İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first step   (ilk adım)

The first step of the project is nearly complete.

This was their first step towards a record deal.

It is the first step in an incident response process.

step down   (inmek)

Jay Inslee that she would step down in January 2014.

Seven months later ill health forced Hart to step down.

Martin Schulz had to step down after the coalition talks.

next step   (Sonraki adım)

Assessment of posture and physique is the next step.

The next step is to isolate the candidate gene.

The next step is to understand others and their views.

step towards   (doğru adım at)

This was their first step towards a record deal.

AICs are a big step towards AP interoperability.

It was the first step towards the Neolithic Revolution.

step up   (yükseltmek)

Motte done for season; rookies step up in débuts.

Masters is a big step up from IAM entry level.

But no "generic conservative" seemed to want to step up.

step forward   (öne çık)

Irrigation ditches were the next step forward.

At each sampling time the window moves one step forward.

This FPU was a huge step forward for AMD.

important step   (önemli adım)

It was an important step toward citizenship for the freedmen.

Personal interview becomes the most important step for entrance.

Many considered this an important step in the development of the area.

each step   (her bir adım)

With your warrior chest advance each step, forward to triumph.

The filename extensions are successively added at each step of this process.

For example, it might have one stage for each step of the Von Neumann cycle.

step further   (ileri adım at)

In 1981, he went one step further by creating an electric bouzouki.

Amy then takes it a step further and raises her hand to ask a mock question.

This was taken a step further in 2012, when a whole book was encoded onto DNA.

step toward   (doğru adım at)

It was an important step toward citizenship for the freedmen.

Ørsted's discovery also represented a major step toward a unified concept of energy.

From Elstead his posting to dismal Borden Camp was a next step toward active combat.

step back   (geri adım atmak)

The helper would step back 100 steps and place a pole.

It's a slight step back from a rapper who is capable of much greater.

Broad said he was in good health and felt like it was time to "step back".

second step   (ikinci adım)

It is in this second step that blunders may appear.

The second step was the devoicing of voiced sibilants.

The second step is the assessment of entering behavior.

final step   (son adım)

The final step of lenition is then complete apocope.

The final step in this process is the activation stage.

The final step in the model is the analysis of feed back.

major step   (büyük adım)

The Gun Violence Restraining Order Act is a major step to doing just that."

Ørsted's discovery also represented a major step toward a unified concept of energy.

On October 31, 2009, the stadium took a major step in resuming active baseball play.

every step   (her adım)

He is surrounded by female fans in his every step.

Besson shot past Scott and gained on Board with every step.

And at every step of this trade, taxes should be collected.

first step towards   (doğru ilk adım)

This was their first step towards a record deal.

It was the first step towards the Neolithic Revolution.

A first step towards a new popular government was made.

last step   (son adım)

The last step is repeated until all the traffic is assigned.

The last step in the process is aging.

(The last step is called testing against the null hypothesis.)

step by step   (adım adım)

Their snowlines rose step by step up to the level of 1979.

I go step by step and it always seems to get longer than anticipated.

And thus began a step by step process of a never-before fundamental power reform.

step away   (uzaklaş)

The track will be her first step away from Girls Aloud as a singer.

She decided to step away from the recording industry to spend time with her family.

The first step away from that system was the deaffrication of in the first quarter of the 16th century.

step aside   (kenara çekil)

Ryan telephoned Akin to advise him to step aside.

Despite intense pressure to step aside, Akin resolved to remain in the race.

For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for President Assad to step aside."

significant step   (önemli adım)

Bush described START as "a significant step forward in dispelling half a century of mistrust".

The next significant step in Turkey–EU relations came with the December 2002 Copenhagen European Council.

The Shibuya initiative is considered a significant step towards lesbian and gay partnership rights in Japan.

big step   (büyük adım)

AICs are a big step towards AP interoperability.

Masters is a big step up from IAM entry level.

Ayla took a big step in leading here as she cheered a lot for her team.

time step   (zaman adımı)

SWAT is a continuous time model that operates on a daily time step at basin scale.

Moreover, the time step itself is continuously adjusted to maximize trajectory accuracy.

(Typically a higher order permits a longer time step without loss of accuracy, which improves efficiency.)

unusual step   (olağandışı adım)

Reeve takes the unusual step of condemning reason outright.

As demands for a parliament grew, Charles took the unusual step of summoning a great council of peers.

On 17 September, with her parents permission, the Police took the unusual step of detailing Naomi's injuries.

another step   (bir adım daha)

This was another step in Poland's progression towards a "Noble's Democracy".

Some catalysts require another step to remove them from the sample material.

The album was another step in the band's shift from psychedelic music to hard rock.

step ahead   (devam et)

", meaning “A step ahead” (literally, “An idea further”).

She had to keep a step ahead of the F.B.I.

In all other cases, the attacker is one step ahead of you.

first step toward   (doğru ilk adım)

It was the first step toward unifying a collection of disparate themes into an integrated brand.

Like other French university groups, this group is a first step toward a merger of the relevant universities.

Rohit invites Ravi to sing at the inauguration of a temple - and this is Ravi's first step toward stardom and fame.

decided to step   (adım atmaya karar verdi)

On 30 October 2012, Blatt decided to step down as head coach of the national team.

She decided to step away from the recording industry to spend time with her family.

He decided to step back from running restaurants in 2003, and retire fully from the business.

single step   (tek adım)

There is an A-priori error bound for a single step with the Parker–Sochacki method.

Other manufacturers complete the finished part in a single step of mixing and extrusion.

Parallax mapping described by Kaneko is a single step process that does not account for occlusion.

forced to step   (adım atmak zorunda)

She eventually was forced to step down from the cockpit by the all-male pilots union.

Early in the fourth quarter, Mallett was forced to step up in the pocket and sling a pass to Greg Childs on 3rd and 17.

President Pervez Musharraf was forced to step down by a collective leadership led by Yousaf Raza Gillani and Asfandiar Vali.

key step   (önemli adım)

The following elementary result is a key step in the analysis.

This is now a key step in the roller milling production of white endosperm flour.

They are a key step for factoring polynomials over the integers or the rational numbers.

third step   (üçüncü adım)

Only the first and the third step can be climbed quickly.

The third step in the production process is the distillation.

The "third step" is to define "earning rules" for each activity.

step closer   (bir adım daha yaklaş)

Kaa begins a hypnotizing dance, and every so often tells the monkeys to come one step closer.

Each time the event die shows a black ship, the barbarian ship takes one step closer to Catan.

Liquid was able to get one step closer to a Legends spot for the next Major after taking down NiP.

took a step   (bir adım attı)

Alzado took a step backward as did the Broncos with a 6–8 record.

Anderson took a step back in 2019, in part due to a hand injury he suffered in Hong Kong at the end of 2018.

Alternatively, Busch took a step forward, was screaming while swinging the hammer, and kept coming at the officers.

necessary step   (gerekli adım)

It was a revolution, a necessary step and a demanding task.

A common code was a necessary step to allow direct telegraph connection between countries.

Sontag wrote that the collection was the "final, necessary step in Riefenstahl's rehabilitation.

step size   (adım boyutu)

The order and step size can be easily changed from one step to the next.

In many switched mode amplifiers, dynamic range is limited by the minimum output step size.

The learning rate or "step size" determines to what extent newly acquired information overrides old information.

initial step   (ilk adım)

This initial step is then of course tightly coupled with manipulations in 3D.

As an initial step "Compañías de Vanguardia" (Vanguard Companies) were created.

Thus, the initial step corresponds to "k" = 0, the next step corresponds to "k" = 1, and so on.