (泊まることにした)

Brown ultimately decided to stay in the draft.

Liccione declined and decided to stay and focus on circus.

Minino decided to stay; the conjunto never returned to Cuba.

not stay   (滞在しません)

Hugh Masekela did not stay very long in Sophiatown.

Bundesliga but did not stay on as coach for the following year.

We are short of provisions and water, and cannot stay long here.

during his stay   (彼の滞在中に)

It was during his stay in Canton when he met his wife.

He learned Tibetan and Hindi during his stay in Tibet and India.

Ademola managed 21 goals in 71 league appearances during his stay at Woking.

decides to stay   (滞在することを決めた)

Broken and alone, Will decides to stay at Eric's house.

After the wedding, Ryan decides to stay in Weatherfield.

Iva decides to stay by her husband and helps him to escape.

stay behind   (後ろにとどまる)

D'Anna chooses to stay behind on Earth.

Amy suggests that Doctor Zoidberg stay behind, given how poor he is.

Markgraf, however, was instructed to stay behind and continue the search.

allowed to stay   (滞在を許可された)

If he had won, he might have been allowed to stay in Germany.

He was allowed to stay on to coach their final game of the season.

Most of the residents were allowed to stay in parts of their occupied homes.

chose to stay   (滞在することを選んだ)

When visiting Paris, Hitler chose to stay on the ground.

A core group of about 60 men chose to stay with the unit.

Of these, 93 men chose to stay abroad.

able to stay   (滞在できる)

It was not however able to stay united in the long term.

Ship is able to stay afloat and remain as light as possible.

After all, the team was able to stay alive and play in the TBL.

short stay   (ショートステイ)

After a short stay he left for Kilkis in March 1877.

Her detention included a short stay in a concentration camp.

During his short stay, Nelson received a strike for calling Big Brother a Jew.

stay together   (一緒にいます)

The teams stay together for all the games of a set.

Few families managed to stay together throughout the night.

There De Mafra, age 53, elected to stay together with 29 other crew members.

did not stay   (滞在しませんでした)

Hugh Masekela did not stay very long in Sophiatown.

Bundesliga but did not stay on as coach for the following year.

Well, the Swedish public at least did not stay at home that night.

brief stay   (短い滞在)

After a brief stay in The Hague, the family moved to Hoorn.

After a brief stay in London, she lived out her days in Bath.

Their brief stay was not a happy one.

place to stay   (泊まる場所)

A nice place to stay for families in short stays at Kinnigoli.

Asami offered them a place to stay.

At least it was a place to stay.

stay within   (内にとどまる)

During the throw the competitor must stay within the throwing area.

In contrast, larger particles will stay within the elutriation chamber.

In this period, these flies will stay within a couple meters of one another.

stay alive   (生き続ける)

I was working a $4-an-hour job trying to stay alive.

After all, the team was able to stay alive and play in the TBL.

The device enabled him to stay alive until a donor heart became available.

stay at home   (家にいる)

Due to an injury he had to stay at home to rest.

Well, the Swedish public at least did not stay at home that night.

Ford was a stay at home mother.

managed to stay   (どうにか留まる)

Few families managed to stay together throughout the night.

He still managed to stay in the top three throughout much of the race.

They managed to stay in Division 1 for the 2007–08 and the 2008–09 season.

order to stay   (滞在する)

In 1761 he exchanged into the 15th Foot in order to stay in the area.

He takes Peter North's name in order to stay out of the mental asylum.

In order to stay on top of this new trend, the club needed to change its image.

wanted to stay   (滞在したかった)

Most of the refugees wanted to stay.

Fages wanted to stay on as governor.

They wanted to stay in Las Vegas, so the Thomas & Mack Center was the place to go.

stay home   (家にいる)

Women primarily teach school or stay home with their children.

The show features "homebodies", people who love to stay home doing nothing, going on a trip together.

As he was suffering from gout, Kublai was allowed to stay home, but he moved to assist Möngke anyway.

stay up   (起きて)

In the past, on All Souls' Eve families would stay up late, and little "soul cakes" were eaten.

Ground effect should not be confused with ridge lift when explaining how walkalong gliders stay up.

These relationships with the academic world helped him stay up to date with intellectual advancements.

stay close   (近くにいて)

But mostly they stay close to Gilbert's libretti.

They stay close to their mothers.

They do not hibernate, but sleep in and stay close to their dens in winter.

during their stay   (滞在中)

They did not run on the LLR during their stay.

Their two children were born during their stay in England.

Shimomura's younger sister Carolyn had died of meningitis during their stay in Chicago.

forced to stay   (滞在を余儀なくされた)

Santos and his captured friends are forced to stay in prison.

Wei Zhong is not trilled as he feels that he is forced to stay with three total strangers.

However, Del's planned film does not work out well, and Joan is forced to stay in Peckham.

stay open   (開けておいて)

Some dai pai dong-like eateries stay open till dawn.

It never stops if you stay open to it."

Near the end of 1990, the club obtained a licence to stay open to six o'clock.

stay afloat   (浮かんでいる)

Ship is able to stay afloat and remain as light as possible.

Both ships were able to stay afloat and were later repaired and put back in service.

To stay afloat, the team decided to focus on "The Witcher 2" with the "Witcher 3" engine.

stay here   (ここにいて)

"I want to stay here, but it's been frustrating."

that I can't just stay here and be comfortable .

He declared after the stage: "They [his family] supported me to stay here for racing.

hospital stay   (入院)

A typical hospital stay can be up to two weeks.

An overnight hospital stay is sometimes required, although some clinics may do it as a day surgery procedure.

Approximately 2.8% of all ADEs present on admission and 4.4% of ADEs that originated during a hospital stay were caused by a sedative or hypnotic drug.

wants to stay   (滞在したい)

He falls in love with a Thai girl and thereby wants to stay in Thailand as well.

Janet wants to stay with her, but Kit insists she is okay; she also hands Janet a letter.

As Holt wants to stay far from gambling due to a previous addiction, he helps them on the operation.

long stay   (長期滞在)

The federal army made itself as comfortable as possible during its long stay in Alexandria.

Now he is feeling the same loneliness again that he was feeling during his long stay in Delhi.

An air of mutiny spread over the British crews as their long stay at sea stretched on without results.

stay overnight   (泊まる)

Trekkers can get permission to stay overnight.

Yūta and Rikka stay overnight at a hotel.

Edison would stay overnight at Idylease while traveling to the mine.

opted to stay   (滞在することを選んだ)

I opted to stay freelance and suggested Dick for the job.

69-6567, call-sign Spirit 03, opted to stay to continue to protect the Marines.

The aldermen and most of the other city authorities opted to stay at their posts.

decide to stay   (泊まることにする)

Most decide to stay in the country permanently.

Only the issue of Lucille's schooling made him decide to stay.

He did however decide to stay and fight for his place at United.

stay the night   (泊まる)

Here you can stay the night, train at gym or go swimming.

He ordered them to stay the night, and share his three daughters' beds.

It is not permitted to stay the night and sleep anywhere else in the forest.

stay true   (真実のまま)

"We promise to stay true to You," "our colors red, blue, and gold."

However, they stay true to the red iris family with either red or yellow fulvas.

Makarand Deshpande evokes fear, while the rest of the cast stay true to their parts."

want to stay   (泊まりたい)

"I want to stay here, but it's been frustrating."

I want to stay focused where I am now."

I did not want to stay in the game."

extended stay   (長期滞在)

This was actually made later during an extended stay prior to September 1939 in eastern Romania.

Following an extended stay in the United States he published a collection of poems entitled "Saldju" (Snow) in 1966.

On 21 December, despite holding talks over an extended stay, Max Lowe returned to his parent club Derby County in January.

stay long   (長期滞在)

We are short of provisions and water, and cannot stay long here.

The mounting tensions between Rome and Athens did not allow them to stay long.

The Portuguese did not stay long as they were not interested in these islands.

during her stay   (彼女の滞在中)

She held a job as a waitress during her stay in London.

She was regarded as quite polite but distant and depressive during her stay.

Sapna was nominated for eviction for a total of eight times during her stay in the house.

stay of execution   (執行停止)

The Union Theatre was given a stay of execution.

At 6:00 PM on February 22, the Supreme Court issued a temporary stay of execution as it considered Hamm's claims.

On April 22, 2009, Yokohama District Court gave him 10 months' imprisonment with a three years' stay of execution.

stay in touch   (連絡を取り合う)

They part with a promise to stay in touch.

He started by meeting up with Simone Manz, a dentist in Rudolstadt: they agreed to stay in touch.

It is a good way for the company to stay in touch with a loyal following of snowboarders and skaters.

stay in power   (権力を握る)

However, Sarit promised not to stay in power permanently and appointed Pote Sarasin as a civilian prime minister.

The Saur Revolution as the coup was known took Moscow by surprise, who preferred that the pro-Soviet Daoud Khan stay in power.

Foreign-policy professor Piero Gleijeses argued that if Castro had accepted these parameters, he would be allowed to stay in power.

stay put   (入れたまま)

left- and right-infinite), left reset, and "stay put instead of left).

Rimmer goes to get up, only to be shouted at by the others and told to stay put.

Religious minorities were expected to stay put in the states they found themselves residing in.

chooses to stay   (滞在することを選択)

André chooses to stay in the fourteenth century.

D'Anna chooses to stay behind on Earth.

Midori chooses to stay with Colin.

agreed to stay   (滞在することに同意した)

Eulalia finally relented and agreed to stay in Monterey.

Maraimalai Adigal agreed to stay with Periyar for a month.

Artman agreed to stay on as publisher.

preferred to stay   (滞在することを好んだ)

Most preferred to stay loyal to the exiled Bourbons.

Costilla Sánchez was an evasive capo who preferred to stay low-profile.

Both players preferred to stay at the baseline with Chang being more defensive-minded.