İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

trying to steal   (çalmaya çalışmak)

When he refused to pay, they accused him of trying to steal Kiryanov's share.

One night, they discover her trying to steal from their mansion and offer her a deal.

He was imprisoned for trying to steal the Magic Pendulum - which brings toys to life.

attempt to steal   (çalmaya teşebbüs)

Centurious fully resurrected Deathwatch to help in an attempt to steal Ghost Rider's chain.

Gilliam almost scored again in the eighth off Hal Reniff, but was caught in an attempt to steal third.

Marta partners with the duo and they attempt to steal the Southfork Ranch from Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy).

attempting to steal   (çalmaya çalışmak)

In 1996, Lieberthal threw out 36% of runners attempting to steal.

But while attempting to steal data from the House of Diamonds, he sets of an alarm.

Tensions boil over when Ari becomes convinced that Terrence is attempting to steal Vince as a client.

attempts to steal   (çalma girişimleri)

Wormaline attempts to steal the show, but her sneaky shenanigans bring down the house instead.

He attempts to steal a large painting of living, moving characters, but he is plagued by fear.

When Mrs Coulter's dæmon attempts to steal the alethiometer, Lyra and Pan escape with it into the streets.

tries to steal   (çalmaya çalışır)

Gurpreet Ghuggi tries to steal money but is caught.

When Patroclus is killed, Hector tries to steal his body.

But then, a robber tries to steal the rug from the Drew home.

tried to steal   (çalmaya çalıştı)

Babe tried to steal second and is put out catcher to second!"

Someone tried to steal the half-key.

There, wanderer mummies attacked and tried to steal India's soul.