İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

steady state   (denge durumu)

Often, a steady state is approached asymptotically.

For an entire system to be at steady state, i.e.

What is average waiting time in queue in the steady state?

steady decline   (istikrarlı azalma)

For centuries, there has been a steady decline in the number of native Irish speakers in Ireland.

By the 1970s and 1980s, a combination of forces resulted in unionism's steady decline ever since.

The percentage of Christians in the town has been in a steady decline since the mid-twentieth century.

steady stream   (sürekli akış)

She has since gotten a steady stream of projects for years.

"U-575" performed a steady stream of sinkings on her fifth sortie.

Churches provided a steady stream of income, with little cost and effort.

steady growth   (istikrarlı büyüme)

This reflected a decade of steady growth for the party.

There was a steady growth of tea planting.

Under municipal ownership, the streetcar operation saw steady growth.

steady progress   (istikrarlı ilerleme)

Portarlington rugby juveniles are making steady progress.

The Germans made slow but steady progress through the city.

With Johnson steering the team, the Reds made steady progress.

steady increase   (sürekli bir artış)

This has promoted a steady increase of GDP and the annual growth rate.

Due to rapid increase in population, there has been a steady increase in crime.

The Madras Day festival has registered a steady increase in popularity year after year.

steady flow   (sürekli akış)

A flow that is not a function of time is called steady flow.

A continued presence in a hypoxic environment of more than 24 hours leads to a steady flow of ventilation.

Chou Anime was officially closed on Saturday, September 22, 2012 due to not seeing a steady flow of customers.

remained steady

"Grand Masti" remained steady on weekdays.

That figure remained steady through 2000.

steady supply   (istikrarlı tedarik)

For the first time, grains provided people with a steady supply of food.

These surviving embryos continue to feed on a steady supply of unfertilised eggs.

The queen's primary role is to reproduce and ensure the colony has a steady supply of new workers.

made steady

With Johnson steering the team, the Reds made steady progress.

The gelding made steady progress before emerging as a top-class horse in autumn.

Carbide.c++ has made steady progress in addressing issues brought up by the developer community.

steady pace   (sabit hız)

The 2000s saw a steady pace of growth and budget surpluses, but shaky inflation.

Remaining calm: Maintains a calm tone of voice and steady pace that is appropriate to the client's feelings and behaviour.

Swinburn sent Musical Bliss into the lead from the start and set a steady pace before quickening inside the last quarter of a mile.

steady income   (sabit gelir)

Also, DJs who make a steady income from a venue, are also considered resident DJs.

Requiring a steady income, Johnson was given a modestly successful gambling operation.

When this worked, capital would rise and there would be a steady income for encyclopedias.