caught stealing

After that runner was caught stealing, no other batter reached base.

It is explicitly not caught stealing to be put out after a wild pitch or passed ball.

Attempts to steal that result in the baserunner being out are "caught stealing" (CS).

accused of stealing

At the same time, Eleanor was accused of stealing jewels from the Tower of London.

The sage is accused of stealing, and just before he is going to be killed, Lord Vishnu comes and saves the day.

After the talks, one of the Navajos was accused of stealing a horse from a Mexican who was accompanying the troops.

stealing money

Coleman ripped the telephone from their wall before stealing money and their car.

In exchange he tells him that Marta has been stealing money from the deal and stalking him.

The owner's partner, Lewis Kasman, a Gambino crime family associate, had been stealing money from the restaurant.